Okay, this ones a two parter! Jurassic park scenes i imagined because of Ellie sattler, and Zara's day off reasons.

"I'm stuck!" Tim exclaims, soaked with mud. "The seat's got my feet!"

"Don't worry, I'll get you next-"

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUAUUAUAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" Lex screams in horror, seeing the tyrannosaurus approach stealthily. Despite Grant trying to silence her, Lex still screams long and loudly. The animal snorts, shakes it's head rapidly and stomps away. Dr. grant looks completely amazed by this.

"Huh! I think you annoyed him enough to leave Lex!"


"Must go faster!" Ian announced with a frightened expression, to which the Tyrannosaur argued with a territorial bellow. In the passenger seat, Sattler shrieked far past dramatically.

"POOOOOOOOOOOOOP! POOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! POOOOOOOOOOOOOP! POOOOOOOOOOOP! POOOOOOOOOOOOP!" The woman screams, apparently hugging Ian for some form of comfort to her terror...only for Ian to try desperately to get out of the strangle hold. His eyes bulged as he flailed and made the most hilarious coughing noises, which caused his arm to hit the car's stick. Muldoon growled to the both of them.

"GET OFF THE BLOODY STICK! BLOODY MOVE!" He squealed and shoved Sattler to the side. "OFF! THE! BLOODY! STICK!"

Ellie glances behind herself, which happened to be the front of the car...which also showed a tree trunk in front of the road slightly. "LOOK OOOOOOOUT!"


They both ducked, but Ian yelped about getting hit in the head by the tree branch. The Tyrannosaurus brushes the jeep with it's head and roars again.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHAUGAUGAUGAUGAUGAUAGAUAH!" Ellie shrieked even louder, strangling Muldoon by accident and making him gag and stop the jeep. The dinosaur trips over the car lands snout first into a mud hole.

As soon as the lights came on, Ellie's face twisted into overdramatic happiness and excitement. "MR. HAMMOND I THINK WE'RE BACK IN BUISNESS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHE-"

"SKREEEEE!" A velociraptor suddenly burst out from behind her, and she flips into panic and fright mode.

"AAAAAAAAAAUGHOHMYGOSHWHATTHEHECK?!DNDJDNDISNEHWIWUWUQHWUSHAJSHDJSKD!" The woman shrieks incoherently and slaps the Velociraptor with her flashlight as she backs up. The poor animal is then hit with a rubber chicken, a microphone, a carton of eggs, a guitar, a drum set, huge speakers and a rabid badger wearing a Justin bieber tattoo. Ellie clings to the fenced door and with bulged eyes screams: "GOOOOOOSH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!"

The Velociraptor, thanks to the badger blinding it's vision, runs towards Ellie in an attempt to have her remove it. The woman yells and smacks the animal with the fenced door before backing into a corner, where a hand falls on her shoulder. Ellie's face brightens and she starts laughing madly. "OH MISTER ARNOLD! HAHAHWHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHDHDJNS?!"

She screams again when she see the cut off arm, and then beats the raptor with it when she sees it stagger in with a surrender flag.

Aaaaaaand onto the next part!

Claire wasn't used to having Zara call her.

In fact, it was always the other way around for the young redheaded business woman who had some kind of heel fetish going on. So when said woman was called by her personal asstant, Claire couldn't help but give a great big frown. Perhaps Zara was calling to remind her of an event? Or maybe, she was being warned of something she missed in her schedule? Whatever the reason for this, it was most likely important. Claire swiped open the phone and pressed the green phone button an inch away from the red one. "Hello?"

"Oh! Claire...It's, uh, its great to hear from you." Zara's British accent flowed nervously.

"...uh huuuuh..." Claire narrowed her eyes to herself. "Is this anything...about a meeting?"


"Then what possible reason would you have for calling me?"

"Well...its about a...day off?"

"Day off? You've never had a day off before. Why do want one now?"

"...It's... Itsadate."

Claire's jaw dropped immediately and her face reddens as well. Slowly, she speaks into the phone. "...you have a date?"

"...yes, ."

"OHMYGOOOOOSH!" Claire pauses to giggle into her palm. "I can't believe it! You're dating?"

"...yes?" Zara sounds a little confused now.

"Wow! That's great!" Claire beams happily. "Who is he? What does he look like?"

"Well, his name's Dean smithers." Zara's voice begins dreamily. "He's tall, really muscular...he's on the ginger side though, and very bearded. But he's sooo sweet to me and compliments me everyday!"

"AWWWW!" Claire cooes into the phone. "My little Zara is in love!"

"I'm sorry?"

"Oh nothing! Of course you can have the day off! Tell me every detail afterwards!" Claire beams again into the phone.

"Are you sure, ? Will you have it under control?"

"Of course! You just enjoy yourself! Kiss him real hard."

"...uh, heh heh! I'll be sure to do that, Ms. Dearing! Thanks again."

"No problem!"