Summary: It's easy to fall in love. However having someone reciprocate that feeling, is harder. And keeping your emotions and feelings intact to avoid unnecessary pain is hardest. That is what Gintoki is going through right now. Somehow he, for one reason or another, fell in love with Shinsengumi's Oni no Fukucho. With his troubled past and former love interest in the way, will he ever find true love's happiness?

Pairing: Hijikata x Gintoki, Okita x Kagura, etc.

Chapter 03: Jealousy is not supposed to be the Second Part

The sound of sizzling barbeque is mocking him. Birds are flying above him, enjoying the warm summer breeze. Yet his legs are aching for standing too long while people from all over the place are laughing, running, and enjoying the cool water of the ocean. It would've been a great day to go to the beach.

So why the fuck, am I here barbequing under the scorching sun?!

Gintoki wailed inwardly. He gave a harsh breath and continued cooking, his shade-less spot made his head hurt some more. Three seconds more of the scorching heat and he burst.

"OI! Pattsuan! Why the hell are we here?"

Shinpachi, who's tending to the beverage section gave a confuse look towards his leader. "What do you mean Gin-san? We're here for our job."

"Fried to death, you mean."

The megane-wearing kid tended to a costumer before answering, "Well we've got no choice, and the electric stove broke so we have to do it the old fashioned way. That and we've got no money."

This time Gintoki voiced out his wailing cry.

"Besides, Hashida-san gave us this job as a favor. It's a win-win situation." The straight man finished with a bright smile.

The sweet-loving samurai shielded his face with his right hand as his eyes twitch from the heat and brightness. He closed his eyes, continued fanning the almost cooked food and gave another huff.

"Easy for you to say, you're not standing under the heat. You know Gin-san's skin is very delicate, it would burn if I stay here too long!" he said with a pout.

"Gin-san you're too pale. You need to get under the sun more often," Shinpachi reasoned.

"During the middle of the day?! This will give me skin cancer! Not just sunburn. What will happen to poor Gin-san's looks if he gets skin cancer? Waah!"

Glad that his leader is back to his usual self, Shinpachi ignored the fake wailing and continued with his work. He was about to retrieve some more canned drinks from the cooler when he caught sight of Gintoki's skin state. Despite wearing a yellow hoodie over his red trunks, Shinpachi can clearly see the reddening of his leader's skin.

Don't tell me, when he said he's skin is delicate it's actually true?! He inwardly panicked and secretly gazed at the older. His current customer, a kid not older than six, is giving him funny looks but he decided to ignore it.

But wait! What if it's only just an act?! What if he just wants to switch so he can sleep?! This won't be the first time he'd do something like that. But what if he's actually feeling sick?! Maybe I'll just pretend I didn't notice anything unusual, yeah I'll do that. He was about to ignore the samurai when he saw Gintoki panting a little, and sweating more than usual. Which caused him to double his panicking.

This is bad! I don't know what to do anymore! What if Gin-san is indeed sensitive to the heat of the sun and dies?! It would be my fault!

"Ano nii-chan? Where's my juice?" their costumer asked.

Shinpachi flinched and yelled, "I DON'T KNOW!"

Confused the kid said, "What?! But I already paid you!"

The young samurai blinked his confusion and said, "Ah I'm sorry! Hold on a moment."

He grabbed the drink and gave the kid his change, "I'm sorry about that. Have a fun day!"


Giving a sigh of relief, Shinpachi stared at Gintoki some more. Checking if the older man is indeed dying or just acting.

Ah to hell with it!

"A-Ano, Gin-san?" he called out.

"Hm? What is it?" the silver-head answered, no looking at his direction.

"Y-You, uh… I mean, w-we can switch i-if you want? I-I mean you've been there since noon and it's already 3 pm." He tried to make it sound casual and not too caring, or without sounding guilty.

Gintoki thought about for a moment and said, "Nah, we're almost done here in half an hour. We can enjoy ourselves later."

"E-Eto, then let's just ask Kagura-chan since she's been playing since noon!"

"Let her play, she barely gets to enjoy the sun." Gintoki flipped five sticks before resuming his fanning.


"What brought this Pattsuan?" The sweet-loving man finally looked at him and asked.

Feeling guilty, Shinpachi gave up and said, "W-Well, I've notice your skin is reddening and you're sweating more than usual so I-I t-thought that maybe you-"

"Woah there kid, I'm fne. Don't tell me you're actually worried for Gin-san? Nani? You're being sweet today Pattsuan. Is this the sign of puberty? I thought we're already past that episode."

