Distress - Caution Ahead

Nobuko had been surprised, to say the least, when Kojima-Sama had brought a young woman into the house. One nobody had seen before. She was beautiful, ferally so. Unique, and a strange calming aura. But she was brought by him. The honored son. But that was fine. Despite the impropriety she displayed with her almost bare legs, it seemed she had a reason for it, and it wasn't unheard of for women in specific profession, such as kunoichi, to bare them.

However, for a Miko to do so, she was obviously different. Wasn't she a Miko? What else could she be? She bore no weapons, and her dress would pull too much attraction to her presence to be a Kunoichi.

Then there were her skills. Her body motion was slightly clumsy, but her grace with her writing is outstanding. She practically had all the men's hearts with her intense form crafting her seal as she called it. Her smile as she drew the markings was eye-catching. It was as if she really was a fox. She could be a spy! How could he bring someone nobody had heard of here?

Then after we were ushered out, she had stayed to make sure Kojima-sama's needs were taken care of. As primary caretaker of the estate, it was her job to make sure everything was taken care of. That's when it occurred. The little slut had seduced him. The man that she knew she couldn't have with her standing, and whose heart she couldn't capture. Nobuko was trying though, it wasn't an impossible task, and she was making some progress. They had walked out together on several occasions, and things were looking up. But the slut had done it in a single day. It went on, and all the while, she was listening. It was disgusting.

The next morning, she watched them leave together. Swiftly following them down the road, she kept her sight distant. They never noticed her, so entranced were they to each other. Disturbed, as she was, she still watched. Even as they leaned on each other. As they walked, her holding his sleeve, him holding her waist, and even when he kissed her cheek after a quick lick. 'She needs to die.'

So when asked to serve her food, she put enough sleeping medicine in to put the little Miko slut into a deep trance for days. It could even kill her. But that was only if she had a normal body. Who knows what she is. And Senju could fight something like that off in hours. And it might not even affect her, with such a different body. Her tail and ears were real after all! She could even be a demon!

It was lucky that she was on the far side of the house, where the only people that come are the servants. So a few minutes after serving the food, Nobuko had asked two of her closest shinobi friends to come and help her with 'removing trash'. They were obviously against it at first, but Nobuko offered the men several things, including whatever they wanted with the girl.

So as insurance, she gave the two shinobi plenty of rope and cloth. The little slut needed to be kept quiet until she was out of the village. Then should would die. Of course the men could do what they wanted until they killed her, but so long as she was out of the way, Nobuko thought. And she didn't even have to be there.

She led the two men to the room and left, even as they entered. Nobody would ever know.

Don't Read Ahead if you're Light of Heart - Attempted Rape and Death

My ears twitched and turned at a light sound. Maybe the door, or footsteps, I couldn't tell. My body felt so light, and cloudy, even as I woke to the little noises, it's warmth muddling my mind. I opened my eyes slightly only to hear a voice.

"She's awake!" It was quiet, yet panicky.

My eyes shot open, even as I rolled out from under the blanket as they tried to grasp it. My body was quickly shaking off whatever sleep problem I had. Putting myself into a corner, I prepared my fighting stance. My sleeves rolling down my arm. My clones had worked hard to get me back in shape, and she needed it.

One of the two shinobi rushed forwards with a punch to my gut, one I sidestepped, twisting to the side, twirling in my motions, landing an elbow into his side as he passed me. My hard kimono adding to the damage. But it was clumsy, I had overreached, and the damage just wasn't there. My clones had obviously worked, but I didn't get much results. Their memories of the motions helped me regulate the distances a little, and the muscle memory they were working on did little. My actual body received a small amount of their fixes to my katas.

The other man was rushing even as the first turned around. He aimed a kicked at my head, even as I flowed downwards onto my hands, the vortex style in motion, my leg flowing in a ovular motion, headed towards his face, passing right behind his leg even as it went over me. The timing perfect, however I was off still, and overreached. I hit his ear and shoulder too far up my leg, rather than his head perfectly.

