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A New Shade of Life

True to his word, Roman spent the next month readying himself for his new job. First thing on his list was to make sure that Neo was healthy and released from the hospital; something that wouldn't have happened if a specialist had heard of the case from a friend and come of his own free will. That wasn't to say he was doing it for free. But that had been taken care of by the 'friend'. In all honesty Roman couldn't care less about how the specialist knew Cinder or what he was getting out of it, but he couldn't complain about the results.

The second thing on his list was to move. It wasn't that he needed to, in all honesty, but Roman felt it would be safer to live in a neighborhood where everyone already worked for him instead of an apartment complex not far from the local police precinct. But that was just his not-so humble opinion. Plus it would give Neo playmates since most of his lackeys were family men as well.

Third on his list was to ensure Neo would get the proper education. Which meant he was going to be teaching her all she needed to know to protect herself and some day steal the criminal underworld right out from under him. So he pulled her out of public school and made it his mission to be the best crime teacher ever.

When the month was up and he and Neo were situated in their new living arrangements, he officially started working for Cinder. And it was pretty much the same as he was doing before she had shown up, just with a grander scale. Planning out and setting up jobs for his own network and Cinder's was surprisingly easy now that he didn't have to worry about Neo constantly, freeing him up for more than enough time to homeschool Neo and then some. Every morning he would check his scroll for any messages from Cinder before starting Neo's lessons. He taught the classics: reading, math, science, writing, escapology, conwork, and etiquette. Once they were done with her morning lessons, he would take Neo along to their headquarters where an unofficial after-school care center was run by his right hand Faunus, Perry. Then he would spend the afternoon working on whatever Cinder needed planned, sending out his daily ring of pickpockets and low-level thieves, and planning out his own sidejobs. All in all, a pretty simple day and one that left him with plenty of free time.

His favorite thing had to be the fact that as her homeschool teacher, he could authorize "field trips" to let Neo learn from hands-on experience. Nothing quite as funny to him as when Neo would pickpocket someone and get caught only for people to laugh it off as adorable.

"C'mon now, if I've told you once I've told you a lot: Don't use your thumb to stretch the pocket open." Roman told her, holding the wallet of her latest mark. The business man had been so distracted by Neo's silent but physically active apology that Roman had had the chance to take it without worry.

Neo only humphed and crossed her arms at the reminder, before holding her hand out for Roman to take so she wouldn't get swept away in the morning foot traffic. Leading her to a small cafe for breakfast, Roman picked out their breakfast.

After setting Neo's breakfast of a small bagel and a bottle of milk in front of her and grabbing his own large coffee and breakfast sandwich, Roman quizzed her.

"Now for the test: Was the mark good or bad? Why? Bonus points if you can identify where he worked or what he was carrying." He held the wallet open like it was an answer book.

Neo started to sign back her answer. Bad.-Wary-of-pickpockets-and-not-carrying-much-lien.-Schnee-Corporate-Office-Vale.-2000. She concluded by suggesting they get ice cream and stop by the toy store like she always wanted whenever he brought her here to train.

"Correct. You saw his engraved cuff links and wrong, its actually 5000 in small bills, which covered breakfast well, don't you think?" Roman answered. Neo nodded and swung her legs, glad that she had passed the test. Tests and training with her Papa were as fun as playing with her friends after her lessons.

Once they finished their breakfast, Roman spent the morning doing recon on several downtown stores while Neo practiced her silent cons and trick games on passersby as homework.

When it was time for them to return to his office for the afternoon crime work, Roman had some choice information for racketeering and targets for protection fees while Neo had made a hundred lien and stolen several wallets and even some jewelry, which he didn't remember teaching her how to do but she might have figured it out for herself considering how smart she was.

"Hey Perry, let everyone know I'm here and ready for the day." Roman told his favorite Faunus before watching Neo skip off to find her friends currently wreaking havoc in Perry's normally organized corner of the warehouse he used for a headquarters.

"Uhm, sir... you have a visitor in your office already." Perry told him, doing his best to avoid Neo's clutches as she tried to use him like a jungle gym.

Taking a second to think of who would dare to do something that shameless, Roman came to a simple conclusion, "Well, I can't keep her waiting. Neo, have fun with Uncle Perry while Daddy works." Neo eagerly pulled Perry onto his back as her friends joined the pile-up for a response. Roman watched the innocent joy of the children for a moment before heading to his office. Opening the door, Roman saw exactly who he was expecting to see: Cinder.

"Hello Roman." The always mysterious raven-haired woman said to him with a slight smile.

"You know, only communicating with you via scrolls for the past eight months has been absolutely..."Roman told her, taking the opportunity to pull out a cigar and light it. "fantastic. No need to worry about anything." He took a drag as Cinder frowned at him.

