Aftermath of Thriller Bark

The night training was tough and my angel had no problem with throwing my demon out of me. I choose to keep Luffy out because both my sides seem more on edge then normal. I don't blame them with what we talk about earlier. I come to the living world and enjoy the quietness as I open my eyes slowly. I smile as I turn to face Luffy. He snoring softly on his back with his own smile spread across his face. I watch his chest rise and fall slowly for a while before I let my fingers gently trace the scar on his cheek. Luffy head moves to the side so his cheeks place in my hand. I giggle lightly as I move closer and let my lips gently lay on his. He never kisses back but he calls out my name quietly. I pull back and Luffy moves to curl into my side like a cat.

"Morning." I whisper but he doesn't make a move. I have to heal Sanji…I don't know how bad he is but I have to remove some of his pain. Something is better then nothing. I move the sheets aside and stand up stretching. I watch Luffy move so he can cuddle with my pillow in my place.

"My Sachi." Luffy mumbles as he holds my pillow closer. My cheeks heat up as I mumble cute under my breath. I quickly change into shorts and a t-shirt since we are out of the gloomy skies. I walk below deck for who knows how long before I finally find the my directions are still so shitty but at least I found the kitchen. Better eat before I heal him…I also better not let Chopper know either or he will stop me from trying anything. I open the door and the quietness is unsettling. I walk towards the kitchen feeling like I am entering a sacred zone that I don't belong in.

"This is silly. I have cooked here so many times…" I laugh but it so empty in my ears. But I always cooked with Sanji… Or at least with his permission to use his kitchen. I freeze in place as I look at Sanji tools cleaned and waiting to be used. Sanji you are an idiot. I pick up his knife and sigh as my fingers go over the cool metal. I place the Knife down and walk towards the lock fridge. I put in the code and there on a shelf is a cake. I pull it out and aww at the writing. Happy birthday Nami in orange writing and tangerine decorate the edge with such perfection. I look at the cake then the calendar that Sanji hang above the wall to see that we are July 3 today. The date has Nami name with a hearts drawn around the name. I look back at the cake and sniff away my tears as I gently place the cake back. He made it for her before all this hell broke out. He really loves her or he being Sanji. I smile as I bend down to see a plate full of cookies. I pull them out and munch away as I grab what I need for an omelet. The empty kitchen fills with the smell and sound of my cooking as I finish the plate of cookies and my omelet complete. Should have had the omelet before the cookies...Oh well. I finish the omelet but it not the same and I clean up quickly but make sure everything in its place. After all when Sanji comes back he needs his work area to be clean and nothing misplace.

"Now to Chopper doctor room." I mumble as I find myself outside. The sun is slowly rising in the horizon decorating the sky a pretty scarlet red. The sea wind is warn and the world is quiet but the sound of the waves against the ship. It too nice. I cant help but think as I look at the many doors that lead somewhere on our ship.

"Sunny I need some help." I ask quietly to the air and wait for him. Soon enough Sunny floats from bellow the deck and gives me a grin.

"Supper morning to you Sachi-chan! What can I help you with?" Sunny ask as he floats in front of me. His orange hair still as messy as I remember.

"Can you lead me to where Sanji-kun healing. I want to check up on him." My voice is soft and Sunny nods. I follow behind him as we go through a door, down a hallway, and the last door is Chopper.

"Thank you Sunny." Sunny nods as I open the door and smile to myself as Nami sits in a chair beside Sanji bed. She has her head on the bed with her hand in his limp one. As I get closer I notice the even breathing Nami makes with her eyes close. At least she sleeping. What happen between the two? I didn't relies they were so close. I walk towards the two and freeze when I hear mumbling behind me. I turn slowly to see Chopper rubbing his tiered eyes.

"Where the test tube doctorine?" Chopper ask half asleep and I stiffin a giggle as I point behind them.

"Where they always are! Now go get them!" I try to sound like her but fail miserably. But to Chopper he nods and turns.

"Right away!" Chopper squeaks before walking down the hallway. A door closes to the guy room. Few. That was close. Now Sanji. I turn back and bend down so I can look at Nami. Her chest moves slowly and I nod to myself. Completely out like a light. I stand up and grab a blanket Chopper keeps in his cupboard just in case. I place it over Nami back and she moves to get more comfortable. I watch as her hand clutches Sanji softly. So cute. I cut my hand letting my blood pool in my palm as I look down to see Sanji cover head to toe in dressing. His breathing more shallow then I would like but at least they are constant.

"Ketsueki no choryū (Blood blood save)." I mumble to myself and in a second I can see inside Sanji body. Now that I am not in a rush I can take my time to look properly. I start from the head. I don't know much but I am sure Sanji has a concussion. I don't know that much about the brain so I can't help him there. I bight my lip as I look down and in his chest the third rib down on the right is broken and two more down on the left is crack. That explains why he having a hard time to breath. I will my blood to enter through his mouth and go through his lung wall to get to his ribs that need to be fix. My blood wraps around his broken ribs and heals the bone together. I ignore the growing pain in my chest as I move my blood to his crack rib. Once that healed his breathing even out and it hurts every time I take a breath in. You can do this Sachi! Concentrate! I fix my broken rib as I fix some of Sanji pulled muscles in his arm and legs. I move all my weight to my right leg. Ok now his left leg. I move my blood through his body and breathe deeply to concentrate but that sends a hot pain through my chest. Shit. My eyes go back to green and I am look down at Sanji who now breathing evenly.

