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Ps. KID doesn't know that Conan is Shinichi in this fanfic!

"talking" ; thinking

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Prologue: Promise

It was a beautiful night. The light of the full moon was brightly shining on the rooftop, where two people were standing. It surely would look strange for a third person to see a guy in a white suit with monocle and hat, in one hand a beautiful emerald necklace and in the other a card gun pointed at a small child with a blue jacket, a red bowtie and a dart watch pointed at the guy in white.

But for those two it was normal. After every heist they would meet to challenge their wits - detective against thief - completely forgetting the world around them.

After KID evaded a few darts from the wrist watch and Conan jumped to the side out of the way from some cards without letting each other out of sight, KID's grin got even bigger.

"Tantei-kun, I always enjoy this cat and mouse game with you, but if I counted correctly - and I did - you don't have any darts left. So what are you going to do?"

Even though Conan hoped, the thief wouldn't have noticed that, Lady Luck obviously was against him and he had to come up with something fast. He let his arms fall without letting his guard down and opened his mouth:

"Say KID, I always see trough your disguises, no matter, if you fake a different age, height or gender. Can you do the same?"

"Of course! To be able to make the perfect disguises I obviously can see trough others. Tantei-kun, I though you would know that." He responded with a light pouting sound in his voice.

"And if I suddenly left, what would you do?"

"Why? Do you intend to disappear?", asked a confused KID, though his smile didn't waver because of the poker face.

"Something like that… You said that you like our cat and mouse game." Though I don't know which one is the mouse and which one the cat. "This one will be my last heist that I'll attend. If you want me to attend more than that, you have to find me. Can you do that?" he said with a mocking grin, knowing KID wouldn't like it, if Conan acted as if KID was stupid.

KID knew that Conan wasn't who he seemed to be, though he hadn't figured out yet, who exactly Conan was. His last heist? But where does he intend to go and why? "Is that a challenge?"

"If you want to see it like that… and? What your answer?"

"I obviously will find my favorite critic wherever he goes!"

"Then that's a promise. I won't attend any future heists, until you find me and that is a promise too."

"Well then, Tantei-kun. See you and goodbye." He easily jumped off the building, activated his glider and disappeared into the darkness.

"Good bye KID." whispered Conan as he looked after the white triangle, which was KID, getting smaller in the darkness of the night.

Chapter 1: Transformation

A week later:

Shinichi was shocked, speechless, terrified. Two weeks ago, Ai showed him the pill: The final antidote to the Apotoxin 4869 that turned him into the seven-year old Conan.

Two years as Conan went by already and just a month ago he, together with the FBI, Interpol, the Japan Police and lot of other people took down the Black Organization. He was finally free.

Ai had warned him that he either will die, turn back as he should or turn back with some side effects, though she didn't know which side effects could occur, when taking the pill. She herself decided to grow up normally as she didn't have anything left in the life of Shiho, but gained a family and friends as Haibara Ai.

He was in a bed in Agasa-hakase's house, so that Ai could check up on him when the transformation was over. Now there was only one thought in Shinichi's head: "Haibara!" he screamed.

Haibara was waiting downstairs for his call, but didn't expect to hear such a high-pitched voice. As soon as she heard the cry she run up to the room Shinichi was occupying, opened the door and froze upon seeing Shinichi.

Well, I didn't expect that such a side effect could occur. Haibara looked at Shinichi with big eyes and coming closer to examine him.

"That shouldn't have happened."

"But it did! What now? Can you find a cure for that?" I'm a man, dammit!

"I don't know, because it already was a cure and your body might not survive another transformation."

"But… Haibara, I'm a woman!"

After the first wave of panic was over they started to think. Agasa told Shinichi's parents, which were waiting downstairs for their son to come down, because Shinichi stubbornly refused to do it himself. Yukiko was delighted, she always wanted to have a daughter after all and began to plan a lot of shopping trips in her head while Yusaku didn't say more than: "I see.".

His parents were already in Japan, because they had to come back for Conan to get picked up by Fumiyo (Conan's mother) to live with his parents in America again. There were a lot of heartbreaking scenes, but in the end they said their goodbyes and left with the car. Without the Mouris noticing that the car only drove a few streets down to the crazy inventors house Agasa. After Yukiko managed to put Shinichi into some of her old clothes, they sat together in the living room to decide on the new existence they had to make up, and already thought of how to forge some papers.

At the end of the day a new identity was born:

Kudo Shinko; Cousin of Kudo Shinichi and newly returned from America to attend her last year of high school in her homeland, Japan; Started to live in the Kudo Manor with the permission of Shinichi's parents and new transfer student to Ekoda High School; detective.


I decided to put those two chapters as one, as both of them are really short. :)

I won't go into the details of how the confrontation with Ran went, as she won't make an appearance in this story. But to roughly explain: Shinichi told her everything and with their feelings having turned into sibling love after some time and now with Ran being totally straight, they decided to just remain friends.