It all started with a chilidog…

Sonic was blazing around Castle Town; going to somewhere he goes every Monday afternoon to eat his favorite food. He thought about all the reasons why he went there. The atmosphere was relaxing, the locals there were friendly and interesting, the chilidogs were almost as good as Cosmo's cookin', and let's not forget her. Tall, purple hair, a double life, hot as the sun belly dancer, Shantae. Sonic had actually fallen for her. He couldn't bring himself to tell her, but today may be the day. He made his trademark confident smirk and raced off to meet Shantae, and the delisiositisity of the chilidogs ol' Sloan made.

Shantae slumped on the counter. Every week, 3 o' clock on the nose, a cool hedgehog came by. She checked her watch, 5 seconds, 3 seconds, one second. As soon as the big clock ticked 3 and a gong went off, the hedgehog ran right into the canopied place. "Two chilidogs, Sloan style." Sonic told the order person, He nodded and went off to tell Sloan. "And two bottles of butterbeer." A sweet voice added behind Sonic. The order man spun around and nodded. Sonic turned smoothly to see the smiling face and slight frame of Shantae. Sonic smiled. "Thanks, want my other chilidog?" Sonic offered. "Sure!" Shantae agreed. The order man returned with the two chilidogs and foaming butterbeers. "Thanks Sloan!" Sonic yelled over at him. The old man moved into sight and winked. Sonic winked back. "C'mon let's find a place to sit down." Shantae said. Sonic gave her a chilidog wrapped in aluminum foil, like always. She picked up her butterbeer and strutted over to an empty table, Sonic right behind her. "So, what do you do other than just sit around here? I hear you are a very famous belly dancer." Sonic said. "Yep. Every Monday, I take a break from being guardian of Scuttle Town. I have some friends willing to protect the place while I'm gone." Shantae said. She smiled and Sonic smiled back. "So, what does the Blue Blur do on a day to day basis?" Shantae said. "Well, stopping Eggman, relaxing on the beach, talking to my friends. You know, things a normal blue hedgehog would do." He shrugged. "You wanna go for a walk outside?" Sonic said. "Sure!" she smiled. They finished their chilidogs and their butterbeers. They took a walk through the cobbled streets of Castle Town. They swapped heroic stories. They noticed a sort of flash mob. They greatest part about it was that it was the sort of dance you could just hop right into, and nobody will notice. So you can only guess, they decided to join in. Why the hell not? I would do that. The song ended and Sonic actually spotted an old friend of his. "Hey! Lex!" Sonic shouted. A purple, echidna-like creature stepped forward. "Ey! Wassup bro!" Lex gave Sonic a double high-five. "Long time no see, man!" Sonic said to Lex. That's when Sonic figured it was a good chance to introduce Lex to Shantae. "Oh. Hey Shantae, meet my old bud, Lex. Lex, this is my friend, Shantae." Sonic said. They politely shook hands and Sonic noticed a poke to the ribs. "Sure she's only a friend, mate?" he said. "Oh shut up!" Sonic said, making Lex and Shantae laugh. When they recovered, Sonic told them he was going to grab something from his inn, he will be back in a little. So, with that time, Shantae and Lex got to talk, and got to know each other a little bit better.

Author's note: Looks like I'm fresh out of ideas. But trust me, Shanic will return. Until next time, dudes and dudettes.