An added beginning.

In the East blue there a village called Shimotsuki. In the dead of night if you listen you can hear the sounds of a baby cries. His name is Roronoa Zoro and yet his mother continues to scream in pain as contractions continue to pulse through her body. As she push another baby cries was heard through the village as Zoro now has a twin sister named Roronoa Sachi. The family named her this because they were not expecting another child so her name means blessed while Zoro mean hero of the golden dawn.

As the twins aged together they became very close and protective of one another. They will do anything for each other. Even though at 7 years old Zoro went to Isshin Dojo to learn sword play, Sachi on the other hand did not find swords all that interesting. Instead she loved to swim and would spend hours in the Ocean. She loved collecting shells, swim with the different types of fish, and feeling the water flow pass her. On one particular adventure she went further out then normal and found an old chest. Sachi could not wait to show her brother as she grabs the chest and swam out of the Ocean. Sachi quickly dried off and put her clothes on. With the chest underneath her arm she runs through the village. The dojo came into view and she slowed down to ask one of the kids if they know where she can find Zoro. She thanks him and runs to the waterfall her brother loves to train at because it give him tranquility. Sachi spots her brother lifting weights that look like they are way more than her.

"Nii-Nii! Look at what I found at the bottom of the ocean". She lifted her small treasure chest and Zoro stop to look down at his sister and raised an eyebrow. He walked down to his sister and smiled at her. She put it down and allowed him to open the chest. When it open disappointment wash over their face.

"Well Sachi-nii I guess you got nothing but a weird looking fruit. Let me finish my training then we can go grab some lunch". With that in mind Zoro went back to his weights while Sachi took the weirdly shape fruit out of the chest. She observe closer that it look like a zucchini but smaller, there were swirly design, and it was the colour red. It was the coolest fruit she has ever seen and thinking with her stomach she stuck the whole thing in her mouth. She grimed at the bitter taste and tried to spit it out but instead it slide down her throat. Zoro never even notice that her sister ate it and when he finish his rep they walk back to the village and had their lunch.

After lunch Sachi went back to swim but as her feet touch the ocean she felt her strength slip away. She ignore the feeling and jump in anyway. As her body submerge into the depth she felt her limbs turn to lead and it was harder to swim. She tried and got back to the shore. She breathed heavily to catch her breath as she laid in the hot sand. Her strength returned within minutes and she tried once again but as the water touch her feet her strength left her. She walked away from her favorite place and put her clothes on. For some reason she could not figure out what's going on and thought she was sick. Not wanting to worry her nii-nii, Sachi walked to the only place that has a doctor in this village. She loved to visit the doctor because she was nice to her and she liked to learn how to wrap bandages. The knowledge came in handy when her brother got hurt. The doctor open the door and allowed her to walk in. Her home looked just like a clinic and she sat down on the bench.

Sachi explained how she was fine in the morning and that she found a treasure chest in the Ocean. She told the doctor that it was a weird red fruit and she ate it. Now she can't swim. Sachi frowned as the doctor laugh.

"Dear you know what you ate! You ate a devil fruit". Sachi felt tears prick to her eyes.

"I am a devil now. I don't want to be a devil". The doctor stop laughing and patted her on the head.

"You are not a devil child but you ate a devil fruit. The reason you can't swim is because the fruit takes the power to swim from anyone that eats their fruit but gain a power in return". Sachi stop crying but smiled a bit to think she may have a power. The doctor got out a book that held all the devil fruits that have been discover and they sat together as they flip through each page looking for the fruit. They turned to the chapter called paramecia. As they looked through the chapter Sachi finally found the fruit she found. As she read through the description she smiled at how cool her power is. The doctor help Sachi try her new power out and she excitedly watch as it pierced the doctor wall. She left and went to find her brother. As she walked into the dojo she watch as Zoro lost agents Kuina… again. She waited for them to finish knowing that she would get in trouble if she got in the way. Zoro left upset and went to go train some more but his sister stop him. Sachi drag him into the small field and showed him her power. At first he was shocked then Sachi explain everything to him. Then Zoro scolded her for eating it then awed at how cool it is. Zoro agree to help train her and help her get use to her ability.

Years pass by and together they dealt with all the hardships that laid in their path. From Kuina death to training until they can't move so they can accomplish their dream. At the age of 16 they set sail together so they can become stronger. Zoro has short green hair, green eyes, he has three piercing in one ear, and has three swords he carried with pride at his side. Sachi looks just like her brother. The only different is the she has green shoulder length hair, no piercing, a hiking knife, and she has the features of a girl. They sailed randomly around the sea since neither of them have no sense of direction and has gotten quite a rap. Zoro being called a demon while Sachi is known as the bloody rose. As the years pass the landed on many different islands and had many adventures. Their true destiny begins when they land on Shells island and this is where our story will begin for these twins.

So here is another idea I had and thought why not. I hope you like it and I know there are lots of story out their that are re-writes of the series so let me know what you think. One piece go to Oda!