Just a quick announcement for everyone, i've started uploading Broken Angel over on Wattpad, and i'll be uploading onto Royal road as well, just in case anyone enjoys that format more. Also i will be updating the story as i transfer things over to that sight. I will continue to primarily upload on Fanfiction, though i wanted to give a few other sights a try, so for those who use Wattpad, i just wanted you to know it's there, and that it's me doing the uploading. Also as i mentioned, i will be updating Broken Angel as i move it over to Wattpad, i will also be updating the chapters here on Fanfiction as i go through this process, so some of you who like to reread the story may notice a few elements have been altered, expanded, greater detail has been added, and i may even add more in terms of violence, gore, character motivation, and the like. So you may notice that start happening over the course of this story. i'll still be updating the sequel and working on my other story Darkness Reborn, but i wanted you all to know what was going on with Broken Angel, I'm cleaning it up, and putting a nice coat of polish on this baby, if i place any major changes into the original, just to make the overall story better, i will place notes of those changes here, so you'll know at a glance if anything major may have happened. i wont change anything that'll fundamentally alter the story as it is now, but i will add or remove things that either didn't pan out, i forgot about, or things that needed expanding, so that's what's happened at the moment.

And if anyone has any suggestions on other locations i could upload this story, feel free to let me know, since i'm going through the trouble of improving it, i may as well introduce it to a new audience as well. anyway, see you all in the next update of Broken Angel: Rising Demon, i hope to have it up by the 12th of june at the latest. see ya then!

On Wattpad and Royal Road you can find me under ILikeFear1-2