So guys, this is going to be the last chapter. I might make a spinoff story or a potential sequel, but it won't be for a while.

Two weeks had passed. Two weeks of well, boredom. Anyone who wasn't in a relationship didn't have much to do. Sollux and Feferi made some...advances, along with Vriska and Tavros. Although, it was more Vriska dragging Tavros into a room and stripping him, he did join in the action after a bit. Tavros then continually stated it was worth it afterwards, which no one would've expected before Vriska was high on medicine. Lots of weird things had happened.

As the group resurfaced, they found the drones gone and the village in ruins. The group was shocked to find a nearly-dead Dirk and Jake, one of which was wounded on the leg and the other in the chest. Mituna made an inference that Earth and Alternia and all other troll planets contained some kind of counterpart, considering how uncanny their resemblance was.

The next few years were spent rebuilding the town, its resources, and the population. They salvaged what they could from houses, ignoring the guilt because they knew it would be of no use to anyone or anything else. They remade the town hall, creating a large hive for everyone to shelter in. Feferi and Sollux had a child along with Tavros and Vriska, who would later grow to become matesprites and have children themselves. Later on, the two original couples would have more children as well, and as other trolls moved into the area their village became more lively and less miserable and drab.

As for Earth, Karkat and Nepeta eased into society, acting as cosplayers for an unknown sci-fi movie. They would grow to be actors, creating their own movie and making enough money to happily live out their whole life, and have a child as well.

Their stories, though they were long and had their pops and drops, shall probably not be detailed.

Although, the trolls on Alternia thrived, with a tinge of vengeance in their hearts that may or may not ever escape.

Thank you all for reading!