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Swords clashed together and the two powerful beings separated, only to come together once again. One of them had shoulder length white hair, storm gray eyes that shone with silver, pale white skin that all together under the full bright moon was beautiful. Mesmerizing. The other had long red hair and a lazy expression, one side of his face covered with a mask. He struck the white-haired beauty down with a kick, after managing to exhaust him.

"You're getting better. I am glad to see you're progressing so quickly, my apprentice," General Cross said, helping his young exhausted apprentice up. He was a boy no older than eleven. He had begun train the year before, and adapted quickly into fighting with many different weapons. He was smart, agile, strong, and a prodigy at almost anything he did. The boy nodded as he stood. "Thank you, Master Cross," he said.

Six Years Later

Kanda Yuu ordered his regular soba meal. He sat at a lone table, in deep thought as he ate. Damn Komui. That annoying siscon bastard! I'm not halfway into my day and he wants to send me on a ridiculous mission with the damn usagi and Lenalee, to a snow covered forest that may not have innocence! Damn him! Kanda mentally yelled, then was shaken out of his thoughts by one annoying rabbit. "Hey, Yuu! Ready for the mission later today?" Lavi asks cheerfully as he walks over, Lenalee following in pursuit. Kanda swiftly unsheathed Mugen, pointing it at the redhead's throat. Lavi held his hands up in surrender with a grin. "I told you not to call me that, damn rabbit!" He growled, glaring at Lavi.

Moments later, he was hit on the head by Lenalee's clipboard. "Stop it, Kanda! We need to go over the mission! Nii-san was sent new information about the location from a group of finders!" She stated, forcing both Kanda and Lavi to sit. She sat beside Lavi while she looked at her clipboard. Both boys watched her flip a few pages, then stop at a certain page. "Okay, six years ago, General Marian Cross was seen in the town near the forest location which the townsfolk have dubbed White Fox Forest. People report seeing a young, short male wearing a Japanese style fox mask. He wears light clothing even though the forest is always cold and covered in snow. Report says he wore a sleeveless, blue shirt, black pants, and combat boots. No one has seen his face, but the report says his hair is as white as the pure snow and he has pale skin," she told them, showing them a somewhat blurry picture of a fifteen year old. The three exorcists then get ready and leave.

They arrived in a small British town in London, and once off the train, they met Toma. The finder greeted them before leading them to the forest. "The villagers warned me that if we see the boy, we must not try to approach him too quickly," Toma warned.

They entered the forest slowly, and as if on cue, the boy jumped from a tree and landed gracefully on his feet in a crouch. The four stared at him. Lavi, Toma, and Lenalee were shocked and surprised but Kanda looked irritated. Who the fuck is this kid? Kanda thought, glaring at the boy. The boy stayed quiet, but he thought he should introduce himself, otherwise this will go nowhere. He knew they were exorcists, so he knew they could kill him if they wanted. But he wouldn't go down without a fight. Possibly a long one. He cautiously stood beside the tree he jumped down from before he spoke, "My name is Allen Walker. I'm General Marian Cross' apprentice, nice to meet you." Allen bowed his head.

He had a thick British accent, due to being born in London. He wore a white fox mask that covered most of his face. A red mark came down from the top until it enter a circle on the forehead then straight down to the foxes nose. Another wavy red mark over both cheekbones accentuated the mask, as well as the marks that traveled from the edge of the snout, into the eye, then like an egyptian, it marked the sharp ends of the eyes. A black ribbon tied tightly in the back kept it on. The fox eyes revealed stormy gray ones that shone silver.

This brat is the General's apprentice? There's no way! He's too short! Just as he thought that, a golden golem landed on the boys head. It had General Cross' emblem. "That golem belongs to General Cross. So where is the General?" Lenalee asked. Allen tensed up, and averted his eyes. Why is he wearing the mask?The four thought in unison. "Unfortunately, Master Cross left me three years ago. Shortly after, a group of hikers spotted me and because of my odd appearance and mask, they mistook me for a homeless Japanese deity and built a large shrine, after getting information on Japanese deities. Since it was the first home I ever had since my previous one burned down, I took refuge there," Allen replied.

