20 October 2017

And here we have our very very final chapter.

That was a long break. And this sounds too casual to be an apology. I feel like apologising would still feel too insincere, so I'll go ahead and tell you that even though I wrote these chapters over the course of a few months (six?) the main reason I couldn't update was because of some complicated situation in the house. It's nothing big or bad, but it's pretty much a nuisance. The long and short of it is that I need a new PC.

I can't remember if this ending was what I planned from the start of if it's something I just decided midway, but I planned it sometime anyway. I've said it before but I write my stories pretty much on a whim; most of the time I have some sort of ending in mind, albeit unclear. Basically, I know my starting and my ending and bullcrap my way through the middle.

Also, I got a lot of questions like, "Why is Kirby such an idiot?" or things like, "I don't really like that Kirby's so oblivious here." ...Well, if you see any of his character traits repeatedly being emphasised, I probably didn't do it without reason. And neither did Kirby. Isn't it harder if you don't get what you need upfront? —I could write a script about it, but I think that would ruin it.

The main focus of the story was Kirby, so I'll admit Band-Aid, Dedede, and Meta were all pretty half-baked. That's a flaw, though I can't say I don't like how they turned out. Bandy's inconsistent personality has a reason of its own, but…

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Moving on; for those curious about the statuses of everything else, I'm working on a weirder Kirby fic (that isn't comedy-based) which may never even be published, and I look at LTtR and the Minion project and I want to die, so I doubt there will be any quick progress on those. I'll be shocked if anyone still keeps those up to date, but you know, even a terrorist has their supporters.

50: Saving

of several, several different worlds, even the ones that kidnapped him, but it's still fine because it's still a world to save.

It was hard to approach the knight. Dedede had reassured himself countless times over that only Kirby was insane enough to talk to a fifty-foot tall spider and that thinking that it was hard to talk to someone was a natural, completely normal feeling. So he bumbled over and blurted out the stupidest sounding "Hey." he'd ever heard in his entire life.

Meta Knight's chin immediately jerked upwards, golden eyes sharpening. "Did Kirby ask you to talk to me?"

And with that, all eighteen scenarios Dedede had thought up and planned for in his head shattered. "Er… na—nah, he didn't. He was just… getting annoying, so I left."

For the longest five seconds, Meta Knight didn't react. And then he said, "Oh."

And then it occurred to Dedede they were both horribly awkward at interacting, felt a little relieved, and then felt a little admiration for how easily Kirby could weave his conversations.

"Why'd y'come? I thought you'd be able to run away from him," Dedede started, joining Meta Knight in sitting on the grassy slope next to the dirt footpath.

Meta Knight scooted away and didn't try to hide it. "That is because I owe him a lot. And he has never taken such drastic actions without a solid reason. And that is why, even though it irks me, I have chosen not to attempt any of the fifty-three viable escape routes there are right now."

Dedede blinked. "...Inviting people to picnics ain't 'drastic actions', y'know."

Meta Knight shot Dedede an incredulous look. "They are. What type of species would go out of their way to socia—" He coughed, definitely on purpose, paused for a while before returning to reading his book. Dedede figured he wouldn't get anything else much out of him, so he glanced over at where Kirby and Bandana Dee were.

His minion had carefully set two strawberry shortcakes on disposable plates that were far too small for comfort, and Kirby was staring at the sky distractedly when there was nothing in the sky to even get distracted by. Bandana Dee waved his hand, and Dedede got up to head over and let Meta Knight bask in his lack of social skills.

"What happened to this idiot?" Dedede angled his chin in Kirby's direction. "Food coma?"

"I don't know, he suddenly stopped harassing me and—whoa!"

Kirby suddenly slithered over and gripped the plate closer to Dedede, jumping to his feet and cackling. "Stopped? Harassing? I will never stop harassing people! Catch me if you can't, overgrown roly-poly!"

Dedede's instincts bolted into offensive. "Give that back, ya shrimp!" And then he rolled down the slope and darted after Kirby's tracks.

"W-Wait, Great King, it's all right—you can just have mine—" Bandana Dee blurted, found himself ignored, then jumped off the mat and sprinted after them.

Meta Knight watched them all fly past, Kirby with the balance of the beast and keeping the cake on, and inched closer to the rock behind him.

The ground before Kirby abruptly turned dark like it'd been sloshed with water. Kirby screeched to a halt, eyes shooting up to the sky. Dedede rammed head-first into Kirby's back, and the cake splattered all over the ground in creamy, crumbly bits, but Kirby's hands only dropped to his side.

From behind, he heard Bandana Dee say, "What's that?"

A ship tore out from the blue sky, tilted groundwards.

"A UFO," Kirby replied, mystified. "I've never seen one before." (He pretended he didn't remember he had become one a few times.)

"It's not a UFO if it's a flying ship, y'idiot."

The rip in the sky, outer space behind it, began to sew itself up. The ship began its descent, fire licking at its deck.

"It's going to explode!" Kirby hooted, jumped, turning the other way and running after the blue ship. "I wanna see it! Come on, Meta Knight, let's go! Let's go, let's go!"

In his simplicity, Dedede was already hot on Kirby's heels. "I'll be the first to see it! Move aside!"

"W—Wait, why do you want to go to where a ship is exploding..?" Bandana Dee mumbled, fumbling after his king with feet turned inwards.

And so, dragging Meta Knight on the ground behind him, Kirby set out to save Dream Land for about the fiftieth time.