A tick mark due to annoyance, the straight man of the Yorozuya yelled, "OI! I was just worried okay! I don't want to be the one at fault when you die!"

He huffed and continued, "This would be the last time I worry for you!"

Gintoki smiled and said, "Thanks Shinpachi, but I'm really okay. My skin usually reddens when I'm under the sun for a long time."

The silver haired man continued smiling as if remembering an affectionate incident during his younger days. And from what Shinpachi can see, maybe he is.

"Looks like you're fine." He finally said. "Aren't you done yet?"


They were working in silence for quarter an hour when they heard a familiar voice.

"This is unusual, Danna. Where's China?"

Oh shit! Kagura-chan better not be back! Shinpachi panicked when he saw Sougo, with only his swimming trunks on.

Gintoki continued cooking and the megane wearing kid decided he'd answer the question, "Ano, Okita-san, Kagura-chan is playing somewhere right now."

"Heh, what a slave driver." Sougo replied with a shook of his head. "Are you sure it's okay like that, Danna?"

"Ugh, he's ignoring me isn't he?" the youngest whispered to himself.

"Ah, I am."


Shinpachi was about to give his usual comebacks when he saw Hijikata coming their way, wearing a mayonnaise printed red polo over a white shirt and blue trunks.

"Hijikata-san?" he called out.

The nicotine-addict glanced at his direction and said, "Ahn?"

"What's the Shinsengumi doing here?" Shinpachi asked when he noticed a few familiar faces from the Shinsengumi.

"Our commander said it would be nice to have half of the Shinsengumi to enjoy the beach today and the other half tomorrow." Was the casual answer.

Shinpachi just nodded was about to offer the officers some food and drinks when he heard Sougo's shout.


Confused he glanced his direction and he saw a panting Gintoki laying on the sand, eyes closed with a reddened face and body. Panicking he left his post and went to the other.

"Gin-san! Are you okay?! You said you were okay!"

He was about to shake the other when Hijikata was suddenly at their side and carrying the half-fainted man in his arms.

"Sougo, I'll bring the natural-perm idiot to the nearby hotel, you go and help the remaining Yorozuya do their job for the day." He ordered.

"Eh but Hijikata-san-" Sougo was about to reply when he saw the other's death glare pointed at him.

"Do as I say."

With that the vice commander turned his back and ran to the near-by hotel. Worried as Shinpachi was, he can't help but be amazed that Hijikata was able to carry his lazy-bum of a leader in his arms. Gintoki is not exactly light to begin with and he and Hijikata only have slight differences when it comes to their built.

Sougo gave a cunning smile and said, "Hai, hai. Looks like I won't be needed after all."

"Eh Okita-san?"

"It's nothing~ Lets go and finish your job so I won't have to see the annoying brat."

They were about to get to work when someone shouted from faraway, "Shinpacchhhiiiiii! I saw Gin-chan being kidnap by the mayora aru!"

"And the nuisance appeared, yare, yare."

Kagura, who was running towards them, halted abruptly and said, "What are you doing here Sadist-o! Where did your Mayora take our Gin-chan aru?!"

She pointed an accusing finger at him whilst Sougo just gave tired sigh and said, "I don't have time for you brat."

"Nandato teme?!"

"Sigh, this is going to be the longest 15 minutes of my life." Shinpachi murmured in the background. "I hope Gin-san's okay."

Upon arriving at the hotel, the average-height lady clad in white by the receptionist table, looked like that she's in her mid-thirties with her dark hair and slightly tired face, instantly recognized Gintoki and assisted with bringing him to the hotel's clinic. She showed them the easiest route and was visibly annoyed that their doctor is currently missing. She gave an annoyed sigh but was a little relieved that few of their nurses are present.

"Sir, if you would please lay Sakata-san here," she asked the policeman when they got to an empty bed near the window.

"Oh, of course."

Hijikata carefully laid the silver-haired man on the bed and sat down on the chair next to it, completely missing the fact that neither of them had given each other's names nor the one he was carrying. He felt oddly useless since he can't do a thing about the situation. He considered giving the man some water but he has no idea where everything is. The mayonnaise-lover then decided to just calm down and wait for things to settle down.

"That damn doctor chose the worst time to have a break!" Huffed Mari. She then glanced at Hijikata and said, "My deepest apologies Sir for the inconvenience. Our hotel's doctor is usually present but he seems to be having his break."

Hijikata looked shock for a moment because he didn't expect the hotel crew to help him much less entertain him.

"Oh no, it's uh… It's okay. I didn't expect to anyone to help me at all so I should be thanking you for everything."

