"Well yeah I'm confused. Why did you burst into flames and why am I not expelled from school yet I did magic." Harry asks.

"Oh that was me I did the magic I just needed your help to do so. You're my human partner after all. I'm a mamodo. Basically a demon. Every thousand years 100 mamodo children are sent to the human world to fight to see who will be the next king." Lyulf explains with a smile and hugs Harry "And you Harry are my human. Each mamodo gets a spellbook that only one human can read that lets us use our magic in this world. Although I don't know why a school would expel you for magic."

"I go to a school for witches and wizards called Hogwarts. If I actually did magic then I would be expelled for underage magic and for using it in front of muggles, Non-magical folk which is what they would classify you as. Or maybe a creature if you really are a demon. But you look like a little kid, really adorable but still just a kid." Harry explains,still confused and numb to the whole situation. "Can you prove that you're a demon?".

"Well I have horns, and my hair is made out of fire." Lyulf explains. "Does that sound human to you?". After he said this the book in harry's hands glowed and a new spell opened up inside of it.

"Ignateal" Harry reads looking at the glowing book, as Lyulf is engulfed in a corona of light. "Whoops, I didn't mean to do that.".

"It's fine it seems to just be a healing spell."