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Chapter 1

Eliot grunted in pain as he lays on the ground, both confused and distraught, for he slowly accepted defeat to his opponent. He was expecting to be bombarded with insults and painful remarks from his opponent, however, the result was not the same in the slightest...

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry! Are you all right!?" As he started to regain his vision, a beautiful figure with blonde hair and wearing a maid dress appeared in front of him, holding her hand out for him. He smiled at her as he took his hand in hers. "I'm very sorry if I hurt you really badly, I didn't mean to!"

"Don't worry," He reassured his innocent opponent. "I'm fine, or at least I am. I never knew a girl like you could fight like that."

"Excuse me? I may look like I can't fight but that didn't mean I can't."

Eliot chuckled. "What's your name?"

She smiled brightly at him. "Marie Rose"


"It's really nice to meet you, Eliot. You know, it's not very often that I meet a competitor such as yourself." He raised an eyebrow at her comment.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I never seem to see many handsome boys like you who have the guts to face a fighter like me." He took a step forward to the blonde maid.

"Well, I could say the same to you, Marie." He muttered with a grin as Marie blushed a light rose colour. "Sure, there might be a couple of girls that look good in the tournament, but none compare to you."

"You're just saying that..." She said as she blushed a much darker rose colour.

"Why would I?" He stepped even closer to Marie. "It's the truth..."

"Do you want to be my friend, Eliot?" She said cheerfully as she held her hand for a handshake. He stood there, dumbfounded at her offer.

"I'm sorry?"

"I just thought this could be an opportunity for us to get to know each other, you know, hobbies and stuff. You just seem like a really nice guy and I've never met anyone like you..." Marie sighed. "I want to get to know you more because I'd really hate it if I let you walk away, never to see you again..." She looked down as if she felt disappointed. Eliot smiled at her as he lifted her chin and stroked her right cheek.

"I'd love to be your friend, Marie." She looked at him as her eyes brightened.

"Really?" He nodded. She embraced Eliot in a tight hug while Eliot hugged her back. After a minute or two of embrace, they let go of each other and looked at each other.

"Want to come get ice cream with me, Marie?"

"Really? Well, ok." She then followed Eliot off of the fighting arena.

After several minutes of walking, they arrived at the ice cream parlour. While Marie had her eyes on the ice cream flavours, Eliot couldn't take his eyes off Marie as he began lost in thought.

'Wow, she really is an angel. Where have you been all my life, Marie?'

"Eliot!" Eliot snapped back into reality. "Did you say something?"

"No!" She just smiled at him.

"Eliot, I know we just became friends but you don't have to hide anything from me, okay?" He blushed but nodded in agreement. "Do you know what ice cream you're getting?"

"Yeah, I'm getting Strawberry Ripple, what about you?"

"I was thinking about getting Strawberry Ripple too." He smiled at her. After the two got their ice cream, they began to stroll around the park.

"So, Marie, whereabouts do you live around Japan?"

"I live with Lady Helena."

"What, the Lady Helena, the leader of DOATEC?" Marie nodded.

"Yeah, it's because I'm one of her servants and so I'm not late for my job." Eliot simply nodded at her reply. "What about you, Eliot?"

"I live with a guy named Brad Wong. He's not home often because he's either getting drunk or getting to get himself laid." Marie simply chuckled.

"Well, it seems like he's quite the party animal."

"Yeah, well, I'm nothing like him. I just like to stay there and study, it's just a lot peaceful without having him around." Marie pouted.

"I'm sure there's a lot more to it than you think, Eliot." He stopped and stared at Marie.

"How? I barely have any friends and the only times I'm out is when I'm whether being taught by my master Gen Fu or if I'm in another Dead or Alive tournament." He sighed while Marie looked at him, her eyes showing pity. "Other than life's just plain boring."

"That's why I always be your friend, Eliot." Marie spoke after a moment of silence. "You don't have to be alone, no one does."

"You really mean that, Marie?"

"Of course I do." She smiled brightly at him while he just stared down at her. Just as Marie was about to speak, Eliot embraced her in a hug, leaving Marie wide-eyed and a little confused. Nevertheless, Marie returned the hug with as much of passion as Eliot. "I don't care if anybody thinks, I'll always be your friend regardless, and I hope you know that."

"Yeah, I'm sorry for doubting you, Marie."

"It's okay. Oh look, the sun's setting." They looked towards the calm, restless sun. "Let's sit down and watch." She suggested. Eliot nodded and they sat on the grass, their eyes locked on the sun. Once the sun had fully set, the two were disappointed that they had to say their goodbyes.

"Well, I'm afraid we have to say goodbye...for now." Eliot nodded in response. Marie pulled him into a hug, "Don't worry, I'll meet you again..."

"When, though?" Eliot objected. "How am I supposed to know when I'll see you again?" Marie sighed.

"Do you have your phone on you?" He simply nodded and handed Marie his phone. "Okay, I put my number on there so you can call me at any time you want." He smiled.

"Can I at least walk you home?" Marie rolled her eyes.

"You're really trying to savour this, aren't you?" He nodded.

"Okay then." Eliot grinned. Marie and Eliot both walked in the clear night sky until they reached Marie's house. From there, their journey came to an end, much to their dismay.

"Don't worry, I'll see you again soon." He stroked her cheek and smiled at her.

"I know I will." Marie looked down in embarrassment. Eliot lifted her chin and kissed her left cheek. Marie blushed but returned the favour.

"Don't be so cheeky." Marie gave Eliot one wave before she left. He smiled, for the first time in forever, he has found a friend.

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