Well it seems updates will likely come later rather than sooner. I plan to update Kill the Deciever within the next month. We Will Prevail might be rewritten though, I think it's to close to canon for me to be able to work with.

As the moon descended, six figures raced acrossed the rooftops. They all were headed for one destination. For some odd reason, each of them seemed to have a color scheme... Red, black, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

As cobblestone and brick turned to dirt and trees, soon enough their destination came into view. The familiar black owl under a full moon marked the white buildings as owned by Night Raid.

"Boss! We're back~!" Leone called out as she entered the front door. In the week that had passed, she had quickly became friends with the rest of Night Raid, if you don't count a few mishaps with Lubbock. She personally considered Akame and Tatsumi her best friends, and the best people to tease.

As the group walked in to the meeting room, there were two people waiting for them instead of the usual one.

"Najenda-san who is this?" Lubbock questioned

Standing to the side of Najenda was a girl. Her pink hair was unkept and her clothes were ragged and a little too small for her. But despite her poor appearance, the look in her pink eyes said you had to earn her respect.

A smile sprouted on Najenda's face, "A new recruit." She said simply.

"Wha-? But that's the fourth in one month!"

"Are you trying to say that there's something wrong with expanding our numbers?"


"Anyway," Najenda continued, "Her name is Mein. Half her blood is from a tribe in the West so she definitely knows of discrimination."

Bulat nodded grimly at this. Even people from the country had it hard. Being partially a different race would be much harder.

"Leone could you take her to get a new wardrobe tommorow? She personally requested it."

"Of course! I'll help out a fellow newbie!" Leone didn't seem to care to much about the serious atmosphere.

"And, one last thing. For obvious reasons I can't use my Teigu as well as I used to be able to. And apparently Mein here has good eyes and concentration, so I've decided to give her Pumpkin!"

To say Lubbock was against it was an understatement.

"But Najenda-san! A Teigu isn't something you can just hand down! Even if she is a good sniper we could find her something else...!"

"There's no point in owning a Teigu if you won't ever be able to use it to its full extent." Bulat said, shooting down all remaining arguments from Lubbock.


"Hmph. I don't care what you give me, as long as I get to see that bastard dead at my feet!" It was all too obvious who she was talking about.

"Well welcome aboard then!" Bulat said cheerfully.

"Hmm? Aren't you..?" Tatsumi muttered a little loudly. Everyone heard.

"Wha-? Ah!" Mein pointed at him almost accusingly. "You're the two... That helped me..."

Tatsumi gave a small smile while Akame nodded. They both remembered the event that first wavered their loyalty to the Empire, four years ago.

A four-years-younger Tatsumi walked alongside his red-eyed friend. Their 'father' told them to have a look around the town, so the group of eight had split up, but Akame and Tatsumi stayed together. They looked around, their younger selves mistaking the glances of fear and annoyance to be ones of awe or hope.

The duo merely walked through the town, slowly, as to take in the details. Chances are, their 'father' will have some test for them.

Suddenly, a sound came to their ears. A sound they would stop no matter what; crying. Quickly they ran to the source only to find a dreadful sight.

"P-please... S-stop." A small pink-haired girl was crying. A kid, likely the same age, but bigger than her, snarled at her before throwing a rock at her.

"As if you creep!" He shouted.

The oversized pebble hit her shoulder, tearing her already torn and dirtied shirt revealing cuts and bruises that never got to heal. Already a new bruise was forming where the rock hit her.

"What are you doing!?" Tatsumi yelled at the kid. Drawing his weapon at the time; a Shingu named Genso which allowed him to make simple illusions. Akame's Kiriichimonji was pointed in his direction as well.

"Wha-?" He trailed off finally noticing twin glares and two very sharp looking swords.

"Uh... Wait why are you defending the creep?! You should be defending me and beating her for telling me to stop!" Looks like he's a 'noble'.

"Get away from her!" Tatsumi growled, taking an intimidating step forward.

With a frightened grumble he ran off, leaving the girl to stare at her saviors, which in her mind, just wanted to take the torture to the next level judging by the sharp blades that she thought were going to turn to her. To her surprise, both were sheathed once the offending kid ran off.

