"I know you hate it, but I do it in the best way." -Immortals

"Pull the blackout curtains down" -Immortals

Chapter 1

Erika zoomed over the New York bay at midnight, skimming the water with her fingers. Her wings pumped, her tail turned, and she did a 180 degree flip around. "YES!" she yelled. Then she flew up, tucked in her wings, and fell. "WOOOOOOOO!" She pulled up at the last instant, causing the water to spray upward. She grinned, and then headed home to the abandoned warehouse. She swung open the door, and walked to her stone slab. She grinned again, and caused hot plasma to heat the stone, then curled up on it. Her wins were tucked to her sides, and her tail was curled around her. She sighed happilly and slept. That was the last happy sleep for about two days.

The next morning, Erika stretched her wings and tail. Then she put on a hoodie, after folding her wings to her body as tightly as she could. She always had to cut holes in her shirts and pants for her wing and tail, but today, she just wore a hoodie over the slitted shirt and curled her tail around her body. Then she snuck out to get breakfast. She walked along the boardwalk, and she saw the avengers- unsuited- walking along, laughing and chatting. She quickly pulled her hood lower, and ducked her head, praying they wouldn't see her eyes.

Black Widow narrowed her eyes as the black-haired girl pulled her hood lower and ducked her head. As the girl passed, she nudged Iron Man. "See that girl? She must be hiding something. See how she's walking? Everyone else would be swarming us!"

Captain America nodded. "I aggree with Natasha. Let's follow her."

The team got ready to suit up, and snuck behind her. Suddenly, the girl whirled around. "Why are you following me?" she hissed.

Taken aback on how fast the girl had noticed them following her, Iron Man jumped. Thor snickered. The girl scowled. Hulk noticed she had the hood pulled so low, he couldn't see her eyes or nose.. "Show your face!"

She smirked. "Why should I?" she asked evenly.

Black Widow had snuck to the girl's back, and, with lightning speed, reached out to pull down the hood. But her hands met empty air! She glanced down, and saw the girl had ducked. Black Widow stared in shock, then circled back to the group. The girl stood up, pulling down the hood that had come up so they could see the tip of her nose clearly.

Hawkeye drew a shock arrow, and pointed it at her. Thor readied his hammer. Hulk got angry. Black Widow drew her guns. Falcon got his lazer wings out. Iron Man suited up. "Pull. Down. The. Hood." said Iron Man.

The girl huffed, but nonetheless reached up and slowly pushed the hood back, revealing raven black hair- and luminous green dragon eyes. Then she bit her lip and unzipped the rest of the hoodie. There was a collective gasp as her tail unwound from her stomach and flopped down, and another when she threw down the hoodie, revealing her wings. She spread them. "Yes, I'm half dragon. I call myself the Nightfury. And no, I'm not here to kill anyone or explode stuff. I'm just an orphan freak living alone on the streets."

Iron Man readied a blast. "Well, why don't we take you home, then?"

She smirked, her pupils narrowing. "I'm not stupid, Iron Man. Leave me alone."

"No. Your'e coming with us."

She frowned. "Sorry. No can do." then she leapt into the air, spreading her wings and taking off.

She pumped her black gossamer wings and sped into the skies. She heard Iron Man's blasts coming, and rolled out of the way, giving a surprized shout as Falcon was right in front of her. She barely managed to swerve, and Falcon groaned in pain as her tail whacked him in the side of the head. "Sorry, sorry!" she said. Then she stiffened. "I mean, ha!" she said halfhartedly.

An arrow from Hawkeye barely missed her tailfin, but the explosion it gave a second later was enough to send her out of control for an instant. In that instant, Iron Man zoomed up beside her. She suddenly had a VERY crazy idea. She smirked at him, and flew straight up until the air was thin, and it was suffocating her. Then she tucked her wings in, and flipped backwards, curving over Iron Man- and DIVED! She tucked in her wings, lowered her head, straightened her tail, arms, and legs, and yelled in exitement. "WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!" she screamed in delight as the ocean sped toward her, spinning crazily. She heard Iron Man's grunt of surprize as she yelled. Then, at the LAST INSTANT, she snapped her wings and tailfins open, and poured on the speed, causing gysers of warer around her. Iron Man was struggling to keep up now. She smirked. Let's make this even harder.

Then she flipped around, blowing a plazma blast at Thor's face. He blocked it with his hammer. Then she dove under the water, knowing full well how dagerous it was, but managed to get out behind him, and speed toward the cities. "Almost there, almost there!" she mutttered, pumping her wings as fast as she possibly could. "Oh no," she sighed as Cap's sheild came hurtling at her. She tried to swerve, but it hit her wing, and bounced off, hitting her in the ribs. "What was that for?!" Erika yelled, ignoring the pain and diving out of the way of Hulk, who had leapt into the air and was trying to smash her.

