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It has been nearly two weeks since the assassin duo join Night Raid. Over that time they had grown acquainted with the four unique fighters.

It seems somewhere along the line Lubbock had grown comfortable with them because no more wary glances or talks of mistrust came from him. In fact it seems he thinks of Tatsumi as a nice friend as shown when he asked if he wanted to peep with him... Tatsumi glared at him for the rest of the day...

A somewhat unusual breakfast was currently in place. Consisting of mostly meat of several kinds, it was now becoming the norm for them. That is, until Lubbock burst through the door with a handful of papers.

"Najenda-san! I think I found a potential recruit!"

"What? Describe this person and why they have potential." Najenda had been eating when he walked in but she quickly abandoned her food in favor of this unknown person.

"A-ah. Her name is Leone. Grew up in the slums. Seems that after some rich kids started trampling smaller kids with their horses, she literally started knocking them around."

"Oh? We'll see if she's interested. But just hint don't tell the full story."

"Got it." As he left back to the Capital, Akame looked over to Tatsumi. Noticing her look he nodded to her. Immediately both got up and put their dishes in the sink. Soon enough they left to go hunt to try and fill Akame's bottomless pit...

After watching them leave Najenda spoke.

"So? It's been two weeks, what do you two think about them?"

"I think they're beginning to loosen up. They aren't to cautious any more. I still find their story tragic..." Bulat trailed off.

"They depend on each other..." Was Schele's simple answer. Bulat frowned at this.

"They can only depend on one another. And while this makes them strong, a mistake could lead to both of their demise..."

Later That Day

"Well here we are." As Lubbock stopped to the entrance to the base a blond women looked upon the towers.

"Isn't this too, I don't know open for an assassin base?"

"It's remained hidden so far hasn't it?"

"Good point." While the blond made to get inside, Lubbock mentally cursed himself for getting tricked into bringing her here.

"Hmm?" It seems Tatsumi and Akame had gotten back from hunting, as they were what walked out of the surrounding forest.

"Oh? Are you part of Night Raid? Now what's a handsome young man like you doing here Hmm?" Leone shoved Tatsumi's head in her breasts with a devious smirk as she said this.

"H-hey!" Lubbock panicked as Tatsumi struggled to get free.

"Let him go."

"Huh?" Not realizing Akame's stare had turned harsh when Tatsumi was trapped, she had briefly ignored her.

"Oh? Is he your boyfriend? I apologize then." She released him. As Tatsumi stepped back breathing harshly with a puzzled look on his face Akame said, "He's not my boyfriend."

"W-well, let's go Akame." The duo walked off into the base with Akame flashing a glare at Lubbock.

"Wait, Akame? Like that famous traitor assassin?" Leone asked turning to Lubbock.

"Yep and Tatsumi her partner." Lubbock said with a sigh.

"So this is where they went..."

As they walked in Lubbock showed her to the meeting room.

"Huh? Lubbock, who is this?" Najenda was the first to question about the blond. Akame was staring at Tatsumi almost blankly while he was looking anywhere but at the red-eyed assassin.

"A-Ah, this is the recruit I was talking about earlier." As he finished saying this both Akame and Tatsumi glared at him. The combined glares of the two assassins had Lubbock sweating nervously while he looked at Najenda. Najenda-san help me!

Najenda just ignored her friend's behavior while standing up to greet Leone.

"We heard about what you did to those noble kids and why. Would you have and interest in being an assassin and helping the Revolutionary Army?"

She grinned, "Getting this guy to bring me here was enough of an answer right?" She said pointing at Lubbock, who by now looked about ready to run if the assassins made any move.

Oh wait, Tatsumi blinked... Bye, Lubba. With the source(?) of their annoyance gone, the duo took to staring at Najenda.

They had shook hands after agreeing on something, probably about Leone's new occupation.

"Well then Akame, Tatsumi, how about you two show her around the base?" In unison their eyes narrowed but they nodded anyway. They stood up at the same time before walking out of the door, Leone followed them.

"Hmm I wonder why they don't like her." Schele thought aloud.

With Akame and Tatsumi

"Sorry about earlier, since I joined just now I guess that means you two are my superiors right?" Leone asked. Despite her apology she still had a devious grin on her face while looking between Akame and Tatsumi.

"I don't think so. Najenda is the boss and we follow her orders. But even so there isn't a big difference on professional and rookie here." Akame answered.

"Great! Then I'll fit right in!" Tatsumi ended up sighing and looking pointedly at Akame. She understood his silent question: This is going to take awhile isn't it?

