A Strange Girl


To my side I heard a high pitched squeal, one that naturally flattened my ears. It was painful. I was only just outside the treeline, and already I was spotted. The village wasn't even that close yet. And I had actually wanted to enter in human form! I couldn't help but mentally sigh as I felt as much as heard footsteps quickly running towards me.

Looking up, a young girl, not even in her mid teens was slowly walking towards me. She obviously wanted to get closer. She instantly stopped as soon as I looked towards her though. She was only twelve or thirteen. Only about as old as I was a few days before… And she was pretty too. Long black hair, and black eyes… 'Why does that sound familiar?' and robed in a white kimono. And a small bag hanging from one of her arms of what smelled like… 'deer?' It was delicious smelling. Honestly, my mouth started watering, despite the recent meal.

Even with my slightly smaller form than naturally older foxes, something I attributed towards my human body being younger, I knew I would never become a full grown fox. This would obviously make my form slightly more adorable with my twin tails, head and neck ribbons, and my unique colors.

My slitted eyes peered at the girl with an adoring expression covering her face, and her emotions were just filled with joy and astonishment. Obviously she liked my beauty. Or cuteness? I couldn't tell. Though I had to agree with her… I still enjoyed women, despite my gender in this life, and natural pull I feel towards males.. Even I couldn't help but stare at myself sometimes…

Slowly, the pretty young teen reached into her sack, and pulled out a sliver of meat covered in paper. Her nimble fingers slowly unwrapping it, even as she sat it down in front of her. 'She… obviously wants… me to eat that….but...' I couldn't help myself, the mouthwatering smell was drawing me towards the food. Step by slow step, I approached. My mind craving the bloody smell.

The girl's emotions were picking up as I approached the slivers of meat. Quickly I bite into it, chewing little as the taste washed down my throat. Honestly I couldn't care about the girl, or what she could do to me, but this meat was fantastic! Rabbit seemed to taste better, though, but the smell of the deer just called to me for some reason. And honestly, I couldn't figure out why.

Soon after, I felt hands running down my back. The feel of eating and being pet was...exquisite. Unable to help myself, I started purring into her hand as she rubbed my neck and behind my ears. This elicited a small giggle from the girl, perking my ears up.

Honestly, the meal was finished faster than I wanted, but it was good… 'wow..' I couldn't help but be surprised at the taste… my eyes widened at myself. 'Just what… I knew I was going off instincts, but to draw me into such single minded attention… just what.'

I was so deep in thought about my own actions that I didn't even stop my purring towards the hand, nor feel hands around me until I was up in the air.

"YIP?!" Was my startled yelp.

"Awww, it's okay Kitsune-Chan, I won't hurt you." Her emotion reflected her words.

I let myself calm in her arms, even as she continued petting me, taking me wherever she was going… Honestly, I had planned to go in as a miko. But if she's just going to carry me in like this… Mentally I sighed, 'Honestly, just what am I going to do.'

"So, kitsune-chan, my name is Masako. I wonder where you came from? Never have I seen a fox with such beautiful colors. Or even with two tails… just what kind of fox are you?"

I looked up into her coal black eyes and cocked my head.

"Do you understand my words Kitsune-Chan?"

I blinked on instinct in answer, but otherwise I didn't move, even as I purred in her arms.

"You feel all warm and cuddly. Even your aura feels calming… You understand me, don't you?"

My eyes widened a bit, automatically giving her an answer. Instantaneously her eyes shone red with three black tomoe in her eyes. Soon after, her eyes resembled mine in width.

"Y-You… just w-what are you…?"

I was stiff. Scared. Her eyes were shining right into mine. 'An Uchiha!' I didn't dare run. Not like this. Not here. There was no telling what she might do. And I wasn't sure I could escape...

"Your chakra is massive, and it's just flowing everywhere…" She took a quick look around in the closer area, only to notice the grass was greener, lusher, more lively, and taller, everywhere my chakra was. She sucked in air through her words, "Amazing."

She looked down at me again, "let's take you home."

'...crap' was my only actual thought, as I sagged into her arms. It was in that moment I felt some Senju approaching, shocking me, and scaring me. 'How could they track me?! Scent? Did Kojima tell them of my form? That has to be it!'

"Did you not want to come to my home…? You're shivering." The girl carrying me started getting a little colder, and scared. Obviously she wanted me to go home with her, but the coldness, I wasn't sure if she would let me escape.

Then they were here. Three senju appeared in their battle attire, surrounding the girl holding me, my twin-tails wrapping around her arm in fear, despite my not wanting to go with her either.

"Senju… What business do you have with me?"

One of the three men approached her front. "We want the fox you're holding. Her colouring indicates an obvious relation to a woman we're tracking."

'He didn't tell them! They were tracking my fur, or scent!' I was grateful to Kojima, but was still unsure of the situation. They were definitely after me for the deaths! My heart shuddered in fear.

"...Why would I hand over such a cutie? The little one is mine now. And I never saw a woman with her." She said petting me.

