I may have changed the characters ages but it doesn't hurt their appearance, just bear with me. I want them all in the same position. lol I've also added OC's and changed the Earl a bit. Hope you don't mind but its seriously needed for the story!~

Monday, January 1st, 6:14

Kanda Yuu walked through the school's halls impatiently. Black Order Academy was a very well known school with a big reputation, but there were certain students and teachers hidden among the crowd. They were Innocence accommodators, with the power to fend off akuma. Kanda was among these "innocence accommodators", also known as exorcists. Of course, no one in this school was normal. You were either a supernatural being, a wizard, or somewhere along the lines of not normal to be in this school. Anyone could be an exorcist, but a lot of students either weren't cut out for it or just too damn afraid to fight.

He sighed deeply, before hearing a voice he did not want to hear so damn early in the morning.

"Hey, Yuu! Good morning!" Lavi announced his arrival with a cheerful voice. Growling, Kanda furiously unsheathed Mugen and pointed it at Lavi's throat. "Call me that again and you'll lose your head!" Kanda warned in a threatening manner. After Lavi gave a nod with a big grin plastered on his face, Kanda put Mugen back in its sheath. They began walking to class again, but stopped when hearing a conversation in Komui's office.

"You're the new transfer students, correct? From London?" Komui asked. There was a deep sigh.

"Old man, the boy here is from London. We're his adopted siblings from Portugal. Get it right," a smooth, male voice said.

"O-okay... Your names are Allen Walker, Tyki Mikk, and Road Kamelot. Right?" There was silence for a moment, possibly because the students only nodded. "All right. I've assigned you the same classes as three students in particular, because I feel they will help each of you through the school. Ah, and don't worry you won't be separated." Komui added the last part, as if the students were about to protest.

Kanda started walking away, with the annoying rabbit following behind him. He probably assigned the new students to me, the baka usagi, and Lenalee. Che, just my luck.

Lavi sat in his desk in front of Kanda, grinning with pure excitement and curiosity. The bell soon rang, and Mr. Komui walked in with a big smile while holding a clipboard. "Good morning class! I am happy to announce that we have new transfer students today! Come on in you three!" Komui called. Three people walked in. A boy with snow white hair and silver-gray eyes walked in first followed by an seventeen year old with dark hair that is combed back to reveal golden eyes and fair skin. The cheerful girl beside him had short purple hair and purple eyes to go with it, along with pale skin.

"Class, the one beside me here is Allen Walker. He's from London. The two beside him are Tyki Mikk and Road Kamelot, his adopted siblings from Portugal - Tyki is seventeen, and despite her youthful appearance Road is fifteen, the same as Allen. The two young ones were so smart they had to skip to your grade." Komui explained. Road clung to Allen protectively, who could only smile sweetly at her. The transfer students took their seats, and Komui left the room to allow Mr. Johnny Gill to teach his class.

After class ended, Allen walked up to Kanda and tapped his shoulder lightly. Kanda turned and saw the white-haired teen fidgeting in front of him.

Great, he assigned me the Moyashi! Kanda looked at the kid for a moment then noticed Road and Tyki behind him. They looked nervous and ready to fight at any moment should Kanda make a move they didn't like. It was unnerving. Then the boy before him started moving his hands in weird motions that Kanda didn't understand so the girl, Road, stepped up. "I'm sorry, he's mute. He can speak, he just prefers not to is what he's trying to tell you. People often get the wrong idea when he doesn't reply," she said, holding the white-haired boys hand.

Kanda raised an eyebrow at them for a moment, then nodded. He looked to the classroom clock. The next class doesn't start in at least twenty minutes because teachers were busy compiling work today. He got up and looked at the three students. "See you in the next class." He decided to go talk to Komui but luckily he wasn't the only one who decided that. Lenalee and Lavi were heading the same way apparently, as they had literally bumped into each other in the hallway before opening Komui's office door.

"I thought you'd be coming here. You want to know about the transfer students?" he asked, looking a bit uneasy. The three nodded and Komui sighed as he pulled out a piece of paper, placed on top of all the other papers on his desk. He cleared his throat before reading.

"Apparently, Allen Walker who I assigned to Kanda is what they call a Silver Siren. Very rare creatures, hardly any information about them at all except for their beautiful voices and stunning silver-white tail. Road Kamelot and Tyki Mikk are Noah's. I received this letter from someone we all know: the Earl." He explained. The teens' eyes widened at the mention of the Earl Millennium sending a letter.

"He says, 'My children and I are sick of this ridiculous war between you and my brother. I've sent three of them in particular to enroll at your school. Entrust them to three of your most exceptional students and protect them, because my brother intends to capture my youngest son, Allen. He intends to use Allen as an advantage to this war, and I cannot allow that to happen. Allen has had a terrifying past already, from before I adopted him into my family when he was only five years old.

