Summary: It's easy to fall in love. However having someone reciprocate that feeling, is harder. And keeping your emotions and feelings intact to avoid unnecessary pain is hardest. That is what Gintoki is going through right now. Somehow, for one reason or another, fell in love with Shinsengumi's Oni no Fukucho. With his troubled past and former love interest in the way, will he ever find true love's happiness?

Pairing: Hijikata x Gintoki, Okita x Kagura, etc.

Chapter 1: Global Warning and the Day He Found Out


That's the thought that kept crossing through Gintoki's mind as he fanned he's almost naked-self with his last week's issue of JUMP. Why is it so damn hot?! It's the middle of January! It's supposed to be freezing cold! Damn the Global Warning! He complained inwardly.

"Gin-san, it's 'Global Warming' not 'Global Warning'. Although I do prefer Global Warning because the climate change warns the world about its impending doom." Shinpachi said as he entered the Yoruzuya office, forehead covered with sweat.

"Hush it Pattsuan! You're creepy enough dedicating your life to an idol. Stay out of Gin-san's mind!" came Gintoki's reply.

"Oi! Otsu-chan is worth dedicating my life to and it's not creepy! I'm only doing my job as the straight man in this series." Shinpachi sighed fixed his glasses before continuing. "And I am not prying in your head Gin-san, you said that out loud."

Gintoki kept one hand fanning himself whilst his other hand rubbed his chin. "Did I now? This heat must be really getting into my head."

Another sigh came from the glasses wearing boy before he decided to fix their groceries. The weather is too hot for arguing.

"By the way have you seen Kagura?"

Shinpachi thought for a moment before replying, "I saw her brawling with Okita-san and Hijikata-san when I left the grocery store."

At the mention of Shinsengumi's Vice Commander, Gintoki's eyes widened for a second before returning to their dead fish look. He tried to act normal but the hastened beating of his heart says otherwise. Damn it!

"Oogushi-kun? I thought he stays out of Sofa-kun's business?" he asked casually. Shinpachi blanched at the nickname before sighing (this will make me old faster) once more and answered with a simple, "It's Hijikata-san, Gin-san. And yeah he did but he accidentally tripped Okita-san and that ended up with Okita-san on top of Kagura-chan."

Done with the groceries, Shinpachi started cleaning the place before continuing, "She kicked her right where the lights don't shine though and the usual arguments commence with Hijikata-san involved because Okita-san used him as a shield for revenge."

A sweep here and there.

"That and he's a sadist." He finished.

It took Gintoki a few moments to process what he had heard that he didn't manage to comprehend the last part of Shinpachi's story. When he did process the first part, he did something both very stupid and very caring.


He screamed and ran outside their house regardless of the fact that he's only wearing his strawberry-printed boxers.

"Wait Gin-saaaaaaaaaan!" Shinpachi tried to catch up with Gintoki but he's too late.

"And he's gone." Another sigh. "If he only he listened to the whole story."

And it took him a few more sweeps to realize that Gintoki ran outside with only his boxers.

"Wait a minute." A few more seconds. "Gin-san!"

Seriously, why are the people here so slow?

People were staring but he didn't care. They can stare at him for all he cares but no one and absolutely NO ONE is allowed to do perverted things to his not-so-innocent Kagura. As he neared the grocery store, his anger almost dissipated when he saw the nicotine-addict mayora. His strong strides became weak and his heartbeat is once more beating a lot faster for a whole new different reason. He came to a halt and just stared at the trio trying to kill each other.

Gintoki kept staring at Hijikata for another minute or so before Kagura noticed him and immediately ran to him with a worried face.

"Gin-chan! Why are you naked?! Why are you so red?! Were you raped?! Did someone try to- hmpf!"

"Pipe it down! No one got raped got it?" he answered whilst covering the girl's mouth.

"Mmf hmmpf mmffp-"

Because of Kagura's outburst people kept looking at their direction and others were alarmed when they heard the words 'rape' and 'naked'. He glared at them and said, "Nothing to see here people! Now shoo!"

When they saw glare directed at them, everyone decided it was time to go home. After all, receiving a glare from a normally dead-fish looking eyes can give chills against your spine.