"Damit." I wheeze as I close my eyes before forcing myself to go back to red eyes. I notice my blood has been pump all through his body. Shit. My blood not mixing well and Sanji body already attack it. I move my fingers and force my blood to move and come out of Sanji mouth. I have to figure out a faster way to get my blood put of someone body. Dont want to make them sick on purpose. I blink unable to hold it anymore. I look at my blood innocently floating in the air in front of me. My muscle in my arm ache to the point they want me to let them go limp at my side.

"Nami-swan." Sanji mumbles as he starts to move. Shit. I healed him to well. I move to the door as quickly as I can which is not fast but I make it in time. I close the door right as Sanji eyes open. Shit! I didn't heal his leg. I breath heavily as I limp to the side and use the wall to slide down to the floor. I move my finger to the side and my blood does the same. I move it back and it moves again.

"3…2…1…Boom." I mumble and my blood explodes. It may have been a small amount but the hot air still burn my face. I can hear mumbling behind the door but like hell I am going to ease drop. I do not need Nami giving me a bigger debt. I close my eyes and fix my sore muscles. If this is what Luffy felt and he rubber then I don't even want to know what this would feel like if he wasn't rubber. I open my eyes to see very simmiler green to mine.

"Morning imouto…We need to talk." Oniichan orders and it not like I can say no. I get up and wince a little. Oniichan says nothing as he starts walking down the hall. Well if he knows where to go…I follow without question.

"Now where to go?" Oniichan mumbles as he looks around. I say nothing as we keep walking in silence. Soon enough we pass Robin and she smiles at me before she continue to wherever she want to go. Oniichan opens a random door and walk into the library. Robin that we just past giggles on one of the couches with a book now in her lap.

"Not here…Now where my training station again?" Oniichan mumbles under his breath as I wave back at Robin before we go through another door. The sun beats down on my head as oniichan nods while looking up.

"Found it." He mumbles before he starts to climb up the rope. I quickly follow and ignor the pain in my legs. I yawn and wave to Nami as she walks out onto the deck. She waves before she mumbles something under her breath. Probably about whatever her and Sanji talk about. I enter through the latch and quickly take a seat on the couch with oniichan soon to join my side. We say nothing as the birds chirp in the sky fills the silence. I just watch as oniichan bends over and put his face in his hands. He lets out a deep breath before his shoulders sag.

"Why did you do it?" Oniichan brakes the silence as he looks at me. My heart cracks as he looks so defeated. His shoulders are slump over, his hair ruffled, his cloths battered, and his eyes looks like he looking through me and not at me.

"What?" Is the only words I can get out. Oniichan sits up straighter as his eyes go from fear to anger. He stands up and his eyes turn to glare. I guess he didn't like my question. I sink a little into the couch as he stares me down.

"Don't what me! Why did you knock me out?! He was here to take you and Luffy away! If Sanji didn't step in…I may have never seen you again." Oniichan voice starts out hot as a knife that piercing my soul but at the end his voice is so far away that it cracks my heart. He slumps back down and sit next to me. I play with my nails as I bite my lip.

"Because…." I start but my angel words makes me remember too. It could have ended badly if I knock Sanji out too. I didn't know at the time how bad it could have been.

"Because why?" Oniichan mumbles as he looks at me. I stare back at my oniichan I love so much that it hurts to see the strong man so weak and vulnerable.

"Because I didn't want to see that future come true. I stop you from being in Sanji position because I did not want that to happen to you…I did not know about Sanji though. You know I would protect everyone to my dyeing breath so…" I trail off as I get up and make my way to the window. I watch below as Luffy stuffs cheese into his mouth and Usopp looks annoyed at him for some reason. Agares and Chopper walk out on deck looking better then yesterday.

"Great…What was that about seeing the future?" Onniichan stands beside me and I sigh as I turn to face him. There go another one of my secrets. Me and my big mouth.

"I can see one future and I can make a choice to change it or let it happen. It part of being an angel..." Oniichan groans at my words as he rubs his eyes.

"That makes sense since you freak out when we met up with that ice admiral. You saw something. Didn't you?" Oniichan ask and all I can do is nod.

"Yes. I saw the Admiral freeze Robin, you, Sanji, and Luffy before he killed you in front of me….That not all. I predicted Robin saying she wish to die. The thing though it not like I saw it in black and white. We were in a winter hell zone and the admiral was a white wolf with the same sleeping mask." I close my eyes and that same dream comes back crystal clear even if it already happen. I shiver before I open my eyes to see oniichan looking outside.

"Any other coming up?" Oniichan ask and I think of Ace with lava man hand through his chest. I blink away my tears. I can't let him know and I hope he does not remember the way I freak out when Ace sailed with us.

"Nope. They come randomly…you can't tell anyone. Ok! I don't want to worry everyone. We already have so much shit on our plate." Oniichan humms and nods.

"Ya. Why worry about something that can change but on one condition to keep this sealed." Oniichan demands but it not like I have a choice.

"You have to tell me as soon as new vision happens. I need to help you if possible!" Oniichan watches me to make sure I understand everything he says. I nod because that all I can do.

"Fair enough! Now I have to start cooking…Knowing Sanji if he is awake then he already in the kitchen cooking when he needs rest. I'm going to go help him." Oniichan sighs but he walks to open the latch to let us out.

"I can't believe I owe him." Oniichan mumbles as we make it down to the deck quickly.

"There you are Sachi! Sanji being mean and won't give me any food!" Luffy whines as he tackles me into a hug. I roll my eyes as Luffy gives me a quick kiss. Trying to buttery me up. Not going to work love.

"Sorry but you had cheese just a few minutes ago. You will just have to wait like the rest of us… Now I have to go help him so we can eat faster." Luffy nods as he gently pushes me towards the kitchen.

