New World

In the middle of a forest, there was a small red flash, hidden by brush and trees, shaded from the sunlight, a small 'pop' echoing after it as air was displaced.

What appeared from the flash was a strange fourteen or fifteen year old girl. Her young image was strange. She was covered nearly from head to toe in blood, still flowing from open injuries. Her clothing ripped, torn, shredded. On her a skirted short violet kimono, covered with red splotches of blood, holes torn through it, were slowly closing. The final piece of attire was a single glove that was heavily torn

She is laying face down, hiding her face, and her odd, yet beautiful hair was billowing around her. Long and red, with various orange tinted highlights running through it, with the long strands ending in a shiny golden-blonde, the bangs looking a little too long in her face.

Her slightly pale body, thin and sleek, sprawled on the grass was healing. Her thin, yet muscled thighs shifting her legs slightly, even as she groaned in pain. Her hands had thin fingers, tightly grasping the grasp underneath her hands. Her body was obviously made for flexibility, dexterity, speed, and ease of quick motions. Obviously more so than strength, power, and force.

Her skinny arms moving closer to her body, blood splattering from quickly closing holes. There was little fat on her body, she was more like a cat, made for motion and flexibility. Oddly enough, she had similar ears to one.

They are more fox-like though, with a tail to match. The fur completely matching her hair. Actually it was more like her hair matched her fur, even the thinness of the strands in her hair matched, and the fullness filling out what would be missing with such thin strands of hair. It was as if her hair truly was lengthened fur.

Her tail was swishing a little back and forth, but she didn't move yet. Her ears twitched at strange sounds around her, familiar, close, yet unexpected. She moved her head up, showing her face to her surroundings.

A beautiful visage, again looking similar to a cat. A thin jawline converging on a slightly pointed chin, shaping up to her beautiful pale-pink lips. On each cheek are three thin furred red whiskers, matched by her thin eyebrows. They perfectly framed her eyes, a gorgeous violet, matching in colour to her kimono, with slitted pupils running through. Truly a cat-like face, or fox-like in her situation.

Only mere moments from her appearance the only indication of a wound on her body was the blood. Her kimono's holes were still visible, but the small ones were only half the size now. The big one in the middle of her back, almost centered on her spine, was still slowly closing, but would obviously take a few minutes.

Eventually her groaning subsided as her movements quickened. She pulled her arms under her, and started pushing herself up off the ground. She leaned back and sat on her small bottom with her knees spread in front of her, and feet on the ground to either side of her butt. Her hands moved in between her thin thighs.

She just sat there staring in front of her for a moment, then a tear slid down her face. Then the other side. And a dam burst, and she wailed. She cried in a voice that should never be heard from one so young. Her voice was beautiful, but her wail was horrible. She was crying and screaming, even as motionless as she was, it was obvious she was thrashing around inside.

She was hurt, in pain, utter inconsolable pain. Her shrill wail continued for seconds… minutes… hours... She just continued until she fell forward into the bloody grass in front of her. It was awful watching something like this. It would pain anyone to hear such obvious pain resounding from a beautiful young girl. Especially one as beautiful as she.

Her world had to have shattered for a reaction such as that...

Then something strange happened just after she collapsed. Her tail spread from itself, creating another...and another, and another, until seven tails were visibly counted. All slightly thinner than her thick, bushy, fuzzy, beautiful original tail. It was as if the original tail wasn't her real tail, and that these merged to form it. Which is entirely possible.

Slowly her body turned to the side, her tails helping, and she curled up. Her tails started flowing around her body, wrapping her in self-felt safety. Converging around her body, they were slowly encasing her sleeping form in a furry blanket. Her arms capturing a tail from between her legs to her chest, her knees drawing up to cradle said tail, another four tails wrapping from under and over her body to wrap around her legs, another wrapped around her shoulders, keeping her upper body warm and safe, and a final one flowing under her head and over her face.

Her entire body was a furry ball of cozyness, encased in red, oranges, and gold. Eventually her motions stopped and there was no doubt she would sleep for a while. Hopefully for at least the rest of the day and night. She would need her rest if that wail was anything to go by.

Eventually I felt I could take my eyes off the poor girl. Her figured was saddening, I could tell even the forest felt her pain. The trees had drooped down, the flowers closing their petals together, even the grass around her had looked less lively than before. It was as if her pain was shared with her surroundings. Even my heart ached for her loss. And I didn't even know what she went through.

Then something strange happened. Around her, the saddened plants, at least they seemed saddened, starting standing back up. It was as if now that she had cried all her pain away, the life around her started regaining their energy even as she does sleeping. The grass was growing taller, flowing towards her. The trees were actually starting to grow new leaves. The flowers reopening or blooming from their buds. It was as if her very presence affected the life around her, so much so that it was actually giving life to her surroundings.

