Titans of New.

Chapter 1: The Ghost, the Alien, and the Spider.

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Powerful beings

(The Realm of Time.)

The Realm of Time. A place of light, where all time meets in a single point. Every universe and every second is recorded in this sacred place. But time isn't the only thing that meets here. Three powerful beings that exist beyond time and space also meet. One was made to be a watcher of time. The second is a watcher because of his foolish actions. The third died and was has been made into a watcher. All live in separate universes. But they both have one thing in common. A champion.

"Is it time Paradox? Madam?" Asked a light blue ghost. His age changing at all times. He wore a purple hood.

"Please. You know they are all ready for what is to come. You even said it yourself Clockwork." Standing next to the time Ghost was a man with black hair. It looked like he was in his late thirties. He wore a white lab coat, brown pants, and a brown vest. (Does anyone think of doctor who?)

"Please Clockwork. We know the time." Madam Web. An aged woman with silver hair, a red long dress, sitting in a floating chair that hides her legs.

"Yes I suppose I did. But it doesn't hurt to get a second or third opinion once in a while." Replied the now named Clockwork. Both he and Paradox live outside of both time and space.

"No it doesn't… yet still this is a big decision. To send Peter, Ben, and Danny to the world of the Titans. But which versions?" Paradox put a hand to his chin in deep thought. He had Knew of many periods of Ben's life where the young Alien hero could go on this adventure.

"I already decided on when Danny beat his future self. That's when he was at his most powerful state of mind." Clockwork told his companions.

"As have I. When the Ultimate version died in his universe. He relived himself of guilt that's been held up since his uncle Ben died. While still being reasonable with his actions." Said the Madam. Paradox looked on in thought.

Maybe when he was thirteen? No… Yes! That's it! When he was fourteen! Before he removed the watch and before it evolved.

"Ben will be doing this with his original Aliens. Before he removed the Omnitrix. That way he wouldn't be too overpowered for his enemies." Clockwork looked at Paradox almost expectantly. He knew that was Paradox's favorite version of Ben.

"A wise choice Professor. However might I remind you that only Ben 10,000 is overpowered? So is the adult version of Danny. And cosmic Spider-man is also quite overpowered." Added Madam Web in her humorless tone.

"Ha ha. All too true Sandra. All too true." Replied the time walker.

"Then it is decided. Let's see how they handle it. Well put their enemies with them soon enough." With that both their hands lit up in a blue light.

"Don't disappoint our champions." They all said in union.


"Aw yeah! Time to sit back and watch the sumo slammers marathon! 20 straight hours of sumo slamming!"We see a teen with brown hair and green eyes. He wore his favorite shirt that was completely white with a black line going down the middle, pale green cargo pants and the newest addition to his attire was a green jacket with a ten on the right side. The most noticeable thing is a watch that is attached to his wrist. This is the Omnitrix a device that allows one being to transform into another. This teens name is Ben Kirby Tennyson or Ben 10.

"Then add another couple hours playing a round of each game! Man this going to be the best day ever... WHAT THE!" Before the Alien teen could turn on the TV a swirling blue vortex appeared underneath him swallowing Ben.

(Amity Park.)

"Bye mom! Bye Dad! Bye Sis!" We see a teen with black spiky hair. He wears a white shirt with red circle in the middle, Along with a pair of baggy blue jeans, and hidden in his pocket is a Fenton thermos. A tool used to capture Ghost of all shapes and sizes. His name is Danny Fenton or Danny Phantom.

"Can't wait to get to Sam's house! Wish she told Tucker and I that she was rich! But I can't really blame her for it. Well movie night here I- WHAT THE!" Underneath Danny appeared a Blue swirling vortex. Before Danny could get away he was swallowed by the vortex.

(New York.)

Fire was everywhere. In the middle stands three people. One is a redheaded woman wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. Her name is Mary Jane Watson.

Kneeing on the ground is an aged woman with silver hair. She wears a light blue jacket and black jeans. This woman's name is May Parker.

Lying on the ground is a young man. He is wearing red and blue spandex. A spider emblem on his chest. His name is Peter Parker.

Both women are currently crying. They are shedding tears because Peter is dying. After hitting the Goblin with a tanker… it blew sending Peter flying off. He is dying from both blood loss and server injuries.

"Don't cry… Aunt May… I… I did it. Uncle Ben… I couldn't save him… but… but I saved you." Peter smiled at his Aunt and Friend.

"Please hang on Peter! We can get you help… please…" Begged May as she held her Nephew in her arms.

"It's ok Aunt May… it's ok…" Before he could say more a blue portal opened up above them both. Sucking Peter away from his Aunt. As May screamed for her Nephew Peter could only say.

"What the?"

(Jump City.)

In an ally way three different portals came to life. From them came the stories heroes. Ben 10, Spider-man, and Danny Phantom.

