Chapter 1 The Beginning

I Woke Up To My Alarm Clock, And Hopped Out Of Bed Throwing My Covers To The Side, Running To My Calendar. I Opened It And Today Was March 17th, The First Day Of Spring Break. My Parent's Were Planning On Going To Jasper For A Camping Trip. I Was So Excited Because We Really Don't Go On Any Road Trips, We Rarely Go On Vacation At All. Last Time We Did I Was 8, And It Was A Boring Trip To My Grandma House. Now We're Going Somewhere I Always Wanted To Go...Jasper Park. I Heard At Night You Can Hear Wolves Howling, Calling To Each Other, Or Even Growling In The Distance Over Territory. Im In Love With Wolves And I Want To Learn More About Their Culture, And How They See Things Different From Us. I've Never Touched A Wolf Before Or In This Case Ever Saw One, But On This Day It's All Going To Change. I Ran Downstairs With All My Belongings I Need For My Trip Such As Clothes, Bathroom Materials, Books So I Can Read Or Write In It, My Phone IPad And Ps Vita, And Most Importantly Weapons For Protection. Many Animals Out There Is Going To See Me As A Threat, To Them I'm A Fresh Piece Of Meat Lurking On Their Territory Ready To Get Eaten Alive.

"Zach Breakfast Ready!" Mom Shouted From The Kitchen.

I Ran In The Kitchen And Saw Bacon Eggs, And Sausage On A Plate. I Kissed Her Cheek And Said.

"Thanks Mom" I Said Sitting Down.

"No Problem Hun...So You're Ready To Go Camping?" She Asked Smiling.

"Heck Yeah I've Been Waiting To Go There Forever" I Said Eating A Bacon Strip.

"Im Glad You're Happy Dear...But I Heard There's A Lot Of Wolves There...You Sure You Still Want To Go?" Mom Asked Making Another Plate.

"Yes I Love Wolves This Would Be Perfect For My School Project for A Documentary About An Animal" I Said.

"Okay Then If You Say So...I Don't Want You To Be Bored Like You Were When Your Father Suggested We Should Go To His Parent's House" She Said.

"And Why Don't You Be A Dear And Help Your Dad Continue Packing When You're Finished" She Added.

"Sure Thing" I Said With Food In My Mouth.

When I Finished I Went Outside Passing The Living Room Which Was Full Of Boxes And Camping Supplies. I Walked Outside And Stopped Looking At The Sun And Beautiful Harmony From Singing Birds. A Small Gust Of Wind Would Flutter My Hair, Making It Move In My Face. I Saw Some Lady Walking Her Poodle And It Came To Thought I Always Wanted A Dog, But My Dad Hates Animals Unless He's Eating One. How Cool Would It Be To Have A Pet Wolf...That Would Be Awesome...But That's Only A Dream I'll Have To Wake Up From Eventually.

"Zach...Can You Give Me A Hand Please" Dad Said Struggling With Some Boxes.

"Sure" I Said Running To Him.

I Helped Him Put The Boxes In The Rv Along With My Things. He Looked At Me And Said.

"Thanks Man...You Got Everything You Need?" Dad Asked.

"Yep" I Said.



"Sleeping Bag?"


"44 Magnum?"

"Che-..Wait 44 Magnum?...You Giving Me A Gun?" I Asked Happily.

"Yes...But Only In Emergencies Situations...This Is Not A Toy Son...One Shot Can Send You To The Moon" Dad Said Seriously.

He Was Handing It To Me And Suddenly Stopped And Said.

"I Mean It..." Dad Said.

"Okay I Promise I'll Use It For Emergencies Only" I Said And He Handed It To Me.

I Put The Emergency Lock On And Aimed At A Tree.

"Its A Lot Heavier Than I Thought" I Said Looking At It.

"It's Supposed To Blow You Off Your Feet...So Yeah It Should Be" Dad Said.

"Now...Help Your Mother And I Pack...We Have A Long Ride Ahead Of Us" Dad Said Picking Up Another Box.

"Wait One More Thing...I Know I Asked You This Over A Million Times But Can I Have A Dog?...Its Been 14 Years Without One" I Said.

"If I Give You One Would You Shut Up?" Dad Asked Chuckling.

"My Lips Will Be Sealed Forever" I Said.

"Okay After We Come Back From Our Trip" Dad Said.

"Yes!" I Said Happily.

"Just Know He Or She's Your Responsibility I'm Not Feeding, Bathing, Playing, Walking, Or Even Watching It...If That Dog Messes Up The House Your Grounded You Hear Me?" Dad Said.

"Fair Enough Thanks Dad" I Said Running In The House.

I Helped Bring A Few More Boxes Out Into The Rv, And It Took Only A Couple Of Minutes With My Help. Mom Packed Us Some Lunch For The Rode And We Was On Our Way. I Never Been On The Rode More Than 20 Hours Before, But I Bet Its More Comfortable In An Rv Than Any Regular Van Or Car. We Had To Go Through Three States Before We Past Canada Border Patrol. So I Just Watched A Couple Of Movies, And Vanoss Gaming On My IPad To Spare Time. Now It's Been 47 More Minutes On The Road After Passing The Border And I'll Tell You Time Flies. I Saw Two Signs That Said Jasper National Park, And The Other Said Wolves Beware. Dad Drove Into The Rv Parking Lot, And I Saw A Lot Of Families Enjoying Their Camping Trip. Some Was Singing By The Campfire Making S'mores, And Others Was Barbecuing Ribs Which Smelled So Delicious. We Finally Made It To A Reasonable Spot And I Helped Them Unpack Almost Everything.

