Prologue: A Bored God

The Juubi was bored. He had been alive for millennia, in the Elemental Nations, survived thousands of attempts to kill him and his mortal incarnation, and seen the supposed apocalypse. Twice.

Now, he was bored as hell. He had mastered all his powers, learned of three other paths, controlling space, time, and chakra itself, and there was nothing left. Seriously, he was about ready to destroy this world, hell, this dimension, just for kicks!

Sighing, he withdrew into his mindscape, no longer the shitty sewer it had been when he considered himself a human. Now it was an open field, sun shining, and in the distance, giant statues of each of the Bijuu. It was here that he could truly think in peace, without the feeling of the pitiful Ningen drawing on his chakra. Damn humans, they thought it was THEIR chakra. Ha! His past incarnation had given it to them with the Shinju, and it was high time he took it back!

Mind made up, he vanished from the mindscape.

He stood up from where he was sitting, on the top of the statue of the Yondaime Hokage, the face preserved by a barrier he created. "Chakra Path: Kantaku!" he said softly, feeling his chakra spread from him like a wave, covering the entire world in it's power.

Slowly he watched as all over the world the people that had taken his power for granted, lamented as it was taken back from them. Some kept it, those that were descended from his best friend, Gaara, and those descended from his Godmother, Senju Tsunade. They would be the new leaders, the beginning of a new age.

As he finished, he smiled, the first real smile since becoming the Juubi. "Goodbye, Konoha. Goodbye everybody. I won't forget you, no matter where I end up. I swear on my Nindo. Sayonara!"

With that, his Juubigan flashed, and he swung his hand down. Following it's swing, a black line appeared, widening into a swirling portal, to another realm. Where it lead was unknown, and what he'd find was questionable. But, he was a Primordial God, what was there to fear?

He stepped through the portal, appearing in a blank place. His eyes widened as he took in the occupants of said void, a truly gigantic red dragon, and a small, loli girl, both giving off about as much power as the Kyuubi.

"Who are you, Ningen? How have you come to the Gap?" the giant dragon growled.

His only response was laughter, the Juubi was doubled over, sides heaving.

"ANSWER ME!" the dragon roared, shaking the ground and sky with his words.

"Ooh, Ooh! I think I can do that too!" the Juubi said excitedly. He took a deep breath, "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS YOU GIGANTIC LIZARDMAN!"

The dragon's face grew confused, or as confused as a snout can get. "What are you?" it asked again, "Answer or I will destroy your s hell and cast your soul into the abyss!"

Juubi looked at him coldly as he grew annoyed, the dragon flinching as it saw his Juubigan, and spoke, "I do not answer to a pitiful demi-titan. If you wish to fight me, come, I will grant you death. You will get nothing from me with demands."

His power flared, the full power of the Juubi No Kijin, the Ten Tailed Demon God. The void began to shake, as his power started to tear rifts in the very fabric of the universe, until the dragon shouted, "Enough! Stop! Please!"

The Juubi reined in his powers and smiled coldly, "Now, will you continue to be defiant, or will you work WITH me?"

The loli-girl bowed to him, "What is your name, my lord?" she asked, sweat visible on her pale skin. She had power near that of the dragon, but his power dwarfed both of them. Hell, it dwarfed the Apocalypse Dragon. She was known to be stoic, but this much power scared even Ophis, the Ouroboros Dragon.

Her rival, Great Red, bowed too, "My apologies. I was unaware that we were in the presence of a Primordial. I had been under the impression that none were left."

The Juubi nodded, "I understand. Who are you? What are your names, and where are we?"

"I am Ophis, the Ouroboros Dragon, and this is Great Red, my counterpart. We are in the Dimension Gap, the space between every dimension, from which we can access any dimension." Ophis said quickly, "What are your intentions, my lord?" Ophis asked.

"Maa, maa… Don't talk to me like I'm some king. As long as you don't insult me, I don't really care how you talk to me. In fact, I'd prefer it if you didn't talk with such respect. I'm unused to it." the Juubi said, sweatdropping at the tone. "Anyway, I just want to go somewhere interesting. I've been bored for a while, and wanted to do something FUN. Go undercover in some world and just mess with everyone."

Both of the dragons sweatdropped at the statement. A being of infinite power, able to destroy every dimension if it so wished, wanted to go to a random realm and fuck around? The hell?

"Well…" Ophis mused, "There is one realm. It is inhabited by various supernatural beings as well as humans. If I may?" she asked, extending a hand.

The Juubi nodded, understanding what she wanted, and grabbing her hand.

A mental link formed, sending information down it instantly, downloading knowledge about the realm straight into his brain.

"Hmm…" the Juubi mused, "It seems interesting. Devils, Angels, Fallen, Yokai, and various other pantheons… I'll take it! My powers aren't very suited for dimensional travel, however. Would one of you do me a favor and open a portal?"

Ophis bowed quickly, "Yes!" She snapped, and a black rift like the one he had arrived from appeared in midair.

The Juubi smiled at her, causing her heart to fluctuate and her cheeks to heat up, "Thank you my dear Ophis-chan. Stop by at any time, I would like to get to know you two. Beings of your level are hard to find."

With that, his powers seemed to vanish, as he suppressed them down to nothing, stepping through the rift, wholly unaware of the effect he had on Ophis. Admittedly she was neither gender, but something about him, both his appearance and power, made her want to submit to him, to stay with him. 'I'll just have to wait to see what happens… He never did tell me his name...'

Great Red sighed, "Looks like we will have to put our struggle over the gap on hold, hmm Ophis? Things just got much more interesting."

"Indeed. Much Much Much more interesting…"

The Juubi emerged in a Japanese town, wearing the uniform of a schoolkid. His form was still in the early teens, maybe fourteen or so, and he rather liked the appearance. Plus, he could sense other supernatural beings at the school, Ophis had made sure to give him that information.

Smiling he walked in, entering the office without a care, his mental powers manipulating the minds of the Office staff to make them believe he was a transfer student, and to assign him to the class that the Devil was in.

As one of the office aides led him to the classroom, he smiled, 'Things just got much more interesting…'

"Hello class, today we have a new Transfer Student," the teacher announced to her class. Everyone perked up at this, the boys all wishing for a girl and vice-versa.

The door opened, revealing a fourteen year old boy with spiky blond hair with red tips, whisker-like marks on his cheeks and bright blue eyes, a wide smile and aura of happiness. He bowed to the class, "Hello, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, please take good care of me!"