He missed, and crashed into the ocean. Erika was already being pursued by Iron Man, Thor, and Falcon in the air, while Cap and the rest were on the ground. She dodged a blast from Iron Man and rolled in the way of Falcon. He swiped at her, but she shatttered his attack with a plasma blast. "Sorry, not palnning on getting confined today!" she chirped as she dive-bombed Hawkeye. She seized his shoulders and jackknifed into the air, then dropped him, catching him on her back a moment later. He yelped as she rolled under an incoming Thor.

"What are you doing, you crazy reptile?!" he yelled, hanging on to a spine.

"Half reptile."

"Whatever. Get me down."

"Aren't you interested at all?" she asked, swerving around a skyscraper.

"Not really. Being on some crazy radioactive dragon girl is NOT something I planned on today."

Erika huffed, doing a barrel roll around Iron Man, infuiriating him. "Fine." she said. Then she flipped him onto Iron Man. They both yelped as they crashed into a wall.

"You were planning that!" yelled Hawkeye.

As she flew past again, Falcon in hot pursuit, she winked at him. "Yup."

He rolled his eyes.

Falcon zoomed past her, trying to swipe at her with his lazer wings, but she whacked him in his sore spot with her tail- again. "Ouch!" he yelled.

She leaned closer, hovering in place, legs dangling with her tail. "And that time, it was on purpose." she purred. Then she grabbed his legs and tossed him into an incoming Thor.

"Stop in the name of Asgard!" bellowed Thor. She rolled her eyes.

"Why should I when all I'm gonna be is a test subject for mr. crazy scientist over there? Dragons, even half dragons can't be confined for long, or we will DIE!" She screeched the word DIE in an unearthly dragon cry. Then she turned and grabbed Cap's sheild out of his hands. "I'll take that!" she cried as she snatched it, but he grabbed the edge and hung on for dear life.

"LET GO!" he yelled.

She looked at him. "Do you really want me to let go?"

Cap looked down. He was nearly 200 feet in the air already. He grabbed the sheild tighter. "No."

She rolled her eyes moodily. "Thought so." Then she dived. The sudden momentum flung him off of the shield, and he was freefalling. He heard her gasp and felt hands on his shoulders, digging into the fabric. Then he was jerked upward. He glanced down to see her under him, still clutching his sheild. He landed on her back.

He let out a breath shakily, and then remembered she was the ENEMY. Right? But she reached up, pulled him off, and deposited him on top of Iron Man and Hawkeye. They all landed in a tangled mess. She tossed his sheild in front of him, and flew away with Black Widow hanging to her tail. She yelped, trying to avoid a building. "Black Widow! Get off my tail!"


"My tail is for steering! Get off or I'll crash into that skyscraper!" she cried, panicky.

Black Widow decided that if her tail was for steering, she could use that. So, hanging on to it, she yanked it to the left. Erika, or Nightfury, as she knew the girl, turned left. Black Widow controlled her steering all the way back to the rest of the team- until Erika snapped her tail like a whip, and Black Widow was spun through the air into a half-crazed Hulk.

Meanwhile, Spider-man was helping untangle Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Captain America. "Web slinger! We could use your help. This dragon kid-she calls herself Nightfury-needs aprehended." said Cap.

Spider-man saluted Cap and darted off, swinging from web to web. "Hey, what was your name again? Night Attitude?" asked Spider-man, coming up beside her. She growled at him.

Spider-man continued. "Ya know, being a dragon seems to make you grumpy."

She smacked him with her tail, and swerved an attack from Thor.

"See? That proves my point!"

Finally she shot back with some of her own sarcasm. "Hmmm. Bugs are soooo annoying."


She smirked at him, siezing him by the ankles and dangling him as she flew. "Really? Because you won't shut up- kinda like a mosquito."

He growled in rage. No one had EVER out-sarcasmed him. "I am NOT a mosqito." then he tried to get out of her grip- she let go. Then he was on her back, hanging on for dear life as she barrel rolled under Iron Man.

"Seriously, Iron Man, you need to brush up on your speed!" she laughed, smacking him on the head as she zoomed above him in the opposite direction.

Spider-man leapt off of her back, and managed to swing again. "What's the matter, don't you like my flying?" she pouted as she dodged a web.

"No, it's just that getting eaten is not one of my top priorities today..."

"I DON"T EAT PEOPLE!" she screeched, dragon-like. "I EAT FISH!" suddenly, Cap's sheild hit her from behind, knocking her unconsious almost immeadiately. She fell through the sky facing up, wings and tail fluttering around her. Spidey caught her with a web and Iron Man took her to the Avengers Tower, Spider-man trailing behind.