The green-eyed boy slowly walked toward her, "Are you okay?" He asked holding out his hand. The girl flinched away only to open her eyes again when she realized he wasn't going to strike her. She nervously and cautiously took his hand, and barely held back a scream when he pulled her up.

"U-umm..." She stuttered.

"Let's get you patched up." The red-eyed one said. "Why was that kid hurting you?"

"I-I don't know. T-they say I'm a creep or an abomination or that 'I s-shouldn't exist'..." She whimpered.

"Why would he do that..?" Tatsumi mumbled.

"Let's take her to the that medic we met when we first came here." Akame told Tatsumi.

"Yeah good idea. Come on, we know someone who can help you." He said as he gently led The pink-haired girl towards their camp.

The pink-haired girl watched in awe as the pain from her wounds slowly disappeared and white gauze was wrapped around them.

"T-thanks," she stuttered to he saviors. She looked up at them with a slightly embarrassed stare, looking away whenever one of them looked her in the eyes.

"It's fine. We are training to save people anyway." Tatsumi said smiling.

Akame nodded in agreement, "Where are your parents?" She asked.

The girl looked away, "I don't have any." She softly whispered.

Nevertheless her two saviors had heard her, exchanging a look of sadness. They both knew what it felt like to be abandoned.

"What's your name?" Tatsumi asked.

The girl stared at him for a few silent seconds. "Mein." She muttered.

Akame smiled. A rare occurrence even when she was with Tatsumi. "I'm Akame. This is my best friend Tatsumi." Tatsumi looked more suprised on the fact that she introduced both of them than her smile, though.

Mein, seeing the happy smile on her red-eyed savior, smiled too. Tatsumi himself let a satisfied smiled grace his face.

That simple exchange of smiles forged a bond between them unbroken for years to come.

When the dreaded day finally came, when the two assassins-in-training had to leave, none of the three were happy. However, with a sad exchange of farewells, the two left their new friend. If they didn't, their 'father' would have stepped in...

"I'm glad we could meet again." Tatsumi said.

"Thankfully we aren't on opposite sides..." Mein agreed with a slight frown. "I would've tried to join this revolution sooner if I had known you guys defected. I only found out a week ago."

"We defected only three weeks ago." Akame said blankly.

"Word travels fast I guess." Tatsumi added.

As Mein's stare turned into an annoyed glare she started speaking, "Yeah, when you're the most famous assassins in the Empire!"

"Infamous..." Tatsumi muttered.

"You know each other, huh." Najenda smiled. "Great. Then you can show her around and show her the basics."

The three agreed with one slight smirk, one nod, and one, "Hmph!"

After a tour of the base and the surrounding area, the three newly reunited friends were sitting at the dining table, along with the rest of Night Raid. A slain danger beast was sitting, cooked, on the table. Mein was sitting on one side of Akame, Tatsumi on the other.

Mein was staring with disdain at the one choice menu, while everyone else was digging in. With an annoyed huff she followed the unspoken directions.

Lubbock looked to be enjoying himself, but when he looked at Mein he started choking.

"W-wait! I remember where I recognize you from! Your the girl that, for unknown reasons, was researching Akame and Tatsumi. Supposedly you went to great lengths just to get a small piece of in..." He trailed off.

Mein's was the color of her hair, as she shot nervous glances at the two beside her.

Tatsumi's face was blank. Akame was giving a weird look to Lubbock. Mein was send a death glare to Lubbock that promised pain and humiliation. Najenda smiled and laughed, Leone joining in tenfold, in which she ended up falling out of her chair. Scheme just sat there indifferent as if she hadn't just heard Mein getting humiliated. Bulat smiled softly and gave Tatsumi a punch on his arm. Lubbock was sweating nervously.

It looks like teasing the new girl was not something to be put on Lubbock's to-do-list.

With the little backstory I added in with Mein, there are so many ways I could make this Tatsumi x Mein. But that will not happen. Sorry, Tatsumi x Mein fans.