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Chapter 1: Regret

It was just an ordinary day Singletown, the bubbly blonde laughing, the nerdy blue member video-gaming, and the serious pigtailed girl reading a novel. All that was missing was the cocky jock joking around, but that presence was soon filled as he entered the clubhouse with an abnormal look upon his face.

"Hey Danny!" chirped Cathy as she skipped to his side flashing her white teeth cheerfully. He sighed and looked down saying, "Hey Cath.". Cathy noticed his smug he was giving to the ground, and furrowed her eyebrows with worry. "Hey Danny, what's wrong?" Sam walked over interrupting the silence.

Not moving an inch he answered, "It's Wendy, she is never pleased with anything I do for her and it always goes wrong for me! If there is something good that happens, there is always a mission in the way and I always have to leave her. Its ruining my rep. I'm always on these stupid missions and always having to get away from her, gah, I just wish I wasn't so obligated to this dumb club!"

There was utter silence in the room.

Danny never moved his eyes from the ground but he can tell the look he was given by his friends, shock and dismay.

"Danny? Do you really think this club is dumb?" Asked Cathy in a frightened tone, as she backed away from him afraid of the answer, afraid of her friends' reaction, afraid of her own.

He grunted his teeth and brought his head level up and locked his fierce emerald eyes to her blue ones shining with fear and disbelief.

Frowning his eyebrows he told her harshly, "This club gets in my way, it ruins my chances with Wendy, and I'm tired of chasing aliens all day, and being embarrassed with making up different scenarios to answer why I left her." Cathy's eyes clouded with sorrow as she heard his answer. Noticing her sorrow Danny quickly went back to looking at the ground.

"I'm sorr-" "No, don't apologize to him Cath, apparently Wendy is more important to him than the MBC." Sam interrupted as she started towards Danny clenching her fists. "Sam, calm down." Chris stated as he got up from the computer seat with an alert gleam in his eyes.

"I never said that, I just want to be able to have days where I can be a normal teenager and be with Wendy without any interruptions. I want to go out to places not having to worry about leaving right in the middle of the event." Danny said raising his head again to meet Sam's.

"Danny, we all to have days without worry." Chris stated standing by his chair. Danny sighed, "Yea, I know." Then Sam said,"We knew the sacrifices coming in, and we all were committed to it.""Yea but-" Danny tried.

"Then why did you commit?" Asked Cathy in a serious deep tone that he never heard from her before. "Cath..." He whispered, he couldn't answer her, just looked at her with an exasperated expression. He sighed, "I thought that it would be fun being a hero and saving people with my friends, but I never knew that it can be so exhausting and repetitive." Danny confessed never looking away from Cathy.

"Danny, why are you even here then? Shouldn't you be out with Wendy?! You have the time now, so why aren't you using it with Wendy?!" Sam exclaimed stomping closer to him.

Danny grunted explaining, "I just wanted to get this off my chest, I couldn't take it anymore! I hate that it takes so much time out of my day, I hate that I can't get time with Wendy, I hate that my rep is never stable. You guys are my friends but I don't know what to do anymore." Danny bowed his head in defeat.

"Why do you even like Wendy? She is so mean to us, and treats you like dirt." Chris said as he moved towards Sam and Cathy. Danny looked up, sharp jawline barely moving as he spoke, "She just hasn't gotten to know me yet, she is beautiful, popular, and cares for others." His eyelids drooped down from imagining her.

As he was stuck in a daze, Cathy courageously walked backed to him which got him out of his gaze and spoke honestly, her eyes clouding with irritation, " At first I thought she was nice, but no she isn't caring, she only uses you to get what she wants, whether it's getting a good grade, getting something done for her community service hours or favors, and if you are not perf-" "Stop Cath!" Danny interrupted furiously. He whipped his head down to her, eyes flashing with fiery.

The intense presence in his eyes was so fearsome that it took Sam and Chris aback, but Cathy stood her ground.

"At least she isn't creepy like you! You and your weird Rhapsodian stories! At least I can go out with her without being embarrassed! I hate being around you because you freak me out all the time! At least she is normal!"