They weren't great like several people I knew, but they were stronger than me. My chuunin level abilities were now subpar at best with my gained height and weight. My sense of balance off. Even as I flew through the motion, I wobbled landing on my toes. The first man had kicked his leg out to take mine down, while the second aimed higher into my back.

Off balance as I was, I tried to dodge and block, jumping between their limbs, catching one in a sleeve to throw him off, however it backfired. I slipped, getting tagged with the lower leg into my tails, and caught the upper legs movement wrong, even as it came down. My arm was ripped away from me, and I was twisted, tossed face first into the ground. "Agh!" My yelp giving away my pain.

The slight moment I was down, the first, bigger opponent dropped down onto my back, sitting on me, grasping my slim arms with his big hands, pulling them behind my back. His greater strength forcing my supple arms into a useless position. I looked up through scared eyes. Terrifying. This was obviously an attempt at something, and I had no idea what they wanted. They could cut my tails off over and over, use me for healing injuries, or anything they could come up with.

So, I opened my mouth to scream, and loudly, only to have a cloth stuffed into my mouth, "MMMPH!" My scream came out as a muffled whine. My slitted eyes widened, tears welling into them, as my face paled. They continued to tie a second cloth over the first, securing the cloth situated inside my mouth, tying the knot behind my head. The second man brought something over, and I could tell I wouldn't like it.

And of course, it was rope. I felt them slowly rolling the thin bindings around my wrists, criss-crossing them for efficient bindings. Whimpers escaped as I realized what he was doing, I forced my tails towards him, whipping him, pushing him, trying to do whatever I could, even as I wiggled under him. His weight was double mine at least though, and he easily hold me down in my compromised position. It was uniquely exciting, yet terrifying. Scary... It was Scary!

"Hey, get her tails, stupid things hurt." I heard the man on me say, even as the other started moving towards my legs, stopping and grabbed a tail.

My fear tripled. 'W-What?! Tieing my TAILS?!' I couldn't believe my ears. Not once had I ever thought that they could be, they were sensitive, and moving them while tied would be painful.

I whimpered through my gag, crying as I felt the second man start pulling a tail and wrapping it in rope, just to move onto the next one. All while the first one finished with my arms, and started around my upper arms, flowing over and under my breasts, to restrict my range of motion, making sure I wouldn't have the chance to escape on them.

The second man finished my tails into a single bundle, only to move on to my knees and ankles, catching my kicking legs, and wrapping them tight. 'My body is being trussed up for travel!' My thoughts were panicking, even as I screamed through the gag, hoping to catch someone's attentions, but the cloth was doing the capable job of keeping me quiet.

"Hehe, she's good to go now. Won't be moving around or causing commotion while we work." The first guy said quietly. While the other just nodded. He hoisted me up, tossing me over his shoulder, even as I was trying to shake myself free.

It was no use though, the rope was strong, they were both stronger than me right now, and I had no escape. My tears just slid down my face. My whimpers muffled by the gag. My tails in slight pain as they tried to naturally spread apart. My fur had fallen over my head blocking most of my view as he walked.

They exited the house, even as I tried to kick him in the face again with both my bound legs. -SMACK!- "NGH!"

My eyes opened wide at what just happened. My surprise and fear increased. My whimpers turning into whines. He had just slapped my bare butt! My breathing picked up even faster. But if I don't resist, they would get what they want! My dumbfounded emotions quickly disappeared into a bit of resolve.

So I kept squirming, wriggling, and trying to kick him again. This continued until we were out of the house. Nobody had been up, and they were too far away coming from the area we walked through. My sounds were too muffled. My captors knew they could just walk out!

-SMACK- 'Again!' He had spanked me again… my body just gave up there. Nobody was coming, and I couldn't escape. I couldn't even touch the rope with my nimble fingers. These were real shinobi, and they were trained for such missions. They knew what they were doing.