Hijikata searched for name tag and saw a pin by her right chest that states Head Nurse Mari. He kept in mind to thank the woman properly once everything is done. The woman smiled and nodded at him and was about to say something when she saw the group of nurses staring at her, waiting for her orders. She gazed towards the nearest girl to her and beckoned for her to com.

"Hana-chan, will you call sensei for me? We need to tend to Sakata-san at once." Mari said hurriedly.

"Of course ma'am, right away." Hana answered and ran to search for their doctor.

Gintoki is breathing heavily and sweating all over. His yellow hoodie is already soaked with sweat and Hijikata wondered if it's really normal to be sweating that much despite the scorching weather.

Should I? But then this idiot won't let me hear the end of it! But then again he looks pretty sick to me he might not remember anything at all. He kept glancing at the other male's contorted expression and sighed. Yeah like that will happen. This damn perm would never forget shit like this.

Before Hijikata could decide to throw the idea out of the window, Gintoki gave a pretty hard cough that lasted for half a minute. Worried, he decided he'd deal with the incessant teasing once this is all over and glanced at the nurses by his side. He was about to call out to them when he remembered they weren't actually a costumer of their hotel. A pretty damn good hotel too, he was contemplating on what to do when he just went with his usual approach: direct.

Ah to hell with it!

"Excuse me but can I borrow a towel? And basin of cold water if that's okay." He said politely.

Hah, me polite? Sougo will never let me hear the end of this. These damn S-combi.

The man seemed surprised that the raven was talking to him and took a few seconds to comprehend what he had said.

"Oh! Of course! Right away Sir!" was his response before running to get the objects asked.

The raven-haired man waited awkwardly, having no clue what to do. He was about to wait outside when Gintoki gave another heap of cough, this time lasting longer than the former. Without hesitation, Hijikata helped the sick man to a sitting position and gently rubbed his back as means of light support. Not too obvious, not too obvious, not too obvious, he chanted in his head.

When Gintoki finally calmed down, he glanced at Hijikata's direction, face completely flush for two different reasons and said, "T-Thanks."

The other male nodded his head and went back to his seat, unaware of the pairs of eyes staring at them. The two men sat in an awkward silence whilst waiting for the MIA doctor when Mari, who was watching along the sidelines with the other occupants of the room yelled, "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!"

There was a muffled sound coming from the phone in her hand, probably the doctor they're looking for, that made the tick mark on her temple deepen.

"We have a fucking patient and if you're not here in 5 minutes I am cutting your balls!" she threatened before slamming her phone shut. She then gave a harsh huffed and turned to the two males.

"Again my deepest apologies Sirs, our hotel's doctor is currently on his way."

We heard! Both male yelled inwardly.

"M-Mari-san, it's okay really. We're not actual costumers of this hotel so it's understandable that we should wait." Hijikata assured her whilst giving her a forced smile. Gintoki was doing the same with vigorous nods since the threat made the both of them shiver.

"Ah but Sir," she said whilst turning to Gintoki, "Aren't you the owner's close friend?"

All the occupants of the room sans Mari, stared at the silver-perm head once the revelation was said. Whilst Hijikata for the life of him, was as still as a rock. Never had he thought that the Yorozuya leader would actually manage to still surprise him this late in the game. His cancer stick hanging by the edge of his mouth, he heaved one last drag before throwing said stick outside the window.



When Gintoki woke up from that nightmare, Kagura's concern gave him some courage to relish a few more hours of peaceful sleep. When he saw that abomination of a butterfly that looked too familiar than he would've liked, Shinpachi's worried words had calmed him down. Now after working under the torching heat for who-knows-how-long, his blistering feet and tired body did not expect to have a near fainting experience and to be carried by the guy he not so secretly likes (loves) to his employer's hotel, bridal style. Had the situation been different though, he wouldn't mind having that kind of experience. Except maybe the bridal-carrying part. Nope, can live without it.

Yikes! Sounds like prompts for a newly married couple on to their honeymoon. Gintoki shuddered at his own idea. Wait does that mean I'm the bride?!

Eyes widening in alarm, he blinked his eyes a few times before trying to focus.

Focusing is hard. He inwardly complained. Well it's always been hard, but harder when your head wants to explode.

From what he had gathered during his semi-conscious state, Hijikata brought to Hashida-ojisan's hotel, which coincidentally is the nearest hotel from his post.

Well duh, he owns the whole damn thing. Damn rich bastards.