Gintoki removed his hand from Kagura's mouth and stared at her long and hard before looking at a bored-looking Okita Sougo and a pissed-off looking Hijikata Toushiro. Tch, what's his problem? He thought.

"Oi, Sougo-kun." He called.

"It's Sougo." Sougo replied.

One, two, three.

Sougo blinked and looked at Gintoki. "Danna. You actually got my name right."

"Sougo-kun. This and that are two different things." Gintoki started with a straight face.

Keeping his cool, Sougo gulped and tried to asked, "This and tha-?"

With his own sword against his throat (When did he?) and a menacing look plastered on Gintoki's face, Sougo remained unmoving and waited for the Yorozuya Boss' next move.

Gintoki remained staring at Sougo before loweing the borrowed (stolen) sword and said in a deadly low voice, "I don't give 2 Yen on whether you like my charge or not, I'm too poor for that. But accidental or not, do not, under any circumstances, ever let it happen again that you are above her and she is under you or vice versa until your married, capisce?"

A slow nod and a gulp as an answer. "Good or I'll have you writhing in pain for the rest of your life."

Another nod and Gintoki returned the sword and returned to his neutral face as if nothing happened. He was about to say another thing when Kagura kicked his head.

"Ouch! Kagura-chan! Gin-san's head is very delicate you know."

"Stupid son! Why are you only in your boxers? Perverts are everywhere and could be eyeing you for all we know! Policeman-san give my stupid son a lesson." Kagura said.


Hijikita seemed to snap out of his trance took one look at Gintoki's (almost) naked self and threw his jacket at his face.

"Tch, wear that Stupid-perm!"

Gintoki removed the offending object and blushed a bright red when he manage to sniff the scent of mayonnaise mixed with cigarettes. He quickly shook his head to cover up his embarrassment and gave the Vice Commander a glare.

"Oi, oi! Stop insulting Gin-san's hair! You're just jealous because you only have straight and silky hair."

Cue the tick mark on Hijikata's temple.

"Shut it and wear that!" he shouted.

Surprised by the sudden outburst, Gintoki flinched and quickly covered himself with the jacket. Sure they always have disputes here and their but Hijitaka usually takes longer than this before snapping. Maybe he's in a bad mood. He wondered while he and Kagura stared at the Mayora. Then again he's always in a bad mood. Should it be called worst mood then? Worse or worst? Which is which?!

Immense with his inner-turmoil Gintoki unconsciously stared at Hijikata.

That damn Natural-Perm! Walking in public with nothing but his underwear! Is he an idiot or something?! Oh wait, yeah he's an idiot.

From the moment Gintoki came into view up to the moment he threatened the first division captain, Hijikata felt nothing but frustration for the other's idiocy. I mean seriously, who in their right mind would forget their fucking clothes?!

He gave harsh sigh and glanced at the silver-head arguing with China-girl, noticing his pale complexion. Well not like he goes out much, I guess that explains why he's so pale.

A few more seconds of staring and he noticed people staring at the Yorozuya Boss' body. Not that I can blame them, he does have a nice body… Wait what? The hell am I thinking?!

Annoyed by their gazes, he snapped out of his trance and threw his jacket on the (almost) naked man and yelled, "Tch, wear that Stupid-perm!"

Hijikata already anticipated the incoming argument but what surprised him however, was how fast he snapped at Gintoki. Sure they have the usual spat here and there but it usually takes him longer than few comebacks before snapping. What's clear to him though, is that he's annoyed by the fact that the number of people staring at the naked man is growing by the minute.

He closed his eyes and gave a sigh of relief when Gintoki quickly wore the jacket, probably because of his sudden outburst. When he felt someone staring at he glanced at the source's direction and his blue irises were met by red ones.

Said owner of red eyes looked shock before looking away with a small blush evident on his face. Hijikata can't help but think, He looks adorable!

He covered half of his face with his hand to hide his incoming blush and looked elsewhere. Damn this heat is getting into my head. Why on earth did I just think that he looked adorable?

"Hijikata-san" Sougo called out.

Hijikata looked at Sougo and asked, "What?"

"Are you dying? Your face is red. Are you finally having the heat-stroke symptoms? Do you need help with killing yourself?"

Three more tick marks appeared on his head. Hijikata tried to calm himself to avoid causing a scene in public however Sougo's last question got to him.