"Ow… pain. A lot of pain." Said a certain spider themed hero. Peter look down at him to see that all his wounds wear healed. Not all the way but he could at least move now. He also noticed that his civilian clothes wear on. And that his Spider-Man uniform was under it.

"My head… why is everything spinning?" Danny stood to his full height to see Peter standing there over him. But before he could say something another voice

"Why does the universe hate me?" Ben stood up to see the other teens.

"Anyone care to…" Started Ben.

"Explain what's happing?" Finished Peter.

"Yeah… that." Said Danny.

"I don't have a clue last thing I saw was my TV." Ben put his hand to hair.

"I was about to head to my friends house." Danny crossed his arms.

"I was on my death bed." Both Danny and Ben looked at Peter weirdly.

"What?" Peter looked at them both.

"Nothing!" They said in union.

"Well let's introduce ourselves." Said Peter putting hands on his hips.

"My name is Danny Fenton."

"My name is Peter Parker."

"And my name is Ben Tennyson. Nice to meet you!" They shook once more.

"Same to the both of you. Now can you please tell me why I'm here?" Asked the halfa.

"Wish I knew myself. I was sitting in my room about to watch a TV marathon when all of a sudden… poof here I am." Explained Ben as he crossed his arms.

"I was about to head to one of my friends house when I ended up here. Also it was day time not night time." Both looked at the night sky.

"I was… in an accident." Said Peter. He didn't want to tell others of his identity.

The trio wear about to talk some more but then something unexpected happened.

"All humans! My men are looking for an escaped fugitive! If you hinder my men or help the fugitive in any way I will destroy this city!" Out to the sea Danny and Ben saw a huge armada of flying reptile men, like the one in the giant hologram, fly towards the city.

"… Did… did you just see what I saw?" Asked Peter.

"Yup." Replied Ben.

"A huge reptile guy?" Asked Danny.

"Yup." Repeated Ben.

"Armada of flying lizard men coming into the city?" Added the Spider themed Hero.

"Yup." (Bring it!) Said the Alien hero.

"I can get Ghost but Aliens! Come on!" Danny practically yelled in the ally.

"I'm more use to Aliens then Ghost. Even through I've seen both." Ben and Danny looked at Peter oddly.

"Whatever. What are we going to do?" Asked Danny. Normally he would have ran off and try to do it himself but this was out of his comfort zone.

"We?" Asked Ben. Peter also looked at Danny.

"Well you guys look like you're about to do something to try and help and, I don't want just stand by and do nothing while innocents are hurt." Ben and Peter looked at Danny for a moment.

Maybe he can help. But if he does than I won't be able to go hero. Maybe I could… Ben continued to think.

"Sorry guys but I have to go." Peter ran off leaving the two teens in the ally.

"Well… he left." Said Danny as the Ghost child looked out to the ally.


Peter ran through a different ally taking off his outer clothing and stuffing them in a trash can. Grabbing an object from his pocket Peter stared at the Object that caused him so much trouble in the past… it was his Spider-Man mask.

"Can I really do this? I just died and now I want to go out and do it again!" Before he could say more Peter heard an explosion not far.

"… I have the power… so I have the responsibility to help those who can't help themselves!" Peter slipped the mask over his head and aimed His web shooter at a nearby building.

(With Ben and Danny.)

"Danny?" Ben looked to Danny's eyes.


"Can you keep a secret?"

"Sure I can. Can you?"

"Yes I can. Look right now what I'm about to tell you isn't something I just tell anybody but for some reason I feel like I can… trust you."

"Same here. I don't quite understand it."

"You see this watch on my wrist? Well when I slam the lens down I can turn into one of 16 Aliens." Danny looked at Ben in shock. But his expression changed to one of relief.

"You can turn into Aliens? That's cool. After that I feel more comfortable telling mine. You see about a year ago I was in an accident that messed up my genes and turned me into half ghost, half human." Ben looked at Danny wide eyed. He didn't expect Danny to have powers like himself. But his surprise subsided.

"Well… That's neat. Now back to the Alien invasion. We have to find this fugitive before those lizard men do. Once we do that we can decide if he or she is a good guy or bad guy." Ben looked around the ally way.

"That sounds like a plan! So let's get going." Said Danny as he walked out of the ally. Ben soon followed.

"So… how do we find someone or something that we have absolutely no idea what it is?" Asked Danny as he continued walking down the street.

"Well… I have no idea." Ben looked to the ground.


The ground shook as both Ben and Danny looked to the sound to see it came from a… movie theater?

"Well… not the first place one would expect to see a fugitive." Said Ben as he and Danny raced to the movie place.

"Wouldn't have been my first guess either." Replied Danny. Ben busted through the door to find… Some teenagers fighting the Lizard guys.

One of the teens wore a red spandex short sleeve shirt, Green spandex pants, a yellow and black cape, and he had a mask over his face. The kid looked Caucasian. He is using a bow staff and throwing objects, which he grabs from his belt at the Aliens.