"Now, now Roman is that any way to talk to your boss?" Cinder stepped closer, taking his cigar from him. Roman gave her his own frown when she crushed it under her heel.

"You're right. But so am I. So what is going so wrong that you felt the need to visit in person?" Roman looked her square in the eye, one of a handful of people that could get away with it without incurring her fiery wrath. He had lost a good enforcer to that but at least everyone got the memo: don't piss off the boss's boss.

"Ever since your first job, I've been working to get a foothold in Atlas but a certain group is preventing this." She informed him

"I'm a thief and crime boss with tons of men at my disposal. But there's obviously something that takes a large amount of brains if you've come to get me to take care of it."

"Your wit never fails you." Cinder's dry sarcasm killed Roman's good vibe faster than a snuffed candle flame. "I need you to go and meet up with their syndicate's leader. He's willing to talk about joining if we properly motivate him."

Taking out another cigar and lighting it, Roman smirked, "So I'm supposed to negotiate with him and then deal with whatever inane request he makes?" Cinder's unwavering gaze answered him. "Right. Any special requests?"

"Try not to kill them. We need as many people in Atlas as possible. You'll be leaving tomorrow."

"Wait, tomorrow? When... how... who...?" Roman questioned, at a loss of information and therefore words. Something he despised.

"Yes tomorrow. 8:30 at the Vale main airhub, its already reserved, and the information is already on your scroll." Cinder started to leave, before turning back to look at Roman. "Fail and don't bother trying to come back."

Roman watched Cinder as she left before deciding to leave to check on Neo.

He found her and most of his men's kids using an empty crate to play some child's game.

"Dearie," Neo turned to look at her father, "We're going on vacation tomorrow so we need to go pack our bags."

The next afternoon Roman found himself in front of an average motel with Neo, their bags, and an impending migraine. Cinder's note hadn't exactly been full of helpful hints. It had told him where he had a room reservation, where the meeting would be and the fact that it was in a week, and a suggestion to snoop around the capital. After dropping off their suitcases and heading out, Roman took Neo to explore the city while he did some window shopping, both in the ordinary and criminal senses of the phrase.

Deciding to let Neo go and look into a toy store's front window, Roman used the opportunity to appraise the walking tincans on the street corners. Atlesian Knight-100 models if he wasn't wrong. They had been first made after the Faunus Rights Revolution, if he remembered his history correctly. Turning away from the walking eyesores, Roman looked at the toy store's front for a familiar pink and brown head of hair. When he didn't spot it, he rushed to the storefront, turning and searching for any sign of Neo. After failing to find her, Roman started running up and down the street asking anyone in earshot if they had seen her. After spending close to a half-hour frantically searching for her, Roman's scroll went off. Pulling out the device, he was relieved to see it was Neo calling him like he'd taught her to do if she got lost.

Roman answered the call, not waiting for a nonexistent voice to speak to him,"Dearie, I'm standing at the corner of-"

"We know where you are, Mr. Torchwick," A male voice that was obviously not Neo's told him. "The question is whether you know where your daughter is."

Roman immediately wished that his semblance was something that could strangle this guy through the scroll, but decided to save himself some time so he could do it in person. "Look I know what this is, so let's skip all the cliches. Tell me what it is you want in exchange for my daughter and I'll take care of it."

"No wonder you were chosen. Very business-minded. You were going to have a meeting with our leader in a few days. Instead, you're meeting him tonight." Roman could hear some kind of commotion in the background, likely caused by Neo reacting to his voice.

"And you want me to fulfill whatever request he makes? In that case, I'll save my big speech for him then, but make no mistake: hurt her and I hurt you worse."

"Don't worry, time and place will be sent to your scroll." The kidnapper hung up, leaving Roman to stare at his scroll while he did his best not to crush it in his barely restrained fury. They had no idea who they were dealing with.

Neo wasn't scared. Papa had taught her what to be afraid of so she wasn't afraid when the mean men took her from her spot in front of the toy store. No, Neo was angry that they were trying to use her to make Papa do something he wouldn't. Even she couldn't make Papa do anything he didn't want to, no matter how cute her pleading look was.

So when she bit one of the men, they tied her to a chair and carried her into a warehouse similar to the one her Papa and Uncle Perry worked in. Once they left her alone to go do bad-guy things, Neo started her own plan. Remembering her lessons, she started her own escape. Neo was very angry and that meant something bad was going to happen to someone who deserved it.

Roman looked at the abandoned parking lot as the streetlights flickered on. He rolled his eyes when they found the black limousine waiting for him with an open door and a muscular thug in a suit waiting for him. Deciding it was a more constructive use of his time, he hurried up his pace and took a seat in the limo without waiting to be told to.

