Chapter 9 - Drama

Silence filled the room, no words were spoken. Ayane gave a deadly glare towards Marie, who's attempt at ignoring the girl's glare has proven useless. Eliot noticed the way Ayane felt of Marie from the way that she just stares at her, and was both displeased and confused.

"Ok, Eliot," Ayane began, turning to Eliot. "You're going to explain everything. Now!"

"What, exactly, is there to explain, Ayane?" Ayane's face turned red with anger, and stood up.

"This!" She loudly stated, gesturing to Marie. "Why did she here, how you met her, and why the hell she is in a short nightgown?"

"Ok, slow down, Ayane." Ayane folded her arms in disgust. "We met in the arena, she beat me and offered to be my friend. After that, we've kind of caught feelings for each other and started being a couple since then."

Ayane just chuckled. "Oh, Eliot, don't make me laugh."

"Pardon?" Eliot asked, standing up, anger slowly started to boil within his veins.

"As I recall, you were in love with me, not her." She pointed at Marie, once again. "And you haven;t explained why she's in those...slutty pyjamas."

"Ayane, if you've came here to upset Marie, then just leave."

"I never knew she was here in the first place." Ayane shouted at Eliot. "I came here to tell you that I'm sorry..." Marie and Eliot glanced at each other while Ayane looked down on the floor.

"Ayane, what are you trying to say?"

"Eliot, I'm sorry that I ran away with Hayate and that for some missions, I needed to for my family." Ayane began. "I wondered if you still had a crush on me, then...we would try it..." She turned to Marie. Then in an instant, her face grew red with anger, her breaths getting deeper by the second. "And must she comes into your life and everything falls apart."

"Now, hold on, Ayane." She stopped glaring at Marie and turned to Eliot. "She's done nothing wrong, in fact, she was willing to be a friend when I didn't have one. Besides, I thought you had feelings for Hayate."

"I never said anything like that!" She quickly yelled.

"Oh really?"


"Eliot, I'm sorry, but my family need me."

"But we can still be friends, can't we?" Eliot said, nearing the verge of tears.

"I afraid not, how can we be friends when we barely see each other?"

"But I love you, Ayane." She chuckled, making Eliot confused.

"You love me?" She began, "Eliot, that's never happening. Besides, Hayate has my heart."

"You're dating Hayate?" Eliot said in confusion.

"What, no! But he'll know when it's time."

"But, what about me?"

"Eliot, just forget about me. I won't love you. Ever." With that, Ayane left Eliot in the total darkness, both in reality as it was night time but also in his heart.

End of Flashback

"You left me in the dark, not to mention, saying you'll never love me."

"Eliot, I'm sorry."

"Ayane, I'm sorry, but I've found someone else. Someone who cares about my presence, someone who tells me she loves me every day, someone that...really cares about me." Marie's eyes were filled with tears of joy upon hearing how much she meant to Eliot.

"Okay, I'm leaving but remember this, Eliot: If she leaves you, don't come crying to me." She slammed the door behind her, Marie turned to Eliot who was in a clear state of anger.

"Eliot...?" Marie whispered, reaching a hand out to Eliot. Suddenly, Eliot grabbed Marie's hand, pulled her closer to him and kissed her. Marie's eyes were wide open as she was caught off guard by Eliot's certain gesture. Marie began to step backwards until her and Eliot collapsed on the couch, with Eliot on top.

"Didn't I get rid of it?" Marie giggled.

"You told me to..." Eliot quickly peeled it off, revealing her rose patterned underwear.

"Well, I'm getting rid of it..." Eliot picked Marie up, Marie wrapping her legs around his waist as he carried them to his bedroom. He laid Marie onto the bed, and got on top of her. "Are we going to carry on where we left off...?" He said seductively, biting his lip.

"No, you're not!" Brad shouted, from the living room. Marie looked into Eliot's eyes, while his hand occupied her bra strap and slipped a finger through it.

"Gladly," She whispered into his ear, with one swift movement, he unhooked her bra strap with his finger. He slipped it off and began to kiss her again, their exposed chests rubbing against each others' as their lips connected. Unfortunately, for the two, Brad burst through the door, interrupting their moment of passion.

"Oh my god, I said no!" Marie hid underneath the covers, heavily embarrassed.

"Well, too bad, old man."

"Watch your mouth." Brad then slammed the door, Eliot turned to Marie, who was blushing heavily.

"Want to carry on?" He said seductively.

"I say we leave it for another time, you know, when we're alone."

"Well, we were alone, until Brad came in."

"Don't worry about it." She then kissed Eliot passionately on the lips. Eliot was shocked, he had never had a kiss like this, full of passion and love. He then kissed Marie back, earning a giggle from her. He laid her back on the bed, massaging her tongue with his. Marie pulled away, looking at Eliot. "You want to go out today?"

"Okay." They both got up, and took a shower. Afterwards, they began to have breakfast. While Marie was pouring cereal between the bowls, her phone rang. 'Honoka' The caller id read.

"Hello?" Marie answered.

"Marie, where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages!"

"It's only been a few weeks."

"Still! So, what have you been doing lately?"

"Well, I got a boyfriend."

"Please don't tell me it's that quick-tempered, idiotic, absolute dick."

"If you're referring to Eliot, then yeah, it's him."

Honoka sighed. "You know, I'm not in charge of who you love. Just don't get your heart broken again, if you do, I'll come over there and punch him."

"Its fine, anyways, got to go. Bye."

"Bye." Marie turned to Eliot, who had his eyebrow raised at her.

"Who was that?" He said, curiously.

"Just my friend, Honoka." Eliot knew something was up and was determined to find out.

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