Stakes, you stack them so high

I collect flakes

And I watch them fly

Why don't you take it

And use it for good?

Why don't you take what it is you that you have and put it

Where I think you should?

Russia looked confused for a moment before he remembered who was standing in front of him. "Ah, Comrade Matvey, I see you found Comrade Romano. Give him to me, Da?"

Matthew scowled and walked up to the Russian, crossing his arms in disapproval. "I think you should go, eh?"

Russia smiled that creepy smile and looked down at Canada. "I see Comrade Matvey has made some friends, Da?"

The canuck nodded and looked back at his friends. Lovino was scowling from where he stood slightly behind Lukas. The Norwegian, on the other hand, stood there impassively, watching the scene unfold.

Suddenly, Matthew felt a hand pat his head. Turning, the nation noticed that Russia was now smiling at him in a friendly manner. "That is good. Matvey shouldn't be lonely."

The Russian then turned to the nations standing behind Canada. "Treat Comrade Matvey well or I will break all your bones!" Ivan said as he turned and walked away.

After a moment of shock, Romano walked up to Matthew and pulled the tall blonde into a headlock. "Matteo, Matteo, Matteo…. I am going to be uncharacteristically patient and give you a chance to explain what the fuck just happened. You have thirty seconds before I sic the mafia on you to get answers." The italian released his northern friend. "Go."

Matthew's eyes widened. "I-used-to-date-Ukraine-so-Ivan-and-I-are-good-friends-when-he-remembers-who-I-am! We-also-play-hockey-sometimes!" He explained quickly.

Lovino turned to Lukas. "Did you understand any of that?"

The Nordic shook his head slightly. "No. Lillebror needs to speak slower." He deadpanned.

Romano looked back to Matthew. "You heard the viking bastard. Speak so we can actually understand what the hell you're saying."

Canada flushed and wrung his hands nervously. "Well, a while back I dated Ukraine so I ended up talking to Russia a lot two. We're actually good friends and when he remembers me we get along well. We play hockey often… I thought I told you that already."

Lovino threw his hands up in the air. "I give up! This kid is so fucking messed up I just can't even! I wouldn't be surprised if this bastard keeps world domination plans in his sock drawer!"

With a final huff, the southern Italian marched down the plain-looking hallways and off to his dorm, leaving Matthew and Lukas alone.

"Merde!" Matthew cursed. "Now I have to hide it again…" He muttered as he kicked at the carpet with his red converse.

Norway rolled his eyes and grabbed Canada's sleeve, dragging his off to find the other Nordics. "Really brother… Your sock drawer?"

"What!? It was practical!"

(Cue Spongebob voice) Two days later…

Seeing as Thursday had rolled around, our three adorkable little cinnamon buns were currently sitting in Norway's hole-in-the-wall club room completely silent, staring at each other and waiting for someone to talk.

Finally, Lovino stood up, pulling on his jacket and grabbing his bag, slinging it over his shoulder. "I'm going out for coffee. Anyone coming?"

Norway instantly perked up at the mention of the caffeinated drink and stood as well, straightening out his shirt and looking at his brother, who was currently rubbing his temples.

Matthew groaned and stood. "Yea, sure."

Lovino made a face and looked at Lukas. "The fuck is wrong with him?" He asked as he watched Matthew glare at the floor.

"The idiot Dane took him out drinking last night."

Lovino snorted and shook his head, walking out the door and into the hallway, Canada and Norway close behind him, the Norwegian closing the door with a soft click.

"You better not be taking us to one of Alfred's godforsaken franchises… If it is I swear I will acquaint you with my hockey stick."

Lovino chuckled as he walked. "Matteo… Never in my life will I drink the liquid shit you North Americans call coffee."

Matthew looked up at Lovino and glared. "For insulting the heaven-sent called Tim Hortons, you will be paying for my drink."

The Italian man rolled his eyes and continued walking. 26 steps and they were outside of the school. 59 steps and they were walking past the front gates. 384 long-ass steps and they were on the street at the end of the drive way. 933 more steps and they had reached the dainty coffee shop that Lovino had visited once or twice before. Yes, Lovino was counting. An antisocial Norwegian and a hungover Canadian weren't the best for making conversation and Lovino really didn't care enough to try to talk to them.

Lovino pulled open the door and was greeted by the delicious smell of fresh ground coffee and warm pastries. The Italian took a deep breath and walked in, surveying the shop as he stood in line. The walls were covered by bookshelves and were filled to the max with board games, art supplies, CD's and books.

Upon turning around, Lovino noticed that his club-mates seemed to be enjoying themselves. Matthew had instantly brightened when he saw the french books and Lukas was staring at the instruments, mostly the violin, that sat in the corner.

Lovino smiled as he stepped up to the counter to order. He was happy that his new friends were interested in something he liked.

Now, a sneak peek of chapter 4…

"Really Netherlands... Rihanna?"


"Matt, what the fuck did you put in that brownie?!"


"Stop quoting Vines you dumbasses!"


"We should go camping."


"Lovino, no."

"Lovino, yes."


"Norway… What is that?"



"Liver pâté."

"Oh my god."

Song; Use It For Good by Fallulha

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