In the end, the only thing I could do was cry. So I cried. And sobbed. They continued at a faster pace now that we were outside, and they kept speeding up until we were outside the village. We were headed towards the mountain. My tears just spilling over as they continued their journey through and started jumping through the trees.

"Hehehe, it's a beautiful catch eh? Can't believe we have to kill her. At least we can have fun first." The man carrying me said, even as his hand went up and palmed my butt, reaching between my legs to rub me with his fingers.

My eyes opened wide in horror as fresh tears escaped. My struggling renewed as I tried to tear myself from my bonds. That was stopped, however, with two HARD smacks to my rear. The man grumbled about my being trouble. And I really didn't like the feeling of his hand… at least he had stopped touching me for now.

We reached the far side of the mountain in short order. My struggling form not slowing them in the least. He set me down on the soft grass in a small clearing. The rock face was a short distance away, though not really close either.

My captor gave a dark chuckle that sent shivers down my spine, and not in a good way. Despite being in heat, this was too terrifying to even feel it. What they could do to me was worse than death, and I couldn't even die!

"Hehe, hold her legs while I cut the ropes."

Quickly, they pushed me flat on my back, my hands being crushed under me, the smaller male holding my struggling legs, as my captor did as he said. My breathing was coming in frightened gasps through my nose as they spread my legs.

Men were stronger, more powerful naturally than women, and this only just registered in my mind. Despite what I had trained up for, I hadn't gained strength in two years! And even then, these were well built shinobi. Despite my new body, I wasn't sure I could ever actually naturally grow stronger than a hardened male. Their arms were sometimes several times thicker, and this man's arms are thicker than even my thigh!

Even using all my strength I couldn't close my soft legs against his strong muscled arms. Terrifying. Horrifying. I was scared. More scared than I'd ever been. In my last life, this would never have been a problem. There wasn't any fear of the possibility. Here I had gotten used to my form, loved it even. It was healthy, powerful, and beautiful. Even the girlish traits I had taken to, liking even them. It made me feel better about myself, especially compared to my sickly form from before. But this. THIS had never crossed my mind as a real possibility, despite knowing it could happen.

He pulled himself ready, and lifted my skirt. He was already hard, and I was naturally wet in heat. We could go anytime. My bound arms and spread legs around his body preventing even the simplest struggle, and my tied tails were off to the side tied in a big roll. I couldn't even merge them with the rope in the way.

"This is going to be good. Never had a girl quite like her. Shame we won't get another chance."

The other guy just nodded. He was quiet, but the look in his eyes suggested that he agreed completely. And it just scared me more as my captor pulled my panties to the side. Even as I slowly started shaking my head back and forth in frightened disbelief.

'No.' Slowly he moved himself into a position between my legs to allow for easy movement, spreading them onto either side of his body. 'NO.' My breathing speed coming in gasps despite my gag. And he moved closer to my body, pulling me closer, my back sliding towards him. 'NO!' He approached my slender body, closing in on my slit with his hard muscle. 'NOOO!' And I snapped.

My inbuilt dam broke. Even as I felt his soft skin barely graze mine, my body and mind just broke loose. I didn't care about consequences of being in the past. I didn't care about possibilities. There was no future, past, or anything beyond this moment. And I wasn't going to let it happen. This man wasn't going to take me.

And I let loose. For the first time in a decade, ever since I was four, I let loose the full power of my chakra, even as my tails slid loose of their bindings, as there were no joints holding the ropes on, my chakra forcing rope up and off my tails, even as a new one grew in. My body was exploding with energy in a single instant. And everything around me was pushed away.

The force erupted all at once in that singular moment. The ground under me condensing, pushing lower. The grass around me being blown away to be replaced by missing dirt and ground. The trees crashing around, uprooting and floating away. The men were blown back as an inconceivable force pushing against them, even as they crashed through trees. Their bloody forms unable to withstand the pressure applied to their bodies. Everything around me was forced back, and I was left in a crater. A crater several hundred meters wide. Several times larger than what Naruto's four tailed form created.

