Okay, Dragon here. I know I'm not supposed to do this (put up a note as a chapter) but I need some input from my readers. I'll remove it when I post the next.

So, I'm at a crossroads here, guys. I was planning on having it be a misunderstanding, but when I was writing the next chapter I found myself turning it into the start of a lemon (Since this is a harem pairing). I want to know whether you guys want me to go with the misunderstanding and have Hinata just be a minor character, or speed things up a bit and start the truly juicy part of the story, with Hinata mostly dropping out of mention besides a few references later.

I'm okay with either path, I just want your input. There's a poll on my profile, please vote on which you'd prefer. I will NOT be counting reviews that you just drop here. If you truly want to have a choice, vote instead of just doing that. If you dont have an account, make one.

Sorry, but I just dont want to dig through reviews to find the winner. The poll will be over on 10/25, though the request below is open as long as you want to post.

Anyway, in other news I'm currently also working on Dragon Dice chapter 4, and I've gotten some ideas for another fic that I might post or I might not. We'll see later.

And last thing, I want to ask all of you for an idea on a crossover I should do. That you CAN leave in review form, since I have no clue what I'd put in the poll. I'd be a Naruto X (whatever crossover you choose) in the crossover world. Please no MLP, Hetalia, or DXD, I really dislike MLP and Hetalia, and I'm doing a DXD right now (obviously). It can be either a no-pairing, one person, harem, whatever you choose, BUT THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO SLASH! NO YAOI AT ALL, AND NO GENDERBENDING NARUTO. Aside from that, it's your choice. Please keep it to something I can find online easily (such as manga, light novels, anime, some movies (I have netflix premium), etc) and not a giant-ass book like Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (even though the chaos Zaphod and Naruto would make together, I lost my copy a while ago and I dont wanna go pay for a new one and I'm not gonna break any copyrights and torrent it).

So yeah, that's about all. I've been really busy with work and college, so I havent been updating as often. I will soon though, count on that.


Update - As of right now (7:29 PM, 10/25/15) the poll is CLOSED. As I said in the note, I WILL NOT count any review-votes, sorry for anyone that did, but I EXPLICITLY said I would only accept them through the poll.
So yeah.
Anyway, I got 91 votes for starting the lemons, and 54 for the misunderstanding.
I only got 1 vote for "going to learn how to write," a fact that surprises and pleases me. Thanks!
Yes, I will be starting the lemon stuff, though I HAVE NOT WRITTEN LEMONS BEFORE IN ANY OFFICIAL STORY. Therefore, when I post the chapter, I'd like it if you could please tell me what I did well, what I should improve on, yadda yadda yadda.

Here's hoping I can finish it soon. I have already finished the lemon part, and it's above 1,600 words! Once I add in the real STORY I can post it. I am NOT turning this into something like YagamiNyguen's "The Contract" though if you see this dude, props! (For anyone that hasn't seen it, it's an extremely explicit Naruto Harem-Fic, and one of the best "lemon-sagas" I've seen on this site).

I intend to have story as well as lemony goodness.

Anyway that's the schedule for the next few days, after my english midterm I can have enough time to work on it (midterm on thursday 10/29).