Kanda facepalmed with a groan, rubbing his hand down his face with irritation. Lenalee sighed and looked at the boy apologetically. "I'm sorry to hear that. But you do contain innocence, don't you?" she asked, and as if offended, Allen held his left arm to his chest before giving a reluctant, short nod. "May I see?" she asked kindly. He approached her slowly, weary of Lavi and Kanda. He held his arm out to her, revealing that its pure black.

It reached to his upper arm then stopped, went at least an inch up before black circled like a ring and a design up on his left shoulder which was partially covered by his sleeveless shirt. "I hope it doesn't bother you. It looked different when I became General Cross' apprentice, but on the first or second day of training, he forced my innocence to awaken completely, which changed its appearance, and gave me new abilities. I was ten then." he stated as a matter of factly, with a small sigh. Lavi whistled, impressed, grinning when it caught the British boys attention.

"Sorry, Brit. It's just impressive. You a good fighter?" Lavi asked with a kind, mischievous smile. Allen only nodded. Kanda sighed, in irritation of course. We found the cause of everything that brought us here, why are we standing around? He thought. "I hope you don't mind coming with us to become an exorcist... We need all the help we can get, and you are an Innocence accommodator," Lavi said. Much to Kanda's irritated relief, the kid agreed. He didn't want to take the kid by force, its too much of a hassle. As they got back to the town, they covered the white-haired teen with a cloak, pulling the hood over onto his head. They reached the train station soon after, and contacted Komui.
"Hey, Kanda, whats up? Did you find Cross, or the innocence?" Komui asked in an extremely irritatingly cheerful voice. A vein popped in Kanda's temple.
"Yeah. It's an accommodator, and he's General Cross' apprentices. However, from what the moyashi said, General Cross left him three years ago for unknown reasons. Therefore, we have no more business here," Kanda replied, in a very bad mood. Komui sighed. "All right then. Bring him back to HQ. Bye bye now!" Komui said, sounding even more excited before hanging up. Allen glared at Kanda for a moment before they entered the train.

They sat in First Class, with Allen looking out the big glass window across from Kanda. "So, Allen, is it? Why do you wear a mask?" Lavi asked, being the ever curious damn bunny. Allen looked at him, cocked his head to the side curiously. "I wear the mask to hide my face from people. You see, my childhood before meeting Master Cross wasn't exactly great. I was in abandoned at an orphanage, as a newborn. When I turned five, the orphanage left me out on the streets because they considered me a freak. Afterwards, I happened to meet a man the following year when I turned six, and he took care of me for a while and was nice despite me being a rude blinkered prat(1). When he died in a carriage accident that sent me to a hospital about two years later, Master Cross became my legal guardian and decided to be my mentor because he knew I had Innocence. Because of a scar over my left eye, I decided to wear this mask, so I wouldn't bother anyone," Allen said, finishing the story with a big sigh.

The four of them stared at him. "How old are you?" Lavi asked, an attempt to change the subject. The boy just shrugged. "I'm fifteen, but don't know my birthday. Mana, my deceased foster father, made December 25th my birthday, since it was the day he adopted me," he stated. Kanda could see a smile forming under the mask, as the mask did not cover his entire face completely since it held a more foxish form to it than some others did. Eventually, they arrived at the Black Order after a long train ride and annoying walk, in which the damn rabbit kept running around.

Once they arrived, Komui and several people of the science division as well as some finders were waiting for them. Allen removed the cloak, looking around curiously. "Hello, there. Your name is Allen Walker, correct?" Komui asked, pushing up his glasses with a sly smile. Allen nodded, hiding behind Lenalee when he saw all the people. He wasn't good at dealing with people, but he trusted Lavi and Lenalee, and Kanda to some extent. He also trusted Toma, who was very nice. Komui rushed towards Lenalee, his arms open for a hug. "My dear sweet Lenalee! How can you allow this boy so close?! He could be a pervert!" Komui yelled in a higher voice, tears in his eyes. Before Komui could reach them, Lenalee saw how Allen was bothered and afraid by so many people, so she kicked Komui in the face. "Nii-san, stop it! Allen has a hard time trusting so many people at once!" She yelled as Komui landed on the floor in front of the few science division members and finders.

