What's going on: The first annual fandom tournament, but without killing each other - plus it's in Disneyland Paris (because that's the only one I've been too and can figure out a way around). This year, it's the Divergent Fandom's turn to host, so the teams are all named after factions.

The teams each have a 'land' as their base. They will each have a 'prison' hidden somewhere that they can keep other team members in.

The tournament will last for a week.

Each time a player is caught, they lose a life. Each person has three lives. (Bands of their faction's colour on their arms.) If someone forgets to take a band when they are caught, they stay on three lives (or however many they were on in the first place)

The team with the most people still in at the end of the week wins.

Fandoms: PJO, Vampire Academy, Maze Runner, Divergent and Misc.

A/N: Any characters who are dead, are alive for this. Just say they didn't die and are alive and well.

"Welcome Fandoms!" The tournament hosts Jack, Merida, Rapunzel and Hiccup were onstage, all holding microphones. Jack was lapping up the attention, laughing at the screaming fangirls, whilst Hiccup hung back out of the lime-light. Merida and Rapunzel were trying to calm everyone down, without much success.

"Alrigh', everyone can ya please SHUT UP!"

"Hey, guys? Can you be quiet please, we want to start..." Hiccup saw Rapunzel getting agitated. She kept cutting glances at Jack, as though wishing that he would get on with it. He finally saw one and grinned at her.

"Okay guys, settle down..." There was instant silence. Merida threw down her microphone and glared at Jack, who backed up hastily. "Don't look at me, it's not my fault they all love me!"

The lead to Rapunzel breaking up an all-out fight and Hiccup finally getting the show rolling.

"Welcome to the 1st annual Fandom Tournament! We know that you are all excited, but please keep calm whilst we introduce the teams..." There was silence. 'Well, that was easier than expected...' Hiccup thought to himself. "This year, it's being hosted by the Divergent Fandom!"

The crowd cheered as Jack, Merida and Rapunzel joined back in with the presenting, though Rapunzel made sure to stay between them. Jack cleared his throat.

"This year, the five teams are named after Divergent Fandoms, so let's meet them all..."

"DAUNTLESS: THE DIVERGENT FANDOM!" Yelled Rapunzel. This was her favourite part; she'd been practising it for weeks.

"Tris, Four, Christina, Will and Uriah!" Merida yelled. The five people flashed up on the screen behind her, waving at the camera.

"ABNEGATION: THE PERCY JACKSON FANDOM!" Rapunzel was enjoying herself now.

"Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo and Reyna!"


"Thomas, Newt, Minho, Brenda and Teresa!"


"Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Christian and Eddie!"

"AND FINALLY...ERUDITE: THE RANDOM FANDOMS!" (Rapunzel was so proud of that last one.)

"Coco, Tag, Luna, Cecily and Captain Jack Sparrow!" A drunk pirate guy stumbled into the camera and knocked it over. It went fuzzy and the screen went blank.

"So," Hiccup started "They are all in Disneyland and we are counting down. One hour til the start."

"Tune in then!" Jack grinned. Then the lights went out and the cameras stopped rolling. The four of them let out a breath. Well, Rapunzel and Hiccup did. Merida immediately tackled Jack to the ground, whilst the others just raised eyebrows.


The Demigods stood around the little green in the centre of the square. They could see the Maze Runner fandom just inside the castle, running to find their base. All of the other fandoms had already hidden.

Each of them had three grey bands attached to their upper arm.

"I say we make an alliance." Annabeth whispered. Reyna nodded along.

"The Vampire Academy group are our best bet. They seem to have some of the most experienced fighters."

Nico looked doubtful. "They might double-cross us."

"Nah," Leo grinned "We'll double-cross them first."

"We can't rule out the misfits either." Annabeth added. "Cecily can fight, and Luna has magic"

"Plus Tag can hide just about anywhere..." Percy muttered "Annoying midget."


The Dauntless stood on the wooden bridge at the entrance to their land. It was easy to climb, and they had a great view of the Demigods. Their prison was right beneath their feet, a little wooden room with chains sunk deep in the wood at the ends - perfect for keeping the prisoners tied up.

"No alliances, unless we're sure we can double-cross them." Four muttered. "Got it?"

There was a general murmur of assent. Tris glanced over at Christina, who was talking quietly to Will. She had spotted the misfit base over in Discoveryland and was trying to tell the others about it without being too obvious.

They had all tied on their black bands, when someone came tearing across the Main Street. It was one of the Vampire people. Tris hadn't paid much attention to them. But they were fast.

"Oh God."


The Moroi and Dhampirs stood around, waiting for Rose to get back. They wanted to know if the Demigods would consider an alliance.

She came tearing back towards them, beaming. "They said yes!"

"Great." Christian looked less than thrilled. "Why do we need another fire user?"

"Well, they're all pretty powerful." Eddie replied.

"But that Nico guy gives me the creeps." Lissa hissed as she finished tying a white band onto Christian's arm. "His aura is completely black."

"Ah well." Rose waved a hand. "We're stuck with 'em now."

"Let's hope they can keep their word." Dimitri muttered under his breath.


The 'misfits' looked as serious as they could, but Coco had a sparkle in her eyes.

"I think the Dauntless bought it!" She whispered happily. "Idiots. As if we'd set up or prison here." She was getting excited. Cecily gave a small smile.

"Don't be too hasty. We need to stay here for another few minutes to give the demigods a chance to spot us.. Then Luna shall stay hidden in plain sight here, whilst the rest of us hide. Captain Jack, of course, will probably be stopped for pictures and autographs."

The others all nodded. Tag did a backflip suddenly, making them all jump. "Where are the bands?" He whispered. Coco slapped her forehead.

"Right. I have them." She handed each person three blue bands. "Captain, you keep yours hidden under your sleeve. Chances are that they'll think you're one of the park actors."

"Good idea Coco." Cecily finished helping Luna with hers, then turned around. "Okay, Luna and Jack you stay here. The rest of us will run as if we are hiding."

"Where's the base again?" Tag asked. He hadn't been listening. Cecily sighed and lowered her voice.

"Behind the arcades? There's a patch of huge trees. We make base under there." She tapped a coil of rope slung over her shoulder. "We can tie people up, but also spy on Fantasyland. Okay?"

"Got it." Tag nodded and got ready to sprint. Coco checked her watch and nodded at Cecily who mouthed "GO!"

Roughly 45 minutes later...

"Let's do the countdown!" Rapunzel cheered. Jack and Hiccup exchanged grins. It was really going to happen.


I started writing this a while back, so I have about half of it written but I'm going to put a poll up to see who wants which team to win. The one with the most votes will win!