Chapter 1: Fallen

The class was buzzing as it ended for lunch. The new student was the topic of discussion, during the FIRST class he had attended, he had practically blown everyone away with intelligence. He had answered every question asked instantly, without even looking up from where he seemed to be taking a nap. He had caught and returned the whiteboard eraser, much to the teacher's surprise, and was unfailingly polite. During lunch, he sat alone, talking politely to those that talked to him, but mostly staying away from them. He calmly deflected any questions about himself so skillfully most didn't notice the deflection, although there were a few exceptions.

"So, what's with the new guy?" Akeno asked her King, curious.

"I'm unsure. He seems to be human, and I can't detect any power from him, but he called me little devil, though claimed it was due to my hair color." Rias Gremory said, when they were in their club room. "He's obviously trained in physical combat, the way he moved proves that, and he's obviously intelligent. Plus it doesn't hurt that he resembles a cute fox."

Akeno laughed, "Fufufufufu… I might have to play with him one of these days. You know, buchou, he called me "little angel," though said it was because I was "cute." I don't know whether it was luck or not…"

"Did he call any of you anything?" Rias asked her peerage, looking for more clues about this new enigma.

"He called me little knight." Kiba said, blushing, "It was embarrassing. We're older than him, why is he looking down at us?"

"He called me little dragon." Issei said, "but said that it was just because he liked me, and he liked dragons, so he grouped them. I call bullshit."

"How about you Koneko?" Rias asked her unresponsive rook, who had a fierce blush.

"...Little kitty." she muttered, "And little neko."

Rias frowned, "Either he's got more luck than someone using a pair of loaded dice, or he knows. Kiba, bring him here after school. I'm going to find out what he knows."

"Hai Buchou!" Kiba said, "And if he doesn't want to come?"

"Just bring him. However you have to. If he doesn't know anything, I'll just remove the memory. Maybe I'll make him a devil… I still have my other knight." Rias mused.


"Hello, Uzumaki-san? My buchou would like to speak with you." Kiba said to Naruto on his way out of school.

"Um… Alright." Naruto said, faking confusion. Time to play a few mind games.

He followed Kiba into the club building, internally facepalming that the school had a whole building for one club. How the hell did they manage that? Or was this human race just that stupid and unobservant?

As they entered the club room, he frowned. He could see the lines of energy connecting each of the devils to Rias Gremory, but also one other line leading away from there, down into the floor.

"Hello, Uzumaki-san. I had a few questions I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind." Rias said, offering him some tea. He could tell from her thoughts that it was laced with a truth serum.

He smiled benignly, taking the cup and drinking it all down. His body wasn't like a human's. The truth serum would do nothing at all.

"So, Uzumaki-san, how was your first day?" Rias asked.

"It was interesting." Naruto replied, "I didn't expect to meet anyone like you here."

She tensed subtlely, "Like me? What do you mean?"

"Oh, someone so beautiful. My mother had red hair that exact shade. My father was a blonde though, I think I got a swirl. I hope you weren't offended by calling you little devil. My friend called redheads "Beautiful devils" so I merely spoke without thinking." he rambled.

Rias relaxed, "Oh. Do you know what we are?"

"The Occult Research Club?" he faked confusion again. "I don't understand."

"Hmm. Do you believe in the supernatural?" Akeno said suddenly.

"Yes." he answered truthfully.

"Do you believe in devils? Angels? Gregori? Yokai?" she fired off quickly, "Dragons?"

"Um. Yes, yes, yes, intimately, without a doubt in that order." Naruto replied.

"Alright." Rias said, coming to a decision, "I think I'll take you then. So, Uzumaki-san, what would you say if I told you we were all devils?"

"I'd say that hell's standards have fallen if you took perv-boy over there." he quipped. Issei blushed red and was about to reply but was silenced by Rias.

"Well, we are. I am Rias Gremory, of House Gremory, one of the seventy two pillars of hell. And I want you to join my peerage." Rias confessed.

"Huh." he said softly, "Sorry, but I can't become a devil."

"The problem with that choice is that I can't let you remember about us if you choose not to join me, so you can either join or I can wipe your memories of this event." Rias said, pulling out her trump card.

"Heh… I didn't say I wouldn't become a devil, I said COULDN'T. To hell with it, I'm too impatient to play a waiting game. I know what all of you are, I know everything about you. Hell, I know you better than the other people here," Naruto said, giving up his attempts to stay hidden, "I would be honored to join your peerage, but I can't become a devil."

"Uuh…" This time it was Rias who was struck with confusion, "What do you mean better than eachother? What you mean you can't become a devil?"

"I can read minds. I know every little thing about each of you, down to your basest desires, dreams, wishes, and memories. As for the second question, guess. I'll give you a hint, I'm the last one," Naruto said enigmatically.

