Sorry it took so long. Please enjoy this cute little epilogue. ;)

Two Years Later...

Blood red lighting cast ominous shadows across the room, which wasn't as filled as these ceremonies usually were. Neither had invited that many people; they weren't particularly close to most of their family members, and they didn't have a lot of close friends. It was a small gathering, but they didn't care. They were too busy dancing to their song, the one that had been playing during their first kiss.

He always looked nice - his style seemed to be business-casual - but today, he was especially handsome with his dark blue, almost black, tuxedo and dress pants and slicked back hair. Her entire body radiated with such a heat that she feared she would literally melt under his loving, forest-green gaze.

She was positively breath-taking. Her white wedding gown was an odd color choice for this type of occasion, at least for an anti-fairy, but she wasn't like others of her species. Her wild curls had been straightened and now flowed daintily around her as she danced. She seemed unable to stop her own smile, which sent his heart-beat into overdrive.

Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda couldn't have been happier.

Anti-Wanda leaned her head against her new husband's chest and felt his arms wrap her a little tighter. She giggled quietly at the erratic thumping beneath his skin, knowing that her own body was experiencing a similar sensation.

Their tranquility was interrupted by a tapping on Anti-Cosmo's shoulder. Anti-Cosmo smiled at the person next to him, for this was one of the very few people allowed to interrupt him.

"May I?" Anti-Schnozmo asked.

Anti-Cosmo glanced at his wife's approving pink eyes. "But, of course."

Anti-Wanda grinned. "I'm game, if you are!" Without waiting for a response, she grabbed Anti-Schnozmo's hand. She was about to dance with him, when her sister shakily approached.

"Hey, y'all!" Anti-Blonda exclaimed with an emphasized wave. "Ant-Com-o! Lez dance!"

Unnerved, Anti-Cosmo took a few steps back. "Erm... How many drinks have you had, Anti-Blonda?" Her response was a loud belch, followed by a tipsy giggle. "I see..."

Anti-Wanda rolled her eyes, realizing that she should have known better than to let her twin anywhere near the poison. She grabbed the drunk woman's shoulders and turned her to face a man by the buffet. "Hey, sis." She pointed to the man - Anti-Cosmo's best friend, Anti-Binky. "See that buff, bald feller? He loves to dance. Go get some!"

Anti-Cosmo smirked, knowing that Anti-Binky loathed dancing. Giggling louder now, Anti-Blonda skipped over to Anti-Binky. The trio who had sent her there laughed as the drunken anti-fairy did the chicken dance in front of a disturbed Anti-Binky.

Forgetting about his dance with his sober sister-in-law, Anti-Schnozmo flew off, calling, "Hey, does someone have a camera? I wanna take pictures of this."

Anti-Cosmo wrapped an arm around his wife's waist. Anti-Wanda in turn wrapped both arms around him, and her husband put his other arm around her. They stood there, watching as Anti-Binky awkwardly backed away from a dance that they were pretty sure Anti-Blonda made up.

"Ya think we're gonna be crazy, one day?" Anti-Wanda asked.

Anti-Cosmo nodded. "Absolutely." He locked eyes with her. "But, it will be the best kind of insanity."

Anti-Wanda smiled softly. "I love you."

"And, I love you."

They heard a loud crash and saw several plates and glasses broken, food and drinks laying on the floor, startled anti-fairies, and Anti-Blonda lying unconscious on the table.

"Should we do something?" Anti-Wanda wondered.

Anti-Cosmo thought about saying yes, but then he saw his older brother gather up the unconscious woman in his arms. "No, I think Anti-Schnozmo has it covered."

Anti-Wanda nodded. "Yeah. Wanna poof somewhere private and make-out instead?"

Anti-Cosmo somehow managed to stop himself from laughing at her bluntness. "Indeed, I do."

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