This is not a drill. This is not a drill. We are under attack by an unknown suspect. Please remain calm and evacuate to the nearest shelter.

Sollux groaned. "It's way too early for this crap..."

He hopped out of bed, threw his glasses on, wormed his hands through the arm-holes of a shirt, and ran down the stairs to Mituna's room.

"Mituna! Get up! It's an emergency! We need to leave NOW!"

While his half-awake brother got ready as fast as he could, Sollux grabbed his backpack. In it were some basic building tools, copper wire, his phone, a charger, and some solar panels. And some granola bars, just in case. After Mituna rushed out his room, the two evacuated 'calmly.'

More like they ran down the street screaming. The two non-athletic teens were panting like dogs on a day in the middle of the summer.

On the way to the nearest shelter, which was City Hall, they saw two female figures walking calmly down the road.

"Kanaya!" Sollux yelled.

After reaching Kanaya, he forced his hands onto his knees and breathed heavily a few times before continuing to talk.

"Why aren't you running? We're under attack!"

Kanaya shrugged. "We're not in immediate danger."

Sollux looked up in the sky. Far in the distance, a speck of chrome was shooting bright beams of red light. It was, if he had to estimate, at least 5 miles away.

"Well, I guess, but it could come here at any second."

"What are the odds of that?"

Sollux sighed. "I guess so."

His panic slowly subsided. Something about being with Kanaya seemed to just calm you down. She had somewhat of an aura around her, since she was so sedate herself.

Mituna and Porrim chatted in the back while Kanaya and Sollux walked towards City Hall. When they got there, the large building of quartz glistened above them. Large pillars held up the massive weight of the slanted roof. They climbed up the stairs and into the room, where a hundred or so trolls were already there. The four sat against the smooth wall, whispering to each other.

Kanaya put her chin on her hand and thought for a second.

"Who could be attacking us?"

Sollux tried to give her a valid answer. "Is it a cherub...?"

Kanaya shook her head. "It can't be. They don't have that advanced technology."

Sollux's eyes widened. "Are there any groups of trolls against us?"

Kanaya thought. "Well, we're only in a village. While we don't have any enemies, the Condesce, a group of troll pirate run by Mindfang or the Orphaner, or perhaps even the Grand Highblood himself could be attacking. They all can never seem to get enough power..."

Sollux sighed. "A leader content with his power will come when Tavros walks again."

Kanaya chuckled. "You never know. Equius said he was working on some robotic legs."

Just then, Horrus, the town's main messenger, rode in by horse. "They're coming this way! Equius, how many evacuation ships do we have at the ready?"

Equius ran through a pair of glass, automatic doors. "We only have 3. One can hold 5, one 4, and the other only 2. That's 11 of us. We can only take 11."

Porrim stood up and yelled, "Save the children!"

Both of the Zahhaks thought.

Equius broke the silence with, "That's our best bet. If we want anyone to survive and hope to reclaim the rights to this town, it's the ones who have the most time to grow and potential.

Horrus nodded solemnly. "I guess so."

There were 12 trolls who were pushed to the front of the group, including Sollux and Kanaya. Equius randomly picked who went into what ship, since one of them would have to be left behind.

"Ship A!" he yelled.

"Tavros Nitram! Gamzee Makara! Terezi Pyrope! Karkat Vantas! Aradia Medigo!"

The 5 trolls whose names were called went over to the largest ship. Anxiety welled up in Sollux's stomach. What if he didn't make it? He didn't want his life to end so soon.

"Ship B!" he yelled.

"Vriska Serket! Eridan Ampora!"

The two gave each other stern looks. Maybe that wasn't the best pairing, but no one had time to revise it.

"Ship C! Final Ship!"

This was it. There were 3 spots left.

"Kanaya Maryam..."

Sollux was being flooded with anxiety. Kanaya strolled up to the ship, and Sollux started sweating.

"Nepeta Leijon..."

Come on, come on, come on!

"Hey! That's me! Equius Zahhak."

Well, there's one spot. I guess I'm screwed.

"Sollux Captor!"

With a huge sigh of relief, he sat in between Equius and Kanaya. Eridan waved to Feferi as the doors to the ships locked up. Equius pushed a button next to a radio system, and started talking into a microphone. The radio waves were sent to the other ships.

"Okay everybody, get ready for liftoff. These ships are on autopilot. Should some obstacle or adversity behold us, you can push both the buttons on top of the steering module and manual pilot will be engaged. Everyone ready?"

After several words of agreement were received, Equius started making the countdown.







The three ships blasted off, leaving a trail of fire behind them. After escalating a few hundred feet, the ships evened out and started aiming for the atmosphere. They started to maintain a steady pace. Equius began to speak on the radio system again.

"Well folks, I do believe we have mad-"

A laser flew right in front of the window. Equius mashed his fingers on the manual drive buttons and pulled back.

"I jinxed it, didn't I?"

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