"Well, aren't you presumptuous?" The hired muscle told him when he climbed in and closed the door.

"Considering you're the ones who invited me here, I think not. Let's hurry this up." Roman looked at the leader of the Atlesian group of criminals he was supposed to be meeting with to negotiate a partnership with. The chances of which were entirely gone, thanks to them.

"This must be why she sent you, Roman Torchwick. I can see that you've definitely got the business savvy and the style, but I can't figure out how you went from working in a a bar to working under that bitch. Which is why I arranged this." The leader told him, giving him a shady smile.

"You arranged my daughter's kidnapping to satisfy your curiosity? That is... probably one of the most over the top ways to ask me to join up with you." Roman casually replied, pulling out a cigar, lighting it, and taking a drag on it.

The leader's amused gaze met Roman's when he looked up from his cigar. "You've got the potential if you figured that out. Yes, you can consider this an interview for a position of management in my organization. So I'll answer your question with one of my own. What is my demand?"

Roman's own expression grew smug, hiding his inner rage at the imbecile sitting across from him. Does this guy really think this will work? "You want me to give you all the information I have on my boss's organization so you can take it out and expand into Vale. Which I could do if you're willing to let me be the branch manager on that side."

The leader laughed, replying, "You are the real deal Roman Torchwick. How long until I can get you on my payroll? And don't worry about your daughter, she's perfectly fine. Once you send me the information I'll have her dropped off at your room at the motel. Sound good?"

"Very. It'll take about 12 hours for me to get all the information together for delivery. That okay?" Roman faked a mildly embarrassed expression, knowing that he could have become a politician or an actual actor with how good his organization and acting skills were. The leader fell for it, taking the bait like it had been made of pure lien. Which it was, in a manner of speaking.

"Perfect." With that settled, Roman stepped out of the limo and watched as it drove off. It wouldn't take him 12 hours to do what he had planned. It would only take 8 hours to destroy that bastard.

Neo had manged to saw through most of the ropes tying her to the chair thanks to the nail file she always carried at Papa's insistence. Luckily the bad-guys were too stupid to think that she would try something. Especially her newest trick that even Papa didn;t know about.

Roman stood outside an old warehouse, a vague sense of déjà vu hitting him until he remembered why he had come. It hadn't taken much to bribe and persuade some of the lower idiots in the organization to give up the place once they had heard what he had to say.

Breaking into the place wasn't hard. No guards, and already broken windows were ready-made for that. Once he found the main area and the room they were holding Neo in, he rechecked his cane's ammo to make sure it was ready to deal with possible-Aura users and kicked the door in with as casual an air as he could manage giving the circumstances.

He walked into the room, the two kidnappers looking at him as he strode between stacks of crates piled up to his shoulders. They stood there in matching get-ups, all black sweats with swords in their hands and Neo tied to a chair between them. He stopped between two crates, blocking any escape from the cleared area in front of him

"What the hell?" The one on the left said, looking to his partner.

Roman immediately frowned, and pointed with his cane, There's a child in here and you're using that kind of language? Are you trying to make me even more angry?"

"Wait, you're-" The one on the right stuttered.

"Her father? Yes. And now I'm taking her back." Roman pointed his cane at the one that had cursed.

"Is that so?" The kidnapper he was currently threatening inquired, stepping back and pointing his sword at Neo. She didn't move, making Roman worry. It worried him even more when the kidnapper made sure to poke her to prove he was serious.

He wasn't prepared for Neo to shatter and neither were they. The three grown men watched as the glass-like pieces scattered and dissipated into nothingness, revealing an empty chair and a pile of cut ropes. Roman nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt two small arms wrap around his waist, letting someone short their head into the small of his back. He reached back with his free hand, stroking Neo's hair while he prepared himself for a very different twist in his plans.

"Dearie, stay behind the crates over there and cover your ears. Daddy doesn't want you to see what's about to happen." Roman ordered her as gently as he could while tightening his grip on his cane. It wasn't about to be pretty when he finished up in here.

Once he heard Neo scurry to her hiding place, he turned his attention back to the kidnappers, who were no longer fazed by the mysterious trick.

"Nice trick there Pops, but it ain't gonna save you." The one on the left said, more than ready to fight. The one on the right seemed more hesitant, unsure of the danger he was about to place himself in.

"Do you have any idea who you just pissed off? I'm the Will' O' Wisp!" He yelled. Both kidnappers flinched. Even in Atlas they told stories of the most dangerous criminal to rule Vale's underground. What did the boss get us into? They simultaneously thought.