"Are We Done Now? I Want To Explore The Place" I Asked Depressed.

"Yes We're Finished Sweetie" Mom Said Trying To Start A Fire.

"Thank God" I Said Running Back In The Rv Grabbing My 44 Magnum Off My Bed.

I Rolled My Dirt Bike Out So I Can Get Around More Easily. Its Nothing That Good Just An 6 Year Old 2009 Honda CRF 450X I Got For My 12th Birthday. I Rolled It To One Of The Natural Trails, And Pulled The Cord Starting It.

"Now Son Be Safe Don't Go Anywhere Too Far Be Back By Dinner" Dad Said.

"If Anything Happen Give Us A Call" Mom Said Handing Me A Walkie Talkie.

"Okay Mom...I'll Meet You Back Here" I Said Getting On Then Riding Off.

I Was Riding Up The Hill Through The Woods At Least Going 20 Mph. I Was Following What I Thought Were Some Deer Tracks Deeper And Deeper Into The Woods. As I Kept Riding It Got Darker, Making It Kind Of Hard To See. So I Just Stopped And See If I Can Walk The Rest Of The Way. I Never Hunted In My Life, But I Want To Try So I Resumed Following The Deer Tracks. Then Suddenly I Heard The Bushes Rustled Behind Me, I Grabbed My Gun Off My Hip And Aimed Towards The Bush Detection. I Creeped Closer And Closer To The Bushed Ready For Any Attack. Then I Heard A Loud Gunshot In The Distance, I Ran To Where It Was Coming From And Saw Several Wolves Running Away.

"I Thought Hunting Wolves Were Against The Law?" I Said To Myself.

"Poor Wolves" I Said Shaking My Head.

I Continued Walking On My Journey To Find An Legalized Animal To Hunt. Just Then I Saw A Male Deer Grazing On Grass In An Opened Field, I Can't Shoot It Afar With A Magnum. So I Have To Get Up Close And Personal. I Silently Ran Down The Hill, Hiding In A Near By Bush. I Slowly Crept On The Deer And Got Closer To Him Until I Like Was About 5 Feet Away. I Aimed My Gun At His Head, And Slowly Pulled The Trigger. Before I Pulled The Trigger Completely A Wolf Jumped At Him Scaring Him In My Direction. I Quickly Reacted And Rolled Out The Way, As The Horrified Animal Ran Past Me Along With A Tan Wolf Chasing After Him. I Followed Them Taking A Mental Study How Wolves Hunt. Then The Tan Wolf Leaped On The Deer Taking Him Down. Digging Her Teeth In His Neck Killing Him In A Matter Of Seconds.

"That Was So Awesome" I Whispered To Myself.

I Took Out My Camera And Quickly Turned It On, Then Auto Focused On Them. I Clicked A Picture Of Them As The The Tan Wolf Started Dragging The Deer. She Looked At Me Deranged As I Realized I Forgot To Turn The Flash Off. I Froze As The Wolf Looked In My Direction Growling Viciously At Me In An Offensive Position. She Ran Towards Me Launching At Me, And I Pistol Whip Her With The Back Of My Gun Knocking Her Out Cold. I Pointed My Gun At The Wolf Backing Up, Then A Second One Came From Out Of No Where And Bit My Arm Making Me Drop My Gun. This Wolf Also Had Tan Like Fur, But Looked Smaller Than The Other One. I Can Tell They're Both Females Because I Don't See Any Male Parts And They Looked Alike Must Be Her Daughter. She Pounce On Me Barking In My Face, And Inched Her Jaws Closer And Closer To My Neck. I Picked Her Up And Threw Her Off Of Me, Making Her Hit A Tree. Good Thing I Worked Out With Dad All Year. I Got Up And Ran To My Gun, And I Can Hear The Bigger Tan Wolf Paw Steps Running After Me At Blazing Speed Trying To Bite My Leg. I Dodged Her Attack Making Her Whimpered As She Hit A Tree. I Picked Up My Gun And The Smaller Tan Recovered And Jumped On My Back Scratching Me. I Groaned In Pain And Spinned Around Making Her Fall Off, I Aimed My Gun At Her And She Said.

"Please Don't Shoot!" She Yelled In A Young Feminine Voice Covering Her Face.

My Eyes Widened And I Stopped And Put My Gun Down.

"Did-Did You Just Talk?" I Said Not Believing She Talked.

"Can't We All Talk?" She Asked.

"Kate Get Away From Him" Her Mom Said Growling.

"That's Your Mom?" I Asked.

"Yeah Why?" Kate Said.

"Just A Wonder...I'm Sorry I Tried To Kill You...Just Let Me Get My Things And I'll Be On My Way" I Said Grabbing My Gun And Trying To Walk Away.

Her Mom Growled And Ran In Front Of Me.

"You're Not Going Anywhere...You Think I'm Stupid?...You're Just Going To Call More Humans To Kill Us All" She Said With An Angry Glare.

"Why Would I Do That?...I Have Nothing Against Wolves I Love Your Kind...I'm Actually Trying To Study Your Species For A Project" I Said Looking In Her Eyes.