Everyone paled at the mind-reading idea. Well, aside from Issei, who was perving out on what he could do with the power to read minds. Currently he was stuck over reading memories of (Censored due to not wanting my story removed.).

"What do you mean the last one?" Akeno asked.

Naruto smiled. "Three guesses. I'll give you one more hint. I am infinite and unending, godly and yet a man, my wrath is legion, my friendship the best shield. The last of my kind died millenia ago, and I come from another dimension. Guesses?"

"Umm. A god?" Akeno asked.


"A dragon like Great Red?" Kiba asked.


"..." Koneko was gaping at him, the others turning to her as they followed his gaze.

"You're right Koneko."

"What is it? What is he?" Rias asked her rook.

"...Primordial…" the nekoshou whispered softly in awe.

"Ding ding ding! We have a winner!" Naruto laughed.

His power suddenly skyrocketed, seals appearing around the room as everyone inside vanished in a flash.

Rias and her peerage were understandably surprised when they teleported. All around them was grey stone.

"Look up." Naruto suggested softly.

They did, and gaped as they saw the earth hanging in the sky like a giant fruit ready to be picked.

"I am the Juubi no Kijin, the ten tailed demon god, the last primordial. Actually, I was originally a mortal human, but ascended due to a few demons, a demigod, a goddess, and a war. We are currently on the moon, protected by my powers. You are the first hum-devils to see the earth from here without a spacesuit." Naruto said proudly.

"..." The whole group gaped at him. A Primordial. What the hell was he doing here? Why was he on earth? Did he want to destroy them?

"I came to relieve my boredom, same answer, and no, that would ruin my fun." Naruto said suddenly, "And you need to remember, I can read minds. Akeno, I would really appreciate you stopping those thoughts about me. I'm not M."

Akeno blushed. BLUSHED. The group turned their gapes from Naruto to her, amazed that she even HAD the ability to blush.

"So, shall we return?" Naruto asked.

"...Yes…" Rias said, and in a flash they were back in the club room.

"Ah, Rias, in response to your thoughts, yes I could do that to get you out of it, but I won't. I won't take that from you. Though if you want, I could end up challenging for you." Naruto said.

"You… you'd do that for me?" Rias said, voice trembling. The upcoming engagement with Riser was on her mind all the time, and this would be a golden opportunity!

"Yes. But I have three conditions. Firstly, you don't tell anyone what I am, or why I've come, and that goes for your peerage too. Secondly, you let me fight him and his peerage alone. Oh, and finally, you get me a set of evil pieces so I can make my own version. Deal?" Naruto said, eyebrow raised.

"...DEAL!" she yelled happily.

Her peerage watched in confusion, aside from Akeno who knew of the upcoming engagement with Riser and how much she despised him.

"How long do you have?" he asked Rias.

"About a week. I was going to try to train the nun, but she's at home, and either way she's too kind to fight someone to the death. But you… Riser versus you would be like a fly versus a tiger tank." Rias laughed happily.

Naruto snorted at the imagery "More like a fly versus a Primordial. First his reputation will die, then he will."

Rias smiled and nodded, "But we need to talk to my parents first, to get them to annul the contract with the rating game."

Naruto nodded, casting his hand towards the wall, a magic circle appearing on it. "Is your peerage coming too?"

"Of course." Rias said, the whole group standing up too. The devils and the primordials all walked into the teleportation circle.

They appeared on the front lawn of Rias' mansion in the underworld. Rias strode forward, knocking on the door, which opened to show a severe-looking woman with a maid outfit.

Naruto rolled his eyes at the irony.

"Grayfia. I need to talk to my father. It's about the marriage with Riser." Rias said to her.

"Very well." the lady said, leading them inside. Naruto was actually pretty impressed with the size of the place, it was larger on the inside. Hard to do without seals…

Grayfia led them to a large room, a table at the center, made to seat many more. "Ah! Imouto!" a man said, tackling Rias and swinging her around.

"Gah! Aniki, STOP IT!" she yelled, annoyed. Her wish was answered a moment later, as Sirzechs Lucifer was pulled away from her, held up by Naruto who looked at him with disdain. "Don't touch her unless she wants you to." he said coldly, Sirzechs wincing from his iron grip.

He released the devil a second later, as Lord and Lady Gremory entered the room, followed by Grayfia.

"So, Rias, what do you want to talk about?" Lord Gremory asked, "If this is about getting out of it again…"

"No… Well, he can explain better." Rias said pointing to Naruto.

"And who are you? You aren't part of her peerage, are you?" Lady Gremory asked.

"No. What I am is of no importance. I wish to challenge Riser for your daughter's hand. I have MUCH more than the healing factor of a phoenix." he said with a smile.

"Oh?" Sirzechs asked, becoming serious, "What do you offer?"