Chris's jaw dropped but he knew that Sam's fists would make Danny drop if he didn't hold her back. "Danny! Knock it off!" Sam charged but she was held back by two arms on her shoulders, she grunted at Danny, stomping forward and with each step wanting to knock sense into him more.

She was the spun around to see two big blue eyes full of sympathy, "I'm sorry Sam, but this between Danny and Cathy now, we have to let them handle this." Chris softly spoke to Sam.

She then gave up and fell silent with worry as she and Chris feared the next scene right before them.

There it was, the tall brunette glaring down at the petite blonde, his jawline sharpened with anger as his arms crossed his chest. Cathy looking up at him with a pained look, hands put together like an angel but that look of complete innocence quickly vanished, as her eyes of pure anguish and faded to nothing but a lost cloud of gray.

Cathy put her arms down never looking away from Danny's emerald eyes, "Danny," she stepped closer to him, now only a few inches away, her eyes loosing color with the step,

"You care more about yourself and your rep than you do your close friends who will always care for you. We don't care about your rep because we know the real you, isn't that good enough for you? I thought I knew the real you. No, you're too blind to see the real truth Danny, you only have your rep and Wendy, who will use and hurt you. Please get out of the clubhouse." Cathy declared shakily as she pointed to the door.

Everything was still, shock and dismay covered the room. Danny just stared at her in disbelief but it didn't take too long for Cathy to stretch her legs so she was just above him to shout, "Please get out of here!" Being just an inch above him, her tears trickled down her chin to his face, waking all his senses he immediately took off to the door.

After opening the door he gave one last glance at Cathy who was shrunken back down, her limbs all weakened but she then straightened her entire body as she looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and eyes spilling out tears that trickled down to her grunted white teeth. Her eyes were overloaded with pain and dismay, her soaked black eyelashes outlined her sapphire eyes with sorrow.

She never looked away until he separated that glance with the door.

"Cath..." Sam barely whispered, reaching out to her friend's aid.

Chris let go of Sam and they both rushed over to Cathy's side. Cathy remained a statue, completely frozen with disbelief. "Cath... come on, let's go forget about this with some marshmallows and a movie." Chris spoke softly.

Cathy didn't move an inch, her bangs were covering her expression from her friends, her body seemed to only know the defeated position she was standing in. "Cathy, please answer us!" Sam desperately begged as she held Cathy's shoulder.

Cathy never broke from her position but she slowly turned her head to Sam's and spoke without focus in her eyes, "He hates me, and I always trusted him. I trusted him! I was loyal to a guy who hates me. I liked a guy who hates me. How can I forget this happened?!" Tears streamed down her cheeks onto their hands. "I'm not normal." Cathy squeaked with her voice cracking as she looked at her shaky hands.

Sam's heart shattered at the tone of Cathy's voice. "Cath, Danny doesn't hate you. He is just upset because he can't please Wendy." Chris desperately said. "You ... liked Danny?" Sam asked.

Cathy's eyes lit up with fury and confusion as she spoke with her eyes dotting around the room, "I liked Danny, but I was too stupid to stop liking him. I knew he liked Wendy but I always wondered if he can see through her evil why not with my weirdness?! Gosh I'm so stupid! Danny's right, who am I kidding, she is so pretty and I'm just a weirdo!" She pulled out of Sam's hold and sprinted out the clubhouse covering her face.

"Cathy wait!" Sam called after her reaching as if she can drag her back. "Leave her Sam," Chris started looking at the door with a worried look, "She needs to be by herself right now." Chris put his arm around Sam and she looked away from him, then she angrily said, "We need to call Danny on his VCOM and tell him what he has done to Cath now."

Chris hugged Sam, surprising her, talking into her ear softly, "Danny needs time to realize what he has said and he needs to be alone to go through his thoughts. We'll talk to him tomorrow when we have all cleared our minds."

Sam nodded her head and started to sob onto Chris's shirt pulling his shirt to her face. Chris placed his chin on the top of her head and started to think. It was a good thing it was nightfall so they could just go straight home, or is it?

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