"Yeah Right You Tried To Kill Us With That Thing" She Said Looking At My Gun.

"It's Only For Protection...I Actually Never Hunted In My Life...That Deer Was My Very First Hunt" I Said.

"Really?..Me Too My Mom's Teaching Me" Kate Said Smiling.

"Kate What Told You About Talking To Humans!?" Eve Shouted Making Her Back Up With Her Ears Flat On Her Head.

"Sorry" Kate Said Sadly.

I Ignored Her Mother's Sudden Outburst Of Hatred Towards Me And Said.

"Well That's Great...You'll Be An Outstanding Alpha" I Said Making Her Smile.

"I'm Sorry For Trying To Kill You...Can We Offer You Dinner?" Eve Asked.

"It's Okay You Was Just Defending Yourself...A Lot Of People Are Hunting Wolves For No Apparent Reason It Makes Me Sick...And Sure" I Said.

"By The Way My Names Zachary But You Can Call Me Zach" I Said Holding Out My Hand.

She Hesitated A Little And Shook My Hand.

"My Name's Eve And This Is My Daughter Kate" Eve Said.

"Nice To Meet You Both" I Said Smiling

Suddenly My Walkie Talkie Started Talking Making Them Both Jump Back In An Offensive Position.

"Hello?" I Answered.

"Dinner's Almost Ready Start Making Your Way Down Here" Dad Said.

"Sure Thing Dad" I Said Putting It Back On My Hip.

"Well Change Of Plans I Can't Go Eve...Mom Making Barbeque Steaks Tonight" I Said

"What Was That?" Kate Asked With A Tilt Head Looking At The Walkie Talkie.

"Oh It's Called A Walkie Talkie It Let Us Humans Communicate With Each Other From Far Away" I Said Walking Towards My Dirt Bike.

"That's Pretty Cool How It Works" Kate Asked Walking Towards Me.

"I'll Show You Tomorrow If It's Okay With Eve" I Said.

Kate Looked Her Mom With Pleading Eyes.

"Please Please Pleeeasssse" Kate Begged.

"Fine...But As Long As I'm With You I Still Don't Trust Him With You Alone Yet" Eve Said Looking At Me.

"And You Have Every Right Not To...Well I Gotta Go...My Dad Gets Kinda Cranky When I'm Late" I Said Walking Away.

"Bye Zach!" Kate Shouted.

"Bye Kate!" I Yelled Back.

As I Was Walking To My Dirt Bike, I Realized I Was Just Talking To Wolves...The Hells Wrong With Me? I Need To Stop Taking Nyquil To Sleep Faster Because I'm Hallucinating Talking Wolves Now. I Shook The Thought Out My Head And Made It Back To My Dirt Bike. I Pulled The Cord And The Loud Engine Roared Scaring Birds From Out The Trees. I Got On And Rode Three Feet Before It Stopped Moving.

"What's Wrong Now" I Said Getting Off.

I Pulled The Cord Several Times But It Wouldn't Start. I Looked At The Gas Meter And It Was On E. Dads Going To Be Upset I Didn't Make It On Time, So I'll Have To Tell Him Before This Get Ugly Between Us.




"Yeah Where Are You?"


"My Bikes Out Of Gas I'm Going To Have To Walk The Rest"


"You Have Your Flashlight?"

I Felt All Over My Body And In My Pockets And Couldn't Find It.


"I Think I Forgot It...But I Can Use My Bikes Headlights"


"Okay Just Hurry Up And Make It Here Safely Before It Gets Dark...If You Hear Anything Move Kill It"


"Alright I'll Be There In 10 Minutes"

I Said Putting My Walkie Talkie On My Hip, And Started Walking With My Dirt Bike Next To Me. It's A Good Thing Dad Stopped Me From Going With Eve And Kate For Dinner...I Had A Bad Feeling I Was Probably The Dinner. I Shook The Terrifying Thought Away And Heard The Sounds Of Nature Everywhere As I Walked Through The Woods. Crickets Was Already Chirping Making A Night Scenery, And Birds Was Letting Each Other Know It Was Time For Bed As Their Tweaking Quite Down. The Sun Was Halfway Down And The Moon Was Halfway To The Night Clouds. It Was Getting Really Dark To The Point I Couldn't See My Hands...I Blindly Turned On My Bike Headlights Lighting My Path And Made Everything Easier To See. As I Rolled My Bike Down The Hill I Heard A Twig Snap Behind Me, Making Me A Little Frightened. I Got On My Bike And Rode It Down The Hill So I Can Get Away From Whatever That Was Behind Me. The Hill Came To A Steep End, Causing Me To Get Off And Continue Walking.

"That Was Close" I Said Looking Back.

Suddenly I Heard 2 Wolves Howling And It Sounds Amazing, Because I Never Heard One Before. Also It's Kinda Bloodcurdling Because They Didn't Sound Like They're Very Far From Me. This Made Me Pick Up My Pace Before They Catch On To My Scent, Then I Heard Another Twig Snap Behind Me. I Threw My Bike Down And Pulled Out My Gun Ready To Kill Whatever's Following Me. A Little Small Whine Came From A Nearby Bush When I Aimed In That Direction.

"Don't Shoot It's Me" Kate Said Revealing Herself.

"Kate What Are You Doing Out Here This Time Of Night It's Not Safe...I Know Your Mother's Worried Sick About You" I Said Getting Low To Her Level.