"Hurry! Hurry!" Luffy orders and I can't help roll my eyes as I enter the kitchen. Like I thought Sanji standing in front of the stove with Chopper on his heels.

"Sanji you have to sit! You have to rest! You are still healing and your leg still broken!" Chopper snaps. Sanji sighs as he looks at him.

"If I do then who going to cook for everyone?" Sanji ask like that the only explanation. He looks better but I can tell he holds in a wince when he puts to much presure on his bad leg. I walk towards the pair to solve the problem.

"Chopper right you know." I add and when Sanji turn towards me I can see the way he wince from the fast movant. Men. I walk over and remove the knife from his hand.

"Sachi-chan…I have to cook…"Sanji mumbles and I tisk at him.

"No you don't. I will cook for everyone. You taught me the basic so I can do it. You need to get better plus…it not healthy to stand to long with a broken leg." Sanji mouth opens but nothing comes out. I bend over and look him in the face.

"Plus you owe me for doing such a stupide move. So get better before I re kick your ass." I warn him so quietly so only he can hear. I straighten back up and look at Chopper.

"Dr. Chopper please show this patient back to his room. I think restraints or a small sedatives are to be given if he does not listen." I ask Chopper with a raise eyebrow and he nods.

"I think I agree with you nurse Sachi. Now pleas come with me Sanji or do I have to use force?" Chopper crosses his arms and Sanji sighs as he nods.

"Fine…I can see I am not going too win. Now Sachi the lobster backing in the oven already for five min now so keep an eye on that. I have the pilaf started here and those vegetables need to be chop up for a stir-fry. As you know the sea king stew you need the large pot but make sure you cook the onions first! Now for the…" Sanji starts rambling on what has to get done. I give Chopper the look and he transforms into strong point.

"Wait! Sachi pleas be careful when you use chocolate! Use the thermometer. Ahhh! Chopper stop!" Sanji orders as Chopper picks him up and walks him to the door. Sanji grabs the door frame and looks back at me.

"Sachi I swear if you leave a burn mark on the roof again so help me…!" Sanji warns me. I wave my hand and turn my back to him.

"Calm down Sanji. That was one time when I was learning so I will be fine. I won't burn Sunny go. Now have a nice nap." I ignore the shouting Sanji making down the hall as I face the kitchen and see the beginning of so many dishes yet the recipes dance in my head like they were already made.

"Let the cooking begin." I grin as I start all the orders Sanji gave me. A few hours go by and most of the dishes are done. I have to say though that Sanji does not have it easy. The amount of times I had to tell Luffy to leave and stop picking at the food was hard. At one point I was so annoyed that I kick him out and sealed the door with my blood just so I can cook in piece. Of course there was another door but he didn't remember so I was left alone. By the time I have everything finishes and put it in the container to keep warm Sanji back up again.

"Sachi! Why am I unable to open the door to the kitchen! Did you kill my kitchen?!" Sanji screams from behind and I just look at the door as the knocking increases.

"Sanji don't you dare use your leg! You are still healing." Chopper snaps.

'AHHH! Zoro where are your bandages!" Chopper adds and I snort as I move my fingers and remove the blood. Sanji barges in and looks around franticly before he calms down.

"It too hard to move with them on." Oniichan adds and I can just see as the door closes that Chopper jumps him to re wrap him up.

"Sanji-kun the kitchen fine and the dishes are ready. All we have to do is BBQ while we are there if we need more food…Knowing Luffing we will." I dry the last pan and Sanji wobbles with his cast on over to the table with all the food I pack up. I watch him go to grab a bag. Hell no. I quickly rush over and slap his hand away.

"Umm no Sanji. You can't carry anything heavy with that leg of yours. Wait until it heals more. Now what you can do is go outside and wish Nami a happy birthday and help her carry table cloths and utensil since it not that heavy." I watch Sanji mouth open and close like he wants to say something but he decides to keep it shut. He nods before turning and walking outside. He stops at the door and turns towards me.

"How you know it Nami-swan birthday today?" Sanji ask and I grin.

"First off we are her nakama and second the cake in the fridge really pretty…plus you have it circle in your colander." I point to such paper to make my point. Sanji nods and walk out of the kitchen. Once the door closes I go to the intercom so I can talk to everyone on borad.

"Can Luffy, Zoro-nee, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Agares, and Franky please come to the kitchen to help me carry all the food to the castle! Thank you!" I turn off the intercom and within five minutes everyone here. I hold Luffy back as he already drooling and trying to open one of the many bags.

"Ok! Before we take this…Are you all aware today Nami-chan birthday?" I ask and to my surprise everyone nods.

"Ya! I supper have her gift finish weeks ago." Franky nods while Robin puts her hand to her lips.

"Yes mine wrap up as well." Robin eyes are michevess and I wonder what she got her.

"Great so then I was thinking once everyone fed we come back here and do a separate party just for her." I ask and Luffy nods.

"Yahoo! Yea! I have mine all done too." Luffy grins while winking at me and Agares grins but he hiding something with the way his shoulders are so stiff.

"Perfect so let's all grab a bag but Franky can you bring the BBQ and Usopp I want your help." Usopp points to himself.

"Me. What for?" Usopp ask and I grin as I sling my arm over his sholder.

"Near the end of the party I want you to come back to the ship with me so we can decorate the kitchen. I don't want what happen to the last party I made by myself." I watch everyone cringe at the painful memory.

"Yaa…Lets not have that happen again…We don't want you to wander off and get captured." Agares adds as he grabs a bag. Luffy arm go around my waste as he grabs a bag too. Oniichan grabs the huge bowls while Franky leaves to get the BBQ. With everything complet and we are good to go. I stop when I feel a tap on my leg. I look down to see a very annoyed Chopper glaring up at me.

