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A yawn filled silent room as the only occupant stretched his arms. The sun's blinding rays had awaken him, and as he opened his eyes, forest green looked to the door.

He slowly got up, and gave one last stretch before he started his morning duties.

He grabbed his weapon, a black sword currently sheathed, and walked out the door. He looked to the door of the room beside his, and he walked up to it to knock. His knuckles didn't even touch the wood, before the door swung open.

There, waiting for him, stood a red-eyed girl, holding her katana and looking at him expectantly.

Tatsumi smiled, then he led the way to the meeting room.

"Tatsumi! Akame! Can I have seconds?" Bulat raised his plate in the air. Soon after Mine and Leone asked as well.

"Okay, okay. Give us a sec." Tatsumi said as he added the final touches. He soon served the three and proceeded to start another batch as Akame 'taste tested' the food Tatsumi made.

"Akame pass me the salt, will you?" His waiting hand was soon filled with the small glass container. "Thanks."

"Akame can you cut up those onions?"


"Thanks, those carrots too."


"Good. Where's the meat?"




"You didn't eat it all did you?"


"I should have seen that coming. Okay we'll have our own breakfast. Let's go." He solemnly led the way out, to the forest. The red-eyed glutton followed him closely with a blank face.

When the door closed Leone started laughing. Tears in her eyes and hands hugging her sides, she fell out of her chair.

"This... happens a lot... but it's still so... FUNNY!" She gasped between her laughs.

Mine sighed and voiced her own opinions, "I've learned that Akame's a glutton, but can't she restrain herself?" Mine now wore clothes neat and pristine. Every article of clothing was some shade of pink...

"Well, Tatsumi never gets mad at her so it's partially his fault that she shows no restraint." Najenda added. She was looking, with a raised eyebrow, at Leone's form as it rolled around.

"M-my sid-es hur-T!" She stuttered as her laughing died down.

"This has happened before, you'd think you'd get over it." Mine snapped. A glare from her pink eyes didn't affect Leone, as Leone wiped a tear away with a smile.

"Oh come on! You have to admit it's funny!"

"A request?" Tatsumi turned to Lubbock.

"Yeah, the boss told me to give the job the you two." He eyed Akame who was staring at him with a chicken leg in her mouth. It was quite unnerving.

"Who is it?" She asked, pulling the chicken out to speak.

"A-a food salesmen who drugs everything he sells. He has a lot of hired help to gather whoever he's drugged. The guards and helpers are guilty too."

"Okay. Tell us where he operates from and they will be eliminated."

The silence of the night was broken by a single step on a roof, then silence. Even so, two figures of black ran across the rooftops without another sound.

The moon was dyed red from the bloodlust both emitted, and foreshadowed death.

The assassin duo responded to the pleas of the victims, and purged the corrupted.

Two people filed in through the door, startling the room's occupants.

"Akame? Tatsumi? Back already, huh." Leone greeted.

"Welcome back." Mine said simply.

"So how did the mission go?" Najenda asked. She nodded her head approvingly at their lack of wounds.

"All targets eliminated." Akame reported.

Another nod from Najenda dismissed them. Mine got up from her chair and went with them as they walked out the door. Seeing them go Najenda smiled.

"They're getting along as well as ever." She commented.

"Well yeah but Mine's still mean to mean to all of us." Lubbock said, annoyed.

"Give it time. She's had a hard childhood, so we'll have to earn her trust." Najenda replied. "Oh, and Schelle? I think you and her can work together so you'll partner up okay?" She said turning to the purple themed airhead.

"Um... Okay? I thought you'd let her work with Tatsumi and Akame?" She questioned tilting her head in curiousity.

"No, their Teigus don't compliment each other enough." Najenda stated. "It's more efficient to work in partnerships as well."

Several weeks past and the new members of Night Raid became core members. The Revolutionary Army fully trusted them and no longer doubted the infamous duo.

Mine started getting along well with her new partner, and renewed her friendship with Tatsumi and Akame. She mastered Pumpkin and became confident in her new abilities.

Tatsumi and Akame grew more infamous, as they continued their work. Akame's Murasame gave away who the killer was, when the markings permeated the targets. Tatsumi's phantom killings became more feared, and soon the Empire couldn't decide which half of the duo was more dangerous. The One-Hit Killer or the Phantom Blade.

The Empire's Strongest moved north to conquer the tribe, Najenda knew she'd win.

On a mission to assassinate a traitor to the Revolutionary Army, trying to sell information to the Empire, Night Raid's presence in the Capital was confirmed.

Now, Lubbock has brought in a new mission. A mission to kill a family that disguise themselves as good samaritans, while really being sadists. A family that brings in country bumpkins to torture them for the fun of it.

And everyone in Night Raid is going. Minus Najenda of course.

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