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Chapter 2: Misery

Cathy's POV

All I did was run. That's all I can think of, running, just running from all of this chaos! I ran, blinking hard and each time I remembered, 'I hate being around you!' Tears covered my eyes, blinding me from my surroundings but I don't care, I don't know where I was going but as long as its away from him, I'm ok.

My throat burned from crying, my legs became jello as I was passing the city and into the forest by the school. It was getting cold and windy but I just kept weeping and I couldn't stop running. 'You're weird!' It hurts! Danny... why would you say that to me? I thought you were caring, I thought we were friends!

I really liked Danny, I always have. I had this stupid crush on him for a long time, but I knew there was no way a human can like an alien like that. Yet, I never knew he felt that way about me.

My hair was messy, tangled and wet from my tears and my clothes are torn from running into branches and tripping. I realized I was deeper into the forest when I felt that my feet were wet.

I finally slowed down to look down to see what has been covering my feet. I was in a pond. My capris were covered with water up to my knees. I looked back, wanting to go back home, but I can't, not tonight.

I turned back around to see that there was land just 60 feet away from me, I can make it!

I kept going, water going up to my thighs and soon enough my hips. I looked down at my reflection to see an alien girl who was heartbroken by a human boy. Since it was dark the reflection only brought out the outline of my face, but I didn't need a reflecting image to tell myself that I was miserable.

I looked up to see that I only needed 20 more feet to reach land. I put my head down and continued.

"He hates you! He doesn't love you! An alien can never be with a human!" A voice hissed around me. I stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't move an inch. I kept a frozen stare at my outline on the pond. Was it something in the forest? Or is it just in my head? Well, whoever was saying it, was telling the truth.

"He'll be dead before you're even halfway with your life!" I felt depressed when I realized what it said, then irritation flash within me as I tightened my knuckles. "Who are you?!" I demanded as my head shot up to see absolutely nothing.

"He hates you! You're nothing! You can die for all he cares!" The hissing increased. It hurts! The words! The pitch!

I put my hands over my hears hoping to block it out, to just stop it! "Stop it! Stop it! Get out of my head!" I kept squeezing my eyes shut as I was squishing my head with my hands feeling my own head whip around from the insanity until I heard something similar to being underwater, nothing.

I flew open my eyes and let go of my head. I stood completely still. I heard movements but there wasn't anything that those movements belonged to, I noticed as I darted my eyes around.

Maybe I am becoming crazy. Just as I thought I was going insane something slid against my ankle under the water.

Still being in the state I was in beforehand I didn't move at all. Was it a fish? No, it was too long, and too strong, maybe it's an alien.

Just as I looked behind me about to gear up, I froze.

There I saw behind me, staring at me with wild sharp purple eyes, was a indigo colored snake, but it wasn't little, it could swallow me whole if it wanted too.

It was four times the length of the Rhapsodian puzzle stick, and two times wider than the width of my body. With my body size I would probably just be a snack to him.

Wait, did Elton's powers somehow transfer to me? Either that or is it a mindreader too?

All I remembered was its long sharp fangs, inches before my eyes, my heart beating so fast, and then darkness.

Yet, the last thing that went through my mind was that flashback of Danny closing the door, it was like it meant our paths were closed forever.

I soon felt numb, there's no point in fighting it.

I was dead.

Danny's POV

It's almost 1 in the morning and I couldn't sleep at all, I closed my eyes as I laid on my bed and thought about everything that just happened. If only I had Mr. Fluffyboots would I think a lot clearer.

Nothing came to my mind all night! It's like I forgot everything that just happened!

So I just thought about the people in my life, and maybe then I could remember what happened.

A lot has happened in the last four years, we're in our junior year in high school. I'm almost 17 and I'm standing at 6'4", I still look like me except a lot stronger and taller. Last summer I got a baseball scholarship to the biggest University in Singletown, and I plan on being a mechanic and a personal trainer. So now all I wear is college athletic gear and nike sweats to school.

Ever since then though, Wendy is acting a lot nicer to me and has actually noticed me. Actually I've gotten a lot people's attention, I always wanted to be that cool guy that puts jerks like Marc in their place. Somehow, having this much attention on me, is a lot harder to deal with than what I thought.

Speaking of popularity and Wendy, Wendy is more beautiful than ever. She is 16 and 5'7" and has her white long curly hair passed her waist. She wears pencil shirts and the latest trends to school. She is going to study cosmetology and business at a small college just 20 miles outside of Singletown.

It's funny how Marc still thinks he has a chance with her, yet when he asked her to homecoming with a gold threaded stuffed animal and with Saffron Crocus flowers she accepted, but they could never work. If he just buys her things she'll be with him. But they'll argue all the time. It'll only be a one night thing, I would have gone with her if I would have asked her sooner.