"Sachiiiii! Why did you heal Sanji?!" Chopper snaps as he points his hoof at me.

"By my caculatshions Sanji should not be getting out of bed until tomorrow! He walking around and complains of no pain other than a major headache! Did you do something?" Chopper glare softens to a pout. I bend down to face him and his big watery eyes .Awww. I pick him up and cuddle him into my chest.

"Honestly I had no choice yesterday. When I first saw him..Sanji was hurt really badly. This morning I healed more of his muscles pains but left the broken leg for him to deal with and I can't heal head injuries." I shifted Chopper in my arms so I can put him on my shoulders like a little kid would sit.

"I just didn't want Sanji to die. I did what I had to do." I add so softly that only his ears can pick my words up. He sighs before his hove hit me in the head lightly.

"You are taking my job." He grumbles and I can't help but laugh softly as I walk over to madam big lips. The others put the food down and Sanji by Nami side who on top of a big pile of treasure. What an awesome birthday gift.

"I'm sorry they can't come help. Everyone is just so happy to see the sun again. Do you have enough food?" Big lips ask and I humm as Sanji lights a cigarette with a smile.

"Don't worry. We have a mountain of additional food on top of everything that was stolen. We are I have to wonder who would re supply our ship?" Sanji lets a breath out as I get a better look. There gold, diamonds, crowns, and a bunch of other treasure. I think there more here than back at Skypea.

"I wonder who did that. There are some nice people out there! And they even loaded all the treasure on your ship for you. Even for Christmas this is too much!" Big lips adds and I nod as I walk over to inspect it closer. I aww as Nami cooing at all the treasure with belly signs as her eyes. I watch Luffy look through and pull out a arm band that has two round glass ovals attach.

"Oh! A glass armband! This is so cool! I claim this!" Luffy beams at the small armband. On the other hand Usopp looks like he sweating buckets.

"H-hey! You know what'll happen if you take any of the treasure…" Usopp bites his finger as he tries to warn him. Nami looks over and smiles as she sit up on a treasure chest.

"He can have it! There aren't any gems!" Nami beams as she inspect a crown. Still Nami. Usopp beams as he starts looking through the goods for his own little clame.

"But I don't have a single piece of treasure for you!" Nami snaps at Big lips and that more like her.

"We wouldn't take treasure from the people who saved us, Namizo." Big lips smiles a little. Namizo? What the?

"Oh this is cool!" Usopp holds up a dagger with little gems around the hilt.

"Huh? What did you say?" Nami ask as her eyes widen a little. Usopp shrieks as he puts the knife down.

"Huh? It popped out. Who Namizo? Come to think of it, this is rather strange. For some reason it feels like this is not the first time we have met!" Big lips ask and I shrug not really knowing. Of course Chopper grabs my hair to make sure he does not fall off. I wince but I deserve that. I look over to see Sanji has a hug bag of ingredients even though I told him to grab the utensils! I humm as I take Chopper off and put him down.

"By any chance, are you Lola?" Nami ask as she stands up.

"Yes. Did I tell you my name?" Lola ask. It a pretty name. I like it. Better then big lips. I watch Nami smile as she runs over and gives Lola a hug.

"It so good to see you Lola!" Nami grins up at her like a lost friend while Usopp shrieks like a banshee.

"You mean she was that boar zombie?" Usopp gawks at the large women and I am so lost. I walk over to Sanji and snatch the bag from him gently so all my hard work does not go to shit.

"What did I say?! You are still healing." I snap before he can say anything. Sanji sighs as he orders Luffy to grab a big sack of food even though I already gave orders to everyone.

"Ahhh! Nami giving treasure away! A storm coming!" Luffy and Usopp scream and I roll my eyes. Nami grinning at Lola as she hold some treasure. Nami must like her to give money up.

"I am going ahead! A storm?" Franky screams back up at us and I sigh as I jump off the boat. I land gracefully on the ground but the shock makes my legs shake a little. Shit. Bad landing.

"I am coming with you." Franky nods towards me and we start to walk but Luffy with his own sack catches up with the rest holding smaller bags but Nami and Sanji. I watch as Nami stay close to Sanji who cursing under his breath about his leg.

"Where Agares and Robin?" I ask as we walk towards the ruin castle.

"They went with Zoro to make sure he did not get lost." Usopp grumbles idiot and I nod since that good. They must have left right after my order.

"Sachi…This way!" Usopp groans as it seems I started walking away from everyone. My face heats up as I turn around so I can walk with them.

"Sorry." I mumble looking down to watch my step. Don't trip. Don't trip.

"HEY! Hey we brought food!" Luffy beams to the other pirates who are sun bathing or napping in the sun like a cat. I don't blame them either. I would if I have not seen the sun in years.

"Oh! Straw hat! You should have ask us! We could have help!" The other pirates yells towards us and I roll my eyes as I place the food down. Sanji puts the extra squares of meat and veggey on the BBQ as the two pirates that wave at us stare at me with aww.

"What is with you two?" I ask just as Luffy arms circle around my hip.

"Ya! She mine!" Luffy sticks his tongue out and I giggle as I lean back into his arms.

"It just we saw…"They never finish as Oniichan rushes them outside with Sanji slowly wobbling behind.

"Sachi make sure nothing burns." Sanji orders and I nod as I walk over to finish what Sanji started. Luffy stays close to me as he starts to salivate at the cooking food.

"Don't even think about it Luffy!" I snap as I turn them over onto their other side. I watch Sanji and Oniichan come back after a few minutes with the other two pirates walking behind them. Robin smiles as Brook walks in with a crack skull. I wish I could heal him but I am sure a crack skull not good for mine plus I am still tiered.