Rather than give them a chance to recover, Roman let his semblance loose, bringing all the electronics in the room to his mental attention. There it is, he thought, concentrating on the breakers for the room's lights. As they blew out and left the room in total darkness, Roman's semblance kept him appraised of the kidnappers as well. Wearing electronic watches and hanging their scrolls on their belts was about to be their undoing.

Roman surged forward, blocking the blind swings from the left kidnapper with his cane. Using his superior skill and strength to continue the block with a single hand, Roman threw a punch into the thug's solar plexus, driving the breath and strength from the attack. The kdinapper wheezed as he tried to breathe, his powerless legs failing to keep him from falling to the ground.

Turning his attention to the other one, Roman sensed the blind scramblings of the terrified thug on the right, lowering himself to the floor to find his partner in the darkness. Roman stepped away, letting the two get closer to each other.

"Are you afraid yet?" He whispered into the darkness, his footsteps silent as he circled them in waiting. The one thug that was searching flinched so badly he fell backwards onto his partner, making the injured one groan in pain. Roman 'watched' as he helped his partner up, careful of the injury.

"The boss really screwed this up for us, huh?" The injured one asked his supporter. Rather than let them continue their little sob story, Roman overloaded their watches, making their arms spasm as electricity coursed through them. They both howled in pain, dropping their weapons and falling to the ground.

"Gentlemen, its been fun but I have a meeting with your boss." Roman told them, raising his cane and flicking the trigger on his cover/scope. He didn't wait for a reply before he pulled the trigger, emptying the entirety of the cane's capacity into the downed men. He didn't have to see the bodies to know they were dead from the close range explosions, particularly with the unmistakable smell of blood hanging in the air. But just to be safe though, he overloaded their scrolls, sending more volts through their bodies than they could hope to survive through.

Trusting his mental map of the pitch-black room, Roman made his way to the crate that Neo was crouching behind.

"Time to go Dearie." Roman told Neo, moving her hands from her ears to his coat so she could follow him out of the room. Though he bumped into a few crates on the way, he managed to lead them out of the room and the warehouse before he told Neo it was safe to open her eyes. The smile he got when she opened her eyes to see him was worth the aggravation of keeping himself in check up to this point. He hugged her, promising that he would never let this happen again.

"When we get home, I'm teaching you how to fight."

When Papa left the motel room to 'finish his business', Neo jumped on the bed like she loved to do at home. It gave her a chance to think. Papa had stopped the bad men and now he was going to teach her how to fight. Her Papa was the best.

The leader of the Atlesian group sat alone in his private office, eagerly waiting for the fruits of his labors. Taking the Torchwick boy out from underneath that bitch was going to make him the baddest crime boss in two kingdoms and there was nothing that was going to stop him.

The door of his office brust open, spilling a battered and bloody guard thug onto his floor.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." he apologized, starting to push himself up from the floor. The leader could only stare at the guard as a gunshot echoed from the hallway beyond the door and the guard's head exploded. Looking up at the source of the gunfire, his eyes found a furious Roman Torchwick stalking towards him, a bloodthirsty and confidant smile only marred by a splash of blood painting streaks across his face.

"Sorry about the mess, but you should get guards that understand when to get out of my way." Roman told him, casually stepping over the body while he raised his cane's muzzle in the leader's direction. The leader did his best to keep his face placid while he panicked and slowly reached for a pistol in its side holster.

Roman fired a shot, tearing the leader's ear off while he tutted. Covering the bloody remains of his ear, the leader swore at Roman. "Fucking hell boy, why? You could have been on the winning side." Roman didn't reply, instead choosing to shoot the leader in three times in the chest. With the leader now laying dead in a pool of his own blood, Roman calmed down enough to reply. "You kidnap my daughter, try to use her to extort information from me, don't even bother to do your research on your target, and you had the balls to think I would work for you? Fuck you, you stupid piece of shit." Roman stomped on the dead crime boss's head, grinding his boot in for good measure.

He sifted through the corpse's pockets, finally finding the man's wallet and scroll. He cleaned the wallet and activated the scroll, putting in a conference call to all contacts.

"This is the Will O' Wisp. I just killed your boss and if you don't want to end up like him, you'll work for me and my friends in Vale." He said before hanging up.

He walked out of the office without a backwards glance, thinking to himself Mission accomplished and still enough time to enjoy a real vacation.

"You might have disobeyed my order to not kill, but you got the job done without any other problems and they've been more than happy with the change in management." Cinder told Roman as they stood in his office. Fresh off the airship and the first thing Cinder wanted was a meeting with him.

"So then I'll just take this as your version of a compliment." Roman said with a level of satisfaction that hid his remaining anger over the kidnapping and attempted extortion.

"Yes, so I expect you to have jobs prepared for our newest branch as soon as possible."

"Of course."

And so the organization now has a foothold in Atlas as well as Vale, where will they go from here?

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