This is a poem I wrote based on abuse :-x enjoy

When I was 3 my daddy left home

He left me and my momma alone

I never understood why but momma got mad

She put me to blame

One, two, 3, bottles she had no shame

She usually laid on the couch drinking, drinking ,drinking

Some days she was happy others she was sad, some days she was regretful

But she kept on drinking drinking to hide herpain

When I was 12 the pain came in like a flood

Punch, kick, slap, over and over again

I tried to run, I tried to hide, I tried to resist,but she kept on coming at me harder

I have blackblankets covering me so many times it was like a dream

I mentally screamed for help but I knew no one would come

I used to pray to God but then I gave up

I thought God didn't love me

When I go to school people think I'm goth, long sleeves, forever jeans to hide my scars and pain

Despite the bullying school is my getaway a place where I can almost feel safe

But still, In my heart it's like a storm thunder and heavy rain

If I tell a soul what happens at home I will surely die

I have no friends and boys constantly chase me

They think I'm a vulnerable puppet

Something they can use just for the fun but they don't know I'm that girl who gets hurt physically and mentally.

momma, no shetold me to go live in hell but I told her I already was

thats how I got my new fresh bruise on my head

I sneak out to get pounds and pounds of concealer to cover my scars

I almost look normal


She came to school today

She says it's time to play

I know she's mad so it's time for me to pay

worthless,trash,piece of junk

she says a mother doesn't deserve a child like me

I inch away further and further away in the kitchen

I see it, its too late

A sharp blade pierces my skin

deeper, deeper

Pain delivering itself to my stomach

She's mad I'm not done yet, so she gives me my last blow

The darkness comes again and now I know it's eternal

Good bye monster

Good bye you

Good bye person who was nothing, nothing close to a mother

My name is Max

I'm finally free

no more suffering

no more sorrow

no more hatred

all can stay in my

locked doors

in heaven now

guess he did answer

but daddys still gone

he can stay in my

locked doors

My scars will always stay

Behind my locked doors

But my blood pours

On my kitchen floor