Her kimono was literally patching itself, and completely healed now, even the fist sized hole that was only barely visible had since disappeared, like her clothes were made of plants as well, regenerating their form.

'She's amazing,' I couldn't help but think to myself. She had just spring up out of nowhere, and yet she had already affected so much around her with her very presence. Probably even myself…

'I need to tell my summoner. No doubt he's worried I've been gone so long with such a simple task as retrieving a letter. But this… this was worth the delay.'

Immediately the strange, striped, little rodent scampered off from his perch, hopping from tree to tree, headed towards his summoner…

Waking up from my cozy sleep was painful. The memories of the previous day had flowed into my brain. What I had done after my capture was probably the most traumatic, and yet the most hopeful. Not only had I lost all my loved ones during a time I couldn't remember, I had lost all control over my own body. It was hard to even stand the first time.

Unraveling my tails from my slender form, I moved to try and stand up again. My tears from the previous day had all dried up. I had cried my heart out, and then cried some more. My body had never let me think long on my bad experiences, nor did it let me brood over them often.

Honestly I was thankful for this. I truly didn't know if it was because of my body displaying the original Naruto's nature, or if it was my chakra healing myself like it does everything around me. Even so, the pain in my heart wouldn't go away. I had lost my adoptive mother, her loving embrace, her tender care, her warm arms to wrap around my body at night. My Jiji, he had died in the war still… if Danzo was still alive, he probably had a hand in it. He was always a conniving bastard.

Kakashi, my shishou, was gone trying to save me. Jiraiya with him, the old pervert had grown on me too. They went together to try and free me. They gave their lives for me, just like my bodies, no, my parents. Kaa-Chan... So many tried to so hard to save me all throughout my life. They had given me everything. Everything they had, and yet I wasn't there for them when they needed me. Now Danzo has taken my life away from me... in addition to theirs.

But I have a second chance now. With renewed determination, I pushed my pain aside, there was no reason to dwell on things that haven't happened yet. At least I hoped not, I still didn't know where I was… or rather, when. They could be alive, and I would save them!

Slowly moving myself off the ground, I looked around in the early morning dawn. The dew on the ground shining around me. The tree's rustling with the slight breeze. The flowers beautiful.

Yet I still couldn't truly enjoy it. I was still in pain, my heart broken yesterday, my body had recovered yet I couldn't control my motions well. My limbs were weak, probably from not moving for years, or maybe because I had grown without proper nutrition to fuel the growth. Maybe even both.

Then there was my balance. My limbs were longer, I was older, my body matured a bit, with my breasts more full than before, leaving my front slightly heavier. Nagato said two years. I was nearly thirteen, so now I was nearly fifteen. From what I know, my body won't grow past that, and I'll get my eighth tail soon.

Then there was my chara. I knew for a fact I couldn't control a single jutsu besides the Bijuudama. And even then, I would probably blow myself up trying, since I couldn't control the size anymore. More likely than not, my target would be too close to use the jutsu on effectively without being out of the blast radius. My control was truly gone, all those years of work…

My depression came back full force, I had lost everything. Even knowing the techniques, I could only use those that didn't require too much control. Basically I was left with clones… They would be my godsend! I could use them to regain control, as I had been doing for years in attempts to perfect it!

'But first… my body is filthy!'

I attempted to create my clones sealless, an effort that failed dismally. I couldn't even flow my chakra anywhere near what was required of the technique. My control truly was dead. Sighing, I formed the hand seal for the jutsu, and immediately two clones popped up… I wanted ten!

Sighing, I just let it be and continued, "Alright! You both know what to do! You! rather than trying to stick to a tree first, try something stationary on the ground, a large rock. We don't want to leave a destroyed forest in our wake after all… Yea, I don't want to leave a bunch of stumps trying to walk up tree after tree. We still don't know where we are, and I don't want to draw enemies out if we are in foreign territory. And you," pointing to my other clone, "try to regain our sense of balance."

They both nodded and proceeded to get to work. In seconds they were both out of sight. Truly I needed at least basic movement if I wanted to be sure I could survive, wherever or whenever I was.

Sighing, I raised my hands in front of my face to look at them, thinking about everything all over again. Start to finish. My heart ached once again, and another tear dripped down my face… I shook it off though, I needed to figure everything out!

It was then I noticed my glove. My slitted eyes widened in realization. 'I lost nearly all my seals! Just two storage seals left!' I had spread everything out between five seals to ensure I could. There was one on the inside of my battle kimono for my special memoirs, like my mother's katana Benihime that my body wasn't suited for, and the basic guides to Fuuinjutsu that I no longer read.

All the advanced Fuuinjutsu scrolls I would need were sealed in my thigh socks. And I only held weapons, brush, ink, and empty scrolls in my gloves... I was left with a single one of my twin tanto, a brush without ink, two small scrolls, and about a dozen of each type of senfa.