And after that the head nurse somehow recognized him and rushed to help the Shinsengumi officer. It was bit blurry after that but he can remember the head nurse ordering everyone and laying him down to a bed and cursing the hotel doctor for being absent during the time of his arrival. He also remembered the threat of someone's balls being cut off if he's not here by 5 minutes or something, probably the doctors. He shivered at the thought his own organs being removed.

Great, of all the things to remember at my previous state, I remember the most traumatizing one. Thank you brain. I know I seem like not using you all the time but give me a break! Is this some kind of way to get back at me? Is it?! Why are you not-! Oh. Amazing, now I'm arguing with myself. With the other-self not answering. How did I survive the war again? Ugh. Anyways what happened after that?

Coming back to the sane side was not an easy fit for Gintoki since he's already having a severe headache and arguing with himself wasn't much of a help. A few moments later he successfully revived his jumbled memories and as he did, a very prominent blush had made its return to his already flushed face.

Which went unnoticed until he heard the nurse, Mary he thinks, began talking to Hijikata again. He didn't understand what was happening until she directed her attention towards him and the vice-commander got up and threw his tobacco stick away to give a very indignant yell.


Hands brought up to his ears, he clenched his eyes shut as the pounding within his head hammered more fiercely. He gave a loud groan of discomfort and before willing the pain go away. Gintoki opened his eyes and noticed the slightly guilty look in Hijikata's eyes.

At least he 'might' care, he thought. Heaving a soft sigh, he removed his hands from his ears and said, "Keep it down will you? My head is killing me here."

Seeing that he's okay, Hijikata grunted to cover a worried release of breath and said, "Just drop dead already."

"Hush you, Gin-san is already sick enough as it is."

"If you're so sick then why go to work?" the nicotine-addict chided. "You'll just make other people worry for you."

Raising an eyebrow, Gintoki gave a slight smirked and teased, "Arrreeee, is Oogushi-kun worried for me? Eh is that it? Aren't you a softie."

Unable to contain his twitching, he gave a harsh, "Who'd be worried for you dumbass?!"

The silver-head perm groaned again before saying, "Stop with the yelling already!"

The raven-haired man held back his tongue seeing that the other male is in pain. However the curiosity about the relationship of Gintoki towards the hotel's owner hadn't kept him shut for too long. Though worried for their sick patient, the nurses and head nurse deemed it necessary to leave and ambus- wait, for the doctor in the lobby. They all gave a slight bow to the arguing gentlemen and made their way, thinking the two needed the time alone.

After nodding the nurses good bye, Hijikata found it hard to keep his curiosity in check anymore.

"So-" he started. "-this hotel's owner is your what exactly?"

And with soft glare due to denied jealousy he added, "Or rather, should I say you're his what?"

"Jealous Hijikata-kun?" Gintoki stared back.


Massaging his temple, Gintoki laid his head on the bed rest with a bit of help from the forgotten head nurse. After a few deep breaths he glanced at the other's direction before he started yelling again.

"I helped him once, family problems and all that. Afterwards he offered me help and I accepted it." He explained.

Hijikata looked a bit skeptic so he asked, "What kind of help exactly?"

"Uh…" The Yorozuya Danna rubbed the back of his head, knowing exactly where the demon vice-chief is actually getting at.

"Look, I know what you're thinking and- "A protest was about to be delivered but he held up his hand. "Let me finish. I'm telling you it's not possible coz he's already an old man. And I mean grandfather old. Not Gin-san-old old."

"Huh? Then what are you guys?"

Gintoki thought for the proper term but failed miserably. Thus he blurted the first word that came to mind, "Friends with benefits?"

And tad bit too late to realize the meaning of what he said. The previously calmed Hijikata is currently gripping the wetted towel with much force that he almost teared the thing apart. No matter how impossible it is to break a wet cloth.

"What. The. Fuck."

"Ah wait wait wait wait! I didn't mean it that way!"

Trying to flail his arms into the air, the white-haired man reached out to the raven's shoulders as an attempt to calm his nerves.

"You're asking me to calm down when you're selling your body to an old geezer for money. Just how much of a whore are you?"

Taken aback Gintoki and a little hurt, he argued, "I am NOT selling myself. I'm telling you, you've got it all wrong!"

"Wrong? Which part of this conversation is right exactly?"

"Will you stop being a smartass for a second and actually listen to me?!"

Caught off guard by the sudden raise of former Joui-soldier's voice, Hijikata stared at him and waited for an explanation. Gintoki however, just stared back at him, unable to speak and avert his gaze from the ones that held his with so much intensity. Not to kill but to know the truth. Eyes full of emotions that he cannot decipher. He just kept staring until the other spoke with an irritated tone, "Well?"