It's coming up and I have no date because I'm not interested in other girls but it's still going to be a lot of fun because Chris made Junior prince! I couldn't believe it but my buddy is all popular now.

Marc still has Roy and Ralph by his side like dogs. Marc is 17 and is only 5'10" and is more entitled than ever. Wears those gold threaded sweaters and expensive suits. He will be one of those fret house leaders, luckily at the State University of Singletown on the other side of the mountains, away from my University.

Roy and Ralph are the same, except their clothing is more of the trend. Roy is 17 and is the offensive guard for me on the football team, he is 6'3" but over 250 pounds. Ralph is 16, he is in theatre, and is only 5'9". Surprisingly, Jeremy is in theatre too, but there is only one reason why.

Jeremy has gotten, well, more mature I guess. He is 17 and 6'1", with a new contour hair cut, and an outfit that consists of khaki shorts, T-shirts, suspenders and bow ties.

He still follows Cathy around, he will never get that she is just not into him. It's getting to that point where she is emotionless when he tries to flirt to her, she tried nicely and more affirmatively to tell him no but he just won't leave her alone. One day he will stop, he'll either find another girl or he'll get the crap beat out of him.

He is going out of Singletown to study computer technology. Speaking of which, Chris and him are the president and Vice President of the computer club and the robotics club.

Now Chris, 16, has gotten a bit taller, 6'0" and cut his hair in that comb over style. Also surprisingly, he isn't as shy as he used to be around Sam anymore. I helped him out in becoming a little bulkier. So now he wears plaid flannels and jeans, and sometimes he just wears T-shirts to show Sam he has muscular deltoids and biceps, you're welcome Chris.

He got a full academic scholarship to the same University as me. He wants to become a BioTech Engineer and an Aerospace Engineer. He wants to be an ├╝ber nerd and double major.

As for Sam, 16, well she is tougher than ever standing at 5'8", and she now wears her hair longer at school, those half up hair dos but in the same buns when we bust aliens. She normally wears leggings and T-shirts to school. She wants to become a physical therapist and a yoga instructor.

As always, she is always serious about everything, until Cathy has her ways of making Sam have fun for once. Sam is applying for colleges near our University's side of town, with her grades and records I'm sure she'll be accepted into our University.

Cathy is and will always be Cath, she is still trying to fit in and is still optimistic about everything. She is tiny at 5'2" but her hair grew passed her shoulders. She wears it long and a piece twisted and pinned at school but puts her hair in two braids when we fight. (A/N: Danny wouldn't know a French braid lol but they're French braids) Cath always tries the latest trend to wear at school, but eventually she just stuck to capris and blouses.

As for Cath, she doesn't know what she wants to do yet, but I remembered when we went to a theme park to celebrate my scholarship, I could tell she was upset. I asked her to go on the ferris wheel with me so I can figure out why she was upset. After I asked her, she looked shocked that I noticed and started to cry. She told me how she doesn't want me to worry about her because we're celebrating my success. I eventually got her to speak and she said she is scared for the future, because once we go to college in two years she either moves back to Rhapsodia or marries an alien to stay on Earth. She wants to stay here with us and become an actress or a science teacher, but she doesn't want use an alien as her husband just for the stay. She doesn't want to hurt anyone and she wants to marry someone she loves.

All I remembered from that ride was her face, it wasn't Cathy.

I felt so bad for her, why are they so strict with her? She is the nicest alien along with her grandpa who is high in alien status and is still Mr. Smith and will never change. She'll never hurt anyone if anything she'll feel for that person. Then her face came to my mind again when I thought of her being hurt.


I felt my eyes widen as an image of Cathy popped in my head, and I remembered seeing that expression recently. I thought it was just a vision that I saw her like that.

What made her so upset? Was it really just a vision? Why would I vision her upset?

Then I suddenly remembered that I told them how I felt about the club and how I just wanted a break. Yea, busting alien's butts all day is thrilling and exciting but it can be repetitive and tiring. I wanted to spend my last years as a teen before college.

They are my best friends and I thought I could tell them anything, even though I prefer to keep my feelings to myself. I don't understand how confessing my feelings can cause anger and frustration to others when I'm the one feeling it!

Then that image of Cathy came to my mind again, but clearer. She wasn't just upset she was devastated.

'Hate! Freak! Not normal! Weird! Creepy!'

All those horrible words were flying in my head, and they wouldn't stop! I shot up from the bed and was now sitting up when;

Beep! Beep!

I opened my VCOM, wondering what could be going on so late at night.

It was a message from Sam, "Danny I'm so going to kill you for this!"


Beep! Beep!

It was another message but from Chris, 'Cathy is missing and hasn't been answering her VCOM. Meet us at the park ASAP.'

What the hell happened?!

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