"Now let's eat!" Sanji orders as the food placed on the tables. I grab my own plate and stack up on all the sweets I made. Oniichan on the other hand stares at my plate for a second before grabbing it from me.

"No! You have to eat healthy first! You know the rules!" Oniichan snaps and I gawk as I look at my cakes.

"But I need the energy! Come on! Just this once time!" I ask as I try to grab my cakes from his hand but it futile.

"No! Eat this first!" Oniichan snaps as he hands me his plate full of potato salad, steak, and roasted vegetables. I sigh but he did pick out what I like.

"Fine you ass." I grumble as I go to sit beside Brook but find myself beside Agares instead who sitting out on the side. He does not look to happy either.

"Agares what wrong?" I ask as I start eating so I can get my cakes back. Agares stays silent before he sighs.

"I have to go back to hell. My dad says I need more training because I can't protect you plus he piss that I sided with you other then my own sister. I was just waiting for the right time to say goodbye…and be careful. Shit going to hit the fan soon.." Agares stares back at me before black smoke starts to surround him.

"Wait! You can't just leave like this. It Nami birthday tonight!" I snap but the smoke surrounds a grinning devil.

"Goodbye bitch! Oh and my gift to Nami already on the kitchen table so give it to her for me." He snickers before the smoke vanishes and he gone. Shit…How am I going to let the others know! I look back to see a grinning Brook and Franky dancing on the table. Luffy stuffing his face while Chopper grinning with a mouth full of chocolate. Fuck. You just had to leave so I can deal with this crap plus I am not a bitch! Nothing is said in my head. You really are gone. I sigh as finish my plate and walk back into the party. I look around and finally find oniichan eating at a table next to Robin and Luffy. I show him my empty plate and he passes me my deserts back.

"Thank you." Oniichan grumbles through a mouth full of food which I am sure mean you're welcome but you should no better by now.

"Ya. Ya." I grumble as I eat my sweets. Suddenly the piano starts to play and I grin as I let the music sway my body back and fourth. I eat away as the upbeat piano tells me what song Brook about to play. I grin as I put my empty plate down and grab Ace beads around my neck. He taught me this song first while we sailed together. I grab his paper from my bandana and still no change. Still the same. Burning but never moving.I put it back since it been looking like that for a while now but I don't know why. No need to mope around. I look for my hun so we can dance together and spot him on top of the piano to listen better. I guess Luffy trying to recruit Brook so I better let him work his magic. Instead I walk over to Robin who smiles at the beat. I sit beside her only to see oniichan on her other side drinking something too.

"Am I interrupting?" I ask as I see a small blush on oniichan cheeks.

"Not at all. Zoro was just explaining to me what it was like growing up for you two." I raise an eyebrow at him and oniichan cheeks become even redder if possible.

"Yo-hohoho, Yohohohoo, Yo-hohoho, Yohohohoo, Yo-hohoho, Yohohohoo, Yo-hohoho, Yohohohoo! Going to deliver Binks' Sake! Following the sea breeze! Riding on the waves! Far across the salty depths! The merry evening sun! The birds sing as they draw circles in the sky! Farewell to the harbor, To my old hometown. Let's all sing out with a Don! As the ship sets sail. Waves of gold and silver dissolve to salty spray. As we all set sail to the ends of the sea." Brook sings before he stops singing to listen but his fingers are still playing the tune. I just watch everyone dance and live there life like today there last before I get up and walk a few steps before turning to the two.

"Well then. I will let Zoro-nee continue! Have fun Robin!" I walk into the dancing crowed and sway to the beat before the piano comes to a halt. I stop and look past the people to see Brook crying with a smile.

"May I join your crew?" Brook ask Luffy like it no big deal. I watch Luffy grin and nod.

"Of course!" Luffy cheers.

"That easy!" Nami, oniichan, Usopp, Sanji, Franky, and Chopper shriek. I watch Robin giggle behind her hand. I on the other hand run at Brook and give him a hug.

"YES! WELCOME TO THE CREW!" I shriek like I don't care as I jump into the air bringing Brook with me.

"SHISHISHI!" Luffy laughs as Brook shrieks in my arms.

"Imouto put him down before you brake him!" Oniichan warns and I stop as I put him back on his two feet.

"Sorry." I giggle as I take a step back. Brook looks down at me with growing smile.

"Yahohohoho. Never thought a women would like all my bones." Brook laughs.

"Our crew sure got livelier!" Robin grins with a sip of her tea. Nami only sighs as she puts her hands on her hips.

"Why do we always attract such a quirky crowd?" Nami ask and I hug her from behind as I bounce her around. I laugh as she screams but I don't care if my ears bleed.

"Because didn't you know! Quirky attracts the quirky!" I laugh as Nami continue to wiggle but their a hug smile on her face.

"Sachi-chan put me down or I am going to increase your debt!" Nami orders and I put her down before she go through with it.

"We don't know what going on…but cheers!" A random person lifts their beer glass and everyone raises their glass.

"Cheer!" I laugh as I grab my own and lift mine.

"Too new nakama!" I scream and everyone lifts their cup.

"Nakama!" Everyone screams before I chug my drink down. I grin at the buzz and slam my cup down. I grab another, another, another, and another. I laugh as Brook slams his head on the wall.

"45 degree!" Brook cheers on the wall and with rosy cheeks I laugh my heart out. I grab another beer and move lightly over to Brook who slams a wanted poster on the table.

"Let me introduce myself properly." Brook looks at us with his holes as eyes.

"A wanted poster? You are a wanted man?" Sanji ask with aww.