Blinking, he shooed his incoming blush away and looked sideways. Holding the back of his neck, a mannerism he did whenever he's nervous, he coughed slightly and started.

"I'm not selling myself to him. When I said friend's with benefits I meant that literally." He emphasized to avoid further misunderstanding, "I help his daughter-in-law babysit once in a while since the kid liked me so much and he gave me random jobs like this one to help me with my money problems."

Ones the tense form of the other releases, he huffed a sigh of relief and continued, "Look I know I may seem the type of person that would do anything for money-"

"Damn right."

Glaring at Hijikata's direction, Gintoki chose to ignore the comment for his own convenience and siad, "You wanna hear this or not?"

"Fine go on." The raven answered with a wave of his hand.

"Now where was I before I was rudely interrupted- oh right. Okay so seem to do any shit for money blah blah but the thing is, I know my boundaries okay? I won't do something like that just for money, I'm not that stupid. And I won't kill someone unless it's a must and not a job. Are you happy now? Wait no, don't answer that, you're never happy."

Insulted but greatly relieved by the explanation, Hijikata gave a playful "Bastard" while trying to stop smirk that wish to show on his face. And not a second longer, both of them are sharing a moment of laughter. Hijikata was happy that Gintoki is not selling himself, no matter how much he denies the care he gives whilst the other is happy that the other man is no longer upset.

"I-I'm fkdsjhjf" the raven said.

The shiroyasha blinked once and said, "You're what?"

With a small voice Hijikata tried again, "I...I'm sorry"

Widening his eyes, Gintoki gave a playful smile before cupping his ear and said, "Whaaaat? I can't hear you properly with your soft voice. What was that? You're flurry?"

Annoyed, Hijikata practically yelled, "I said I was sorry okay!"

"Again with the yelling!" Gintoki groaned with both hands back on his ears.

"Ah- right. Sorry." He waited for a minute before continuing, "I'm sorry I overreacted. And for yelling."

Staring at him the albino replied, "Shinsengumi's Oni no Fukucho apologized. To me, Kabukichou's and possibly the world's most laziest man. You, who always order everyone to commit seppuku-"

"Alright I get it! I don't apologize much. And 'most laziest' is grammatically incorrect-"

"Okay cutting you off! Alright I don't want to hear that lecture with a pained head. No scratch that I don't wanna hear that ever."

With a small smile the pained man said, "Apology accepted."

Enthralled by the other's smile, Hijikata couldn't help but stare with a light blush on his face. He looks beautiful. It was the only thought that revolved around his head. The sight of the normally expressionless man had made his heart skipped a beat not once but several times. And before he knew it he was leaning forward.

Gintoki who was about to asked why the other is staring when he noticed the shift of the bed's weight. He saw Hijikata's hand using the matress as leverage and when he was about to ask why, he saw the other's face nearing his own. Wha-?

Their faces a few inches away, his last thoughts were, Is he going to-?

He sat there, paralyzed. Their face only a few centimeters away, Gintoki still unable to register the incoming, he dare not say it but, kiss.


Every millisecond felt like a hundred years.


Eyes closed while the other is hid within raven locks.



*Knock Knock*

Their moment was cut off however, when a sudden knock came from the door. Shocked from the sudden intrusion, they both halted, nose almost touching and blinked before leaning backwards and simultaneously shouting, "Come in!"

Mari came inside and was about to apologize when she saw the state of the two men were in. They were both blushing and panting slightly and she was not sure she wants to know what happened before she knocked on the door.

A little uneasy with the odd atmosphere, she cleared her throat and said "Excuse the late arrival sirs, here is our hotel's doctor." She said with a bow. The man behind her back that looks too similar to Doctor Black Jack, stared at the two occupants of the room and nodded, recognizing the white-haired as his regular.

"Ah no it's okay actually-" Gintoki started.

"Sakata-san, didn't I tell you to avoid having accidents? What happened this time?" the doctor interrupted, hoping to get this done and over with so he could eat his lunch.

"Eh" Glancing at the man, Gintoki noticed the guy as his usual doctor back home whenever he has injuries. "Oh! It's you."

"What a rude thing to say after not seeing each other in so long."

"Hey-" The white-haired man was about to give another nonsensical response when he felt the black aura radiating from the man seating near his bed. Nervous, he gulped and slowly turned his head to Hijikata's direction.

Which he immediately regretted after seeing the demon's look on his eyes.

With a calm but edgy voice the demon vice chief finally spoke, "Who's this one now?"

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