You got to keep your ideals high

You got to know that the sky belongs to no one

You know you got to go!

Keep on, little dreamer ~ keep hold of all that you are

Quiet footsteps echoed down a dusty hall as a young man jogged down the hallway, lavender eyes flicking from a small blue flyer and back to the room numbers.

"Damnit, I'm already late where's class 23A?" Matthew Williams, or Canada, swore as he turned another corner, his curl bobbing as he walked. After passing a few more classrooms the boy finally found the number that corresponded with the one on his flyer.

After stuffing the paper into his back pocket and adjusting his glasses, the W Academy student grabbed the handle and opened the door, stepping into the room and quietly closing the door. After taking a few steps into the class the boy finally took the time to check his surroundings.

All the desks had been pushed to the back wall and neatly stacked. In their place was a grey shag rug, a large assortment of coloured beanbags, a coffee machine and mugs sat beside a plugin on the floor and an old flat screen TV was sitting on a table with a plethora of gaming consoles and DVD players attached to it.

Matthew blinked in surprise. "Who sets this all up for a club?" He mumbled.

"I did." A monotonous voice piped up from off to the blondes left.

Matthew whipped around and locked eyes with the person who spoke. The student had ashen hair that was pinned back on one side with a cross pin, navy blue eyes and had a fairy resting on his school uniform.

Canada smiled and gave the other student small wave. "Hello Norway! I'm Canada but you can call me Matthew if you'd like."

Norway nodded and stepped forwards, extending his hand for Matthew to shake. "You can call me Lukas then, it's only fair." The norwegian replied as the canadian shook his hand.

"Are you the one who created this club?" Matthew asked as he took a step back.

Before Lukas could respond, the door slammed open and a figure barreled through the doorway and straight into Canada, sending them both the floor.

The canadians glasses flew off his head and scattered across the floor leaving him completely blind. Matthew groaned and sat up, noticing the blurry figure of Norway and of another on the ground.

Matthew noticed the new figure sit up, unleashing a string of before looking at Matthew.

"Is that you Pancake Bastard?" The person asked in a heavily accented voice.

Canada blinked. Only one person called him Pancake Bastard. "Es-ce que c'est toi Romano?" The french-canadian asked as he rubbed his head.

"Yup it's definitely the Pancake Bastard." He grumbled. "Speak english you dumb fuck, no one here understands french."

Matthew rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He paused. "Can you and Lukas find help find my glasses please?" Canada asked as he felt around for them.

Lukas said yes and Lovino laughed. "You really are blind as a fucking bat aren't you?" He said as Norway handed Canada his glasses.

The canuck flipped the italian the bird and put his glasses on, being sure to thank the Nordic who gave them to him.

"Bats aren't even blind Lovino. It's a common misconception." Matthew said sarcastically, earning a small smile from Lukas.

Lovino laughed. "Yeah? Well you are."

Norway looked at Matthew after that statement. "Why is your vision so bad? I know a lot of other countries have glasses but they can still see without them."

Matthew sighed and stood up. "When I was still a colony America burned my capital to the ground." He said lamely.

Romano blinked and Norway nodded.

"The burger eating fat-ass did that to you? I thought he was your brother!" Romano shouted.

Canada shrugged. "That's a story for another time… We should get on with the club anyways."

Norway nodded. "Welcome to the 'My Family is an Embarrassment' club's first meeting." The viking stated as he motioned for the other two to sit in a beanbag chair.

Well, that's it for the prologue. I know Canada was a bit OOC but he's already friends with Romano in this fic, I will also go further into detail with that later. Please don't forget to RYou Got To Go by Above & Beyond (Seven Lions Remix)

Translations; Es-ce que c'est toi Romano? Is that you Romano?

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya, I own nothing.