"I Know But...You Forgot This" Kate Said Picking Up My Flashlight With Her Mouth.

"Oh...Thanks I've Been Looking For That" I Said Taking It.

"What Does It Do?" Kate Asked.

I Turned It On Lighting The Darkness Of The Woods And Said.

"Does That Answer Your Question" I Said Smiling.

"Yes" Kate Laughed.

"Do You Want To Stay With My Parent's And I?...It's Kinda Late For You To Be Walking Back Alone I Don't Want You To Get Hurt" I Said.

"Oh No I-Im O-Okay" Kate Said Nervously Backing Up.

"I'm Not Going To Hurt You Don't Worry...My Mom Actually Loves Animals And Want To Help Them In Any Kind Of Way...It's Just My Dad" I Said Thinking.

"What About Him?" Kate Asked.

"He's Really Over Protective Over Me And You're Designed To Kill When You Feel Threatened...He Might Not Let You Stay" I Said.

"Oh..." Kate Said Looking Down.

"Its Okay..I'll Get Him To Change His Mind Somehow" I Said Lifting Her Head Looking In Her Beautiful Amber Eyes.

She Smiled And Only Nodded With A Wagging Tail.

"Okay...Let's Go" I Said Picking Up My Bike And Putting My Flashlight In My Pocket.

Few Minutes Later I Can See The Camp Fire And My Dad Sitting In A Chair Waiting For Me. I Stopped Putting My Hand In Front Of Her, And Looked At Her And Whispered.

"You Stay Here And I'm Going To Convince Him To Make You Stay With Us For The Night...When I Whistle You Come Out Got It?" I Said Whispering.

"Got It" Kate Whispered Back.

I Rolled My Dirt Bike Out The Dark Woods And Into My Dads Point Of View. I Kicked My Kick Stand Out And He Walked To Me And Hugged Me For Some Random Reason.

"I Thought Something Happened To You...Thank God You're Okay" Dad Said.

"You Know I'm A Tough Guy Nothing's Going To Happen To Me" I Said Smiling.

"And You Learned It From Your Old Man...Now Come On In Your Mother Made Barbecue Stakes" Dad Said Smiling Walking Up The Rv Steps.

"Wait Dad Before We Go In...Remember Yesterday When I Said I Wanted A Dog?...And You Said We'll Get One When We Come Back?" I Said.

"Yeah..." Dad Said.

"Well I Found My Own And I Want Her To Spend The Night With Us" I Said.

"So You Found A Dog In The Middle Of The Woods?" Dad Said With A Raised Eyebrow.

"No But Even Better Than A Dog" I Said.

"What?...Zach Where You're Going With This?" Dad Asked.

I Whistled And Kate Slowly Walked To My Side And I Went Down To Her Level And Rubbed Her Belly. She Purred And Thumped Her Tail Making Smoke Of Dirt Go Everywhere.

"Absolutely Not Get That Wild Animal Away From Here" Dad Said Walking Up The Steps.

"But Why?...They Don't See Us As A Threat...As Long As We Don't Harm Them They Won't Harm Us" I Said.

"Are You Serious?...Do You Not See What It Is?...It's A Deadly Carnivore Wolf!...It'll Get Older And Kill Us All!...Animals Don't Have Emotions Like We Do!" Dad Shouted.

"How Would You Know That You Never Had An Animal In Your Life!" I Shouted Back.

"Hey Don't Raise Your Voice At Me Young Man!...And Speaking Of Young He's A Pup His Mom Is Probably Looking For Him As We Speak...Then We'll Have Two Killer Wolves Dragging Us Back To The Pack For Dinner" Dad Said.

"Dad Its A Girl...She Won't Hurt Anybody...It Might Be Hard To Believe But She Understands Us... She Can Talk" I Said.

"Son Are You Okay?...Did You Fall Off The Bike And Hit Your Head?...Because You're Saying An Animal Is Talking To You" Dad Asked Concerned.

"No Really Say Something Kate" I Said Looking At Her.

"Uhh...H-Hi" Kate Nervously Said.

"What The...Did She Just-"

"See What I Mean Now?...She Can Talk...She Knows Right From Wrong Better Than Any Old Dog" I Said.

"I-I Don't Know What To Say" Dad Said.

"I Do Can She Stay?...Just Only For A Day And She'll Be Back With Her Beloved Family" I Said.

"Uhhh I Don't Know" Dad Said.

"Come On Dad...Think About It...What If It Was Me Her Age And I'm Lurking In The Middle Of The Night Trying To Go Back Home" I Said.

He Thought A Little Bit And Said.

"Uhh No..I Want Her Out Of Here And That's Final...I Don't Want To Hear Nothing Else" Dad Said Going In And Closing The Door.

I Sighed And Said.

"I'm Sorry Kate, I Tried" I Said.

Kate Looked Down Sadly And A Tear Escaped Her Eye.

"Please Don't Let Me Walk Back Alone...I'm Scared" Kate Said Sadly.

"Don't Worry I'm Not...I'll Walk With You" I Said.

"Really?" Kate Said Happily As Her Tail Wagged Rapidly.

"Of Course I Don't Want You Getting Hurt...No Telling What's Out There" I Said Looking In The Dark Woods.