"Let me apologies for not introducing myself earlier. I am the dead and skeletonized Brook. I have a bounty. I am known as the Humming Brook. My bounty is for 33 million berries. A long time ago, I was the leader of a certain kingdom's assault convoy. After that, I was the acting captain of the Rumbar Pirates. I am a musician and a swordsman! As of today, my life is in the hands of Captain Straw Hat Luffy! I will work myself to the bone to avoid tripping everyone up." Brook raises himself too his feet and I giggle at his last joke. God he perfect for our crew!

"All right! Let's have another drink!" Luffy cheers and I won't say no! I drink and laugh with everyone. My mind starts to get fuzzy at some point and the room starts to heat up. I laugh as the pirates start to sing horrible around us. I go to grab a new drink but stop and pull my hand away. Maybe it better if I don't. Got to be sober for Nami plus I still need to help Usopp with the kitchen tonight.

"Imouto…Shit. You drank too much again." Oniichan puts his hand on my shoulder and I look back at him with the biggest grin.

"It a party! Of course I am! You should be too!" I chuckle to myself as I walk towards the piano Brook playing at. Oniichan close behind me as stumble a little. I giggle as I wave my hand towards our crew skeleton.

"Brook! Oh Brook! Can I make a request! Please! Please! Please!" I ask with a smile and warm cheeks.

"Yohohoho! Of course! What would you like?" Brook ask and I hum as I sway from side to side. What to sing?

"Is she drunk?" Usopp ask as he looks at me. I nod quickly and can't help put my arm around his shoulder.

"Hell ya! Tryin to think what to sing!" Usopp groans as he helps keep me sturdy.

"Luffy your queen drunk! Watch her!" Usopp orders and I wave at my hunny who stuffing his face.

"Is it bad that she tipsy?" Brook ask and I shake my head no while everyone else does yes.

"Hey! I am not that bad!" I whine as the room just feels so hot. Maybe my shirt should come off! I grab the bottom to pull it over my head but oniichan hands are on my wrist.

"Don't even try." He warns but I pull away.

"Fine but oniichan I'm hoooot!" I wave my hand in front of my face. Brook laughs as Luffy comes bouncing over while shoving a bone in his mouth.

"No striping Sachi-chan!" Luffy orders and I sigh. For now no striping. He didn't say latter when he the only one around.

"Fiiinnnneeee." I whine as I turn towards Brook.

"Do you know….ummm…fuck it!? Play whatever! Just something fast." I ask and Brook laughs before his fingers start to play. It fun and fast but no idea what song it is. I quickly grab a laughing Luffy and pull him towards the dance floor. We dance together and laugh with rosy cheeks. Hours go by before I find Usopp and pull him towards the Sunny. We quickly get there and set the kitchen up. Like Agares promise his gift is wrap in black paper. It as long as my hand but thin. I grin as I shoo Usopp to get everyone. I quickly pull out the red and white sangria I made earlier to put on the table. I sense them coming back and I pull out the cake Sanji made. I put on 18 candels and light them up with the lights out.

"Guys what going on? Seriously! When do we ever leave a party early?" Nami ask as they open the door to the kitchen. Nami turns on the lights.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone screams together. Even Brook got in the birthday celebration. Nami eyes water as she awws at the orange table cloth, the words happy birthday across the wall, with extra balloons I had on the side.

"You remember…I just thought because what has happen the last few days…" Nami words trail off and I snort as I push her to her special chair. She awws at the cake and before she blows it out Chopper nose twitches.

"Where Okami? I have not seen him all night! He should be here too." Copper ask and here I go. I grab his gift and place it in Nami hands.

"Agares left at the beginning of the party. His dad force him to go home so he won't be with us for a while. He apologies and wanted me to give you this." My words sink in before Luffy up on his feet.

"We have to go get him! He can't just leave without telling us!" Luffy snaps as I rub my forehead.

"Unless you want to die and go to hell…There no way. His father brought him to the living and his father can easily bring him back. For now just wait. You can give him shit when he gets back!" I snap and Luffy frowns before Nami brakes the tension.

"It alright. He off the hook." Nami beems and when I go to ask why I don't have to. Nami open his gift which is a beautiful black feather pen. What makes it so special?

"It just a pen?" Usopp ask and Nami shakes her head with a grin.

"Not just a pen. Before Okami told us he was human, I told him I always wanted a pen that never needs ink, and ink that never washes away." Nami beams as she turns the feather around in her hand but careful of the feather.

"Is that even possible?" Oniichan ask and Nami grins.

"It not but Okami said in hell their a bird that has feathers that if you take one then you never need ink again…The thing is he said it really dangerous to get one because they are supper vicious and you usually loose a body part…" Nami puts the feather down and turns back to the cake. I had no idea he had it in him or he would go through so much trouble for her...Maybe he really does think of us as Nakama.

"Happy birthday too you." I start to sing to brighten the mood. Brook starts to play on his violin happy birthday.

"Happy birthday too you! Happy birthday dear Nami! Happy birthday to you!" We all finish together out of tune but it was perfect. She blows out the candles and we clap for her.

"Thanks guys! Now where my birthday berry!" Nami puts her hand out and waits. A lot of us groan echo around the room but that Nami for you through and through. One at a time we hand her gifts. Luffy and I tag team her gift and we gave her a butterfly berate I got in water 7 that has little diamonds in it wings.

"Shishishi! I pick it out." Luffy beams proudly which Nami gets a closer look. I watch her eyes sparkle as she turns to us with a bright smile.

"Thank you." Nami mumbles as Robin hands her gift next. Nami awws as the first book reads about the weather in the new world and the second a book with short erotic stories. I watch Nami blush a little while the boys look away. Sanji just covering his nose as blood drips between his fingers.

