It was well past noon and bright and sunny out but it didn't matter to these two they where barely moving and awake. Their bodies were a tangled mangled lump of contrasting skin colors, that randomly hung out the comforter all over the bed. She groaned as she poked her head out from the comforter at the foot of the bed. Omg baby what did we do last night it looks like hell in here. Morgan threw the sheet off of his head and sat up too fast and flopped his head back into the pillows. They looked around the room in shock the camcorder and tripod was standing in the middle of the room pointed at the sex swing her red FMP (fuck me pumps) where on the swing and Morgan had a mouth gag around his neck! What the fuck she whispered as she sat up and tried to walk to the dresser well at least we won the contests. Her trophy had two huge tits on it and his had King of the Ding a Ling on the bottom of it in big bold letters.

The last thing I remember is being on stage getting our prizes and partying hard at the grown and sexy lounge he stated. While he sat on the side of the bed looking around she went to pee and that's when she screamed. He fell on his knees trying to run in to check on her. Derick when did I do this she yelled? Do what he asked as she made it to the bathroom to see her staring in the mirror in shock and that's when he saw it. She got her nipples pierced! She had two hot pink little barbells going through her huge pink nipples. He starts getting hard just looking at them. I like them he whispered grabbing her from behind. I just want to know when did this happen she wondered tilting her head left and right looking at them afraid to touch them. He licked the tips of his fingers and touched her nipples she in turn sucked in a quick breath. Omg they hurt but damn it felt good all the same.

I tell you what he said as he did his morning routine let order room service and watch the video that we obviously made. That's fine with me baby I kind of have a feeling that we need to lay low today is that ok with you she asked as she put some shorts and a tank on. They slowly ate breakfast and stared at the TV they where in shock she was mostly the rowdy wild one. He was the one who picked out the nipple rings! And he recorded her signing the forms to get them pierced! Wow they whispered simultaneously they were in shock. The next thing they knew she was screaming his name over and over as he fucked her over and over in the swing.

How in the hell did I wind up with the ball gag in my mouth? Who knows she said wait a minute she said as the screen went dark and in the next instant he was on the bed with his hands tied above his head and the gag in his mouth. He watching in amazement as his future wife cut the middle out of a navel orange, she cut the ends off and slid his dick through it he knew she had sex tips and tricks for days but damn what the hell he slowly he started to remember that was the only blowjob he ever had that actually felt like he was inside a woman vagina damn she was amazing. The camera had recorded him squirming and thrashing all over the bed as she brought him to the edge slurping loudly, up and down went the orange and the juice and the spit all over his head. She was in shock she always thought about that trick ever since she found it on you tube. She never thought she would have the heart to do it. The next thing they knew he was yelling from behind the gag as he shot cum all over her and the orange! She slowly removed the orange from around his relaxed dick, picked up the camera and crawled up to him she peeled the orange and slowly fed it to him as she held the camera each segment of his cum covered orange that he ate she also ate one until it was gone with that the camera shut off.

They both sat back completely silent. Neither one wanting to be the first to speak. Uhhh baby girl he stuttered out. Yes she replied could you promise me one thing? Sure baby what is it? Can you promise never stop amazing me in this lifetime or the next? I sure can promise you that baby. They laid back and enjoyed the sounds of the waves as the crashed just beyond the pool outside their balcony. Oh by the way I agree sweetie we should defiantly lay low today he said as he kissed her forehead, they smiled and drifted off to sleep.