The next teen was a huge man who wore a brown hoodie over his features and, a pair of blue jeans. He is an African man. The only other noticeable feature was that one of his eyes glowed red. He uses his fist to pound the Aliens.

The last male was a small built teen. He wore a long sleeve black spandex with a purple line going down the middle, a mask with two pointed ears, and his skin was… well green. He was transforming into different animals to combat the Aliens.

There was a female who has pale skin and a purple clock that covers her head. She was using some form of dark energy to defeat the swarming Aliens.

The last was another female that was wearing strange armor that was obviously not from earth. She is using a green energy from her hands to blast the Aliens. Along with punching them at inhuman strength.

"They look like they can handle this, but let's help out anyway." Said the young Ghost.

"Yeah." Ben reached for his watch while Danny crouched down.

"IT'S HERO TIME!" Ben yelled as he hit the lens. He disappeared in a Green light. Standing in his place is a taller humanoid man. His body Looked like it was made of diamonds. He wore black and white suit. The Omnitrix symbol on the right side of his Chest.


"GOING GHOST!" Shouted Danny as a bright circle of light surrounded him. In his place stood a whit haired teen with Green glowing eyes and Black and white jump suit. A DP symbol on his chest.

"Let's go!" Shouted Ben as he shot some crystal at the Aliens.

"Yeah!" Danny flew into the group of Aliens. Using his enhanced strength Danny punched an oncoming Alien.

"Friends of yours?" Asked Starfire. (I will address her as that for now.) The other heroes raised their eyebrows.

"No. I have no idea who any of them are." Replied the boy wonder.

"I have no clue. Do you know Beast Boy?"Said Cyborg as the shape shifter shook his head no.

"Sorry never seen them before. It looks like they're here to help." Raven looked at the two fighting off Alien after Alien.

"Then we shouldn't be standing here on the side lines! Rrrrrraaahhhh!" Starfire flew into the struggle. Slamming her fist into the skull of one of them.

"Well? What are we waiting for!? GO!" Robin along with the others jumped in.

Two tried to sneak on Ben but, before they could a green tiger slash their backs. Ben turned to see the tiger shift in to the green kid.

"Thanks kid but, I would have been fine." With that Diamondhead turned his right hand in to a sharp blade making Beast boy look on in wonder as the blades reflected light.

Another Alien was charging at BB but, Diamondhead intercepted him. Using his new blade the crystal Alien cut the other Alien's weapon in half. Using his left fist Diamondhead the Lizard man.

"We're even?" Diamondhead gave a smirk.

"Yeah…" Replied BB as he stood shocked.

Danny was shooting nearby enemies. His ecto-blast leaving the strange Aliens unconscious.

"How many are there?" He asked to no one in particular. Next to him was Robin doing his part to beat the Aliens. Using both his staff and arsenal of gadgets to defeat the Lizard like Aliens.

"How you holding up?" Danny asked robin as he zapped two more.

"Just fine. How about you?" Robin ducked under a blast from the Alien and used his staff to hit him in the gut.

"Same. So that girl over there… is she the fugitive that big and ugly is looking for?" Danny dodged a spear and used a blast to send the Alien out of commission.

"Yes. So who are you and your friend over there?" Robin jumped over an energy blast and threw a Robin rang at the attacker him.

"I'm Phantom and he's… Ten. We met today so I don't know much of him. Other than the fact he can turn into Aliens." Danny phased through an attempt to impale him and fired an ecto-blast knocking the Alien out.

"You're working with someone you just met today?" Asked Robin as he blocked one the enemy's staffs.

"How long have you been with these guys?" Asked Danny.

"Touché." Robin jumped over Danny and kicked an oncoming Alien.

Cyborg is punching the oncoming swarm of Aliens. Using his robotic strength Cyborg Took out Alien after Alien. But one almost got the drop on him by charging up a blast. But before it could fire a white substance wrapped around its weapon and yanked it out of its hands.

"No toys for you lizard lips!" Quipped a figure in red. Everyone turned to see Spider-Man rush the Alien and punching him out.

"Only good kids get big boy guns. Now get up and say sorry… lizard lips? Li-za-rd li-ps? Huh? So this is why Aunt said I couldn't have a puppy." Said Spider-man as he fired off another web to an Alien.

"Speaking of which… come here new lizard lips!" He pulled on the Web and did a haymaker on the Alien.

"…Are you guys going to keep staring at me or, are we going to beat the hell out of some Green skinned lizards! … No offense Green kid." Spider-man lifted a hand to the sky.

"None taken!" Replied BB.

AU: The end. So as some of you may have noticed unlike their other stories I'm not making Ben, Danny, or Peter be to depressed in this story. Sure they're going to get a chapter where they do get in some emotional time. Also the joke Spidy said. "So this is way I couldn't have a puppy." First one to tell me where I got that joke gets… A COOKIE! Last thing. For the time being Peter is the focus. Ben and Danny will get an arc all to themselves soon.

Until next time!