Life of a Fox - Author's Note & Short Recap Prologue

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Tags: SI, OC Behaviour, Strong, Kitsune, Fem, Naruto, Death, Violence, Language, Humor, Da Fluffyness, Possibility of the Dirty Things, Anything is Possible? Maybe even Time Travel?

Life of a Fox follows after Rebirth of a Fox - if you haven't read, I suggest you do! ;D
Any problems you have with either story should be solved by just reading the Part 1 Notes.

To those who have read the prologue story, yes it get's removed! :D
It was major plot device to cause multiple happenings, show her natural animalistic tendencies, and other various reasons…
It's in the Part 1 End Notes.

Uzumaki Naruna, a human being, reincarnated from another world after his body gave out.

Her father's seal design hadn't entered its finished form yet, and an accident forced her body to meld with the Yang Kurama. The infusion of chakra was perhaps the best situation for her. She gained people into her life, allowing her to start learning skillsets away from prying eyes, her knowledge allowing her the ability to train more efficiently, in less time. This allowed slight advantages over her peers.

She aged, gaining knowledge, and abilities. Power over plants, life chakra itself, actual regeneration on par with Kurama's, along with several other talents. She found her contract, and her calling.

LIfe goes awry and plans were ripped apart. The tanuki hated her scent, and his revenge was dangerous. His container was to be her mate. The tanuki's scheme was working, but. But the world had other plans. The container put her to sleep, and when she awoke, her world was destroyed. With nothing left, her skills gone, her power useless, she used her final technique. A last resort. And nature has decided her place.

Please read Rebirth of a Fox if you have not. It's good, I promise! And definitely different than you think! If you have an issue, trouble following the story, or anything pertinent, please refer to the Prologue Story! And if you want to skip it… At least read the notes at the end? XD

I posted this as a new story, since it practically is!
Anyone who has read it, thank you, and hope you like the rest! :3

There is(will be) a description of her in the Chapter 3. 'A Fox and Her Gift'
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