Naruto smiled widely, before the room faded and they appeared on the moon again. "For one thing, instant teleportation, without circles. Second, the power to instantly create anything and control that, for example at the moment I am constantly creating air and sealing it around us in a bubble. Oh, and my healing factor is enough that if you stab me, I'll be healed by the time the sword comes out. Plus a few other tricks."

The lunar landscape faded, replaced by the meeting room again. Sirzechs, Lord and Lady Gremory, and Grayfia all looked at him with a cross between amazement and terror. His power was astounding, and deadly. Teleporting others instantly? He could teleport half of their body a few feet to the side, instantly killing them. Or replace their internal organs with rocks, or other such things. The creation ability would be even stronger, coupled with the teleportation. His healing factor was just the icing on the cake.

"W-well, I think, under the new circumstances, I can approve this." Lord Gremory said, wiping his forehead, "Though the Phenix clan will demand a rating game."

"Ha… Let them. I think it will be a good way to show off my power." Naruto chuckled, "I've been in this world for a while. Trust me when I say the bird-boy has no chance."

Rias snickered at his term for Riser, "No kidding."

Rias's family looked confused, but didn't as any more questions, instead starting logistics.

After an hour or so of talking, and a communications circle with the Phenix clan head, it was decided. Naruto would face Riser's peerage and the devil himself in a rating game for Rias's hand in marriage. The game would take place in a week's time, and would be held in an arena designated by the Gremory family on that day.

Naruto snickered at that, "Let me deal with the arena. Does Mars work?"

All of the Devils sweatdropped, "Um… I think so…" Rias said, "But maybe not showing off so much?"

Naruto pouted, "Fine, spoil my fun."

Sirzechs spoke up finally. For the last half hour, he had been completely silent, frowning over some problem and occasionally looking up at Naruto. "I think I've figured it out." he said suddenly, "I know what you are."

Naruto looked at him with a smirk, "You're wrong, actually. I'm not baka-dragon. Care to guess again?"

Sirzechs paled. Naruto had read his mind in a second, and Sirzechs' mental shielding was untouched. Even Great Red couldn't do that. There was only one being that they knew of beyond great red. The greatest evil in existence, Trihexa, 666. "YOU!" he yelled, firing a sphere of the "power of destruction" at the Juubi.

"Woah!" Naruto yelped as he backhanded the sphere away. "Hold it! You're wrong again!"

"Lies!" Sirzechs yelled, "How did you get unsealed? Why are you going after my sister?"

Naruto facepalmed, then looked at Rias, all the while dodging balls of energy. "Rias, can I tell him?"

She shrugged, "It's your secret."

Naruto nodded. "Baka-lucifer, stop it!" he yelled, slamming a ball back at him. "I AM NOT TRIHEXA!"

Sirzechs stopped the ball, but was obviously exhausted from using so much power. "Then *huff* what are you?"

Naruto smiled. "OY OPHIS, COME HERE PLEASE!" he yelled suddenly. A rift opened in midair, and the loli-dragon stepped out.

She bowed to Naruto and said, "You called, Juubi-sama?"

"My apologies, Ophis-chan, I needed to prove to these devils who I am, without destroying something large. You are one of the strongest beings in this multiverse, so I figured you would be the best way to convince them." Naruto said to her, bowing, "Would you like to stay and watch?"

She looked at the Gremory family, who stared at her, the Ouroboros Dragon, calling someone else "sama". To them it just was mind-blowing.

"Yes. Thank you Juubi-sama." she said. A little tiny smile played around the edges of her stoic face.

"Alright. And don't call me that anymore, my name is Naruto. Anyway, I hope this convinces you that I am NOT Trihexa." Naruto said, turning back to the awestruck devils.


"They thought you were Trihexa?" Ophis hissed, "Such disrespect! Naruto-sama is beyond that fake dragon! Baka-red, Baka-666 and I are Demi-Titans! Naruto-sama is a Primordial! He has more power than everyone in this dimension combined!"

Naruto put a calming hand on her back, "Calm down, O-chan. They didn't know what I was, and the second-strongest thing in this universe is Trihexa, as much as you want to deny it. They saw I was stronger than you and red, and jumped to the logical conclusion, don't be angry for that."

Ophis nodded as he stroked her back.

"... A primordial." Sirzechs gaped.


"You. A Primordial."

"Correctomundo." Naruto nodded.

"... Please excuse me, I'm going to go get wasted." Sirzechs mumbled.

"Wait for me." Lord Gremory said, following him out.

Naruto just laughed at their antics, before snapping his fingers, teleporting them back. "Here, better than that stuff."

With another snap, a line of glasses appeared on the table. "Best beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages from all over the multiverse. From pan-galactic gargle-blasters from the personal stash of Zaphod Beeblebrox, to Chech'tluth to Flaming Moe from the very tavern it came from," he said, pointing to various shot glasses.