She Dug Her Head In My Chest Giving Me A Heart-Warming Hug. I Was A Little Surprised She Hugged Me Because I Thought Wolves Are Not Supposed To Trust Humans, Even Worst Hug Them. She's Very Young So I Predict Her Mother Never Fully Taught Her That Yet.

"Thank You Zach" Kate Said Nuzzling My Chest.

She Was So Soft, Warm, And Cuddly. I Just Wanted To Hug Her Forever But I Knew We Have To Leave Before My Dad Comes Back Out.

"No Problem...Now Lets Get Going" I Said Smiling.

She Smiled And Nodded And We Started Walking But I Stopped, Making Her Stop Looking Back Puzzled.

"Why You Stopped?" Kate Asked.

"I Forgot Where It Was Do You Remember?" I Asked.

"I Think So" Kate Said Sniffing The Air.

Suddenly I Heard The Door Rv Open.

"Zach Just Bring Her In Sweetie...Poor Girl Must Be Scared Out Of Her Mind" Mom Said.

"Really You're Just Going To Let Killer A Wolf In An Rv With Us?" Dad Asked Behind Her

"She's Not Killer John She's Only A Pup...She Lookes Only 6 Months Old" Mom Said.

"Yeah A 6 Month Old Killer...You Know What?...She Can Stay...If Her Mother Comes Back With The Whole Pack I'll Say I Told You So As They Suck Up My Intestine Like Spaghetti" Dad Said Walking Back In.

I Laugh And Said.

"He Says The Most Weirdest Things" I Said.

"Well That's Your Father For Ya...You Two Dears Come In...And Put Out Of The Fire For Me Zach" Mom Said Walking In.

I Put Out The Fire And Walked Up The Stairs With Kate Following Close Behind. When She Got In She Saw A Lot Of Things She Never Seen Before, And Immediately Started Sniffing The Place Checking It Out. I Closed The Door Behind Us And Locked It.

"Want Me To Show You Around?" I Asked.

"Yes Please" Kate Said Eagerly As Her Tail Wagged.

"Follow Me" I Said Walking To The Living Room Section Of The Rv.

When We Walked In She Was Looking At The Tv, Then Looked Back At Me.

"That Is A Television Or Tv For Short...Its Good To Watch When You're Feeling Lazy And Bored...You Can Watch Literally Almost Anything...Something To Make You Laugh, Cry, Dance, Scared, Hungry...And...You Get My Point...It's Also Good For Learning More About Your Culture On Animal Planet" I Said.

"Wow That's So Awesome" Kate Said Amazed.

I Sat On The Couch And Patted Next To Me.

"Come Up Here Let Me Show You How To Work It" I Said.

She Smiled And Jumped On The Couch Barely Making It. I Grabbed The Remote Off The Coffee Table And Showed It To Her.

"I Know It Has Lots Of Buttons And It Looks Difficult...But It's Not That Hard Once You Get Used To It" I Said.

She Nodded And Looked At Me With An Impatient Face.

"Okay This Red Button Is To Turn It Off And On See..." I Said Turning It Off Then Back On.

Her Tail Wagged Loudly Smacking The Couch. I Chuckled At Her Excitement And Continue Showing Her How To Use The Tv.

"These Up And Down Arrows Is To Turn To The Next Channel Or Go Back To The Previous Channel You Was On" I Said Turning The Channels.

"If You Liked What You Was Watching You Can Press This Blue Button To Recorded It...Then This Big Green One To Go To Your Recorded Channels You Recorded So You Can Watch It Again As Many Times You Want" I Said.

"Watch" I Said.

A Wendy's Commercial Was On And I Recored It To The End And Went To The Recordings And Played It Again.

"See How To Works Now?" I Asked.

She Didn't Respond And Stared At The Tv With A Dowling Mouth. I Looked At The Tv And Saw It Was A Big Double Cheeseburger With Some Large Fries And A Large Coke.

"Oh Your Hungry?" I Asked.

"Yeah...You Do Perhaps Have Any Caribou? Or Deer? I'm Starving" Kate Said.

"No...You And Your Mom Messed Up My Hunt...Beside I Have Something Better You Might Love" I Said Getting Up.

"Really What Is It?" Kate Asked.

"Follow Me" I Said Walking To The Kitchen.

She Jumped Off The Couch And Followed Me As Told. I Knew She Couldn't Wait To See What I Was Talking About Because Her Tail Was Going Crazy. When We Made It In The Kitchen She Started Sniffing The Chair Then Started Biting The Leg, Making Me Laugh.

"You're Supposed To Sit In It Not Eat It" I Said.

"Ohh That Makes Sense" Kate Said Blushing Embarrassed Jumping In The Chair.

I Took Two Small Pieces Of Bbq Stakes Out The Oven And Put Them On A Plate. Then I Walked To Her Putting It On The Table, She Sniffed It And Took A Small Nibble. Her Eyes Widened And She Started Attacking Her Plate Finishing In Less Than A Minute.

"Wow...Do You Eat In Your Pack?" I Asked.

"Yeah But Not Much...It's Hard For My Mom And Dad To Hunt Food Because Humans Keep Killing Them All And Taking Them...Sometimes We Just Eat The Bones From Last Hunt" Kate Said Licking Her Plate.

"Really?...That's Horrible I Have To Warn People What They're Doing To Wolves Hunger" I Said.

"Can I Have More Please?" Kate Asked.

"Sure" I Said Taking Her Plate.

