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He just rolled his eyes. "Really… Someday I'll have to put that damn thing back into the console unit…" he said, heading for the door and picking up the phone. "This is the Tardis and no, it's NOT your courier service, so if you have left here your toothbrush…Hello? …Clara is that you?"


Chapter 2: What could go wrong?


Clara went to bed early that day. She didn't want to be late for her first day of school. Even less so considering that at last, the Doctor had carried her to the correct date, something that only happens one out of a hundred times.

The alarm clock rang and the girl awoke, upset. Her fingers vaguely slid on the clock but to her surprise it didn't stop. Then she realized. "I'm really, really going to kill him!" It was the only coherent thought she could have at 3 in the morning, as the Tardis materialized in her room. She barely had time to turn on the bedside lamp when the doctor rushed out of the cabin.

"Why are you still in your pyjamas? Didn't you get my message?"

She was about to through him a pillow when her phone buzzed. New message. "Forget your boring human things. I'll pick you up tonight." She read as the phone buzzed again. "Don't even think about bring the shoes to reach shelves."

Clara rolled her eyes "Seriously… You took two thousand years to learn how to pilot your ship; I hope you don't need another millennium to know how to send messages on time. Anyway, what's the rush?"

The doctor began to roam the flat, glancing all around. "UNIT call me for… a thing. Apparently, they have registered an unidentified alien message," he said half-heartedly.

"And why they need you? I thought that the military has all kinds of equipment to deal with those things," she said from her room.

He noticed a pile of papers on the coffee table and picked one up. "Kate talked about some flight data couldn't decipher. It is a simple task, will only take us a couple of hours."

A minute later, Clara left her room dressed and looked incredulously at him. "And why do I have to go? After all, you shouldn't even be here until next Wednesday!" He raised an eyebrow as the girl bit her lip, she didn't mean it to sound so rude. Fortunately, her comment was completely ignored.

"Question: what does the word benign mean?"

"Sorry, what?!"

The Doctor raised the paper in front of her face. "Answer: benign is what you will be after you be eight." She grabbed it, annoyed. "And you'll be surprised with test number 43…apparently Franklin discovered electricity by rubbing two cats backwards…I must check that later."

Clara looked down at the pile of exams on the table. "Did you really read all of this in five minutes?"

Now he was annoyed "Don't be ridiculous! I also ordered the magazines in alphanumeric order and fed your cat. By the way, it doesn't like you at all."

Clara was trying to order the papers again "No you didn't. I don't even have a cat!"

"Ok, that explains why it doesn't like you."

The girl was beginning to lose her patience. Perhaps because she had just been awakened at 3 am without a very good reason. Then she realized that the doctor was on his way to the box.

"How could THIS be more exciting than listening to an unknown record of an alien activity on your planet?" he asked while entering in the Tardis and leaving the doors open on purpose.

Clara looked at the tests "I hate you…" she murmured.

"No, you don't," a distant voice said from the inside.

She picked up her bag, which hadn't yet been unpacked, and went to the ship. "Doctor…do you think you could bring me back before my classes start in the morning?"

"Of course. What could go wrong?"

She grinned at that. "Do you want me to do a list?"

"Come on… It's only the translation of a flight data record. When we finish, I'll take you to have the best breakfast you've ever had in the nineteenth century. After all, you'll need it to evaluate those… sinister tests." he said with a disgusted gesture.



The Tardis materialized. As they went out, a group of soldiers began to surround the ship, with their guns pointed at them. The doctor rolled his eyes as he closed the doors.

Clara started to worry "Where are we?"

"In the tower of London, the central base of UNIT" Said a woman approaching them. "Good to see you again, Doctor" She did a gesture to the soldiers and they lowered their arms "And sorry for this spectacle, they just love to do that"

"Kate Lethbridge-Stewart… Did you call me?"

The scientific urged them to follow her "I'm afraid you're late, that was two months ago."

"Not my fault. Clara loses much time thinking about what to wear."

"Hey! I'm here you know!"

Kate opened a door and they entered a huge room full of computers, agitated people talking on phones and a big screen in the middle. In it they could see a map of the earth with a big red spot on the Pacific Ocean.

Immediately, Clara pointed at it. "What is that?"

Kate sighed "That… is an international crisis we have to deal with. Otherwise, the future of human race is at stake."

To be Continued…

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