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The Fairy Tail guild was bustling as usual. People were rushing in and out constantly, most on important business (aka quests). Team Natsu was on an off day as both Lucy and Gray were having trouble functioning in the heat. Elfman was standing on the bar telling everyone to man up and stop wussing about the heat but no-one was listening (were they ever?). Lucy and Erza were trying to relax in the pool while Natsu and Gajeel informed Gray that he was an ice princess with Juvia trying to curse them for being mean to her precious Gray-sama. Cana was having a drinking contest with the master and Mira was writing NaLu fan fiction. All in all, a very normal day for the Fairy Tail guild. Almost too normal...

Bruce squinted up at the flamboyantly decorated hall with the even more flamboyantly dressed people coming in and out.
"Should we go in and ask if they know anything?" he asked his companions.
"It is a rather unusual looking place but there are a lot of people there and one of them is bound to know something regarding our situation" Steve replied.
"These mortals are even more unusual than Stark!" Thor observed loudly.
"Well standing here isn't going to help us much is it?" Without waiting for an answer, Natasha strode boldly into the hall and out of sight.
"Hey Tasha wait!" yelled Clint as he ran after her.

The rest of the avengers stood at the entrance to the Fairy Tail guild hall, looking completely lost and confused as everyone bustled past them.
"Come on guys I'm cooking in here!" Tony complained and started shoving through the crowd after Natasha and Clint.
Sighing, Steve herded the others inside and moved them all into a corner where they were out of the way of passerby. The boisterous environment seemed to please Thor while Bucky became visibly nervous. They all sat down and waited for Natasha, Clint and Tony to return.

Erza P.O.V
I was starting to wonder what the magic council wanted with us this time. Sending frogs wearing gowns and hats was one thing but sending what looked like two assassins was another matter entirely! There was a male and a female, both wore skin-tight suits and although the red haired woman was carrying no weapons, she held herself in a way that suggested that she knew how to deal with attackers. The man was more visibly armed; he held a flimsy black bow and a quiver of unusual looking arrows was strapped to his back. I drew myself from the water and requipped into my usual armour. And then I laid eyes on the third newcomer. This time it was a short, dark haired man with a fancy moustache. However what struck me most was his armour! It was red and gold and covered his entire body (he was holding the helmet). On the chest plate there was a triangular shape that emitted a bright bluish glow. I briefly wondered if that was some kind of power source before admiring the detail of the armour once more. It was fantastically crafted and not a scratch or dent was visible. The man inside the perfect armour however seemed to be slightly confused as to where he was.

I stride over until I am standing right in front of him. "Are you lost?" I ask him in an authoritative tone.
"Kinda, I'm just looking for a couple of ninjas at the moment. Have you seen them around?" He replied in a nonchalant manner.
"I assume you mean the two assassins?" I inquired.
"That'd be them" he casually stated.
"They appeared to be looking for the master. As he has been drinking their conversation might take some time you would be advised to wait. If you are willing, I would very much like to discuss the armour that you are wearing."
"Err... okay, sure. The name's Tony by the way"

Makarov P.O.V
There were another two oddly dressed people in my guild hall. Not that I was particularly worried, I was a bit preoccupied with beating Cana at this drinking contest that I insisted on. Nevertheless they slowly made their way up to the bar where I was sitting, striking up conversations on the way.
"Are you master Makarov by any chance?" Asked the red headed woman with a slight accent that I couldn't place.
"Indeed I am. And who might you be?" I asked her tipsily.
"Natasha" she replied hesitantly.
"And this is Clint" she gestured to the blonde man standing beside her. "We're here because we have some questions."