Chapter 2: Transfer to Ekoda High School

It was the morning of the new school semester and everyone was excited. Konno Erika - teacher of the class 3-B in Ekoda High School - was standing outside the door to her classroom next to 'the new transfer student' everyone was talking about as soon she entered the school building. If it's because she's a beauty, a transfer student or because of her uncanny resemblance to one famous prankster in the same school: No one knew, but she was the topic of the school.

Shinko was standing next to her new homeroom teacher frowning, because Konno-sensei* seemed more nervous than she herself and that confused Shinko greatly. Why is she more nervous than me? That doesn't make sense… I'm the new student after all.

"Ano… Kudo-san, this class is really nice… but… ehm… good luck." The teacher stuttered and opened the door and went in. Why did she wish me good luck? As soon as the door was opened a loud bang was heard and suddenly Konno-sensei had pink hair and a lot of glitter was falling around her and deciding to stick to her clothes. Shinko with her fast reflexes barely evaded the attack and didn't get hit, although it confused her immensely. So that's why. She slowly entered the classroom, cautious down to her fingertips and stood in front of the blackboard facing the class.

As soon as she had entered the classroom it became completely quiet and everyone was staring at her. Even the famous prankster magician in their class was for once still.

"Good morning class. As I already told you last week, we got a new student." The teacher said to the class and afterwards faced Shinko and asked her to introduce herself.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Kudo Shin…ko and I recently came back from America to attend my last year in high school in my homeland. And I'm a detective." She explained, no one really noticed the small hesitation when saying her name. Suddenly a curious Momoi Keiko called out and asked:

"Are you related to that famous detective Kudo Shinichi that disappeared two years ago?"

Shinko looked a little surprised at that question, because she didn't think someone still remembered him, especially not people from another district he wasn't at often. Sure, Ekoda was only about a 30min train ride away from Beika, but he didn't have anything to do there except the occasional cases he had been called to.**

"Ah… yes, I'm Shinichi's cousin." She answered and looked around the class trying to remember all of their faces, until she faced one particular student which seemed way too familiar for her own liking. Shit, is that KID?! What the heck is he doing here? I mean… I can't really be 'lucky' enough to just coincidentally enter the same class his civil persona is in, right? Right. I hope he doesn't recognize me. Everyone looked confused as they saw how the new student suddenly tensed and looked wide-eyed at one spot in the class. Although everyone saw her face, no one turned around as they only guessed, who she was looking at, even if their reasons as the why she looked shocked were totally wrong.

Kaito just looked a little puzzled and cocked his head. Why is she looking so shocked? I never met her before and I didn't even do anything. He didn't get the chance to say anything, because as soon as the frozen look appeared it vanished and replaced a calm and collected young beauty, which was smiling charmingly at the class.

"Ano… that is Kuroba Kaito… just, try to not get on his bad side and if you see him bored… run away." The teacher suddenly said, 'though her voice got quieter with every word and by the last two it was only a whisper so only Shinko heard them.

"You can sit behind him." Stated Konno-sensei and turned around facing the blackboard to start class. As soon as Shinko heard that she started walking to her seat stubbornly not looking at the person she had to walk by until she was stopped by a red rosebud,*** which was held in front of her face. She froze in her track and slowly followed her gaze from the rose to the arm holding it end ending up on the face of Kuroba Kaito.

"A beautiful flower for a beautiful lady. Welcome to our class." He said with a charming smile which probably made every woman swoon… except one particular Kudo Shinko.

Shinko looked at the rose again and Kaito attentively watched her expression change from bewilderment to a frown, then disappointment, sadness and lastly anger. Treating me like a woman! By Kaitou KID no less, he's my rival and I'm not some fangirl!

"Don't treat me like a woman…" she muttered to herself then looked at his face again, swatted his hand with the rose away and said a little louder: "I don't want it. Keep stupid things to yourself!" After she stated that she stomped to her seat, completely disregarding the entire class. Kaito was blinking and looking taken aback, Aoko surprised, Hakuba was grinning smugly, Akako smiling knowingly and the rest of the class was frozen and speechless.

After everyone got over the first shock, the class resumed as if it never happened. Kaito pranking everyone, although now beside Akako another student wasn't, namely Kudo Shinko.

At lunch she was stopped by one blond student before she could leave the room. "Nice to meet you Kudo-san, I'm Hakuba Saguru, detective too. I hope we get along well." He smiled, happy about meeting someone who wasn't infatuated with Kuroba Kaito - secretly Kaitou KID, even if he hadn't found any proof yet - and was a female, beautiful detective no less.

"Ah, I've read about you before. Nice to meet you too, Hakuba-san." She answered, recognizing his face from the heists she's been at as Conan.

After their introduction another woman came running up to them slowly followed by Kaito. "I'm Nakamori Aoko! Do you want to eat lunch with us?" Shinko was little surprised at her spirited appearance but just smiled:

"Nice to meet you Nakamori-san…"

"Please call me Aoko." She interrupted.

"…Aoko-san. Yes, I would like to eat with you guys if it isn't a bother. And are you related to Nakamori-keibu****?"

"Yes, he's my father! How do you know him?"

"I've heard about him from… Conan-kun. He told me about the KID heist's he had attended and Nakamori-keibu is in charge of him, right?"

"Yes! And he's definitely gonna catch him! That damn thief won't stay free for long." She stated enthusiastically.

"Sure… then I wish him good luck." Him catching KID? While he's still falling for the dummies every single time? As if… and KID is friends with the daughter of the inspector who's in charge of putting him in jail and with the son of the superintendent who's also a detective? Impressive, that no one has noticed and he hasn't been caught yet.

"Thanks." She happily responded and lead the way to the rooftop to eat lunch.

The rest of the day went by like usual (which means Kaito pranking and getting chased by one mop-wielding Aoko) and Shinko was happy, when she finally arrived home. After showering and eating dinner she went straight to bed and fell asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

* sensei means teacher in Japanese

** I'm using here "he" and "him" because she's thinking about the time where she was still Shinichi, in other words: A man.

*** Symbolic for purity and loveliness

**** keibu means inspector in Japanese