Around me was destruction. There was little within a hundred meters of me on any side. But I was saved. My sense of calm slowly returning as I realized I was safe. My gasping breaths slowing. And I just sat there for a moment, breathing through my nose. My mind in turmoil as I let the situation furrow into my mind. My relief was astounding, and I was safe. 'safe...' My heart was sated with relief of

I looked around to see what happened to the men only to see nothing. Slowly, I adjusted myself to a better position, but it was hard with the bindings. My panties were still moved aside, so I wriggled my thighs a bit to settle them better. I brought my legs up and brought my legs quickly forward, shifted my body into the air, bringing my body up into a standing position.

Looking around as I started moving forward, the ground around me started growing green. Everything around me was turning the pleasant colours of life. Tiny trees started forming from the ground inside the crater, even as bushes, grass, flowers, and all manner of life grew a centimeter at a time up from the dead ground. But that wasn't what caught her attention.

'The men! nono, I was supposed to preserve history!' Quickly my bound form scurried up from the crater in front of me, and slowly came into the full scent of blood. Hurrying towards where the scent was wafting from, my body attempting to keep upright as I kept stumbling. Eventually I came upon the sight of mangled corpses, limbs torn, bodies flattened, and crushed. They were dead and nothing could heal them.

My knees gave out, my bound hands making it difficult to keep myself from falling over. My eyes watered. Despite what they were going to do to me, I needed them alive. They couldn't die! What will happen to Konoha?! Yet they were gone...

And I had killed them… My eyes opened slowly at that, their violets shining in the night, glistening in fear. 'I just killed two Senju! No...' My fear resurfaced. They wouldn't let me stay now. They wouldn't even believe me! 'NO! What am I going to do?!'

Quickly I thought about everything, but there was nothing I could do to fix the situation. I didn't even know why they were after me! They made it sound like they were being paid to kill me too… 'This is bad… Kojima!' My heart ached, pained, as I thought of my new mate. I hadn't thought about it much, but I truly liked him. And now...

I sobbed. But I couldn't stay… I had to get away, there would be people after me now. And I couldn't let myself be imprisoned. They might even seal me! That thought horrified my own mind sending shivers and absolute dread through me.

But I needed out of the ropes to run at full speed. The only thing I could use… tools. 'A Senfa!' Summoning one into my hand, I pushed chakra into it, keeping it angled away from my body. If I had tried this earlier, no doubt would I have lost the weapon without even accomplishing anything, cutting my own fingers or something, dropping the weapon.

But I couldn't reach the ropes with the bladed fan. There was one thing I could do though… So reaching out further, and a specific angle, I sliced through my own skin, muscle, and bone, to cut my own arm off, from a bit above the wrist where the ropes stopped, allowing me to pull the other in front of me. The pain… the pain in my arm started changing to an intense tingling-itchy pain signaled my regeneration. I brought my arms in front of me and waited for my limb to regenerate before pulling my sliced off arm out of the rope, switching the hand holding my senfa, and removing the rest of the loose rope.

I brought my chakra fan up to slice the rope around my arms, then sliced the gag from my cheek, leaving a small slice that quickly healed over, even as as it healed over quickly.

No doubt this wouldn't have been possible with two men on me. It was hard enough, even with my flexibility, to cut myself from bindings like that. I resealed my senfa. All the loose binding fallen on the ground near my detached body member, which I picked up and removed the glove from to slip back up my regrown arm to let reattach to itself, the dropped the appendage.

I was free, and I knew I had to get going. My teary eyes looked back towards the two mangled men in grief before taking off into the night. My vision able to see clearly through all the debris and little bits of dust cloud still hanging around. And I just kept running. And running… Moving on as far as I could as fast as my small body could take me before I would be forced to sleep.

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