The memento's sealed inside my kimono were practically worthless to me. At least unless I wanted to sell them. I had little use for the writing tools, unless I wanted to send messages. So really, my tanto and half my senfa were all I was left with.

Honestly I was glad I was left with at least this much. If my seals weren't invisible on my gloves, like the seals on my belly were, I'm sure Danzo would have already attempted to remove them from my person. And even then, whatever Nagato did practically left me with nothing!

Truly, I had lost so much…

Again, I shook my head. There was nothing I could do thinking over my losses now, only what I have. What I can gain. Getting information on where and when I am. And making sure I don't mess up again. But this had taught me a good life lesson - don't believe in rumors, verify the facts, and if you plan on changing something, make sure you do it properly and set up countermeasures and redundancies. I should have finished Danzo off from the beginning…

Shaking my head again, furry hair shaking with it, I slapped myself. This wasn't doing anything, just sitting here thinking! Looking around, all I saw was forest. I needed to wash myself off. I was sticky, gooey, and icky. I was just plain feeling gross! Sniffing the air, I could smell the scent of a hot spring nearby. That hot steamy water~!

I couldn't help but melt at that thought. Cleanliness~ after two whole years… 'That's just weird to think about...'

I started slowly walking in the direction of the scent. Slowly balancing myself to keep from falling. Straightening my motions. Paying attention to my steps. My naked feet walking along soft grass, tickling the bottoms and between my toes… shivering at the ticklish feeling I was attempting to ignore, I continued. Arms helping balance slightly, tails swishing behind me…

Immediately I merged my tails into one again, slightly helping my sense of balance. My weight wasn't all over behind me now, and my tail could actually help manage my motions. Indeed it got slightly easier to walk. And eventually I was doing fine without waving my arms around slightly.

I noticed I was weaker, slower than I remembered. Much slower. Really, my body was probably lower chuunin speed now, maybe not even that. Whatever the effect staying still for two years had on my body, it obviously wasn't good…

Eventually, I found the spring, in a mass of rocks, surrounded by trees and flowers. It looked like it wasn't even taken care of, actually more like it hadn't even been found. There was a small stream flowing from it, and there was practically nothing but overgrowth surrounding it.

It was perfect. I could clean up while staying in hiding!

Slowly, I unraveled my freshly healed clothing, unraveling my obi's bow from behind me to pull it off, letting my kimono flow open in the front. I laid it down next to the water, and continued to slowly pull open my halter-top-like short-skirted kimono. It's violet colouring splashed with large and small red blotches all over. Again, I laid it next to the water, waiting to clean later.

Then I looked at my glove. It was small, it's missing pieces not regenerating due to being completely severed, it was actually fingerless now, looking as it they had been ripped off. It was only as if my glove stayed because my hand was clenched in a fist, yet I knew it was something else, somehow. But there wasn't any way to figure that out now… I pulled it off, and set it inside my obi, hiding it from view, as well as ensuring its safety from accidental loss.

Lastly I slipped a thin forefinger in between my silken panties and slowly pushed it down my legs, flowing down my soft body until I could slip a leg out, then the other. The silky smooth embrace of cloth leaving my body. I put the little piece of plant-cloth with my glove.

Looking towards the water, I couldn't help but feel excited. It wasn't often I got to enjoy a hot spring, much less an empty one. The steam rising was intoxicating to my sight. Slowly, I slipped my slender body into the water. One foot following the other. Slowly my long legs slipped down, the heat rising up each one as I continued in. Flowing up my thighs, over my hips, waist, and reaching up to my breasts, caressing all of my sensitive skin, until finally it reached my neck. My long fur floating around me even as I sighed in utter love with the feeling.

Again, hot springs were heaven. The rest of the world could fade away… and it did. The warm water rinsing all my emotions clean, heating up and caressing my body from the pain I felt. The soft flow of water massaging my sensitive skin into bliss. Truly, this was Kami-Sama's abode. And I slipped away. The world around me disappeared. Nothing existed but my body, the pleasure, sense of relief, of calm bliss. Nothing... and I fell asleep.

It could have been seconds, minutes, or hours. It could have been days for all I knew. The pleasure had taken hold of my very being. But it ended slowly, yet abruptly.

My ear twitched at something familiar and unwanted. Then it happened again. My excellent hearing picking it up a third time. In fact it was getting closer. It was disrupting Kami's blessing on my being. I was at peace. My body was being internally attacked for years, and set to rot. Then it was given a place to finally get comfort, and something is disturbing my peace.

I instinctually growled, though it was quiet. I didn't want to disrupt my own peace after all.

