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"We're here because we have some questions."
Makarov considered for a moment. "Okay, ask away"
Natasha and Clint proceeded to explain their situation.


"Jarvis report"
The avengers (including Bucky, Loki and Falcon) had just appeared randomly in a forest. One moment they had been having an argument over what to name their new pet fish and the next they were in a forest. Immediately, Bucky started stressing out, wondering if he had been sent to hell for wanting to call the fish something as stupid as Findon Urie.
There are no traces of technology of any kind in this area" was the program's immediate reply, "in fact, I cannot connect with any other programs, the internet or even a satellite. I'msorry sir but I have no idea as to your situation"
This is weird, there's no way we could have travelled far enough away from civilisation for this to be an issue" said Bruce worriedly.
Now you truly understand what it is like to be Asgardian for we do not have any speaking armour, nor this technology of which you speak!"
For the last time Thor, Jarvis is a program and isn'tactually part of the armour" said Tony grumpily.
I blame Loki, he teleported us last time!" Clint accused, pointing at the god of mischief.
We know Loki" said Steve tiredly "but we need to get moving if we're to have any hope of finding civilisation before nightfall."
Alright then crew let's move out!" said Natasha, enthusiastically pumping her fist in the air.

Sam (Falcon) P.O.V
we had been walking for a solid 4 hours before we came across a town. The town in question was an eyeful, bustling with people and full of colour. Loki still seemed sulky about being accused by Clint and his mood had dropped even further in the midday sun. Everyone else was visibly relieved when Steve found a park with some trees for us to sit under while we discussed our next move.
Well what do we do now that we'veachieved our first goal?" Bruce asked breathlessly as he slumped against a tree.
We need more information" Steve replied.
They sat there for a moment, catching their breath and thinking about their next move when Natasha had a brainwave.
Let's go shopping!"
Now none of the other avengers thought of this as a brainwave but Natasha wasn'tone to give up easily.
Come ON guys it'll be fun, we can get info without looking suspicious and take in the sights at the same time. Please?"
Tony jumped up "Sounds great and besides, I need to get this suit off anyway."

We all split up and agreed to meet back at the park in an hour. Natasha and Clint went to find out where they were and how the currency worked. Bruce and Tony were in charge of finding any scientific information on the area and people while trying to sneak off with spare parts. Thor and Loki had to find us new clothes and some cash. Steve, Bucky and I had to find someone who could help us find our way back to New York.

1 Hour Later…
Looking around at the team I could see that our survival skills really needed some improvement. Natasha and Clint had found out that we were in a town called Magnolia in a country called Fiore. Tony and Bruce had been too busy stealing parts to remember the second part of their mission and Thor and Loki had spent the entire hour arguing over clothes. However Steve had managed to find the address of a supposedly wise man that could help us get out of our predicament so we packed up our meagre supplies and started searching.

Fairy Tail Guild Hall
Natsu P.O.V

Hey new people! They looked pretty lost, just sitting in the corner absently trying to avoid the guild-wide brawl. The guy with the red cape looked strong and the hammer in his hand gave of strong magical energy so I discreetly chucked Gray's mug at the back of his head as hard as I could. Unfortunately it hit the dark haired guy with a green cape that had been facing the wall the entire time. He stood up, furiously I might add, and a big wave of icy wind came from his hands, hitting Elfman in the back of the head. I gave a loud snort at Elfman's and keeled over ROFLing, unfortunately directing their attention right at me.
"THAT WASN'T MANLY!" Elfman yelled angrily, lunging at me.
The black haired guy just picked the mug back up, considered it for a moment and spontaneously threw it at me with enough force that it knocked me off the table I was standing on. Everything went black.

Loki P.O.V

I hope I didn't kill him, that would just be annoying. Steve glared at me and I internally cringed, he was by far the most righteous person I had ever had the misfortune of meeting and knocking someone I didn't even know out didn't sit well with him. I stood up, deciding that what I really needed was a drink, and made my way over to the bar. I sat down on an unoccupied seat and put my elbows up, waiting to be served by the white-haired barmaid when I felt a tap on my shoulder.
"Congrats on hitting flame brain in the head"
The raven haired teen that had spoken took a seat next to me at the bar.
"My name's Gray and I couldn't help but notice that you use ice magic" he said, offering his hand.

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