Friday Saturday & Sunday

I feel so much better now that everyone knows we are finally together Pen chirped out excitedly as she zipped her suitcase. Hey D when are you going to tell me where we are going she yelled as he came back in from running with clooney. You know I said it's a surprise so you just have to wait and see. He smacked her on the ass as he pulled his bags out of the closet and hit the shower. 90 minutes later she was being led blindfolded across the tarmac to Rossi private jet. Morgan was so glad they had a 4 day weekend ahead of them he planned a huge surprise for her they didn't have to report back to work until Tuesday morning. Just as the jet started to take off she was allowed to remover her blindfold. To see Morgan sitting in front of her with a glass of champagne for her put a huge smile on her face.

Please tell me where we are going I can't take it any more! All I know is you said pack for warm weather come on I can't take it now remember I very well could have poked around and found out on my own but I didn't. How bad do you want to know he asked her with a growl in his throat she instantly knew what he was getting at? So after a quick blowjob she wiped her mouth and he stood her up, as he caught his breath he took a deep breath and whispered we are going to special little inclusive resort in St. Thomas! She squealed and shrieked with delight. That's not the whole surprise missy you will the rest when we get there.

Before she knew it they pulling up to the resort the drive way just about snaked all the way up the side of a small mountain that looked out over the bluest water she could imagine. The 3 cruise ships that were docked way down below looked smaller and smaller, before she knew it she was in her suite on the balcony looking out over the pool area and that's when it caught her eye. Omg D she yelled come here now! He had just tipped the bellman, yes baby what's up? Uh why is there a couple fucking by the pool in broad daylight? She was red in the face but turned on all the same. That's the other surprise baby this is a sex resort. She took so long to respond he got nervous maybe this was a bit too far out for her, but he figured she would love it they always played with the idea of going to one. He was so deep in his over thinking brain he didn't see her slip out of her sundress. She had to snap her fingers to bring him back. He looked down at her and in that instant he knew he made the right move. He took her hand and led her back in to show her the rest of the suite. Every room they went into he took off an item of clothing as he explained to her that they didn't have to participate in any activities that she didn't feel comfortable or safe in her pleasure safety and happiness came first. She nodded that she understood. She slipped into a cute damn near sheer tank top and matching boy shorts and he put on a white Speedo that hugged his dick and balls he barely fit in it and she knew that when she picked it out, that's why she got it.

Just then it was a knock on the door ah ha that must be our tour guide he took her hand and off they went to see all the little treasure this resort had. 2 hours later they had seen all the resort had to offer the actives where off the hook freaky she whispered too him as they lounged at the bar. She noticed Morgan looking behind her. What are you staring at baby? She asked he simply said hey I was just trying to figure out how much of that sexy ass was going to hang out of the sex swing I booked for us tonight, but first we eat and drink and drink and drink she said. You know I am way more freaky when I am drunk and since we are here I am letting it all hang out with that she yanked her top off and dropped it right in front of his drink. She took the pineapple off her drink and rubbed it on her nipples and dared him to suck off the juices. He knew what was going to happen next just as he sucked her right nipple into his mouth she moaned and grabbed his head and then it happened. He got hard and grew right out of his Speedo! Room now he demanded. She pulled her left nipple out of his mouth and told him no. He looked at her like she was crazy she hopped off the stool and grabbed his hand and her top and said lets go I want to enter the wet tee shirt contest and you are going to enter the big dick contest and when we win both because we are fan freaking tastic then you are going to get me drunk and fuck me in that sex swing. Ok baby whatever you want lets live it up, and off they went to sign up.