"Thanks sis." Nami smiles and Robin smiles a little as Chopper happily push his gift over. It a small box but Chopper grinning like it the best one yet.

"Open mine next!" Chopper giggles as Nami unwraps to see a small bottle. She opens the lid and the smell of oranges fill the air.

"It a cream to make your skin extra soft after you shower! I made it myself!" Chopper puffs out his fuzzy chest proudly. Nami picks Chopper up and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Chopper! It perfect." Nami smiles as Usopp and Franky give her a larger box. Nami awws as she rips it open and her eyes sparkle as she hugs the gift.

"Thank you so much! Yaaa!" Nami grins.

"It a supper safe that only you can open." Franky starts as Usopp crosses his arms with a nod.

"Ya. We know how much you like protecting your money so this way if anyone tries to open the safe the get electrocuted or if they try to pry it open it explodes in the thief face." Nami smiles falls.

"But that would burn my money." Nami looks at her new safe but Usopp tiks.

"No it wont! Franky came up with a grate idea to cover the money with a burn, water, and rip proof so the money has an extra layer of protectshion. It like a see through coat!" Usopp words makes Nami tear up and rushes over to hug them both.

"Thank you both so much." Nami eyes are hearts as she sits back down to kiss the box. I giggle as Sanji the only one left. We all look towards him but he smiling while putting plates down.

"Nami-swan my gift is the cake and the other part I want to give to you privately." Sanji says as he cuts a slice for Nami first.

"No problem Sanji-kun!" Nami beams as she eats away. Even if Sanji look cool on the outside I can feel the nervous energy coming out of him in waves. The night continues on as we laugh and one by one everyone go to bed. I stay behind and clean the dishes. I look behind me to see Luffy sleeping with his face on the table. He tried to stay up and wait for me but he too fell asleep. I put the last plate away and walk over to my sleeping captain.

"Time for bed Luffy." I whisper but all he does is snore. I giggle as I pick him up and flip him on my back. Luffy has no problem with wrapping himself around me in his sleep. I open the door to the deck only to freeze at the sight. A full moon in the background with the waves gently hitting our ship. Nami arms are around Sanji shoulders as the two of them are lock lip together. I watch as something sparkles in the moon light in Nami hand. I can't tell what it is from here but I can feel the excitement and nervousness coming off the two. I gently close the door with a small click and open the other door that leads to the library. Whatever the two talk about. It private. I don't think I was even meant to see that. Nami will tell me when she ready. I somehow find myself to our room in record time. I open our door and gently place Luffy on our bed.

"Lets hope those two are happy together." I say to no one as Luffy smiles. I climb in and sleep happily next to my captain.

The next day Franky spends the day fixing up Brook old ship so Lola and her crew can sail the sea. Nami was on cloud nine and turns out Sanji got Nami a necklace in the shape of a heart. It simple but it must mean something to her since she wears it proudly for the world to see. The day after that everything is perfect and we are all getting ready to say goodbye.

"All right! Now that everyone is ready to go! Let's hit the sea! Time to set out to our next adventure!" Luffy cheers and we all can't wait to get out of here. I tap my sais on my leg. This is the last time I go anywhere without them. I look at the island and nod to myself. They really could have come in handy too.

"EHHH! Zoro did you take your bandage off again?" Chopper ask as Zoro walks past him.

"Ya. They were hard to train in like I said last time." Zoro shrugs while Chopper takes out bandages attacks him.

"STOP TAKING THEM OFF!" Chopper orders as he starts re-wrapping his chest. I snort as I look over to see Nami closer to Sanji but nothing else. She checking her log pose as Sanji just grinning like a crazy mad man.

"You seem really anxious to go. Are you really setting sail?" Lola ask with a smile and I look over to see Brook ship looking brand new.

"You guys can have Brook ship. I fixed the rudder and sails." Franky points up at the ship.

"Wow. You guys have helped us in so many ways. I owe you so much! I couldn't begin to thank you! I'd love to merry you!" Lola coo with a wink towards Franky. I watch Franky comb his blue hair as he grins up at her.

"You are a grate catch but unfortunate I'm just to cool. It wont work out!" Franky grins and I have no idea if that was nice way of saying no…Luffy giggle as he kiss my neck.

"Your not to cool for me." Luffy whisper before wrapping his arm around my waist. I roll my eyes and just put my arm around his sholder.

"Good to know." I whisper back which cause Luffy to burst out laughing.

"It too bad to see you go! Are you sure you don't want to party for two or three more days?" One of Lola men ask. Luffy shakes his head as he grins.

"No way! Fishman island is next!" Luffy cheers as his arms tighten around my hips.

"Ahh Fishman island." Sanji coo but Nami gives him a look and the hearts in eyes vanish and he smiles down at her. Wow!...Did Nami just calm Sanji down? I gawk as I try to figure this out. How? It Sanji?

"Do you think the mermaids will let me see their panty?" Brook ask and Sanji again blushes and he can't help it. Another one of Lola men walks over.

"Mermaids don't wear panty!" I watch Brooka and Sanji eyes turn to hearts and dance around while chanting mermaids. I look back at Nami to see her eyes roll but she still smiling. At least Sanji tried to hold back.

"Lola have you been to mermaid island before?" Nami ask and I nod wondering myself.

"Of course. I was born in the new world. My mama is a pirate." Lola grins as I have a new light for her.

"Wow." I mumble as Lola eyes widen a little and she takes a piece of paper out to rip in half.

"Oh here. You can have my mama vivre card. You may have a piece." Lola hands it over to Nami and this sceean seems familiar.