I Put A Little More On Her Plate Than Last Time To Make Sure She Gets Full. I Added The Mac N Cheese, And Mashed Potatoes Then Put The Plate On The Table In Front Of Her. She Didn't Question What Was The Other Food I Put On Her Plate And Started Eating. I Got A Plate Out The Dishwasher Serving Myself Some Food. Then I Reached In The Cabinet Grabbing A Glass Pouring Some Fruit Punch Minute Maid. I Sat Down Across From Her And She Saw A Lot Of Food On My Plate And Said.

"You're Going To Eat All That?" Kate Asked.

"Yep I Eat Like A Big Boy...And Somehow I Don't Gain Any Weight I Don't Know How" I Said Chuckling.

"You're Well Fit And Eating Like This?...How Is This Possible?" Kate Asked Admiring Me.

"Welcome To My World" I Said Chuckling.

Few Minutes Passed And We Both Finished. I Took Our Plates And Put Them In The Dishwasher Turning It On.

"Thanks For The Food That Was-"

She Let Out A Loud Burp Making Me Laugh. Kate Felt Like She Did Something Wrong And Put Her Ears Flat On Her Head Looking Down.

"Kate What's Wrong?" I Asked.

"I'm Sorry Please Don't Put Me In Timeout" Kate Said Sadly.

"It's Okay You Didn't Mean For That To Happen...And I Would Never Put You In Timeout...You're A Little Too Old For That" I Said.

"So You're Not Mad?" Kate Asked Looking Up.

"Of Course Not Why Would I?" I Said Eating.

"Because Mom And Dad Always Told Me It's Rude To Burp While Talking" Kate Said.

"Yeah Only If You Don't Say Excuse Me" I Said.

"That's The Words I Always Forget To Say" Kate Said.

"Me Too" I Said Laughing.

"I Won't Punish You For A Mistake Or Period Because I Have No Right To...So You Can Loosen Up A Little Your Parents Not Around...You Can Do Anything You Wouldn't Do Around Your Parent's...Including This" I Said Burping Loudly.

"Eww You're Gross" Kate Said Laughing.

"And That's Only Half Of Me" I Said Smiling.

She Smiled Back But Looked Away From Our Eye Contact Blushing And Said.

"Can You Walk Me To The Lake Or Stream?...I'm Kind Of Scared To Go Alone The Food Made Me Thirsty" Kate Asked.

"Or..." I Said Getting Up Taking A Big Bowl Out The Sink And Filled It With Cold Water From The Refrigerator And Putting The Bowl On The Floor.

"How's That?" I Asked Sitting Down.

She Jumped Off The Chair And Started Gulping The Cold Water Out The Bowl Decreasing Her Thirst. When She Finished She Looked At Me With A Big Smile.

"That's Actually Better Than The Lake...You Humans Are Living The Life" Kate Said.

"Yep And There's A Lot More That I Want You To Know About" I Said Chewing Food.

"Let's Go Then I Want To See More" Kate Said Tugging On My Pants Leg As Her Tail Wagged Rabidly

"Okay Okay I'm Coming" I Said Chuckling

"Hurry Up" Kate Said Impatiently.

I Showed Her My Room I'm In At The Moment, And She Loved The Bed. I Bet It Beats Cold Hard Den Floors Any Day. The Rest Of The Rv Was Really In The Open So There Wasn't Not Really Much To Show Just Tell. Kate Was A Fast Learner And Caught On To Everything Rather Quickly Than I Expected. I Didn't Mind It, Because It's The Less I Had To Talk And Explain About It. Last Things I Showed Her Was My Ps3, IPhone, IPad, And Ps Vita. She Liked The Ps Vita More Because Of The Call Of Duty Games I Had, And She Can Play It Easily Despite The Fact She Had Paws.

"Alright That's Pretty Much The Whole Rv And Everything I Have..." I Said Smiling.

"Human Stuff Are So Cool...I Wish I Can Live Like This Forever" Kate Said.

"Yeah I Do Too..." I Said.

It Was An Awkward Silence Until She Spoke Up.

Can I Go Outside I Have To...You Know" Kate Said.

"Oh Sure" I Said Walking To The Door Unlocking And Opening It.

She Trotted Out And Went To The Other Side Of The Rv To Do Her Business. I Didn't Feel Like Standing There Waiting Because Mosques Was Soon Going To Bite Me, I Just Cracked The Door So She Can Come Back In. I Went In The Living Room Sat On The Couch And Turned On My Ps3, Surfing Through Netflix Movies. I Saw A Movie Called Alpha And Omega And The Tan Like Wolf Looked Very Familiar. She Kind Of Looked Like Kate But An Older Version, I Wanted To Show Kate This But It Might Freak Her Out. Plus I Don't Know How Well She'll Take It Because I Never Seen It Before, Lord Knows What Will Happen. She Might Find A Mate In The Movie And Tell Her Parents About It, And The Last Thing I Need Is Me Getting Ripped To Shreds By Eve. Just Then Kate Came In And Jumped On The Couch, Making Me Quickly Changing It.

"Whatcha Doing?" Kate Asked Smiling.

"Im-Im On Netflix" I Said Nervous She Might Saw It.

"Oh Wait Don't Tell Me, Don't Tell Me...Its The One With The Movies Right?" Kate Asked.

"Bingo That's Right" I Said Smiling.

