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(Just a quick note, this story NEEDS an OC for plot reasons. She won't be a huge character but will still be here, so…sorry, let's begin!)

A boy walked down the dark staircase against his will. His bright flames were the only thing that lit the long path. He finally touched the last stair before his body was returned to him. He stood still for a second before remembering what happened. He turned around and ran up a few steps before the staircase blocked itself off and pushed him back to the bottom.

"Please! Don't make me stay here! Help me!" The boy cried. His flames lit up the entrance of what appeared to be a huge, black castle. The gates slowly opened and the boy shook with fear. The staircase had disappeared, but the boy hadn't noticed.

He was on the ground, paralyzed with terror. A figure wearing a white, fancy cloak walked through the castle doors. He had pure white hair and bright blue eyes. Two black horns rested on his head and two black wings, not unlike a bat's, peaked out of his cloak. A long silver tail slowly swept behind him. The most horrifying thing about the man, however, were the flames that covered him. He wore the infamous blue flames that would strike fear into many with pride. He walked up the boy on the ground and looked at him with a smile. He spoke in a loud, powerful sounding voice.

"Of course I'll help you, my son. I'll help you become what you truly are, a king of demons." The boy looked at the older demon in fear.

"No! Stay back!" The boy tripped and fell on the root of a tree when he began backing away from the man. He tried to crawl as fast as he could, bet barely made it five feet away before the man grabbed his neck and caused him to pass out. The demon gently carried the boy into the obsidian castle. As he walked past the guards he turned to them.

"Inform my sons, the lost prince has returned! Tell them to meet me here at once to begin the celebration."

"But sir, what about the traitor, Lord Mephisto? Didn't he side with the exorcists hundreds of years ago?" The man laughed.

"Mephisto sides with no one, he's simply playing his childish games. Invite him too, Gehenna's triumph begins now." The guard nodded before his large wings stretched out and he flew off to start the preparations. The man turned to the sleeping boy in his arms. "My son, soon you shall help Yuri's dream become a reality." He said before walking into the castle and closing the gates behind him.


Traveling through the Gehenna Gate is one of the worst things that could ever happen to someone, if only for the incredible discomfort. And, even if the ride through the gate itself was comfortable, which it certainly wasn't, getting spat out a few feet above the ground was painful. The gate spat the hosts and exorcists out one by one onto the floor of a dead forest. The trees sagged in defeat, with grey bark and even darker grey leaves with a nearly pitch black sky one would assume that nothing is alive in this world. Tamaki got up and looked around.

"Where are we?" He asked worriedly.

"Gehenna, I think." Yukio said as he examined some of the plants.

"It is possible that the gate put us somewhere besides Gehenna because we're not demons and this could be some distorted form of eternal punishment." Kyoya said.

"Seriously? Could the gate even do that?" Shima asked.

"The gate runs on demonic powers and could be controlled by Satan himself, which means that this could possibly not be Gehenna and rather it's Satan's way of torturing us." Yukio answered.

"Or this world could just be dead everywhere." Bon said as he pulled a leaf off one of the trees and watched it crumble in his hands. As the group inspected the nearby area a shadowy figure began walking towards the group. Kyoya and Yukio pulled out handguns and turned the safety off. The figure finally emerged from the shadows only to be the clown himself.

"Hello there Mr. Okumura!" Mephisto said. "How are you doing on this lovely afternoon? I never thought I'd see you here!" The demon twirled his umbrella around without a care in the world. "I figured the lost prince was Rin, but it appears that Satan got you instead. Pity, Rin would've been more interesting." He continued rambling until Tamaki spoke up.

"Um…who's the clown guy?" The blonde asked.

"That is Mephisto Pheles, director of True Cross Academy." Kyoya said. Mephisto bowed to the group and tipped his hat.

"What I'd like to know is what you're doing here." Yukio said. Mephisto pulled out a black envelope with a blue wax seal that had been broken.

"I was invited to what you could call a festival." He said.

"A festival?" Izumo asked.

"Yes. You see, Gehenna has its lost prince, so my father is going to throw some fancy and ridiculous party thing in celebration and then he's probably going to try to use Rin to take over Assiah." Mephisto said before putting the envelope away. A bright, blue light beam shot up into the sky from the distance. "It has already begun."Yukio looked closely at the light and realized that it was being used as a beacon of sorts. Winged demons already began flying towards the light. "Interesting. However, if anyone asks, you heard none of this from me, understand?" Everyone in the group nodded before Mephisto disappeared in his characteristic pink cloud filled with cartoony stars and hearts. Little did the group know, they were being watched.

A bit earlier…

A young looking demon girl walked into the forest. She liked exploring and had nothing better to do, so she decided to hike around in a forest near her house. She was a few minutes into her walk when she noticed a strange scent in the air.

The scent of humans.

She climbed into a tree and began climbing from tree to tree to find out where the scent was coming from. Being that she was a cat demon, she made little sound as she jumped from tree to tree. She finally found the source and, to her surprise, it appeared that several humans had found their way into Gehenna.

"Humans…such horribly disgusting creatures…" She muttered to herself as she looked at them to try to find their strengths and weaknesses.

There was a dark haired boy in a light blue jacket. He looked normal enough.

Next there were two boys that looked identical, twins, with orange hair.

A short blonde boy who, she could tell, was the oldest of the entire group.

Another dark haired boy with the blonde one.

A tall blonde boy who didn't seem like a problem.

A brown haired girl who, for some reason, dressed like the boys. She had no idea why the girl was dressed like that, but she knew humans were bizarre.

There was a purple haired girl that faintly smelled of demonic blood, but was still human.

Next was a pink haired boy who smelled of fear.

There was a boy with strange hair. He had blonde and brown hair. She could tell that he was strong and might prove to be a challenge.

The last human was odd.

He smelt equally of human and demonic blood, but there was one thing that separated him from the rest.

He wore the symbol of those horrible murderous humans.

He was an exorcist.

The girl's tail puffed a bit in anger. Cat eye-like slits appeared in her eyes and her nails changed into claws. Her fangs became sharper in a matter of seconds and she almost attacked the group.


One thing stopped her.

She saw down there, with the filthy humans, was Lord Mephisto.

What was a king of demons doing with the pathetic humans?

She watched him disappear in his traditional cloud of pink smoke and looked back at the exorcist.

The scent of death, cold and metallic, emanated from him. He probably had holy silver in some form or another.

But she didn't care.

She leapt down from the tree and surprised him. She opened her mouth and prepared to kill.

Well, this is a good place to stop.

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