Rias sweat-dropped. Being an Otaku, she knew very well where those drinks came from, and although most were safe for human and devil, they would be FAR stronger than her brother expected. 'Oh well. What's the worst that could happen?' she thought with a shrug, leaving to read some manga for a while


'I just had to jinx it.' Rias thought, facepalming as she saw the state of the room. Naruto had at one point manifested a video game system, and the room was filled with various fake weapons from many different universes, all modified to shoot paintballs or other such things. Hell, there was a cannon on a tripod! The room was covered in paint, and there were two sets of video game systems. At the moment, Naruto, Ophis, Grayfia, and Sirzechs were facing Lord and Lady Gremory and her peerage in some fighting game she didn't recognize. The game characters looked exactly like each of them, and were using different powers they each had. The controllers looked like PS3 controllers, but she was sure no PS3 controller had a button for 'self destruct'. When one of their characters died in the game, the controller blew up with a shower of confetti, covering them in streamers.

"Ah, Rias! Wanna join in? You can help your parents out!" Naruto called to her.

She looked at him for a moment, 'Ah whatever. Whatever happens, he can undo. Might as well have fun.'

She sat down, and a beanbag appeared behind her, just like the ones the others were sitting on, a controller in her hands and headset on. A character resembling her appeared in the game, and somehow she knew how to play, probably some form of mental download. Shrugging at the thought, she started playing.

Two more hours later

The room looked like a war had been fought in it. Rias hadn't taken kindly to losing, and thrown a ball of destruction at the screen. It ricochet, due to it's creator's power, nearly hitting Sirzechs, who retaliated, barely missing Akeno. Then it was on like donkey kong.

The end result was multiple holes in the walls, scorch marks, paint, various weapons from Kiba's sacred gear, animals naruto had created to fight, and of course, whips, leather strips, copper rods, manacles, and other innocent things that could be taken so wrong. Akeno had tried to restrain Naruto, only for him to read her mind and freak out, blasting her through a wall. Of course, that just made her more aroused, and it continued until everyone was exhausted. Naruto declared himself the winner, as he was the only one able to stand and NOT thoroughly humiliated.

Then again, you can't humiliate someone with absolutely no sense of shame.

With a snap of his fingers, the room blurred, fixing itself in an instant, the video games, weapons, and animals all vanishing.

"Well, that was fun!" he exclaimed. Sirzechs groaned, hand on his head, "Next time I try to drink a keg of that pan-galactic-whatever, please shoot me!"

Naruto shrugged, hand transforming into a shotgun, "Okay."

"No! Not now!"

Naruto shrugged again, "Fine. Anyway, this was a good party! Now, I think Rias, her peerage, and I have to get going. One warning, any arena we choose will end up being destroyed. I can undo it, but I don't think anyone will enjoy the feeling of being temporarily dead. It's very painful."

Sirzechs moaned again, "I'm not even going to contemplate how you know that. Just get him for trying to intimidate my sister. And if you ever hurt her, primordial or not, I will find a way to kill you."

Naruto's face became serious, "If I ever do, I'll even jump into a black hole."

Originally he had merely wanted to do this to help out Rias, but over the time at her parent's house, he had gotten to know her. She was smart, funny, an Otaku, and willing to deal with his 'Eccentricities.' He had never felt this way towards anyone. He actually WOULD carry through with his promise to Sirzechs.

"Ya know, I never liked the arranged marriage." Sirzechs said suddenly. "Rias doesn't love him, and he sees her as a trophy or brood mare. But you… When I see her look at you, she lights up. You've known her for less than a day, but she's fallen for you. HARD. And I think you've fallen for HER. Just… Take care of my little sister."

Naruto started at the statement, so like his thoughts. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were the mind reader here." he joked.

Sirzechs waved off the idea, "Not a chance! If I read the thoughts of most of my associates, I'd probably be tainted with their insanity."

Naruto laughed.

"Hey Naruto, it's time to go!" Rias called out. He stood up, beanbag vanishing. In it's place was a keg. "A present for you, this thing is filled with Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster, and will never be empty. BWAHAHAH."

Sirzechs moaned, shaking his fist at him, "Damn your evil addictive alcoholic beverages! I'll get you for this!"

Naruto smirked, "The hangovers it causes is countered by drinking Earl Grey tea. Have fun!"

With that, he vanished, Rias and her peerage vanishing in the other room, off to their various homes in the human world.

Grayfia later entered the room to see a sloshed Sirzechs laying on his back on the ground, mumbling about evil primordials and how his brain exploded. She promptly confiscated the keg, deeming it too dangerous for 'children and adults that can't control themselves better than children.'

Edit: RedHotMito informed me that onee-san is BIG sister, so I have changed it to Imouto. Ty bro!