When i say i cant describe how...great Jurassic World was, youll know im telling the truth. And while every single part of it was amazing, nothing except the first film can beat the ending battle scene between the four predators of the park. I have NEVER seen any fight blow my mind to bits like that film...its just...wow.

So...i thought i do a little write up about it. Enjoy!

What kind of demon is this...?

The Tyrannosaurus bellowed at this creature in pure disgust, it's old muscles rippling as it stomped. The white creature growled a challenge in return-no, it roared a promise to disembowel her slowly. The Tyrannosaurus was now not only disgusted by this insane beast, but also angered by it's audacity. She chases a small bipedal mammal and gets this? A rivaling animal as large as herself? Oh well. She hadn't stretched her muscles in a while...might as well start now.

Okay then...She growls, her fingers twitching in anticipation.

The older predator decides to make the first move and lunges at the white creature, who mirrors the movements in a vain attempt to bite at her neck. The Tyrannosaurus is able to bite the white creature's neck first, and rears her head into the sky before slamming the white creature's body down to the strange black ground. She could feel the beast rumbling and twisting beneath her, before it wrests free of the Tyrannosaurus jaws. As soon as this occurs, The Tyrannosaurus quickly headbutts the creature from the side to disorient it.

"bRAAAAAAAAUGH!" The older predator roars, biting into the neck once again.

The white creature looked fed up with the biting and wrested to free to try and bite again. She battles these attempts with attempts of her own, and her jaws Scrabble furiously against the the other's. The Tyrannosaurus suddenly feels something sharp and hard collide with her chin and knock her head backwards, soon realizing it to be the white beast's claws. Another swipe gashes her snout and dazes her enough for the creature to throw her to the ground.

It's...beating me...

Rexy flailed her feet, but couldn't get up in time to stop the white creature from trapping her neck in its jaws and dragging her into a leafy construct, where three bipedal creatures ran towards the other that she had chased. The Tyrannosaurus groaned in worry and aching pain while the beast almost seemed to chuckle over her. Rexy felt its cold finger press her head to the ground, and saw the jaws of the rival open and inch towards her face...


That sound...so familiar...

The rival had turned its attention from her, gazing in surprise at something behind Rexy. A blue striped blur leaped from Rexy's back onto the white beast's, much to it's frustration. And when the older predator saw what had 'rescued' her, the mighty jaws dropped briefly. It was one of the fast runners in her kingdom...judging from the smell of fast runner blood coming from the beast's teeth, Rexy guessed that the small predator had a bone to pick with it.

...what am I still doing on the ground?

Rexy shot up to her feet while the rival was trying to get the fast runner off her back, and sunk her teeth into the unprotected neck. After it roared in shock, Rexy shoved it head upwards into one of the mammal housings forcefully which left the fast runner with no choice but to hop on Rexy's back. She didn't care at Tue moment about what hopped on her, and merely focused on dragging the rival back out where Rexy could clearly see her.

The rival roared and shoved Rexy's hide enough to send the fast runner sprawling into a construct, and Rexy off of her neck. The older predator still managed to get ahold of her neck again, while the fast runner shook it's head and rejoined the fight by clawing at the Rival's back.

"gugugugugugug!" Rexy snarled into it's flesh, and practically tossed it over her head onto another mammal construct, and then dragging it back out again. Even when Rexy could see debris stabbed into it's flesh, the rival shook off Rexy and flung the fast runner to the side. The tyrannosaurus shreiked in determination, ramming her head into the chest of the beast. She watched with satisfaction as it was flung almost over the side of the concrete beach. Rexy readied herself when she took sight of it standing to it's feet again, and from the corner of her eye she saw the fast runner doing the same.

If they had to fight together...then so be it.


Rexy watched with a high form of shock while...someTHING leaped out from the water behind the rival, and clamped onto it's neck. The white creature screamed in agony and fright as the sea thing bit down harder, and then dragged the rival back under water writhing and screaming. Rexy watched the calm water for moment, and the snorted coldly at the doomed rival.

Such a foolish thing...it was bound to die.

With the threat to her kingdom vanquished, Rexy turned her sights towards the fast runner who seemed to anticipate this. It took a cautious step backwards, but Rexy quickly reassured it with a snort. Perhaps it's past relatives had tried to harm her, but for the efforts of this fast runner she would never bring harm to it.

With a knowing blink from the fast runner, the victorious Tyrannosaurus limped away...