I'm thinking of making this canon to my "Anti-Fairies" series, but it can be read separate from that, as stated in the summary. Anyway, this is a rather different take on how Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda met. It takes place before Anti-Cosmo is Anti-Fairy World's ruler, but that will be made obvious by the story.

BTW, the Xye were inspired by the Strigoi from the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines novels by Richelle Mead.

Contrary to popular belief, anti-fairies were not the most evil creatures in the universe. No, there was one species that even the meanest of anti-fairies had nightmares about. That species was known as the Xye: hybrids of demons and zombies. No one knew where they came from, only that they were ferocious and blood-thirsty creatures who were strong enough to take out ten anti-fairies single-handedly. With their immense physical strength, super speed, and heightened senses, they were nearly unstoppable. The worst part was that they were capable of turning others into one of them. All a Xye needed to do was get close enough to place its hand over the victim's heart and let black magic do the rest. There was only one known method of returning a transformed Xye to its original state: stabbing it through the heart with anything that was infused with magic.

Anti-Wanda just wished she knew how to kill one.

It had started out as a simple Anti-Fairywinkle family reunion out in the forest. Anti-Wanda had been happy to see her family, the majority of which accepted her stupidity and oddly kind nature. She had also been excited about the picnic. She loved food almost as much as she loved her family! The Anti-Fairywinkle's had been out in the forest, and Anti-Wanda's father and Uncle Anti-Piero were hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. Anti-Wanda had been sitting on a bench, eating a hamburger and talking to her twin sister, Anti-Blonda, when everything went to Hell.

There were only three Xye - two males and a female - but there may as well have been twenty. Anti-Wanda wasn't entirely sure of the extent of the damage caused, and frankly she didn't care. At this point, all she could focus on was the Xye in front of her bloody form. This particular Xye wasn't nearly as tall or slim as the Xye who were born as the monsters they are. No, this one was only slightly taller than Anti-Wanda, with muscles that weren't real big but were toned just enough to be noticeable. This one was clearly anti-fairy at one point, since he had tattered bat wings on his back. Still, all Anti-Wanda noticed was the sickly pale skin and the eyes behind the monocle: eyes that lacked any sort of color or pupil.

Anti-Wanda was currently crouched on the ground, too terrified to breath. She had a long cut on her leg, which she knew would become a scar, a black eye, and she had pressed a hand on her torn sweater in an attempt to stop the gash on her stomach from bleeding. She could only imagine how badly her family members were doing.

The Xye's lips curled into a cruel smile, showcasing elongated canine teeth that reminded Anti-Wanda of a vampire. Anti-Wanda squeezed her eyes shut, knowing that she was probably going to be devoured by the monster that seemed to tower above her.

"Hey, Anti-Cosmo," a woman's voice called. Anti-Wanda didn't recognize it. She risked opening her eyes and discovered that the voice had come from the female Xye. "Craig and I are gonna head back." She nodded toward a body on the ground and redid her bleached blond ponytail. "Wanna help us carry back our dinner?"

Anti-Wanda felt as if her heart had been ripped out of her. Her mother. They were going to have her mother for dinner. Anti-Wanda felt her eyes start to burn and bit down on her lip to keep from sobbing. There would be time to grieve later. If she survived.

The smaller Xye - apparently named Anti-Cosmo, which proved that he had once been an anti-fairy - waved off the female, but didn't take his colorless eyes off Anti-Wanda. "I'll catch up," he called in a British accent that, under any other circumstances, Anti-Wanda would have found charming. "I may bring something of my own."

Before Anti-Wanda could react, she was grabbed and dragged away at a speed that only a Xye could manage. It felt a bit like teleporting while riding a roller coaster, and Anti-Wanda would have been having fun, had it not been for one carrying her. After what seemed like hours, but was actually about a second or two, Anti-Cosmo stopped abruptly and threw her against a tree trunk. Hard, but clearly not with his full strength. After the blur of pain and nausea started to pass, Anti-Wanda wondered why her attacker wasn't using his full power. Did he want her alive? Or, did he want to kill her another way? Panic threatened to overpower her mind, as she saw him lick his lips and break into a vicious grin. Was he going to eat her? Rape her, even?

"Forgive me, miss." There wasn't a trace of sincerity in his voice. "I simply dislike turning someone in a public place. It makes a mess, you see."

Turning? Anti-Wanda wasn't sure whether to scream, cry, or throw up. He wanted to make her into a Xye! Anti-Wanda wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of there. To raise her wand and poof herself home-

Her wand...was in her back pocket!

The handle on a wand folded into the star on top for easy travel, and Anti-Wanda's was in her back pocket. The tiniest spark of hope forming in her stomach, she carefully reached into the back pocket of her jeans.

Anti-Cosmo didn't seem to notice, as he cracked his knuckles in preparation to turn her. Or, perhaps for dramatic effect. "You're probably wondering why I've chosen you. Well, I don't know. There's just...something about you that really caught my attention."

Anti-Wanda was only half-listening. She had managed to grab her folded up wand, when she'd noticed the Xye crouch down in front of her.

"This will be easier for both of us if you hold still," he told her, as he reached toward to her chest.

Finally, Anti-Wanda gave in to the panic and did the first thing she could think of. Instead using her wand poof away, like the smart person she knew she wasn't, she jammed her wand into his chest. A sharp intake of breath from the Xye made her realize what she'd just done, and she had no idea how to react. It was good that she'd stabbed something as dangerous and unstable as a Xye, but she didn't know what would happen next. Anti-Cosmo collapsed ungracefully to the side and attempted to pull the wand out of his chest, but it was to no avail. The wand started to pulse a white light, and Anti-Wanda remembered how to change a turned Xye back to normal: stab it in the heart with something magical.

Like a magic wand.

Suddenly, the Xye's entire body was engulfed in white light. Anti-Wanda closed her eyes from its brightest and heat. It didn't take long for the light to diminish, but Anti-Wanda was afraid to open her eyes, afraid of what she might find. Eventually, curiosity got the better of her, and she hesitantly opened her eyes.

The first thing she noticed was her wand. It was laying at her feet, showing no evidence of being used as a weapon. Come to think of it, the Xye hadn't bled a drop. Did Xye even bleed? Perhaps it didn't matter. Anti-Wanda was about to pick up her wand, when something else caught her eye.

There was an anti-fairy lying unconscious where the Xye used to be. Anti-Wanda had to admit that he was rather handsome. Although, there was something familiar about his toned muscles, blue hair, monocle, bat wings that were now in perfect condition, and vampire-like fangs. Anti-Wanda racked her brain. She had seen this man before, but she couldn't quite place it. And, where did the Xye go?

Before she could think about it any further, her adrenaline died down, forcing her to feel her injuries once again. The cut on her leg, which had been starting to clot, was bleeding again, and her stomach burned like fire, blood running out of it in a river of crimson. Just before she collapsed, Anti-Wanda somehow managed to figure what she'd just done.

She'd restored a Xye.

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