The poor child and his parents were trapped in a human's fishing net, and thanks to his mother Allen managed to escape but risked her own life in the process. The scar he received from the ordeal is hidden by my magic per his request. Allen and his siblings are close, and Allen tends to disappear from sight often. He can speak, like I'm sure Road has said, but he tends to stay quiet.

I shall be expecting a letter back from you, Mr. Komui. P.S., Allen gets lost easily and uses sign language to convey his thoughts and feelings. I suggest you add that to one of the many things you teach your students, Komui.' Thats it, thats what he wrote." Komui sighed as he laid the letter down on his desk.

"So we have to babysit now? I'm seventeen years old, Komui! I don't need that kind of burden!" Kanda growled with an exasperated expression. Komui gave Kanda a look of seriousness, unfazed by Kanda's harsh tone. Kanda turned his head with a 'tch' and crossed his arms.

"Aww, why so mean? And it's not babysitting when you're basically protecting the person in question from getting kidnapped and used for war," A girl retorted harshly from the doorway. Kanda, Lavi, and Lenalee all turned to see the three transfer students. Road had a lollipop in her mouth, Tyki rubbed the back of his neck with a bored expression while Allen tried doing something that looked like he was trying to tell Road to calm down. But the lolita dressed girl ignored him because her attention was to Kanda and the other two teens.

"You say you don't want to babysit because you don't need that kind of burden but protecting Allen isn't babysitting. If he wanted he could make your ears bleed so bad you wouldn't even be able to comprehend what happened to you! But he can't protect himself against someone like our uncle all by himself!" Road yelled. She looked pissed. Kanda, Lenalee, and Lavi stared at the girl with wide eyes for a moment before Lenalee walked over to her.

"Kanda didn't mean it, he's just stubborn. Don't worry, we've been assigned a task and we'll do it," she reassured with a smile. Road rolled her eyes as if she'd been through this kind of treatment before.

"I'm not a child," Road replied with a glare, and a 'hmph!' before walking away. "Time for class Allen, let's go!" she cheered as if nothing had happened while walking to her next class, leading Allen by the hand. The other four followed in suit, arriving at the class well before the teacher ever did. Mr. Reever Wenham arrived a few minutes late.

After school, the students went back to their dorms, but Komui held the transfer students and the other three for a while to speak with them.

"What!" Kanda, Lavi, Lenalee, Road, and Tyki all shout together in unison. Kanda grabbed Komui by the collar of his shirt and shook him. "You mean to tell me, you siscon bastard, that the people we're protecting are our room mates now?!" He yelled. Komui nodded, pushing his glasses up.

"Of course. The Earl even agreed to it when I spoke to him earlier on the phone during lunch. You don't honestly think he'd write a letter and not include his phone number do you?" Komui asked seriously, but seemed amused.

"No! No, I am not letting my precious little brother room with some she-man! Who knows what the tranny could do to him?!" Tyki yelled. Kanda glared at him angrily, about to unsheathe Mugen.

"What was that?" Kanda asked in a harsh tone, and Tyki crossed his arms. "You heard me,"

"H-hey now, let's all try and get along. It can't be that bad," Lavi said nervously, trying to diffuse the situation.

"Yes it can, you damn gingersnap one-eyed pirate!" Road shrieked. Lavi's eye twitched in irritation and a fight broke out between all four. Lenalee sat awake from the fight to avoid getting hit while Allen stood covering his ears.

Moments later, a high pitched screaming resonated inside the room and down the school hallways. It was at least a minute before it stopped and everyone looked at Allen, the cause of the scream. "Ah, oww... Sorry, we didn't mean to upset you, Allen. Road and I are overprotective of you is all..." Tyki said guiltily. The two siblings turned to Kanda and Lavi.

"We're sorry, we overreacted a bit without considering Allen's feelings on the situation. And don't worry about your hearing, he didn't do it high enough to cause any permanent damage or loss of hearing. Though you might have a headache in the morning." Tyki said apologetically.

"Unless Allen sings his Siren Song at night. Its extremely beautiful and very soothing, and sirens love to sing at night." Road mentions. Kanda sighs and groans a bit. He and Lavi lead Allen and Tyki to the boys dorms while Road reluctantly goes with Lenalee to the girl dorms.

The moment Kanda closed the door to the room, Allen was pointing to the bath. "You want to use it?" Kanda asked. Allen nodded. I guess it makes sense. The baths for each dorm room are relatively big, so why not? Kanda thought.

"I don't mind. Go ahead," he answered plainly. After Allen added lukewarm water to the bath he began taking off his clothes. What Kanda didn't expect to hear was a loud splash. He went to see what happened and was mesmerized.

Allen looked beautiful; shoulder length snow white hair, pale white skin, and a beautiful long silver white tail. Allen smiled wide at him then started singing. No words, just his voice that seemed to echo beautifully, like a song of the sea.

Everyone from both the boys and girls dorms could hear it. Those who couldn't sleep were able to sleep. Those were sad felt happy. Those who were stressed felt all of their anxieties and worries slip away.

Kanda went to sleep without ever even knowing it that night.