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Once Percy and Leo had been thrown into the cell (and had their lives taken away, much to Leo's annoyance), Dimitri and Rose stood guard outside. Then Rose muttered something that the demigods couldn't hear. Her footsteps echoed away.

There was water outside the cave. Percy could sense it. There was also a little gap near the ceiling.

"Leo, don't panic." He muttered, before shutting his eyes. There was a faint sloshing sound, then water started gushing in through the gap. Both of them backed up against the wall.

"ARE YOU INSANE?" Leo whisper-shouted, staring at it and pressing up against the rock as the water level started rising.


Dimitri heard the sound of sudden rushing water and turned to see what Percy and Leo were doing. Had the cave flooded or something? He pulled the door open to see what was going on, only to be hit by a wall of water and carried down the cave tunnels. Behind him, Percy and Leo yelled and flailed happily.

"Dimitri, what- GAH!" Christian was hit by the water too. They were both carried out and into the lake, getting soaked. Christian surfaced and spat out a mouthful of water. Dimitri let out a spout of it, directed at Percy.

From the shore came the sound of maniac laughter. The demigods were almost on the floor. Percy was completely dry and Leo only had a couple of drops of water on him. They walked away, both chuckling.

"Stupid demigods." Christian muttered, dragging himself out of the lake and wringing out his shirt. Dimitri followed suit.


Rose ran through Fantasyland. She wanted to get hold of Minho and take one of his lives. Trouble was, he was fast.

Plus, he had Newt and Thomas to watch his back. Well, that second bit was only partly true. Newt and Thomas were actually just sitting on the roof of a little candyfloss shop laughing and pointing at Minho when he ran into stuff.

But they were still helping him.

Teresa and Brenda had decided to get on with each other for the day, so were both trying to get hold of Rose. They were okay at fighting, but neither had the same amount of training as her.

Minho ran through Main Street, then into Fronteirland, with Rose hot on his heels. She stretched out an arm to grab him, but was held up by Tris leaping on top of her. Tris was a better fighter than both Teresa and Brenda, but still wasn't quite as fast.

Rose pushed Tris off, but was shoved back down again. Christina ran forwards to help, but Minho ripped her last life from her arm as he ran past.

Everyone froze.

"Can he do that?" Tris asked. "Don't you have to get them back to base first?"

"There's nothing in the rules about that." Rose said, picking herself up. "I think it's probably allowed." Then she took off after Minho, leaving the Dauntless with another player down.

"Rose is right, the rules say nothing about having to take the person to their base-" Rapunzel said, consulting her rule book.

"DAUNTLESS ARE TWO DOWN!" Jack interrupted loudly "WHAT NOW?"

"Calm down Jack, I'm sure they'll do fine..." Hiccup pointed to the scoreboard as the scores changed.

Dauntless: Tris 3, Tobias 3, Christina 0, Will 0 and Uriah 3

Candor: Rose 3, Dimitri 3, Lissa 2, Christian 3 and Eddie 2

Amity: Thomas 2, Minho 3, Newt 3, Brenda 3, Teresa 2

Abnegation: Percy 2, Annabeth 3, Leo 1, Reyna 3 and Nico 3

Erudite: Cecily 3, Coco 2, Jack 3, Luna 2 and Tag 2

"This is going to be an interesting game..."

Luna wandered through Fantasyland calmly, knowing that her shield was up. What she didn't know, was that there was a weak spot at the back.

It became evident when Newt and Thomas tried to grab her. Thomas hit the barrier and slid down it to the floor with an awful squeaking sound. Newt hit the weak spot and went tumbling through it. Which also meant that he was stuck inside the shield with Luna.

After a brief fight (as in, two seconds) Luna was one life down, and they threw her into the little 'prison' that the Runners had created.

It took Tag, Cecily, Coco and Captain Jack to get her out of it at the end of the day because the Runners had forgotten about her.


Uriah was having a great time.

He had found the ice-cream place, and realised that hiding on the roof, behind a fake ice-cream, he was hidden from everyone. He could see across the entire park, and was watching in amusement as Minho scaled the Disney castle to evade Rose.

He managed to eat twenty-three ice-creams within the day.

Tobias and Tris searched everywhere for Uriah. Christina was out, so they were the only three in their team. They only found him once the siren had gone at the end of the day.

When Tris found out how much ice-cream he'd eaten, she almost threw him into the lake. Almost. The only thing that stopped her was the fact that he promised to get her a chocolate one.

"Well, now Luna's down a life too!" Rapunzel said brightly. "We'll be back tomorrow with even more drama-"

"-just tune in, or you won't find out who wins-" Jack cut in.

"-unless you look online. But that's not as much fun." Hiccup interrupted him.

"GOODBYE." Merida said, cutting off the bickering from the other three. As soon as the lights went down, money changed hands between Jack and Hiccup. They had a bet on which team was going to win.

Merida and Rapunzel just exchanged looks, then went to find something to eat.