"Yes I Knew It" Kate Said Happily Giggling.

"Did You Know Or Guessed?" I Asked.

"Can I Say Both?" Kate Asked.

"No Why Would You Guess What You Already Know?" I Said Laughing.

"Actually Saying It...Kinda Makes It Make Sense...Sounds Like Something I Would Do" I Added Chuckling.

She Laughed And Said.

"I'll Say I Knew It...I Have Perfect Memory" Kate Said Giggling.

"Okay Then...Do You Remember What This Is?" I Said Pointing To Something.

She Thought For A Second And Said.

"A C-Cl-Clock?" Kate Said Trying To Pronounce It Right.

"Yep That's Right...What About What We're Sitting On?" I Asked.

"A Pouch?" Kate Asked.

"Its A Couch But That's Close Enough" I Said Chuckling.

"Dang It" Kate Said Upset.

"Haha Let's Just Try Something Different" I Said.

"Okay...This Is Kind Of Like I Spy But Better" Kate Said Cheerfully Wagging Her Tail.

"Wait You Played I Spy Before?" I Asked.

"Yeah My Best Friend Humphrey Taught Me...I Kind Of Miss Him..." Kate Said Sadly.

"Don't Worry I'll Bring You Back Tomorrow Morning" I Said Smiling.

She Smiled Too And Said.

"But I Don't Kind Of Want To Go Back I Want Him To Come Here To See All This Cool Stuff" Kate Said.

"Oh Yeah We Play Hide And Seek Too It's Really Fun...Have You Played It Before?" Kate Added.

"Yeah A Lot When I Was Younger...I Guess Wolves Do Have A Little Human Culture In Them" I Said Taking Out My Journal From Underneath The Couch Cushions And Writing In It.

"What's That?" Kate Asked.

"It's Called A Journal And I Write In It When I Learn Something New About Wolves So When I Look Back, I'll Know Pacificly What It Was" I Said Writing.

"I Also Draw In It Wanna See?" I Asked.

"Yeah" Kate Said Leading Over To Me.

I Showed Her All My Drawing And Most Of Them Was Wolves, She Liked All Of Them Because They Looked Exactly Like Her Kind.

"These Are Amazing They Look Just Like Us...'" Kate Said.

"I Told You I Love Wolves...I Have Nothing Against Them" I Said Turning To The Next Page.

"Who's That?" Kate Asked.

"Oh She's Uhh...That's Alex" I Said Blushing.

"Your Sister?" Kate Asked Looking At Me.

"No She's My Middle School Cru-..."

I Stopped Myself Before I Said Something Embarrassing. Leaving A Listening Kate With A Tilted Head And Perked Up Ears.

"Oh Uh...Yeah She's My Sister She Doesn't Live With Us Anymore She Stays With My Grandparents" I Lied.

"Oh...Well She's Very Beautiful" Kate Said.

"Just Like You" I Said Smiling Making Her Look Away Blushing.

I Put My Journal Back Under The Cushions And Played Walking Dead On Netflix. I Saw Her Watching It With Me And I'll Be A Bad Person If Didn't At Least Warned Her It Gets Scary At Times. I Paused It And Said.

"These Episodes Can Might Get A Little Scary And They're Fake So Don't Worry It Won't Really Happen...You Sure You Want To Watch This?" I Asked.

"Yeah...I'll Have You To Protect Me If It Really Does Happens" Kate Said Smiling.

"Really?...So You Trust Me?" I Asked.

"I've Been Trusted You Since You Didn't Shoot Me...Twice" Kate Said.

I Smiled And Said.

"If You Feel Uncomfortable With This At All Just Tell Me And I'll Change It To Something Else More Suitable For You" I Said.

She Only Nodded And I Started The Episodes With Her Watching. 12 Minutes Into An Episode I Can Feel Her Move Closer And Closer To Me As She Saw Zombies For The First Time. As The Episode Went On It Got To The Point Where She Was Leaning On My Arm To Cover Her Face To Not See Them Eating A Woman Alive As She Screamed For Help. There Also Was A Couple Of Jump Scares That Made Kate Squeezed My Arm Which I Kind Of Liked, Hoping There Was More. I Never Had A Girl Squeezed My Arm From Watching A Scary Movie With Me Before, And On Top Of Thats Its A Wolf. Couple Minutes Later, Suddenly A Loud Thunder Came From Outside Causing Her To Jump In My Lap Whimpering.

"Zach I'm Scared" Kate Said Holding On To Me.

I Stopped The Episodes And Looked At The Clock Which Says 11:11 Pm. I Turned Off The Tv Along With My Ps3, Which Made Her Hold On To Me Even Tighter Because It's Dark. I Clapped Two Times And The Night Light In The Outlet Turned On, Giving The Living Room A Little Light.

"Better?" I Said.

She Only Nodded And Another Loud Thunder Along With Rain Drops Occurred Outside. Making Her Squeeze Me Tighter As Her Claws Scratched Me A Little.

"Oww Kate Your Claws" I Said Painfully.

"S-Sorry" Kate Said.

"Let's Just Go To Sleep It'll Take Your Mind Off It" I Said And On Cue She Yawned.

I Picked Her Up And Walked To My Room Laying Her On My Bed As I Put A Nightlight In The Wall.

"There...Now It's Not Completely Dark" I Said Smiling At Her.