Lenalee gave Allen a tour of the place, and afterwards, he got his Innocence checked by Hevlaska. Not exactly a very good experience for him because it was so unexpected. His synchro rate was revealed to be 100%. After that, Allen decided to go to his room. It was a simple room, not much. A night stand, a bed, a desk, a chair, a lamp, and a painting. The painting was of a clown, carrying a coffin on his back during his travels. Interesting to say the least. Allen took off his mask and slowly dressed into pajamas before going to bed. I have a new home. It's different, but... It feels nice. Everyone has been really kind. Kanda has an attitude, but its just who he is. I hope I can be his friend. Allen thought before slowly drifting off to sleep.

The Next Day, at approximately 5:30 A.M.

Allen woke up and quickly got dressed. The outfit consisted of a black sleeveless shirt, dark gray pants that stopped inches above the ankle, and a new pair of combat boots. He put the mask on, tying it in the back. He looked at his golden pocket watch briefly, seeing it was now 5:35 A.M., and shut it quickly. He walked out of the room to head to the training room, since he preferred to train before breakfast. Once there, he did some stretches and activated his Innocence. He received long, sharp blades as claws on his left hand. He turned his arm into a long big sword, taking it into his right hand as he began his training with swift, strong movements.

An Hour Later, at 6:30 A.M.

Kanda walked into the training room with Lavi, only to be surprised when they see Allen there before anyone else. He was dripping with sweat, but he wasn't breathing heavily. He seems to have been absorbed in his training for a while. Kanda thought. "Hey! Moyashi!" Kanda called. Allen glared at him from under the mask. "Its Allen, Bakanda! Allen!" He replied angrily, returning his arm to normal. He stretched his arms as he walked over. "Training rooms yours. I woke up early to get some training in, and before I knew it, an hour had passed." Allen said, going into the showers after setting out a spare change of clothes he luckily brought with him. After he showered, he got dressed and headed to the cafeteria. He ordered practically a mountain of food and finished all in twenty minutes. Why does he keep calling me a moyashi? I studied enough to know what it means. Beansprout. The bloke has never once called me by my name!

Reever, one of the scientists, walked up to Allen. "Hey, Allen. Get over to the command room, Komui's sending you on a mission with Kanda, Lenalee, and Lavi," he said. Allen nodded, irritated as he walked to Komui's office. Bloody hell! Why do I have to go on a mission with that with that damn prat?! He entered the office after a few knocks and a cheerful 'come in!' from Komui. Everyone else was already there, and they looked like they were about to say something especially Kanda, but Allen cut them all off. "This is absolute bollocks! Worse than Master Cross being shitfaced in a back alley! You have piss poor judgement, Komui Lee! You... you damn skive! You twat! Bugger it! This is a load of codswallop, you hear me Komui?!" Allen yelled. Normally something like this wouldn't bother him. Something about Kanda just pisses him off to no end. Everyone stared at Allen in shock, shouting enough British slangs to surprise anyone.

After managing to calm Allen down, even just barely, Komui went on with his explanation after handing out a file. "All right, now that that's over... A town just northeast of here is experiencing some problems. It seems that whenever someone approaches the forest, they never return. People reported seeing monsters and plants or trees growing abnormally fast... I want you to go there and investigate," he stated uneasily, since Allen was still glaring at him through the mask.he never takes that off does he? It just makes him look even angrier with me. It must be cause I paired him and the others with Kanda. The four of them nodded and immediately got ready to leave.

"This is bloody brilliant!" Allen murmured, following behind Kanda, Lenalee, and Lavi. This is going to be a long, long mission... Allen thought as he sighed. He still wanted to be friends with Kanda, but Kanda is so... Indifferent towards him. It kind of hurts.

I hope you like the story! For those of you who don't know the words Allen was saying, here is a list.

Prat: An incompetent, stupid, or foolish person; an idiot

Bollocks: used to express contempt, annoyance, or defiance.

Shitfaced: it means the person in question were out at night and got steaming drunk.

Skive: to avoid something in particular, like work or a duty. In Komui's case, its Kanda.

Twat: a person regarded as stupid or obnoxious.

Bugger/bugger it: used to express annoyance or anger

Codswallop: Putting it bluntly, it means nonsense.

Blinkered: Narrow-minded or narrow-sighted. They only see one view on a subject. In Allen's case, its his distrust for others as a child.