Our story start in a galaxy far, far away after negotiations between the Trade Federation goes bad, we find our two Jedi Qui Gon Jinn and Young Obi Wan Kenobi on a blockade ships loading bay and see countless battle droids ready for an invasion.

"We got to warn Naboo and contact the Chancellor" Qui Gon says "Lets split up and stow away on separate ships and meet down at the planet."

"You right about one thing master" Obi Wan says as Qui Gon turns to look at him "The negotiations were short." He finishes trying to light up the mood

Meanwhile in Arendelle it has been a year since the great frost and everything and everyone was fine. We find Queen Elsa in her blue dress in the garden in her castle looking at flowers; she could see they were blossoming. She takes a deep breath tired from all the paperwork she had to do; she finds a place to sit near a tree in the shade. She looks at the sky and sees it's a beautiful sunny day and then out her train of thought she hears Anna and Kristoff laughing and having a good time with each other's company. Elsa smiled at this happy to see her sister is taking the time to know someone instead of jumping to marriage right away. Kristoff goes back inside the castle; Anna goes to find Elsa at the tree.

"Good morning Elsa!" Anna yells happily running up to her

"Good morning Anna." Elsa replies as Anna sits next to her "So where's Kristoff off to?" Elsa asks

"He went to go visit the rock trolls" Anna replied

"That's good" Elsa says

"Come Elsa lets go into town and find you one!" Anna said excitedly grabbing Elsa by the arm and trying to move her from her spot.

"Find me what?" Elsa asked confused by what her sister meant.

"To find you a boyfriend of course come on!" Anna said happily

"Wait Anna!" Elsa shouts this makes Anna let go of her arm. "I have told you countless times I am not ready for a boyfriend yet." Says standing up

"Oh come on Elsa! You need someone to give happiness and help you to rule Arendelle and plus you look sad when you are alone…" Anna said looking at the ground. Elsa let out a sign but an idea popped in her head, she looks at Anna who was still looking at the ground.

"Ok you win." Elsa said playing a part. This causes Anna to look at her

"If you can find a man that can do things that no other man can do I will reconsider." Elsa says giving her sister a challenge look. This surprised Anna and also made her excited.

"Like what though!?" Anna asked excitedly.

"Well he has to be able to jump really high and could run really fast and-"

"Is really handsome!" Anna interrupts.

"Yes…" Elsa replied after that she was gone. Elsa giggled at this "That'll keep her out of my hair for a long time." She says. She walks around once more and headed back to back to the castle. As she was heading back to her office she was stopped by Kai her servant

"Excuse me my lady a letter came in for you by the Trade Federation…again." He said giving her the letter. She lets out a sign "I have told them a hundred times no." taking the letter from him.

"Is there something troubling you my lady?" Kai asks out of concern

"It seems that this Trade Federation wants to use my powers as a weapon, I have told them countless times no but they are very persistent." Elsa says a little annoyed

"Would you like me to tell the person that delivers their letters to stop…he kinda gives me the shivers." He says. This made Elsa giggle "Really? What did he look like?" She asks

"Well he wore a black cloak with a hood so I really didn't get a good look at his face and hardly says a word" Kai says

"Well if you can let him know we are no longer accepting their letters." She says

"It shell be done." Kai says with a bow and leaves.

As Elsa enters her office and shuts the door behind her, she opens the letter and starts to read it, as she reads her eyes widened in fear she drops the letter and looks out her window and sees the town's people living their daily lives. She looks at her hands and then looks up sky through her widow.

"They are going to invade Arendelle…" she whispers to herself.

Meanwhile after the Trade Federation landed on earth, Qui Gon was barely able to sneak out of the ship unseen and makes his way into the forest. After makes it into the deepest part of the forest he runs into a…strange creature in his eyes.

"HI! I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs" Olaf says hugging Qui Gon's leg

"I'm sorry…Olaf I don't have time. Can you tell me-" Before he could finish he sees Obi Wan running from two droids on speeders, Qui Gon activates his lightsaber.

"Get down!" Qui Gon shouts knocking Olaf to the ground, deflecting their blasters back to them destroying them. Qui Gon deactivates his saber and put it away.

"Oh wow cool! What was that glowing light!?" Olaf asks amazed as he gets back up.

"What's this?" Obi Wan asks looking at Olaf a little freaked out.

"Hi! I'm Olaf and I-"

"A local" Qui Gon interrupts "Let's get out of here before more droids show up."

"Oh you guys should go to Arendelle!" Olaf says

"Arendelle?" Obi Wan asks

"Yeah it's a kingdom ruled by the most beautiful Queen named Elsa!" Olaf says happily

"So that's it…the Trade Federation tried to lead us on a wild goose chase by having us believe they were going to invade Naboo." Qui Gon says to Obi Wan.

He turns to look down at Olaf.

"Can you take us to this Queen?" Qui Gon asked

"Yeah follow me!" Olaf says happily leading them "I'll introduce you to her and her sister!" He says as the two Jedi follow

"I got a bad feeling about this." Obi Wan says

"You sense it to?" His master asked

"It doesn't seem like a force sensitive" Obi Wan says "What do think it could be master?"

"I have a feeling we're about to find out my young apprentice" Qui Gon repiled