Barely Breathing

I'm in love with her. I'm in love with Mogami Kyoko. I know I shouldn't be, but it's not as though I can fight it. My only option now is to keep it hidden. It's so hard, though. It's hard to talk to her. Not that I ever talk to her for any reason other than work. I doubt she even knows I exist.

At this point, I might even be able to tolerate just being friends, though it's be quite a feat. I'm in so deep that every time she opens her mouth to do anything other than confess her undying love for me her entire existence hurts me like a plague of my emotions. Every move she makes that isn't in my direction breaks my heart just a little bit more. Sometimes I think she's torturing me, playing my emotions, seducing me so I destroy myself, but then I remember that she can't possibly know how I feel. I know just as well as anyone else that she doesn't quite understand how a person acts when they're in love.

Even if she claims to be love dead, I still might have a chance. Here she comes! I just need to wiggle my way into her heart little by little. I know I could make her fall in love with me if I could just get a foothold. I might get the only thing I've ever wanted. I might have a small glimmer of hope, a chance at happiness , a reason to keep fighting

"Good afternoon, Sebastian"

If only she knew my name.