Honestly, I couldn't tell whether to be grateful or scared… My emotions were all over!

"I see. We will have to take the animal by force then!"

Immediately one of the men were behind the girl, aiming for her neck to knock her out, only to miss as she ducked. Her eyes flashed red, and she quickly swung her leg out, landing it into the man's side, knocking him several meters away.

"An Uchiha! Kill her!"

Immediately, I was on the ground, Makako had set me on the grass gently, despite her speed. It was impressive. About as fast as I was with my denser kimono on. But she had the sharingan… She could see their movements, their attacks. Every blow headed towards her was avoided, every blade flowed short, every attack missed. She was strong, despite her youth.

There was absolutely no way I could escape someone with similar speeds, and a sharingan. And I definitely didn't want to be put in a genjutsu! The Senju too, there was no way I could avoid one like I am, let alone three!

Slowly I backed up, ready to run, even as the battle continued. My front was lowered, my tails twitched back and forth in circles, even as I backed away slowly. The men were slowly losing.

"Why are you so powerful?! Women aren't supposed to be trained to fight!"

The kimono clad teen gave a small giggle, but nothing more. She just swerved around a man, breaking his wrist with a swift kick, knocking the blade from his hand, only to grab the sword from him, and began twirling it around herself, slicing into each of them.

And I took off, only to hear a loud 'NO' from the battle. The girl obviously saw me run.

Quickly, once I was out of sight, I shifted forms, created two clones to head around the side of the battle, merged my tail into a single one, and shrunk again. Hopefully my smaller size would make it easier to hide from them. The Senju would find a larger fox easier, and could probably take me down, and the girl… I just hoped I could hide fast enough with my small figure. Her sharingan was powerful, and I knew she could see my lingering aura.

My small form, comparable to a squirrel in length and size, just with an actual fox-like shape, and taller, ran. And I kept running. The progress was fast with my strong body, despite the small size. And I had crossed rocks, creeks, climbed trees and hopped through them, using my long claws as a hold. But when I jumped from a branch in an attempt to land on another, only to be caught in mid-air, I knew my run was over, and gave a small whine of despair through my tiny form.

"My my kitsune-chan, you're quite fast…. and small? You shrunk and lost a tail!" Her eyes were wide again, and she looked breathless.

"eeeEEK so CUTE!" She squealed into the air. Not loud this time, thankfully, but the girling squeal was unsettling… as if I was a stuffed animal toy or something, she hugged me tight.

"Dont worry, I'll protect you from the big mean Senju! Though, I could see why they would be after you. You're so special!"

Mentally I sighed. I knew I couldn't get away, and it may give me a brief reprieve that I could use to cover my tracks. I would just have to find a way to escape the Uchiha now…

So I fell limp in resignation, another tiny whine going through my muzzle. I would think of something eventually. So long as I didn't give her a reason to put me in a genjutsu, or show my real form, I should be fine… but that didn't mean I liked it.

She loosened her grip on me, allowing me more motion when she felt me relax. Something I was slightly grateful for, considering the strain it put on my body. Something was odd with it though, and I just couldn't tell what.

"So, your master either left you behind, abandoning you. Or you ran from her to lead them off of her trail." She said looking down at me, as she jumped from branch to branch through the trees.

I didn't respond to her. There was nothing I could do to answer her. No response to her question would satisfy her in a way that would get me released. And I didn't know how to wriggle myself out of my situation.

"Soooo, how about you live with me? If you were a summon, you would have disappeared already. Obviously you would chase down your master now, but from what I could tell, she's long gone. I can't even see any traces of another person's chakra on from your ribbons. One has your own, while the other is made of another's. Was that your master's?"

I didn't answer.

"I see… no answering, huh? Don't know, or won't betray. Most likely the latter. But other than that piece of cloth, there are no traces of others chakra more than in tiny amounts, so it's obviously been days. And if your master was running, and you left them, it was either a serious situation and planned for a location."

My ears perked up. 'An escape!'

"Or it was dire enough that it just needed to happen, and had nowhere to go, so you were a diversion.. I'm going to bet on that one. Despite your not answering, I can feel it through your body. You tensed up at the second guess."

I just slumped into her arms. She could guess all she wants, it won't be right. But she obviously wants to keep me around. And unless I just destroy everything in a crater, I doubted I could escape an Uchiha that took down three skilled senju...

"Besides! You're too cute to leave to someone else!"

There were just too many reasons not to visibly make an attempt to run from her. Too much I didn't want to spread while avoiding my pursuers. The possibilities for each action had a likely consequence I wanted to avoid. And I definitely wanted to avoid a powerful Uchiha genjutsu. So hiding who and what I am would be the best bet. There was one true escape I could always use, but I had something else I wanted to do before attempting that. And of course I could always, probably, leave another crater if things get terrible…

Inwardly, I sighed. 'Can't even laugh at my own joke. At least I'm not a real prisoner, though this is going to be a long day… Hopefully I can just leave when she goes to bed.'

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