"Or is it because Danna's almost naked and currently wearing nothing but your jacket and his underwear?"

Thus his temper control went crumbling down. "DAMN YOU SOUGO!"

Okita looked at Gintoki and said, "Danna, I promise to hold onto my word so if the time comes we ever get together will you give me your blessing?"

Gintoki was about to answer when Kagura intervened, "What?! Who's getting together? What blessing? Is Pattsuan marrying him? Gin-chan we can't have that!"

The three men fell on the ground after hearing Kagura's outburst. Okita being the cunning sadist he is, took advantage of the momentary confusion and said, "Danna, I have to run for my life now or Hijikata-san will try to kill me. I'll hear your answer when we see each other again. Ja ne"

Gintoki got up and yelled, "Souichiro-kun! You better keep that promise!"

"Gin-chan! We can't give Pattsuan to that sadist!"

"We're not giving Megane to him! It's someone different!"

Kagura stopped her wining and stared at Gintoki curiously, "We're not? Then why does he need your blessing? Is it you?"

Gintoki wanted to cry but settled for face-palming himself and said, "It's not me damnit! In any case let's go home before Pattsuan gets man again."

"Aye, aye, Gin-chan!" The Yato-girl agreed happily.

Hijikata, who was only watching the whole scenario, inhaled his cigarette and decided that he'd let Sougo live for now. He followed the Father-Daughter duo as they made their way back to the Yorozuya home.

A few steps later, both members of the Odd Jobs turned to face him with neutral faces.

"Eto, Oogushi-kun, why are you following us?" Gintoki asked with his meek voice.

"Sou aru! Why are you follinwg us Mayora?" Kagura said with a narrowed eyes.

"Tch damn brats! My name's not Oogushi-kun or Mayora! It's Hijikata Toushiro!" The vice commander's reply.

With both pointy fingers on each ear Gintoki said, "Hai hai, so why are you following us?"

Inhaling his cancer stick once more he said, "Annoyance or not, it's still part of my job of to escort people to their homes, especially half naked ones."

Gintoki reddened at that and huffed, "Well I don't need any help. In case you didn't notice, I have highly-trained yato on my side that can kick twice the number of asses you can kick in one minute."

"Sou ya! Gin-chan only needs me to protect him!"

"Shut it! My patrol's that way so I might as well escort you guys!"

"HAH?! Since when do you do Kabukicho, ah? Are you sure you just don't want to be with Gin-san? Nani? Falling in love with me? I can't blame you, with Gin-san's hot looks and body." Gintoki said teasingly.

This damn Perm! Why the hell is he so full of himself?! If not because of his pretty face I'd kill him by now!

It took the vice commander a few moments to fully comprehend his thoughts and unknowingly said, "Shut it! Stop invading my mind!"

Oh shit!

It's amusing how his face changes with each questions I throw, Gintoki sneakered inwardly. He wanted nothing more to have a normal (their own definition of normal) conversation with the Demon Vice-Commander to avoid any awkwardness since they'd be with him for a while. He thought that the other man would bite the bait and start the usual routine. Which is why he was startled when mayonnaise lover suddenly exclaimed, "Shut it! Stop invading my mind!"

The samurai watched the other man's eyes widened for a miniscule moment before going back to the way it was. Don't tell me…

"Oi… You're not actually fantasizing about Gin-san are you?"

Hijikata sputtered and yelled, "Hell no! That's disgusting! Who on their right mind would fantasize about you?!"

Okay ouch. That hurts. Gintoki inwardly cringed.

"Arara, Oogushi-kun, you're not being honest at all" he replied to hide the feeling of hurt, completed by a teasing smirk.

"Che, perverted Mayora." Kagura added.

Shaking with anger, Hijikata shouted, "Shut up! I don't wanna hear that from someone that's walking around naked!"

"Almost naked" both replied.

Hijikata gritted his teeth so hard that he almost chopped the cigarette on his mouth. He inhaled nicotine within said stick as means of calming himself. A few successful breaths and two pairs of bored eyes later, Hijikata Toushira is finally half-calm.

He glared at them both fiercely and said, "Che, whatever. Make sure to wash my jacket before giving it back Yorozuya."

With that he walked away.