"...Beautiful." It was quiet. It was loud. It was male. And it was extremely close…

For a second I didn't understand how the word was created. I was the only one here. Nobody was around for quite a ways, my emotion sense would have picked up on it…

My violet eyes snapped open, widening in embarrassed horror, "EEEEK! Pervert!" I screamed, even as I turned slightly away from the male watching me, splitting my tails apart instinctively covering my private parts with my hands, and my tails doubly copying the effect, but instead covering my whole front and the bottom half of my face even as I flushed a furious red, attempting to copy my hair.

"Cute…" he said, then his eyes widened as he took in my words. "S-Sorry!" He turned away quickly.

Truly, this was embarrassing. "W-What are you doing here?!" I asked frantically even as I moved away towards my clothes. He didn't reply for some reason, and stayed quiet even as I maneuvered my way out of the warm water, tails covering my body from his view, even if he was turned away.

Quickly, yet clumsily, I pulled my kimono around my body, slipping my arms through the upper halter strap, and pulling it closed in front. Grabbing my obi, I pulled my panties and ruined glove out of the thin material and quickly slipped my panties up my legs, one at a time, and forced my hand into my glove. Then I proceeded to wrap my obi around my waist, under my breasts, and tied the silken sash into a clumsy bow behind me.

My blush never leaving my face the entire time, rather my heated visage just got redder as I thought about being seen like that. He had even seen my tails now! And.. and he called me… 'cute?'

My embarrassment just doubled. I had never been called cute by a male. Girls called me adorable, and cute all the time. But they always called other girls that. Only three people had ever complimented me on my looks, and they were all females. Of course the embarrassment was there, but they were just teasing. While this man meant it a completely different way…

I merged my wet tails together, letting the water clutter together, and quickly dripping down my singular tail now. My long wet fur just adding to the feeling, even as I pulled it out from my kimono. Eventually I did all I could do.

"...You can turn around now…and explain who you are and why you're peeking on me taking a bath…" I asked in a hard voice. I doubted I could pull off my mother's technique in this situation, especially with my single tail flowing around my side, between my hugging arms, and covering the lower half of my face. So I went with a hard embarrassed death glare shooting out from over the golden end of my tail.

He turned around, a slight blush on his face. He was wearing a light-coloured pin-stripped high-waist pants with a kimono shirt over a long sleeved haori. Long dark red hair pulled back into a low pony tail. A much darker red than an Uzumaki, almost black. A slight blush on his face, as he now blatantly taking my figure in with green eyes.

"Ah… I apologize. My name is Senju Kojima." My eyes slightly widened at that. I had never met another Senju. I knew there were some left, but the ones I knew of weren't shinobi. Or I hadn't heard of one at least. There may be still some roaming Senju apparently…

"I apologize for my rudeness, however my summon had alerted me to a young girl in obvious distress. Her form bloody and injured and in pain… though it looks like you're moving just fine, despite the blood."

That shocked me. This man's summons had seen me, and I hadn't noticed it? How?

"...As you can see I am fine. It would be best if you left, however, since I wish to finish cleaning my clothes."

"If you wish, you could come to the clan compounds and we can take care of you there…?"

I couldn't help but tilt my head to the side at that. Confusion in my thoughts. I ignored it though, "In Konoha?"

He raised an eyebrow at my question, "No. Where is that?"

Both of my eyebrows shot up, slitted eyes widening. 'It couldn't be...'

"What country are we in?" I honestly couldn't help but ask. The information was definitely needed now.

This time he replied calmly. It was obvious to him I wasn't where I thought I was, "We are in the land of Fire. I don't know if I would call it a nation, though we do have a Daimyo."

I couldn't help but wish I had actually listened in history class at the academy rather than sleeping now… 'I blame Naruto's genetic traits for this...'

But now I knew when I was. Or, at least, I knew a generalized when. And it was scary to consider. It wasn't supposed to send me back that far! 'Damn...'

So, I moved on to the one thing that could identify the timeline, at least a little bit. "Do you know the name Senju Hashirama?" My nervousness might be a bit too apparent there, but I was still hiding my face with my bushy tail. Mostly.

That one got a small reaction out of him, but definitely not a good one. He blinked, tilted his head to the side in thought for a second, then shook his head. There was no way a Senju would not know that name. If it's true, the maybe my seal hadn't altered as much as I thought. I quickly scanned my surroundings looking for a landmark… and then I saw it. Slightly peeking through the trees, I could see the Hokage Monument. Rather, I could see the mountain that would later be called such. Not a single face was visible.

I was in Konoha. My location was correct. My seal had worked perfectly, too perfectly. I had escaped imminent death by Juubi resurrection. Here was a second chance, despite the years traversed. But still, I couldn't help but think of the trouble this could cause if I wasn't careful.

Ever since coming to this world, I never really used any bad language. But really I couldn't help but mutter to myself, "Damn it."