"A piece of paper?" Nami ask as she look up at Lola.

"Wow! You're lucky! Lola mom is an amazing pirate! Take good care of that! I am sure it will come in handy one day." The pirate aws as I take my bandanna off from my arm.

"What is a vivre card?" Nami ask as I hear Luffy hum behind me. He moves a little and also removes his hat.

"Huh? You don't know?" Lola ask as if we should know.

"Captain Lola. Vivre cards are only available in the new world." Another one of her men answers as I look at Ace card.

"So what is it? What it for?" I ask as my gut starts to turn. I have a bad feeling about this.

"This isn't your typical type of paper. It cannot burn or get damage by water. If you take a nail clipping to a shop, they will make a special sheet of paper that will mix them together to create a Vivre card. It is known as the paper of life. You can tear a piece off and give it to family or friends who are leaving." My body freezes as my breath catches in my throat. Paper of life. I zoan out as I watch Ace paper burn. When I come back Lola mama paper moving.

"It moves towards the person who the paper made from. No matter where you are in the world it will always move towards that person. It just can't tell you how far they are from you. I will sighn the paper so if you ever meet my mama she knows you are friends." Lola signs her name as my hand lays flat to test out Ace card. It moves towards the direction Thatch flew yesterday but still burning but at least it the same size. I look down at the burning paper and my hands move to grab the red beads around my neck. Luffy takes Ace card out as well and looks the same as mine.

"Wow! I had no idea the new world had such cool stuff!" Chopper eyes twinkle while mine can't leave Ace burning paper.

"Lo..Lola-chan…What does it mean when the card burning like this?" My mouth feels like it filled with cotton balls as my own voice shakes a little at the beginning.

"AHHH! Let me see that really quick!" Lola gently grabs Ace card from my hand and lets it rest in the palm of her hand. Watching it burn makes my gut turn like it always does when I look at it. My angel warning me.

"This is definitely a vivre card. I haven't told you this yet but it also reveals the person vitality. Isn't this person dear to the both of you?" Lola ask us and I watch Luffy smile while I just can't move. Ace vitality?

"Yea he my oniichan." Luffy grins but the way she pails as she watches my card burn hurts. I can't move as I just watch Ace life in that simple piece of paper.

"I hate to say this, but his life…is burning out." Lola words makes my chest ache as I gently grab the card back and watch the paper burn. Luffy looks at his own before putting it away with a shrug. My body aches as it remembers the pain for that moment in water 7.

"Luffy…" My voice fades as he gives me a smile.

"Ace is fine Sachi. Like I told you before he really strong. You know how strong he is." Luffy shrugs it off.

"When the person gets better the card will go back to normal." Lola adds but it not reassuring. It been burning since Water 7. Ace is not ok but I have to follow Luffy orders.

"Excuse me." I mumble as I turn to walk onto the ship. I take deep breaths as I ignore the eyes on my back and hold a part of Ace life in my hands. I am the strategist. I have to try to think…But I know the truth. I luckily find the room that everyone made me and sit in my chair. My hands traces Robin symbol because she also the rational one. I grab some paper and pencil as I pick up my den-den mushi.

"Ok Ace. Make me wrong and pick up the fucking snail." I pick up the receiver and watch the snail ring but after a few minutes it go silent again. I rub my nose as I write Ace name on the top.

"Ok so he won't pick up the phone since water 7…" I write it down but my hand won't stop shaking.

"Then in water 7 in the evening I felt someone beat me up and my angel…she said I can feel someone pain and my stomach turned when I thought of his name." I write this all down but near the end my eyes are starts to burn a little.

"Next…next I had that vision…while he was still with us." I grab my beads as look up into the sky. Tears fall as I remember the way Ace was chained and his blood on my hands. I write the sceen down…I also write the lyrics that can save someone life.

"Alright now…The vivre card." I look at the paper that burning and it been slowly moving on my desk up to the left. I pick it up gently and watch it burn for a moment. I write it down and look over my list.

"It all coming up that we need to save his ass. I told him not to go after him…I am going to kill black beard next time I see his fat ass!" I snap at nothing as I look at the paper. I pick up my notes and fold it into my pocket. I put my pencil away and gently place Ace vivre card back into my bandana. Maybe Luffy will listen to me and we will can go get him…I go back out and work my way towards the deck. Once I reach the deck the sun warm and everyone waving goodbye.

"Bye! Good luck!" I walk over and wave as well but it hard to smile when you feel something not right. I grab a seat next to oniichan as Sanji limps over to sit by the mast since Chopper says he still needs the cast on for a few more days.

"Luffy are you sure you don't want to go after your onichan?" Nami ask him and the paper in my pocket started to feel just a little bit more heavyer.

"Ya! It no big deal! We can make a detour!" Usopp add and I bite my lip as my hand go into my pocket.

"Ya. It supper ok with me!" Franky adds while Chopper nods.

"I think we should go too. I have a really bad feeling." I add as I go to take my paper out but Luffy smile causes my arm to stop to show him.

"It fine! My oniichan can keep care of himself! He stronger then me after all! Plus he would hate it if we intruded on his adventure." Luffy voice is firm and I know there is nothing I can do to change his mind. I let go of the paper in my pocket and just let Luffy be the captain.

"Sachi-nee are you ok?" Oniichan whispers beside me. I shake my head but it not like he can help me anyway. I will just have to carry my worry on my own and get my hands on a newspaper as soon as I can. We have been so busy that we have not gotten any since Luffy first bounty. Oniichan gives me are you sure look and I just smile with a nod. Nothing I can do at this point. Ace please be ok.

To be continue...

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