She nodded.

The Next Day

As Leone walked into the meeting room and to the table, she stopped yawning as she smelled breakfast.

"Why do I smell only meat?"

"Well it might be because that is literally the only Akame ever wants and if she wants it Tatsumi won't refuse making it... So we eat all-meat meals 3 times a day, every day, ever since they joined." Lubbock said, finally finishing the explanation.

"Really? I could get used to this." As she said this Akame and Tatsumi came out with the food. Plates covered with meat of all kinds were placed in front each member. An especially large plate was in front of Akame.

It took less than a minute for the plate to be empty. When Tatsumi saw this he sighed and gave her his biggest piece, to which she ate quickly.

"Wow. Akame can eat a lot." Leone noticed.

"Yeah. I don't know what kind of stomachs she and her sister have. They're both gluttons. I don't eat much for obvious reasons." Tatsumi spoke not the least bit annoyed when Akame took another piece from his plate.

"Really? That's interesting. You know, you two are kinda different from what I imagined of professional assassins." Leone pointed out.

"You haven't seen them on a job yet." Lubbock told her, "I swear they have this switch..."

"Yes, they are quite a valuable asset to help our cause." Najenda said from the door. "I hope all of y'all are ready. We just got a request."

"Really? My first mission?" Leone said with a grin.

"Yes. Akame, Tatsumi, watch her. But only interfere if she's having a hard time." The both nodded. "And Leone?"


"What kind of weapon do you use? I haven't seen anything of the sort on you at all."

"I don't need a weapon. I just turn into a beast and beat them to death." A feral smile certainly had the 'beast' feel.

"Turn into a beast?"

"Yep! See!" As she said this cat-like ears appeared on her head. A tail could be seen as well. Her hands grew larger and sprouted fur and claws. Her eyes and hair gained an animalistic look too. "Well?"

"Teigu?!" Najenda exclaimed.

"It seems so..."

"Oh yeah I think this is one of those." Leone said, motioning to her belt. "Lionelle. That's the name."

"I see. This will even the odds. I look forward to Akame and Tatsumi's report." Najenda said, smiling at Leone.

"Roger that! Come on you two!" Leone ran out the door.

"Ah! Wait! I didn't tell you who the target was!" Najenda panicked as she ran out the door as well.

Later On a That Day

Najenda had told them that their target was a family of nobles who secretly sell illegal stuff. Like a mini black market. It was easily confirmed.

"All right! This is all on me right?" Leone whispered. But as she cracked her now furry knuckles it wasn't as silent as she thought.

"What was that?!"

"I don't know go figure it out!"

A grumbling guard was soon seen walking near their position.

"Oops. Well let's get started shall we?" Leone crawled forward before jumping on the man. Hands were placed on his neck and barely a second later a Crack was heard. The man went limp afterwards.

With a smirk Leone went on to the other guards. The duo sneaked around on the rooftops. Only the occasional flash of green or red signaled the two assassins were still there.

Half a dozen guards were dead before a shout was heard.

"He's dead! No way! Hmm? Another one dead?!... ASSASSINS!"

That was when it started getting loud.

Leone immediately quickened her pace. When she encountered a guard, a powerful strike to the neck put them out of their misery. The place was in a panic trying to find Leone.

"Dammit! Where are they?!"

"Show yourselves!"

"Of all times!"

"I knew this would happen!"

It was only a matter of time until Leone was found. When this happened the guards pulled out their guns and shit her a few times.

Pas this was starting a flash of black revealed the two assassins who went to work with the remaining guards. When the noble showed themselves, they too were quickly dealt with.

"You didn't have to jump in you know. I forgot to tell you, but my Teigu has healing abilities." The bullets were on the ground with a small bit of blood on them. However, Leone was unscathed, or at least that's how it appeared.

Tatsumi frowned, "The targets have been eliminated. Let's give our report." Akame nodded.

An Hour Later

"Hmm. You did quite good on your first mission. The healing ability is very useful. But next time go for the target rather than the guards." Najenda said as she finished thinking about the report.

"Yeah..." Leone said sheepishly. "Akame, Tatsumi, sorry for making you jump in. You don't seem to like me much hahah..."

"It's fine."

"What is?"

"Everything. We were just hoping you would last past your first mission. I hope we can work together from now on." Akame nodded in agreement and both of them held opposite hands out to shake.

"Yep definitely different from what I used to think." Leone said as she shook their hands.

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