"Bleh! As if we'd wash your clothes mayora!" Kagura yelled back while sticking out her tongue.

Gintoki was quiet for the whole time and before turning back and said, "Let's go, we've got enough attention as it is."

Kagura followed like a faithful kid she is.

Sigh. At least he let me keep the jacket. Hot as it is I don't like walking around naked.

Almost naked, Gin-chan.


That night, Gintoki can't sleep a wink. He can't help but remember the mayora's odd behavior. He can't think of a single reason as to why the man is acting the way he did.

Could it be… he found out?!

He bolt right up with the sudden realization, cold sweat forming on his forehead and back.

No, no, no, no, no, that can't be! Was I that obvious?! Did he see my blush? Did I act any different? Is that why he said it was disgusting-

Widening his eyes as if the world is finally clear upon them, only to be blurred by unshed tears, he got to his conclusion.

That's just it, isn't it? He of course doesn't feel the same way. Who would?

(From somewhere faraway Sa-cchan shrieked, "I would! GIN-SAAAN!")

Shut it damn stalker! I'm having a moment here!

Huffing a sigh of irritation, he's solemn mood returned full force.

What now? I should avoid him. Yeah, that's right. The less I see him the faster this feelings will fade. Sigh, didn't I tell myself I won't fall in love again. The gods must really hate me.

For the rest of the night, Gintoki hugged his pillow in need of comfort.

Who would've thought, that the mighty Shiroyasha will cry because of a broken heart? He thought whilst smiling and crying. One hand hugging the pillow, the other trying to wipe the tears from his eyes.

And with that, he cried himself to sleep.

"Hijikata-san, aren't you supposed to be dying right now?" Okita asked monotonously.

"Aren't you supposed to be running away right now? I still haven't made you pay from earlier." Hijikata replied nonchalantly.

The mayonnaise lover gave long sigh after inhaling his (hopefully) last cigarette of the day. He was not in the mood for these kinds of conversations right now and his lack of enthusiasm, if could call it that, was regrettably noticed by his young companion.

"Is it Danna?"

Not expecting the question, Hijikata coughed his smoke uncontrollably and took a moments to keep his breathing even.

"Why. Just why the fuck would you think that?" he asked with glaring eyes.

Unfazed, Okita gave a small smirk and said, "The way you're ogling him a while ago is a good start. Plus lending him your jacket. And letting him have it even though you were pissed."

Each pause is a strike to his heart. Cliché as that sounds but it's the truth. Annoyed he asked, "You're point being?"

"Ask him out." Was the flat reply.

The vice commander stared at Okita for a long time. Waiting for the follow up 'Just kidding' or 'Only joking' remark and yet it never came. His mouth hanging open longer than it should, the dropping of his cigarette made him move.

"Y-you're serious?"

"Since when did I joke Hijikata-san?" the prince of sadists replied eerily.

"Since when were you serious?" he shot right back.

"Point is, you should ask Danna out."

"And what makes you think I like him? Or that he feels the same?" he argued.

"Yare yare, older people are so stupid. Always making things a lot complicated that it is." The younger one said whilst shaking his head.

Annoyed by the incoming lecture, Hijikata stomped off and said, "I don't like the sugar-addict nor does he like me. In case you haven't noticed, we both hate each other."

With that, he went to the sanctuary of his room.

The First Division Captain stood in his place, watching the moon as brightens the darkness of the night. He gave a low sigh before whispering, "You chose a complicated man to love Aneue. He's been lying to himself about you and now his not facing his feelings for Danna."

He gave one more sigh before formulating a plan of getting the two idiots together. "And they say I'm a brat. They better thank me for this."

Sougo bid his sister good night, ignoring the silent voice in his head that says he's not only doing it for their sake but also for his advantage.

"Well, well, it's been a while dear Edo."

Butterfly-printed yukata flows through the midnight wind whilst its owner calmly inhales his pipe.

"Shinsuke-sama, we're about to settle for landing." Matako, his blond-haired loyal companion said.

Takasugi nodded his head, silently staring at Edo's magnificent view. He can't help but let his smirk out whilst thinking of the things he plans to make happen.

I'm coming for you, Gintoki.


First Gintama fic, not sure if I would continue this. As for my other stories, trying to finish them before posting any chapters. Thank you for reading.