Introduction –

"Get her! She went that way!" Screams echoed off the narrow brick halls of one of the many apartment complexes of Manhattan.

My breath was coming out in short bursts as I toward the open window. Bang! A bullet ricocheted off the frame as I jumped feet first onto the fire escape. One look behind me says I have no time to waste. Immediately my hands are pulling me up the ladder one more floor to the roof.

"Thank the Angel these guys shoot like Stormtroopers," I mutter to myself as my black converse start carrying me to the rooftop door. Until said door bursts open revealing another two suits with guns. Skidding, my loose bangs fall in my face as I start zigzagging in the opposite direction. Thankfully, my hood remains in place.

After all knowing where one of my dummy hide-outs is located is one thing, knowing what I look like is another.

Bang! Bang! "Stop!" one of them yells.

Yeah…that's not happening I think as I speed up seeing the approaching edge.

"You'll never make that jump." You'll never make a shot, but you still try.

The bag on my back, containing everything these…things want slaps against my back. A golden necklace pounds against my chest. They are my reminders: who I am, who they are, why I do what I do.

"Oh, I'll make it," I mutter as one foot plants itself on the ledge. "I will never die."

Twisting in the air, there is that moment of weightlessness. I don't weigh anything. As my pursuers skid to a stop, my left leg smacks the opposite building's ledge before my body drops onto its roof. Skinny jeans ripped, blood pooling I get up. No time to think. No time for pain, I'm running again.

Yells become fainter as they re-strategize. Too bad for them, I always have a strategy. As this roof reaches its end I hop onto down and catch myself on an open window. Pulling myself up, there are two pairs of eyes staring at me.

Hopping into the apartment, I pull my hood down before smiling sheepishly, "Sorry to interrupt. I got locked out." Before they can register my words, or remember my face, I'm out the door moving to the stairs. Pulling off my hoodie and rolling it up to hide my bag. Soon, I'm just another faceless person on the busy streets of Manhattan.

Pandemonium can try and shoot me. The Institute can send its Shadowhunters to recruit me. I know better. Anyone can betray anyone.

I am Tessa Gray. Everyone else knows me as the Clockwork Angel. And I can't be traced, I can't be identified. I will never be betrayed. I will never die.