She Smiled Back Until Thunder Ruined Our Moment As Kate Quickly Move Underneath The Covers Slightly Whimpering. "I Hate To See Anyone Cry, And I Would Always Try To Make Them Feel Better By Taking Their Mind Off It By Making Them Laugh...But In This Situation It'll Be Hard" I Thought.

As She Was Underneath The Covers I Took Advantage Of This And Changed Into My Night Clothes Before She Looked Back Up. When I Finished I Laid Next To The Frightened And Shaking Kate Underneath Covers. I Took Some Of The Cover Off Of Her And Saw Tears On Her Face.

"Kate I Know Thunder Can Be Really Scary At Times Because I've Been Through The Same Problem Before...I Didn't Become Thunder Free Until I Was 11" I Said.

"What Made You Not Afraid?" Kate Asked.

"Well...I Just Thought On One Stormy Day...That Thunder Is Harmless It Really Doesn't Do Nothing But Scare You...In Other Words Its Like A Bully...When It's Sees You Sad And Hears You Crying That's Just Motivation For Thunder To Keep Going...I Went To The Window That Night And Yell I'm Not Afraid Of You And It Stopped...You Can Say It's All Apart Of Growing Up" I Said.

"And If You Ever Get Scared And Need Someone To Hug Or Rock You To Sleep I'm Right Here" I Added Smiling.

"Okay...Goodnight" Kate Said Laying Her Head Down On A Pillow.

"Night" I Said Turning Over To Give Her Space.

As The Thunder Kept Roaring And Rain Kept Pouring Through The Night, I Can Feel Movement Behind Me. I Rose Up Saw Kate Jumping On The Table To Look Out The Window.

"Kate, What Are You Doing?" I Asked.

She Didn't Respond And Kept Looking Out The Window As A Bright Flash Of Lightning Almost Blinded Me. For A Second The Brightness Of The Lightning Made Me Think I Was Dead, And How It Didn't Mess Up Kate's Vision. She Was Looking Directly At It, Which Scared Me.

"Kate Get Off Of That Before You Hurt!" I Shouted.

She Ignored Me And Continue Looking Out The Window. Just As I Was About To Get Up To Get Her She Yelled.

"IM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!" Kate Yelled.

"Kate Chill You're Going To Get Me In Trouble" I Said.


I Got Out Of Bed Turning On The Light And Walking To Her. Before I Picked Her Up The Rain And Thunder Suddenly Stopped. "Maybe That Do Work...I Just Made It Up To Get Her To Stop Crying..." I Thought.

She Looked At Me Smiling With A Wagging Tail And Said.

"You Was Right It Does Works" Kate Said Looking Back Out The Window To Get Met Up With Another Bright Flash Of Lightning.

She Screamed And Jumped On Me Causing Me To Fall With Her On Top Of Me. Our Eyes Made Contact With Each Other's And We Froze In An Long Romantic Gaze. Her Eyes Looked So Beautiful, Something In Them Told Me She Was Special And I'm Going To Be With Her Forever. I Felt Some Type Mental Shock As I Looked In Her Beautiful Golden Eyes, Telling Me Maybe I'm In Love...But Me And A Kate?...I Never Really Thought Of Kate As My Girlfriend Or Wife...She's More Like A Little Sister I Always Wanted...But We Wouldn't Last Long Anyway Because One Day She's Going To Want Pups And Our Chromosomes DNA Don't Mix Together...Am I Really Thinking Of Bestiality Right Now?...But As I Think About It I Can Always Take Her To The Vet For Sperm. Our Everlasting Gaze Was Destroyed When My Mom Came In.

"You Two Okay I Heard-...Woah Wrong Time?" Mom Asked.

Kate Quickly Got Off Of Me Blushing Cherry Red Trying To Hide It.

"No We Uhh...Was...Playing Twister Right Kate?" I Said Nervously Winking.

"Uhh...Right We Were...Wait What's Twister?" Kate Asked.

I Face Palmed My Face And Got Up Getting Back In My Bed.

"We're Fine Mom Kate Just Fell And I Cushioned Her Fall That's All" I Said.

"See That's All You Had To Tell Me Instead Of Making Things Weird..." Mom Said.

"Well I'm A Very Weird Boy...I Get It From My Dad" I Said.

"Your Sure Right...And Stop Playing Twister In Here And Go To Sleep" Mom Said Winking.

"No Its Not Like-"

I Was Cut Off As She Turned Off The Lights And Closed The Door. Kate Jumped On The Bed Walked Towards Me Then Licked My Cheek. I Looked At Her Puzzled And Said.

"What Was That For?" I Said.

"For Breaking My Fall" Kate Said Smiling Then Kissed My Cheek This Time.

"And That's For Helping Me With My Fear...Now Because Of You I'm Not Scared Anymore" Kate Said.

"I'm Glad I Helped You With Phobia...Maybe In The Future When You Have Pups You Can Tell Them If They're Scared" I Said Smiling.

"I'll Keep That In Mind...Goodnight Zach See You In The Morning" Kate Said Sleepily.

"Night" I Said Turning Over.

I Dozed Off Into Slumber As I Dreamt Of Me And Kate Possibly Be Together...But I Know That Wouldn't Happen Because She'll Probably Miss Her Family, And We Can't Afford Going Back And Forward. So I Think It's Best If She Stays Here With This Humphrey Guy Her Original Soul Mate.